From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 662

Heihuang and Lingsheng are complexion greatly changed.

The difference is.

The Black Emperor is a surprise.

The Spirit Saint is horrified.

“Emperor Qin!”

Looking at the azure clothes that came out of the sky, the Black Emperor also stopped halfway, and then bowed respectfully.

As for the Holy Spirit.

The moment the Black Emperor stopped, he turned and fled, not even think.

No way.

Compared to the Black King.

The person in front of him feels like facing a living Demon King.

Demon King!

That is the powerhouse of the True Immortal level.

I am just a little Demon Lord, how can I be the opponent of Demon King?


Ling Sheng simply escaped.

It’s just–

He just smashed the void to escape, he saw the broken space around him become condensed, and the Heaven Ranking exudes terrible power and positive pressure Above the head.

Ling Sheng struggled desperately.

But there is no way to break the void.

Qin Shujian stepped up to the spiritual sage and said with a faint smile: “Is this the Foreign Domain evil demon? This is the first time that the emperor has seen the Foreign Domain evil demon who holds the body of a creature.”

A faint smile.

In the eyes of Lingsheng, there was a great fear in his heart.


The black emperor saw the impossible to move even a little bit suppressed by the Heaven Ranking. Only the spiritual saint with a trembling body was full of expressions of admiration in his eyes.

He knows the strength of this Flood Dragon.

Really start.

I am not 100% sure that I can take it down.

It can be said.

The Spirit Saint is not weaker than the Sovereign of general forces.

But that’s it.

The opponent was in front of Qin Shujian, but without any resistance, with no difficulty was suppressed.

Such strength.

The Black Emperor is also very emotional.

Qin Shujian held his hand, looked at the Flood Dragon in front of him calmly, and said calmly: “This emperor can give you a chance to survive, do you want it or not?”

” Your Excellency, please make it clear!”

The Spirit Saint body trembled, and then stammered.

Who doesn’t want the chance to survive.

Foreign Domain demons also cherish their lives.

Only the temptation of heaven and earth for them is too great, will at all costs come in.

Now I have finally come in. If I die in the hands of other powerhouses, it will be hard to accept.

Qin Shujian said: “This emperor would like to know the specific strength of the Foreign Domain evil spirits, and whether your Foreign Domain evil spirits are a complete ethnic group, or are they divided. What you know, without omission and in detail Speak out.

Don’t try to lie, you should know what the price of lying in front of the emperor is!”

In a calm voice.

There are endless killing intents looming.

hearing this.

Ling Sheng hurriedly nodded and said: “The Void Demon is a complete ethnic group, but it is also divided. Among them, the Great Demon Emperor is mainly divided into different clans.

Below the Demon Emperor, there are also many Demon Sovereigns. Below Demon Sovereign is the Demon King, below the Demon King is the Demon Lord, and below the Demon Lord is the most common Void Demon.”

These things.

There is nothing to hide.

After all, the ethnic division of Foreign Domain demons is not a secret.

And even if the people in front of you know it, it won’t have any impact on their ethnic group.

On the contrary.

If the people in front of you know the power of Foreign Domain demons, they might be afraid.

Because it is understood by the Spirit Saint.

This world is already weak to a certain extent.

When he first came in, he didn’t even have a powerhouse of True Immortal level. Until now, the birth of True Immortal, but also the weakest True Immortal.

Such strength.

How strong it can’t be considered.

Demon Emperor!

Demon Sovereign!

Demon King!

Demon Lord!

Qin Shujian listened to the words of Lingsheng silently, and had a certain understanding of the classification of the foreign domain demons.

According to the other party.

There are several Demon Emperors, which respectively dominate the foreign domain demons.

Not right.

Foreign Domain evil demon is just the name he heard from Slaughter God’s Blade. Judging from the words of the evil demon in front of him, the other party’s ethnic group should be called the void evil demon.

After a while.

Qin Shujian said: “Demon Emperor, Demon Sovereign, Demon King and Demon Lord, what are their strengths?”

“If the Demon Emperor is divided by Great Thousand Worlds, then It is equivalent to True Immortal of the upper 3rd-layer, Demon Sovereign is equivalent to the middle 3rd-layer True Immortal, Demon King is equivalent to the lower 3rd-layer True Immortal, as for the words of the Demon Lord.

True Immortal above the power. Hereinafter, they are all classified as Demon Race.

Ordinary void demons are heavenly people.”

Qin Shujian’s heart trembled.

Sure enough!

The strength of the Void Demon is really the same as what he knows, terrifying.

