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Such changes.

Naturally attract the attention of all powerhouses.

"Ancestral Soldier Transcending Tribulation!"

Western State, inside Monster Race Secret Realm.

At the moment of Breaking Heaven Halberd tearing the world barrier and entering the Western State Transcending Tribulation, Monster Sovereign noticed the movement.

He looked up towards the thunderbolt falling from the sky, with shocked expressions in his eyes.

That terrible force.

Even Monster Sovereign after breakthrough True Immortal, I feel trembling.

After all.

True Immortal of the 3rd-layer, just stepped into the ranks of True Immortal.

Compared to Breaking Heaven Halberd, this stunning ancestor soldier.

It's still a lot worse.

I was shocked.

Monster Sovereign's eyes suddenly became hot.

A top ancestor soldier.

For everyone, it is an unstoppable temptation.


Among all the gods, only the ancestors are above the top.

With his current realm of True Immortal, he can perfectly display the power that an ancestor soldier should have.

After all--

If it is strong, it is strong.

But the most powerful trait of ancestor soldiers.

Not only the Monster Sovereign shock, but the other True Immortal in the four continents also set their sights on the western state.

"Ancestral soldiers!"

Qin Shujian stood up from the courtyard.

Today's battle halberd is in Transcending Tribulation in Western State, but he can still detect the huge fluctuations.

For this.

He also couldn't help but drive Dharma Eye, directly penetrating the millions and millions li void, looking towards the western state.


Qin Shujian saw the battle halberd bred in Thunder Tribulation.

The same ancestors.

He felt a more terrifying breath on battle halberd's body.

In other words.

That ancestral soldier is a more terrifying existence than the slaughter sword.

"Five tribulation ancestor soldiers!?"

"Still higher than the five tribulation ancestor soldiers?"

Qin Shujian was not sure.

But there is no doubt that battle halberd is at least the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.

Or rather.

Is about to become the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.

At this moment, the Thunder Tribulation of Heaven and Earth descended, which made him involuntarily think of the rumors of the Transcending Tribulation of the ancestor soldiers.

"I know who he is!"

"Breaking Heaven Halberd, Breaking Heaven Halberd was born, North Yunhou is the reincarnation of Hao Cang Immortal Monarch!"

The Slaughter Sword screamed, and the words were full of shock.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch! ?

Qin Shujian's heart moved, he looked towards God Slaughter Knife, and said puzzledly: "Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is who again?"

He never heard of this name Said.

But from the tone of the Slaughter Sword.

It can be inferred.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch must be a Supreme powerhouse.

I heard the question.

Took a deep breath and said: "Go to Ancient Celestial Court, there is 365 True Immortal. Among them, True Immortal is respected by the Celestial Emperors, but not all True Immortal can not follow them. The Celestial Emperor can reach it.

Among them, True Immortal is extremely talented, and its strength has reached the level of startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping. Even if it is not Sovereign, it is not weaker than the ancient emperors.

Even, it is one point stronger than the ancient emperors."

"Hao Cang Immortal Monarch used to be the powerhouse of Human Race, but in the ancient Xia emperor, he wanted to crown his Human. When Sovereign was in the position, he refused, and then entered the Celestial Court as an official, and his strength reached an extremely terrifying level.

Human Sovereign once said that Hao Cang Immortal Monarch has reached In the realm of 8th Layer True Immortal, there are also rumors that Hao Cang Immortal Monarch has reached the realm of Ninth Layer True Immortal, which is not much weaker than the even Celestial Emperor.

But no one knows how it is.

But one thing is certain is that Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is very strong, very strong. In the ancient times, he was able to stabilize his head, probably only the Celestial Emperor!"

The magic sword will tell everything about the Hao Cang Immortal Monarch.

He didn't know what True Immortal reincarnated Beiyunhou was before, but at this moment, he knew completely.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch!

The top 3rd-layer True Immortal.

In the ancient times, that is also the existence of Supreme.

Speaking of which.

The Slaughter Sword seems to have calmed down a bit, and paused continued: "Breaking Heaven Halberd is the ancestor soldier in the hands of Immortal Monarch, but not the ancestor soldier of Human Race. This ancestral soldier was in ancient times. It has reached the stage of the Fourth Tribulation.

At this moment, Transcending Tribulation should be transformed from the Fourth Tribulation to the Fifth Tribulation."

Mentioned the Transcending Tribulation of the ancestors.

