From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 664

Breaking Heaven Halberd escapes into the void.

The prohibition of heaven and earth can’t stop it at all.

More than that.

Even Qianyuan Realm was torn apart by him with no difficulty, and then fell into the hands of Bei Yunhou.

Hold Breaking Heaven Halberd in your hand.

A familiar feeling rose from the bottom of my heart.

A smile appeared on Bei Yunhou’s face. Although his eyes were calm, he still had the vicissitudes of life unlike ordinary people.

“Million years!”

“Didn’t expect you and I will meet again!”

The palm is stroking the Breaking Heaven Halberd.

Bei Yunhou whispered to himself.

In response to the words, Breaking Heaven Halberd also trembled slightly.


The deep voice came from inside: “Immortal Monarch, you are back!”

“I am back!”

Simple four This word contains many emotions.

hearing this.

Breaking Heaven Halberd trembled more violently, and the deep voice gradually became excited: “I have been waiting for you in the Demon Abyss for millions of years. The demonic energy of Demon Abyss wants to assimilate me into a demonic weapon, but I have never succumbed.

For that, I am waiting for your return of Immortal Monarch.

Now that Immortal Monarch is back again, you and I will fight the world again!”

“No hurry, there will be a chance.”

North Yunhou is slightly smiled.

How far is Demon Abyss from here, in fact, he knows very well.

Moreover, he also understands the dangers in Demon Abyss.

It is not easy for Breaking Heaven Halberd to escape from the Demon Abyss and escape back to Great Thousand Worlds.


Bei Yunhou said: “I remember you a hundred 10,000 years ago. Although you are the top Four Tribulation Ancestor Soldier, if you want to be promoted, there is still a certain gap. Why can you be promoted directly now?”

“When I was about to leave, Immortal Monarch, the back hand you left on me was aroused, and then I killed a few Demon Gods in Demon Abyss and killed the ancient Demon God Bowen, and In Foreign Domain in the sky, I killed a Void Demon King.

These energy buildups allowed me to be promoted to the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier!”

Breaking Heaven Halberd said.

After finishing talking, his halberd body trembled slightly, and then a spar fell from nothing.

“This is the spar that the Demon King turned into after his death, and it happens to be available for Immortal Monarch.”

North Yunhou took the spar in his hand.

The eyes are a little cold.

“Void demon, didn’t expect this tribe has not been extinct, and dare to come to covet Great Thousand Worlds. If my strength is not restored, I will definitely go to the Foreign Domain Void and slaughter a clan of void demon.”

For the Void Demon.

North Yunhou also has a lot of knowledge.

In the previous life at the peak period, he had had a lot of explanations with the Void Demon. It was also because of this that he knew the real name of the Foreign Domain Demon, which was called the Void Demon.

Breaking Heaven Halberd said: “When I entered the barrier of heaven and earth, I noticed that there was a Demon Emperor taking action. I am afraid that there is still a lot of heritage left in the family of void demons.”

“Demon Emperor? Is it Moscara or Bachdor?”

“I don’t know, I had already entered the barrier of heaven and earth at that time and couldn’t perceive too many things.” Breaking Heaven Halberd said solemnly.

“Don’t worry about it, the Void Demon’s strength is average. What can’t be considered, our real threat comes from Demon Abyss.”

Bei Yunhou shook his head slightly.

For him, the strength of the Void Demon is really average.

If it weren’t for the Foreign Domain’s vast void, and the void demons hiding mysteriously, they would have been wiped out by the Celestial Court in the ancient times.

Compared with Demon Abyss.

Although the Void Demon occupies the word “Evil Demon”, it is far too weak.

“That’s nature. With the strength of Immortal Monarch, even the Demon Emperor is not afraid to face it.”

“You come out of the Demon Abyss, you can know the distance to the Demon Abyss now. Thousand Worlds, how far is it?” Bei Yunhou didn’t talk much about the matter of the Void Demon.

The problem he cares about.

Only Demon Abyss.