“Can there still be a Demon Emperor now?”

“That is nature. The Demon Emperor is the closest powerhouse to eternal life, and can enjoy the life essence of thousands of millions of years. It’s so easy to die during meditation.” Ling Sheng said that with a hint of pride on his face.

Demon Emperor!

That is the existence that all emptiness demons must respect.

“So, your strength is already the Demon Lord?”

“Yes, I am the Demon Lord of the Luo Clan clan of Mosha!” Lingsheng nodded, said .

“Mosha Luo Clan?”

“Any clan is named after the Demon Emperor. Mosha Luo is the honorable name of the contemporary Demon Emperor.”



Qin Shujian remembered this name.

As the Demon Emperor of the Void Demon, it is also an existing 3rd-layer True Immortal, and it may be a future opponent.


He opened his mouth again and said: “How many Demon Emperors are there now?”


Ling Sheng replied without thinking.

Four Demon Emperors!

It also represents the four 3rd-layer True Immortal, and it is not weaker than the powerhouse of the ancient sovereign level.

Qin Shujian’s mind was shocked again.


He didn’t show any clues on the surface, but continued to ask: “What are the other three Demon Emperors, what are they called?”

“Bahdo, Boyle, yeah Zuo.”


Qin Shujian slightly nodded.

Then looking at the Lingsheng in front of him, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“The emperor has heard what you said, and seems to have a great understanding of this world!”

The Great Thousand Worlds mentioned in the mouth of the Holy Spirit.

Qin Shujian is referring to this if he guessed correctly.

hearing this.

The Spirit Saint nodded said: “That is nature, Great Thousand Worlds has existed for endless years. I and the Void Demon have also dealt with Great Thousand Worlds a lot, and have a lot of understanding of this world.

In the past, Great Thousand Worlds was very strong, and powerhouses with many magical Emperor levels existed, but now they are much weaker.”

Qin Shujian indifferent expression.

Is it weak?

According to the current situation, Great Thousand Worlds is indeed quite weak.

But he doesn’t care much about these things.

On the other side, Lingsheng looked at the thoughtful Qin Shujian and cautiously asked: “I have already answered your questions. I wonder if you can fulfill my promise and let me go?”

Qin Shujian did not answer, but instead looked towards the Black Emperor who was already in shock.

“The Black Emperor is tired from hunting down the Void Demon this time, so why not go back and rest first.”

“Ah, oh, I’m leaving!”

Black The emperor soon came back to his senses, and seeing Qin Shujian’s face, he already understood.


The Emperor Qin still has something to ask, but he does not want to hear it.

Therefore, he must be sent away.

Although the Black Sovereign wants to hear it, what exactly Qin Shujian wants to ask next.


The news that just heard has already shocked him.

The black emperor feels it is necessary to go back and digest it.

After all–

For the Void Demon, although the Black Stone Carving Clan has some records, but the accumulation is not very detailed, let alone the current Void Demon, it has such a great power.

Four Demon Emperors on the 3rd-layer True Immortal level!

If this is to attack the world, it will be another terrible disaster.

Wait until the Black Emperor leaves.

Qin Shujian turned his gaze to Lingsheng again and said: “This emperor wants to know, what is the relationship between the Void Demon and the Demon Abyss?”

“Although we are all demons, they are actually two completely different races.”

When it comes to Demon Abyss, Lingsheng’s eyes are also serious.

“But I am not very clear about the specific things. Maybe only the Demon Emperor is qualified to know the secrets of the Demon Abyss.”

“Then you know what the strength of the Demon Abyss is. How?”

“The Demon Abyss is very strong. There are some powerful ancient Demon Gods, and their strength is not much weaker than the Imperial Capital.” Lingsheng said solemnly.

“Ancient Demon God!”

Qin Shujian heard another name that he had never heard before.

After that, he looked at the spiritual saint in front of him and asked the last question.

“The emperor perceives a wandering Void Demon outside the heavens and the earth. The strength does not seem weak. Do you know the origin?”

“What your Excellency said should be I’m the Ulun Demon King of Mosha Luo Clan!”

“Ulun Demon King?”

“Yes, Ulun Demon King is my Mosha Luo Clan. The top Demon King of Demon, it is reported that it is only one step away to break through to the realm of Demon Sovereign. A few days ago, Great Thousand Worlds had a breath leak, which attracted the attention of Demon King.”

Very fast speaking speed, answered Qin Shujian’s questions.

After finishing talking.

He looked at Qin Shujian with hope, hoping that the other party could fulfill his promise.