His tone is also extremely solemn.

If the ancestors have any natural enemies, then Transcending Tribulation is the biggest threat.

World's All Living Things.

All impossible and truly immortal.

The same is true of Zu Bing.

Whenever the power becomes strong, the ancestral soldiers need to experience the disaster of heaven and earth.

Once it's over.

That will greatly increase the strength.

But if you can’t get through it, it will turn to gray under Thunder Tribulation.

So far.

The endless years of cultivation will be completely disappeared.

"Hao Cang Immortal Monarch! Breaking Heaven Halberd!"

Qin Shujian said the two names, and finally he looked towards the closed door.


The aura of Beiyunhou has also become stronger.

And faintly.

It also echoes Breaking Heaven Halberd.

Qin Shujian took a look, and then took a step forward, leaving Qianyuan Realm in an instant.

Breaking Heaven Halberd is born!

This is a major event.

After all, no one does not want a powerful ancestor.

This time.

True Immortal will attack the ancestors if there is no guarantee.

Leaving with Qin Shujian, there is the Slaughter Sword.

"Senior thinks, what is the probability that Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation will succeed?"

"I don't know." The God of Slaughter said: "Whether the ancestral soldier Transcending Tribulation is successful or not, who I’m not sure, but with the current power of Breaking Heaven Halberd, there should still be great hope for success."

"If it’s Senior Transcending Tribulation, can you be sure?" Qin Shujian turned his head and looked. towards The Slaughter Sword asked.

hearing this.

The Slaughter Sword was silent for a while.

Slowly said in the end.

"Not good said, I was a soldier of the Four Tribulations ancestors hundreds of 10,000 years ago, but I have never had a chance to survive the fifth calamity. There is neither opportunity nor confidence."

He admitted.

I don’t have the courage to go to Transcending Tribulation.

Zu Bing Transcending Tribulation, there are two methods.

First, there were too many powerhouses killed by the ancestors, and finally accumulated power to the extent that they had to Transcending Tribulation.

First, it is difficult for the ancestors to take the initiative to lead the drawing tribulation.

It can be said.

Two Transcending Tribulation methods, one is passive and the other is active.

But whatever it is.

The success rate of Transcending Tribulation is not big.

At this time.

Thunder Tribulation in the western states has dropped.

Breaking Heaven Halberd shoots endless sharpness in the volley, crushing all the thunderbolts from the strikes.

Leave Lei Wei as prison.

There is no way to hurt him.

Also at this time.

Thunder Tribulation suddenly becomes terrifying.

hong long long ——

The mother river of rules looms, and countless long rivers of rules flow through it, and finally merge into the robbery cloud.


A breath of terror radiated from it.

The sky dome in the entire western state has become depressed.

The creatures raised their heads.

looked towards the thriving Thunder Tribulation, there are expressions of horror in the eyes.

There is a cultivator at this time, Yukong.

Thunder Tribulation strikes that were spilled right after the result rose, the fleshy body burst forcibly, and fell into the sky with a scream.

See here.

Those cultivators are keep quiet out of fear.

"That seems to be a great power!"

"His, terrifying Thunder Tribulation!"

A great power is just a simple power Empty, it was hacked by Thunder Tribulation.

That kind of power.

Even the Sovereign of various races, at this time, they are not willing to face it.

In the territory of Human Race.

Huo Zhan and other four City Lords gathered together, and everyone's expressions were extremely solemn.

South City Lord said: "The ancestor soldier was born, can the news be sent back to the Eastern Continent?"

"Human Sovereign must be aware of this kind of power, and there is no problem without transmission. Huo Zhan shook his head slightly.

Such movement.

Which powerhouse in the four continents cannot perceive.

Speaking of which.

Huo Zhan's complexion became solemn, said solemnly: "Ancestral soldiers were born in the western state, and then I am afraid that a war will break out. Now all tribes have born True Immortal. If a war really breaks out, I'm afraid it will touch the level of True Immortal.

During this period, other cultivators of Human Race have temporarily withdrawn to the Eastern Continent.

Otherwise, the war will spread, I'm afraid of death and injury. Quite a lot."

True Immortal level battle.

That is no joke.

Just look at the past few times that the ancient True Immortal was broken, and the power caused by it can be known.

True Immortal is really necessary.

It must be a battle of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Void vibration.

Qin Shujian walked out of it.

Huo Zhan and the others looked startled, and then bowed and saluted: "I have seen Emperor Qin!"