Breaking Heaven Halberd thought about it a little bit, and said, “I stayed on the Foreign Domain inside the Void for a long time. The general time is not easy to estimate, but at least there will be a few days. Now the breath of Demon Abyss, It’s already very close.

But Demon Abyss moves slowly. If you want to get closer, it will take about 50 years.”

“Well, I know.”


North Yunhou nodded.

50 years is not much different from his estimate.

After all, the Spiritual Qi of Eastern Continent is becoming more and more rich, and the rate of derivation is getting faster and faster.

At this time.

Qianyuan Realm shakes.

At some point in the courtyard, the voices of Qin Shujian and Zhaohuang have appeared.

The look of the two people looking towards Beiyunhou is a bit complicated.

After a while.

The Emperor Zhao sighed and said: “I really want to know, are you now Beiyunhou or Haocang Immortal Monarch?”

This question came out.

The scene suddenly became silent.

Qin Shujian’s gaze fell on Bei Yunhou. He wanted to know how the other party would answer.

hearing this.

Beiyunhou smiled slightly and said: “There is no Beiyunhou, nor Immortal Monarch, there is only Human Race Xiao Chengfeng!”

“so that’s how it is .”

A smile appeared on Zhaohuang’s face.

There is no North Yunhou.

After proving that the other party has awakened the memory of his previous life, he is unwilling to be a courtier of the Da Zhao.

Just as Hao Cang Immortal Monarch Ancient Era refused to become a Human Sovereign, to put it bluntly, the other party is a powerhouse dedicated to cultivation.

As for entering Celestial Court as an official.

That was also because of the Celestial Emperor’s strength.

As for the saying that there is no Immortal Monarch, it also means that the other party has not been assimilated by the memories of previous lives.

strictly speaking.

North Yunhou is still based on the current personality, and then incorporates the memory of Hao Cang Immortal Monarch, but compared to the previous life, his heart is now tied to Human Race.

Human Race!

Xiao Chengfeng!

Zhaohuang was very satisfied with this reply, and Qin Shujian agreed.

At least.

The person in front of you is Human Race Xiao Chengfeng, not the Ancient Celestial Court Hao Cang Immortal Monarch.

Because Xiao Chengfeng precedes the word Human Race.

Then Zhaohuang looked solemnly and said solemnly: “If you are given a chance, would you like to be the third Human Sovereign in Human Race?”

“The ancient Xiahuang also asked me about this Question, my answer at the time was rejection, and now Zhaohuang asked me this question, my answer is still rejection.”

Xiao Chengfeng shook his head slightly and said: “This Xiao can fight for Human Race. , But not suitable for being the emperor.”

“Never mind!”

For this answer, Zhao Huang had already expected it.

For this.

Although he has regrets in his heart, he respects the other party’s choice.

Xiao Chengfeng said: “At Beiyunhou Mansion, I also hope that Emperor Zhao can arrange for someone to handle it properly. After all, I am no longer in Beiyunhou, and Beiyun Mansion needs someone to take charge after all.”

Human Race is really too big.

If you control the entire Human Race, you can’t rely on one person.

Don’t talk about Beiyun Mansion.

Even the other mansions, after the princes rebelled and fell, also had new princes.

Emperor Zhao said: “As for the Beiyun Mansion, this emperor will arrange it. If the Xiao Family is born, he can also take over the position of Beiyunhou.”

“Xiao Family has two Shenwu Peaks, but it will take a while to break through the heavens.”


Zhaohuang nodded, then looked towards Qin Shujian said: “The emperor has other things to deal with, so let’s say goodbye.”


He has left Qianyuan Realm directly.

In the courtyard.

Qin Shujian and Xiao Chengfeng sit opposite each other.

“Brother Xiao, what plans do you have next?”

Looking at Xiao Chengfeng in front of him, Qin Shujian no longer matches with Beiyunhou.

Xiao Chengfeng smiled lightly: “If the Emperor Qin doesn’t dislike it, this Xiao intends to find a place to live in Qianyuan Realm.”