For this.

Qin Shujian showed a smile and said: “You answered very well, but the emperor suspects that you lied about the Demon Abyss.”

The words fall–

Heaven Ranking is suppressed.

“You lied to me!!”

In the stern roar of the Spirit Saint, the body of the ten thousand zhang Flood Dragon was all split up and in by the Heaven Ranking. pieces.

With the dragon body, the body shattered.

The black shadow escaped from the broken body.

Qin Shujian strikes out, and the rules of power surge.

The black shadow suddenly screamed like a baby, but was forcibly obliterated by this force, and a spar fell from it.

Heaven Ranking is swept by power.

The broken dragon body and spar were all put away.


All the fluctuations around are disappeared.

From the beginning to the present, Qin Shujian has never thought of letting Lingsheng live.

Void demon.

It is a completely opposite existence to Great Thousand Worlds.

What I said earlier is just to give the other party a glimmer of hope and get some information about the Void Demon that’s all.

“Senior, you said that the void demon that was beheaded by the Celestial Emperor was a Demon Emperor?”

At this moment, Qin Shujian’s complexion is not as relaxed as before.

The Slaughter Sword’s tone was also slightly solemn, and said: “According to what he said, it should be that the Demon Emperor is not wrong.”


He sighed: “Four Demon Emperors, the strength of the Void Demon is stronger than I thought, and if the Demon Imperial Capital can swallow the ancient Sovereign, then the strength is probably not normal. -layer can be compared.

That level of strength is at least Seventh Layer Peak, and even True Immortal of 8th Layer.

If only this is the case, if the Void Demon still has Ninth Layer True Immortal exists, that’s a big problem.”

Now it’s not as old as ancient times.

In the current era, the next 3rd-layer True Immortal is the top powerhouse.

As for the True Immortal of the 3rd-layer, there is none at all.

On 3rd-layer, let alone.

“However, as long as there is no problem with the barrier between heaven and earth, the Void Demon will not be able to enter, even the Demon Emperor will still be like this.” A sentence was added behind the Slaughter Sword.

Qin Shujian nodded.

This is the only comfort.

Foreign Domain inside the Void face, there is a Void evil spirit.

The Demon Abyss is approaching the heaven and the earth again.

Suddenly he felt that this world is really troubled.

“Does the Senior know anything about the ancient Demon God?”

“The ancient Demon God, I am not quite clear, I only know that it is some ancient Demon God, and the strength is all Generally very strong. When the Ancient Devil Yuan attacked, there was a powerful ancient Demon God.

It is reported that the most powerful ancient Demon God can even rival the Celestial Emperor.”

Said the Slaughter Sword.

Qin Shujian breathes deeply: “How many ancient Demon Gods exist in the Demon Abyss?”

“I don’t know, there are too many demons in the Demon Abyss, and no one knows what it is. How many powerhouses exist, unless one day they can be won into Devil Abyss, otherwise it is difficult to find out.”

Deep won into Devil Abyss!

Qin Shujian is only thinking about this matter temporarily.

With his current strength, if he goes into Devil Abyss, it must be a dead end.

At this time.

Qin Shujian stood in the sky without making any movements, but he was recalling something in his mind.

“In the future, the world has to face, the first one is Demon Abyss, and the second one may be the Void Demon, but if the Demon Abyss can be solved, the strength of the Void Demon is not enough. For worry.

In addition to these two, the death Sea Territory is also a problem.

According to the Slaughter Sword, there is Supreme in the deepest part of the Death Sea Territory, even if It was the Celestial Emperor who went deep inside with the emperors, and failed to reap any benefits.”

“And the Death Sea Territory is the place where the sun sets, and there must be great secrets hidden in it.”


“As for Taiyin, in Xia Chao’s words, it exists in a place called Tianyuan.”

Think of this.

Qin Shujian slowly asked: “Does senior know where Tianyuan is?”


The Slaughter Sword was started, and then replied: “Tian Yuan exists at the extreme end of the Western State. It is a place similar to the Sea Territory of Death. The rules inside are disorderly. Anyone who enters Tian Yuan can’t use the power of the rules.

More than that, in Tian Yuan. There are also many powerful ominous beasts, even if it is comparable to True Immortal-level ominous beasts.

But because the rules there are disordered, ominous beasts can’t get out of the sky and can only stay forever. There.”

He didn’t know what Qin Shujian asked Tianyuan to do.

However, God Slaughter Sword still has information about Tianyuan, and it is said.

Qin Shujian hearing this, I also have a certain understanding of Tianyuan.