"My Human Race ancestor Breaking Heaven Halberd was born, and it must attract other True Immortal In the fight, you wait for each to return to defend the four cities, and drive the Formation support in a critical time."

Qin Shujian indifferently said.

Huo Zhan and the others hearing this, handed over his command: "I'll wait to comply!"


Everyone turned around and left and entered the four cities.

However, what Qin Shujian said about the ancestors of the Human Race shocked their hearts.

In the East City.

Shan Hao stared at Breaking Heaven Halberd with scorching eyes, coldly said: "This is my ancestor of Human Race, absolutely cannot be taken by a foreigner!"

Look at him Come.

The thing of Human Race, that can only be Human Race.

Even if it’s a stitch and a thread, foreigners don’t want to take it away.

Not to mention.

It’s the ancestor soldiers waiting for Supreme.

Huo Zhan expression grave.

"The war is inevitable, but the Emperor Qin has already arrived. If he wants to come, he should also come. The two Human Sovereigns are here, and foreigners are also impossible to take away the ancestral soldiers!"

For two Human Sovereign.

He has great confidence.

Human Race can have the current situation, and it all depends on them.

In the territory of Human Race.

Qin Shujian looked towards the position of the sky vault with his hands down.

For him.

Since North Yunhou is the reincarnation of Hao Cang Immortal Monarch, the opponent's ancestor soldier is naturally the ancestor soldier of Human Race. There is nothing wrong with this theory.


At this time, Breaking Heaven Halberd was born, and he clearly came for Beiyunhou.

Such soldiers of the same rank.

Even the Slaughter Sword in his own hand is not as good.

In this case.

How could Qin Shujian tolerate ancestral soldiers falling into the hands of foreigners?

After all.

The biggest reason that Human Race can occupy Eastern Continent is because of the existence of ancestor soldiers.

Look again at the four continents and thousands of people.

Except for the incomplete Heavenly Monster Temple in Monster Race, the rest of the races have no ancestor soldiers in their hands.

Every race has one more ancestor soldier.

It is not easy for Human Race to grow to where it is today.

Ancestral soldiers are indeed very strong.

The ancestors who can perfectly display their might are terrifying.

Just like Qin Shujian holding the God Slaughter Knife, he can seal Divine Race with True Immortal for a second kill. That is his own strength and rely on the power of the Slaughter Knife.

At this moment.

With the emergence of the mother river of rules, the power of Thunder Tribulation becomes more violent.


There is a silhouette walking out of the long river of rules and blasting a punch at Breaking Heaven Halberd.

That punch.

The void burst directly hit, making Breaking Heaven Halberd tremble violently.

When I saw that illusory shadow.

Qin Shujian was also shocked inside.

Because in front of the illusory shadow, he felt an unstoppable Supreme power.

This feeling.

Let him be terrifying than when he is waiting for True Immortal.

"Is that the illusory shadow of the ancient powerhouse?"

Qin Shujian is not sure.

The God Slaughter Sword on one side said: "It is the powerhouse illusory shadow, but it is not necessarily the powerhouse of Ancient Era. The rule mother river is imprinted with all the powerhouse illusory shadows that have been born in the history of the world.


Ancestral soldiers Transcending Tribulation, the biggest threat comes from this.

The illusory shadow of these powerhouses, when the Thunder Tribulation appears, will be empowered by heaven and earth to restore it to A certain degree in front of you.

It may be at the peak period, or it may be 10%, 1% power."

"But you should know that it can be branded by the world Each of the powerhouses that came down was extremely terrifying. Even if it restored 1% of its power, it was enough to blow up the True Immortal of the next 3rd-layer.

The ancestor soldier is to bear the offensive of a powerhouse, and with each subsequent disaster, there will be an additional powerhouse brand."

The powerhouse brand!

Qin Shujian's eyes are extremely solemn.

With the shot of the first powerhouse illusory shadow, Breaking Heaven Halberd just shook it, and then recovered.


The second powerhouse appeared, and a fingerprint was printed, and the powerhouse could be called destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

Breaking Heaven Halberd seemed to perceive a huge threat. The endless edge spilled from the stone-like halberd body, and finally turned into a heaven-breaking halberd, slashing towards the silhouette.

hong long long ——

When the two collided, Breaking Heaven Halberd's offensive was torn apart, and finally the accurate strike was on the halberd body.


The clear and sweet voice resounded through the western states.