“Brother Xiao can stay, Naturally it is excellent.”

Qin Shujian smiled.

For the reincarnation of Immortal Monarch, he felt that he had many questions to ask, but he didn’t know how to speak.

Finally, the two chatted for a while.

Xiao Chengfeng got up and left the courtyard, looking for a place to stay in Qianyuan Realm.

Wait until the other party leaves.

Qin Shujian only took out Heaven Ranking.

The information about Xiao Chengfeng above has already appeared.

After all, Human Race is now only divided into two parts.

One is the Imperial Court of the Da Zhao.

One is the cultivation world.

Since Xiao Chengfeng has left the Jokhang, it is equivalent to entering the cultivation world, and the Heaven Ranking records all the information of the cultivation world cultivator, and the other party naturally appears on the list.

Name: Xiao Chengfeng

Race: Human Race

Age: eight hundred seventy two

Realm: Seven Heavens and Humans


battle strength: 80,000

Talent assessment: Excellence

“Seven heavens and humans, 80,000 battle strength!”

Qin Shujian took a deep breath.

To be honest.

He was shocked by Xiao Chengfeng’s attribute.


I have seven heavens and humans, and the battle strength is only 120,000. This is because of the improvement effect of the life source perfect and without blemish.

Look at Xiao Chengfeng again.

There are seven heavens and humans, and the battle strength directly reaches 80,000.

This is much stronger than the strongest celestial being mentioned by the Slaughter Sword.

Such battle strength.

Qin Shujian is a little skeptical, Zhao Huang will be threw away by the opponent when he is in Seventh Heaven.

See the attribute on the Heaven Ranking.

I am also deeply moved.

“It deserves to be the reincarnation of Immortal Monarch, this kind of background is really powerful and scary. The Seventh Heaven already has 80,000 battle strength, and it is destined to be a powerhouse for the heavens to cut down the immortals!”

This is the real celestial slayer!

Able to defeat True Immortal’s powerhouse as a deity.

Just like Qin Shujian.

In the sevenfold realm of heaven and human, True Immortal can almost be killed with a single knife.

Xiao Chengfeng now has the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier in hand. If he breaks through again, his strength will definitely reach an extremely terrifying level.

Qin Shujian also remained silent for a long time, before finally closing the Heaven Ranking.

He understands now.

It is not only oneself that is truly powerful.

At this time.

Eastern Continent also caused a lot of shocks.

The biggest thing.

It is the Imperial Court who sent a new heavenly man to take over the position of Beiyunhou. The Xiao Family, who had previously ruled Beiyun Mansion for thousands of years, completely retreated from the front of the scene.

But these things.

After causing some shocks, it has subsided.

The current Human Race is no longer the previous Human Race.

There are two Human Sovereigns.

Human Race has no possibility of civil strife.

The Eastern Continent has not shaken much, but the other three continents have caused great movement.

Find out why.

It’s because of what happened when Breaking Heaven Halberd Transcending Tribulation.

Star Clan Secret Realm.

The atmosphere of the Star Clan is dull now.

In the hall, many star patriarchs always hang their heads and dare not squeak at will.

Above the main seat.

The injury of Star Emperor on the surface has recovered, but his breath is still a bit depressed. Obviously, Qin Shujian’s cut, even True Immortal, is uncomfortable.

“Can there be messages from Monster Race now?”

I don’t know how long it has passed before the star emperor’s voice sounded in the hall.

hearing this.

An Elder cupped his hands and said: “reporting to my emperor, I waited for the messenger to pass, but I could not see Monster Sovereign in person.”

“This matter, my emperor I see.”

Star Emperor said calmly.

The atmosphere in the hall fell silent again. After a while, Elder looked up towards the star emperor, said solemnly: “I don’t know how my emperor’s injury is now, but has he completely recovered?”

This sentence.

It made Xinghuang’s calm face a bit ugly.