“Death Sea Territory is located in the Eastern Continent, and Tianyuan is located in the Western State. One east and the other are opposite each other, which makes sense.”

He thought secretly.

From the words of Slaughter Sword, it is not difficult to see that Tianyuan is also an extremely terrifying place.

Even, not much worse than Death Sea Territory.

To be honest.

Qin Shujian has the idea to explore Tianyuan.

As a habitat for the lunar yin, it is not clear what kind of Supreme Treasure exists.


He just thought about it.

I know my own strength very well.

Although it is considered the top in the four continents, if you want to go deep into the Death Sea Territory or Tianyuan, it is still far away.

“Did the Celestial Emperor ever enter the Tianyuan?”

“It seems to have been there, but I am not very clear. Anyway, the Celestial Emperor has an order, all Celestial Court people You are not allowed to enter Tianyuan without permission, because there is such an expressly prohibited, so no True Immortal dare to step inside without authorization.”

Said Slaughter Sword.

Qin Shujian nodded.

In this case, Celestial Emperor should have entered Tianyuan, and then encountered some powerful existence in it, and finally had to withdraw from Tianyuan, and then issued imperial decree so that all True Immortal would not enter .

For this approach.

Qin Shujian also understands.

If one day, he also grows to the top of the world, he will definitely go to this unknown place and explore all of them.

After all.

If we really have to reach that point, we will not tolerate the existence of unknown places.

There are some thoughts in my mind.

Qin Shujian glanced at the peaceful void around him, then turned to Yukong and left.

Soon, he returned to Eastern Continent.

After entering the Qianyuan Realm.

Qin Shujian immediately, is to take out the Flood Dragon blood essence, and then give the spar of the void evil demon to Bei Yunhou, let the other party immediately recover it.

Flood Dragon blood essence, can hammer body refinement soul.

The spar of the Void Demon can strengthen the spirit god.

The state of Beiyunhou now is weak in physique and severely damaged in spirit and spirit.

Both are exactly what the other party needs.

One of the reasons why Qin Shujian will act immediately after receiving news from Lingsheng this time is because of this.

In the courtyard.

He sits alone on the stone bench.

Inside, Bei Yunhou is using Flood Dragon blood essence body tempering.

One after another powerful Spiritual Qi fluctuations followed, causing Qian Yuanjie to shake slightly.

“You let me out for a while.”

Suddenly, the sound of the slaughtering sword in the Sea of ​​Consciousness came out.

Qin Shujian was puzzled, but he still took out the Slaughter Sword.

Only see the stone blade appear.

In a flash, the appearance of a young man was transformed, looking towards the closed door with his hand, his expression a little strange.

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Shujian’s face moved slightly.

The appearance of the God Slaughter Sword in front of me seems to be problematic.

For his question.

The Slaughter Sword did not immediately answer.

After a long time, he closed his gaze back, then looked towards Qin Shujian, and solemnly said: “If I guess right, Bei Yunhou should be a True Immortal reincarnated!”


“True Immortal reincarnation!?”

Qin Shujian’s face was taken aback.

Bei Yunhou is the reincarnation of Powerhouse. This is something he has never thought of.

Qin Shujian also has great doubts about this.

“Senior, are you sure you did not read it wrong?”

“It should be right. In the past, his rule power was hidden too deeply, so I didn’t have a chance to detect anything, but now he I used Flood Dragon blood essence to restore myself, but the breath appeared but leaked out.

This aura is very familiar, I definitely know it, who is it?”

In the end , The Slaughter Sword has fallen into a state of talking to himself.

There are many ancient True Immortal.

The True Immortal he has seen is more.

As an ancestor.

The Slaughter Sword has existed since ancient times.

True Immortal life essence However, 120,000 years have passed since ancient times and there have been countless years.

In the endless years.

There are too many True Immortal born.

Therefore, True Immortal that the Slaughter God Sword has encountered is not rare.

In this case.

It is not easy to tell which True Immortal Beiyunhou is.


He has one thing for certain.

The other party must be the True Immortal reincarnate and recultivate he knew.

Because of that aura, I am really familiar.

It’s just too long.

The Slaughter Sword is not easy to tell who is that’s all.

On the other side, Qin Shujian was also lost in thought.

To be honest.

He never thought that Beiyunhou would be True Immortal reincarnate and recultivate.

But if you really want to come, it is not impossible.

After all, the growth of Beiyunhou is so fast.

Compared to Zhaohuang.

Bei Yunhou has not even reached a thousand years of age.