Breaking Heaven Halberd recovered after a few shocks.

So far.

There are already two powerhouse illusory shadows.

"There are three more catastrophes!"

Qin Shujian secretly thought.

As said by the Slaughter God Sword, every tribulation of the ancestor soldiers will have an additional calamity.

Breaking Heaven Halberd now transforms from the fourth to the fifth, and he must endure five catastrophes.

Two powerhouse shots before and after.

Already made him feel a huge threat.

Especially the second powerhouse.

In front of the finger that can be called destroying heaven extinguishing earth, Qin Shujian was not sure to contend.

"It's a pity that the ancestor soldiers can't fully exert their power, otherwise, Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation will not have a big problem." Seeing this, the Slaughter Sword shook his head regretfully.

Ancestral soldiers are very strong!

But if you want to play your own power perfectly, there is no possibility.


Although the ancestral soldier is strong, the cultivator in charge really determines the strength of an ancestral soldier.

If there is a powerhouse in charge of the ancestors, then both will be very strong.

On the contrary.

If the weak are in charge, then the power that the ancestors can exert is also limited.

Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation at this moment.

It is completely dependent on its own heritage.

The Slaughter Sword is also very clear about these things.

Qin Shujian did not reply, his gaze was locked tightly to Breaking Heaven Halberd above the sky.

Every powerhouse shot.

Qin Shujian can feel the Dao Rhyme spilled from it.

From above these Dao Rhyme.

He seems to have a better understanding of the rules he follows.

Qin Shujian soon understood.

The Transcending Tribulation of the ancestors is also a great benefit for the cultivator.

With the second powerhouse illusory shadow retreat.

The third powerhouse illusory shadow came out of Thunder Tribulation.

The moment that powerhouse came out.

The power of terrifying swept across the world like the wind, and there seemed to be thousands of dragon roars faintly roaring, making everyone's hearts trembling.

"This is—"

Monster Sovereign looked at the indistinct illusory shadow with stunned eyes, and he felt a familiar breath from it.

That kind of breath.

It is not only derived from its own bloodline, but also from the Monster Sovereign rules that you follow.

Just a moment.

Monster Sovereign reacted.

Which powerhouse did this illusory shadow come from?

"Ancient Monster Sovereign!"

The Slaughter Sword solemnly spit out a few words.

Qin Shujian's eyes are also solemn.

"Ancient Monster Sovereign!"

His eyes were fixed on the illusory shadow that appeared.

Ancient Monster Sovereign!

That is the supreme existence of the 3rd-layer.

After all, the ancient emperors are all True Immortal on the 3rd-layer, and Monster Sovereign is the most powerful of the emperors.

For this level of powerhouse.

Qin Shujian has never seen it before.

Among the True Immortal he has seen, Xia Yi is definitely number one.


Xia Yi is only the True Immortal of the 3rd-layer, and there is no way to match the 3rd-layer.


Qin Shujian would like to take a look.

On the 3rd-layer True Immortal, how strong is it?

I only saw the ancient Monster Sovereign protruding out with one hand, a simple palm can cover the void of the world, and the river of rules is also crazy.

Under this palm.

Breaking Heaven Halberd trembles uncontrollably.

Sisi shining sharpness spilled out, trying to crush this force, but there was no way.


The palm falls.

Breaking Heaven Halberd crazy shaking.

The stone-like halberd body seemed a little dim.

But soon, the illusory shadow of the ancient Monster Sovereign has disappeared.

Originally, Dusky World became clear in an instant.

"True Immortal on the 3rd-layer is really powerful!" Qin Shujian breathes deeply.

The moment the ancient Monster Sovereign was released.

He felt a threat of death.

That palm!

If the goal is not Breaking Heaven Halberd, then I am not sure about the next step.


Qin Shujian looked towards the dimly colored Breaking Heaven Halberd, frowning: "This is the third calamity. Are you sure that Breaking Heaven Halberd can survive the five calamities?"

He can feel it.

Breaking Heaven Halberd's breath has weakened a lot.

If you forcefully overcome the next two catastrophes, there is a high probability that you will fail.

The God Slaughter Sword calmly said: "The Transcending Tribulation of the ancestors, every catastrophe must be stronger than the previous one. It depends entirely on probability and luck. Maybe the powerhouse illusory shadow of the fourth calamity is better. The ancient Monster Sovereign is also possible.

After all, it is possible to reach the powerhouse of the ancient Monster Sovereign level, and there are not many heavens and earth."

Ancestral Soldier Transcending Tribulation.

In addition to relying on one's own background, it also depends on luck.

Powerhouse illusory shadow appears in Thunder Tribulation, but it is just a random one.


The Slaughter God Sword is not sure that Breaking Heaven Halberd can really cross tribulation.

Although the birth between Heaven and Earth is not more powerful than Monster Sovereign, but there are still some after all.

There really is a powerhouse of that level.

Breaking Heaven Halberd is likely to fail.

After all, the nature of the opponent is the Four Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.


Even if Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation fails, others have no chance to intervene.

Because of Transcending Tribulation.

Can only rely on oneself.

If other cultivator intervenes, it will only make Thunder Tribulation stronger.

At that time.

Thunder Tribulation is really a ruinous rule.

Qin Shujian held his breath, looking at Breaking Heaven Halberd, who was going through the fourth catastrophe on the sky.

To be honest.

He does not want Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation to fail.

Because of this, Human Race will lose one Supreme weapon.


Qin Shujian thinks of another thing.

That is, excluding Breaking Heaven Halberd, there is still an ancestral soldier in the hands of Bei Yunhou, and if he remembers correctly, it is still an ancestral soldier of the Three Tribulations.

If this Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation is successful.

Then Bei Yunhou’s hands are equivalent to having two ancestral soldiers.

One triumph.

One Five Tribulations.

Thinking of this, Qin Shujian also feels a little pantothenic acid in his heart.

"Two ancestor soldiers!"

"The reason why Shijiao chose Beiyunhou, was it because he was aware that his background is quite extraordinary?"

He just guessed about this.

The other side.

When the ancient Monster Sovereign illusory shadow shattered, the fourth powerhouse illusory shadow had appeared.

This powerhouse illusory shadow is still powerful.

But compared with the ancient Monster Sovereign, it is much worse.


The fifth catastrophe appeared.

The powerhouse that appeared this time is similar to the fourth catastrophe.

Breaking Heaven Halberd is now very expensive, but it is not a big problem to survive this time.

After the fifth catastrophe dissipated.

Countless rays of sunlight fell from the sky.

A powerful force spread out from Breaking Heaven Halberd.

At the same time.

The sky collapsed, and a big hand grabbed at Breaking Heaven Halberd.

See here.

Qin Shujian took one step, and also struck out with a punch, colliding with the big hand fiercely.

The terrible power spread.

The emptiness turns into turbulence.

"This is my ancestor of Human Race, Breaking Heaven Halberd. I hope you will show your face and don’t fight for it!"

Qin Shujian appeared in front of Breaking Heaven Halberd, The sound spread across hundreds of thousands li.

He didn't take the Breaking Heaven Halberd.

Because the ancestor soldiers have spirit.

If you are not forced to take it by your own owner, you will surely suffer a counterattack.

Although Qin Shujian was sure to suppress Breaking Heaven Halberd, he did not do so.

The words fall.

Suddenly someone walked out of in the sky and said with a sneer: "The ancestors were born and lived in the virtuous people. When did they become the stuff of Human Race? Is it because Human Race has become overbearing?"

"Yes, this emperor thinks this ancestor soldier belongs to my ice clan."

There is a powerhouse that seems to be in the ice, and endless chills spread out from it. Enough to penetrate all creatures.


The stars are looming in the sky again, and finally they fall into one person.

"This thing should be owned by my star clan."

"This is a western state, you still don't want to fight for it." Monster Sovereign finally appeared, and his eyes fell. On top of Breaking Heaven Halberd.

So far.

There are as many as four True Immortal appearing.

As for the other True Immortal, they all set their sights here, but no one appeared without authorization.

Everyone can understand.

The birth of ancestor soldiers will surely attract foul wind and bloody rain.

The first appearance is not necessarily a good thing.


Hold the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, and wait for the right opportunity before taking action.

Qin Shujian's eyes are cold and he has held the Slaughter Sword in his hand: "So, you are destined to start a war with my Human Race!"

"Human Race is already With a few pieces of ancestor soldiers in hand, but now they are still competing for ancestor soldiers, the appetite is too greedy!"

Xinghuang sneered.

If it was before the breakthrough, he thought he was not Qin Shujian's opponent.

But now he has proclaimed True Immortal.

Xinghuang doesn’t take the Qin Emperor seriously.

The words fall.

Four rules broke through the air.