Less than a thousand years.

I have successfully reached this step now.

This kind of talent is already shocking the world.

If it is the current world of great controversy, fortunately, the cultivation base of all creatures will rise faster than before.

It can be replaced with the previous Human Race situation, it is basically impossible to give birth to such a powerhouse.

On the contrary.

North Yunhou appeared.

Qin Shujian originally just because the other party has his own chance to exist, just like he can borrow the source of life to improve.

But now that he heard the words of the Slaughter God Sword, he really understood it.

“True Immortal reincarnation!”

After muttering to himself.

Qin Shujian looked up towards God Slaughter Blade and asked: “Senior may know, what level of True Immortal reincarnate and recultivate is he?”

“At least 3rd-layer True Immortal, or True Immortal on the 3rd-layer.”

The Slaughter Sword shook his head and gave an ambiguous answer.

After finishing talking.

He just continued to explain: “His rules are inherently strong, but they have become weak after so many years, so I didn’t dare to confirm too much.

But when Bei Yunhou comes out, you can just ask.”

“Senior means that Bei Yunhou only awakens to the previous life memory now?”

Qin Shujian is puzzled Asked.

Since the Slaughter Sword said that the other party was the reincarnation of True Immortal, he thought that Bei Yunhou had been concealing this.

See what it means now.

It is clear that Beiyunhou just awakened the memory.

The Sword of Slaughter said: “That is natural, powerhouse reincarnate and recultivate, or at first awaken Su Hui, otherwise, the subsequent awakening of Su Hui is full of uncertainties.

It may be awakened because of a certain event, or it may be awakened suddenly after a sleep. This is not fixed.

But one thing is fixed, if the reincarnate and recultivated person walks again The height of the previous life must be able to awaken Su Hui in the previous life.”

Qin Shujian hearing this.

He was also relieved.

The Demon Abyss.

A terrifying force burst out suddenly.

A battle halberd’s illusory shadow pierced the sky, and the shaking void trembled violently.

At this moment, the demons in the upper layers of the Demon Abyss were shaking, and there was an expression of horror in their eyes.

The Demon God at the bottom of the Demon Abyss is furious.

“Damn it, this ancestral soldier broke out again!”

“Is it true that Hao Cang Immortal Monarch, really returned?”

One after another Demon God woke up from their deep sleep, and the terrible breath filled the depths of the Demon Abyss.


A Demon God took a shot, and a palm struck the battle halberd strikes.

Battle halberd vibrates.

Silks of sharpness spilled out of it, with no difficulty like tearing the palm of Demon God’s hand.

“roar!” The Demon God who took the shot suffered pain and had to put his palm back.

At the same time.

One person walked out of the battle halberd, and then held the battle halberd backhand, watching many Demon Gods with faint smiles on their faces.

“Is this the Demon Abyss?”

There is curiosity in his eyes, as well as fighting intent boiling.

Seeing the appearance of that person, all Demon Gods are shocked.

“Hao Cang Immortal Monarch!”


Demon God was furious, and then he shot towards Hao Cang Immortal Monarch.

The power of terror rages in the depths of the Demon Abyss.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch holds the battle halberd and walks around like a stroll in the courtyard. The terrible power did not make his complexion move at all.

In the next instant, battle halberd cuts out casually.

All power is torn apart.

Several Demon Gods did not even have time to resist, they were swallowed by this force.


The Demon God monument shakes.

Several names disappeared from the stone tablet.

Such a change made other Demon God faces horrified.

Demon God will not die.

But it also depends on the situation.

If you are beheaded by an ancestor soldier, even Demon God will fall.

The fall of several Demon Gods directly shocked other Demon Gods.


The shock of Demon God does not mean that Immortal Monarch will stop.

Just watching him step forward steadily, battle halberd Tearing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth, one after another Demon God fell under the ancestral soldiers.

This day.

The Demon God monument shakes.

The Demon Gods who have hardly fallen in the past have fallen one after another at this moment.


A terrifying breath recovered from the deepest part of the Demon Abyss.

That aura is so strong.

The entire Demon Abyss that shook directly was shaking, and the blood moon on the sky seemed to have some waves.

Just when the demons on the upper echelon of Demon Abyss panic not knowing what to do.

The Demon God at the lower level of the Demon Abyss has a very strange expression on his face.

It is a surprise.

It’s panic again.

“An ancient Demon God has awakened!”

An ancient Demon God!

The weakest person is also True Immortal.

It can be said that the ancient Demon God is the most powerful of all Demon God.