Heaven and Earth's Law Manifestation!

Qin Shujian's power directly urged to the extreme, and finally grasped the Sword of Slaughter firmly, and slashed out the strongest blade towards the Star Emperor.


An ancient and desolate atmosphere swept the world.

The action of this blade is not fast, but it seems to freeze everyone's mind.

A simple one.

As if to cut time and space.

After a brief horror, the Star Emperor came back to his senses, and finally a large number of starlights gathered in the sky and turned into shock strikes.

hong long long ——

The long knife collides with the fist, and the terrifying power instantly tears the starlight apart.


The Slaughter God knife slashed heavily on Xinghuang's body.

In an instant, the body of the star emperor was torn apart like a starlight, and blood swayed like a star in the sky.

Everything happened too fast.

When everyone came back to his senses, they found that the star king had been hit hard.

The body that was almost cut in half, horrible to see.

At this time, the heavens and stars are transmitting a lot of energy to help the star emperor continue to repair his physical injuries.

But even so.

It is also extremely slow.

Qin Shujian swallowed a ten thousand sacred pill insignificantly, then looked towards the other True Immortal coldly, and shouted sternly: "If anyone is dissatisfied, he can do it now, and the emperor will continue. !"

hearing this.

Other cultivators didn't speak.

Because they are all immersed in the knife Qin Shujian just made.


Star King's strength is not weak.

Among the many True Immortal, it is also second only to powerhouses such as Monster Sovereign.

Compared to the words of True Immortal of other small races.

Be stronger.

But even so, it was still severely hit by Qin Shujian. If it were replaced by another small clan, True Immortal, it might have fallen right now.

One thought of this.

Most of True Immortal is silently silent.

True Immortal slashed to death!

This kind of power is enough to be called astonishing.

There have always been rumors that Human Race Qin Huang is comparable to True Immortal, but some cultivators have doubts in their hearts.

But now.

No one has any doubts anymore.

Because the opponent was able to slash the Star Emperor with a single blow, the strength was enough to prove everything.

In the True Immortal that appeared.

The eyes of the Ice Emperor looked towards Qin Shujian were full of jealousy, and besides jealousy, there was also an insignificant fear.

On strength.

He is not as good as the star king.

In other words, facing this blade, the ice emperor even felt the danger of falling.


He is not reconciled if he wants to retreat like this.

So, the Ice Emperor neither retreated nor spoke.

He is waiting.

Wait for a suitable opportunity.

From the end of Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation, to the appearance of many True Immortal, everyone thought that there would be a terrifying battle immediately.

It turned out that Qin Shujian made a cut.

Directly shocked the other True Immortal.

This situation.

It is something other people have not thought of.

"Human Race does not mean to be an enemy of all races. This Breaking Heaven Halberd is indeed my ancestor of Human Race. I hope you will give face and don't fight for it."

Qin Shujian's complexion has also eased a bit.

Looking at the Ice Emperor and other True Immortal hidden in secret, he warned.

True Immortal is divided into five stages.

His strength is probably in the third stage, but if combined with the power of the Slaughter Sword, even Monster Sovereign can slash.

Of course.

The main question is whether you can afford this consumption.

As it is now.

With that cut, he was already consumed severely and had to take Wansheng Pill supplement.

But even after taking Wansheng Pill.

There is no way to completely restore Peak status.


Drive ancestor soldiers is not an easy task.

If possible, Qin Shujian does not want to fight against True Immortal of all races, after all, his stamina is really not good.

"The Emperor Qin’s strength is indeed amazing, but it’s not easy to drive the power of the ancestral soldiers. The emperor also wants to know if you are really Cut out the second knife."

Monster Sovereign, who has been silent, said indifferently at this time.

Qin Shujian's eyes were cold: "Monster Sovereign can try it yourself!"

The worst situation.

It still appeared!

He was afraid that someone could see his own reality.

From the current situation, Monster Sovereign has clearly seen something.


It is impossible to shrink back at this time.

An ancestor soldier, definitely has no reason to let it out.

And based on the current situation.

If the ancestor soldiers let go, there is a high probability that they will fall into the hands of Monster Race.

Monster Race already has Heavenly Monster Temple. If there is another Breaking Heaven Halberd, it will be even more troublesome.

"That's what I meant."

Monster Sovereign stretched out his hand, and a reduced version of the palace appeared in his palm.

Monster Race ancestor soldier——Heavenly Monster Temple!


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