Just after the First World War.

All the ancient Demon Gods fell asleep.

At this moment, there is movement caused by the Immortal Monarch, which undoubtedly awakened the ancient Demon God.


The magnificent voice came from the deepest part of the Demon Abyss.

Simple two words.

But it makes all Demon God shocked, as if they would suffocate at any time.

“Ancient Demon God!!!”

The undead Demon God is now hiding in the depths of the Demon Abyss, looking at the giant Great Demonic God who has awakened from a deep sleep, he feels his body All trembling.

As the new Demon God.

The immortal Demon God has never seen a real ancient Demon God.

Until this moment.

He just understood how powerful the ancient Demon God was.

The leaked breath alone has already made myself as Demon God feel the shadow of death.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch glanced sideways, looking towards the ancient Demon God awakened from sleep, and then the battle halberd was cut down.

A simple blow.

Differentiate yin and yang in the world.

The ancient Demon God let out a roar that shook the world and struck out with a punch, desperate to crush the entire Demon Abyss.

The power of horror burst out suddenly.

Those who are close to the Demon God are all torn apart by the aftermath of this force.


The two have collided.

hong long long ——

The ancient Demon God roared, his fists were torn apart by battle halberd, and blood scattered on the Demon Abyss ground.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch has a proud posture, taking one step to suppress the void of eternity. Battle halberd cuts out, directly cutting off the arm of that ancient Demon God, and then in the roar of the ancient Demon God, The battle halberd sank into the opponent’s heart.


This moment.

The entire Demon Abyss screamed.

The Demon God monument also trembled violently.

The ancient Demon God has fallen!

All Demon Gods and demons have a sad mood in their hearts.

At the same time.

One after another, the terrifying aura gradually wakes up from the deep sleep.

With the fall of the first ancient Demon God.

It finally caused other ancient Demon Gods to wake up from their deep sleep.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch after beheading the ancient Demon God.

The original solid body has become illusory.


I saw his body dissipate.

Battle halberd bursts out endless rays of light, and in an instant it is a torn void of the Demon Abyss, directly submerged in the blood moon.

“I noticed a familiar breath!”

“Haocang, it’s him!”

“Bowen has fallen, what a waste!”

“jié jié, Hao Cang has fallen for so many years, he can be killed with a Strands of Divine Sense, Bowen is indeed a waste, but Hao Cang’s strength is indeed terrifying.”

The ancient Demon God awakened from a deep sleep, and a conversation as if lightly said was heard in the ears of other Demon Gods and demons, but there was a deafening feeling.

This moment.

There is a horrible Demon God up to 100,000 zhang.

There is also a giant Great Demonic God with hundreds of arms and hands.

Every Demon God exudes a breath like an abyss.

“I have noticed the breath of Great Thousand Worlds, and the Demon Abyss is about to re-landing in that world!”

“jié jié, we must be able to swallow the origin of that heaven and earth, It’s the real Eternal Immortal.”

“There is still a little time, no hurry, no hurry.”

The ancient Demon God talked, and after a while, it fell silent.

Ancient battle.

The loss is too great for them.

Even after millions of years of sleep, I haven’t recovered completely.

The so-called deep sleep.

In fact, he is cultivating his own injuries.

However, before the ancient Demon God fell asleep, he opened his mouth and swallowed dozens of powerful Demon Gods. Then he smashed his mouth before falling asleep again.

See here.

The other Demon Gods are hiding aside, shaking with fear.

In the eyes of the upper demons, the aloof and remote Demon God, in front of the ancient Demon God, also exists like an ant.

In the Demon Abyss.

Evil demons are divided into different levels.

The undead Demon God hides in his residence, not even breathing heavily.

“Ancient Demon God! This is the legendary Ancient Demon God!”

He was scared!

This is really scared!

Demon God is also afraid of death.

Swallowed by the ancient Demon God, it is truly fallen and will be removed from the Demon God monument.

At last he became a Demon God.

The immortal Demon God doesn’t want to fall so easily.


While he was frightened, he also had a strong desire in his eyes.

Ancient Demon God!

This is a powerful existence at the top of the Demon Abyss.

Becoming an ancient Demon God is probably the goal of all Demon Gods.

The other side.

battle halberd tears apart the world of Demon Abyss and escapes directly into endless void.

I only saw a stream of light, which cut through the void of Foreign Domain.

“Very powerful aura!”

“His, good fragrance, very powerful!”

Many void demons will look towards the distance, where there is a The breath of horror is approaching, but that aura is b

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