But soon he recovered, shook his head and said, “How easy is it to recover completely the injuries left by the ancestor soldiers? The strength of the Human Race Emperor Qin is indeed amazing. He hasn’t broken through True Immortal. With such strength.

If he waits until he breaks True Immortal, I’m afraid Human Race will have another invincible powerhouse.”

The star king is angry because he was injured. , But also worried about the future of the Star Clan.

Human Race is too strong.

A Zhaohuang is already True Immortal Number One Person.

Even top powerhouses like Monster Sovereign can only flee in the face of Human Race Zhaohuang, let alone True Immortal of other races.

A Zhao emperor did so.

If there is one more Qin Emperor who has become an immortal, who among the ten thousand CNOOC can stop the Human Race.

Youxing patriarch said with concern: “Human Race now occupies Eastern Continent, Zhaohuang has become a fairy again, and his wings are full. It is not easy to deal with.”

“This emperor naturally knows about this.”

Xinghuang said indifferently: “It’s just that I can’t deal with Human Race, so I can only unite with other races.”

Long before.

All races have alliances against Human Race.

But that kind of alliance is just a verbal agreement without any substantial constraints.

Human Race is stronger.

The less reliable this alliance is.

Especially when a race cannot withstand the pressure and falls to the Human Race, the alliance will break down even more.

So in Star King’s opinion.

To deal with Human Race, you must have a more reliable alliance.

This is also the reason why he took the initiative to contact Monster Race.

Just Monster Sovereign avoid meeting somebody.

It made Xinghuang a little bit overwhelmed with Monster Race’s attitude.

“Does it mean that Monster Sovereign was afraid of being beaten by the Emperor Zhao?”

As soon as this idea came up in his mind, it was forcibly suppressed.

That battle.

Monster Sovereign is defeated, but it is not afraid of being beaten.


The King of Stars can only be attributed to the fact that Monster Sovereign should have suffered a little injury in that battle, so it is not convenient to meet guests for the time being in retreat.


Inside the Heavenly Monster Temple.

Now only Monster Sovereign is included. Besides, there is no Elder anymore.

“How is your injury?”

“Breaking Heaven Halberd has been promoted to the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, and his power has exceeded me too much, plus the previous two damages, only If I am afraid that there will be more damage, I will fall from the Three Tribulations Ancestor Soldier to the Two Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.”

In the hall, a calm voice sounded.

That is the voice of Heavenly Monster Temple.

hearing this.

Monster Sovereign’s face is also a little gloomy.

The only heritage of Monster Race now is Heavenly Monster Temple.

But one after another’s change caused this unparalleled defense of the ancestor soldier to suffer continuous damage.

So far.

It is actually about to fall to the point of the ancestors of the Second Tribulation.

Suppress my anger.

Monster Sovereign asked: “Is there a way to repair it?”

“Yes, kill a few powerful creatures and use their blood essence to repair the Heavenly Monster Temple.”

“A powerful creature?”

“True Immortal is best. If it is a weak creature, you will need a lot of blood essence.” Heavenly Monster Temple said.

Monster Sovereign is lost in thought.

True Immortal level creature!

Judging from the current situation in the world, simply did not kill True Immortal, and contained the possibility of Heavenly Monster Temple.

After all, Monster Race is losing strength now, and the situation is a bit difficult.

If you kill a few more True Immortal.

It will definitely cause hostility from other races.

At that time.

Monster Race’s situation will be even more uncomfortable.

At that time.

It is not an intact Three Tribulations Ancestor Soldier that can change the situation.

Monster Sovereign only pondered for a while, then came back to his senses, and said: “If it is a creature below True Immortal, how much blood essence is needed?”

“the more the better!”

Heavenly Monster Temple added: “The more blood essence I absorb, the stronger my strength will be. If possible, I can even be promoted directly to the fourth Jie Zubing.

Compared with other ancestor soldiers, my main body is defense-oriented. Transcending Tribulation will be more certain.”

“Okay, my emperor I will find a way.”

Monster Sovereign nodded.

The problem of blood essence can only be discussed later.


Heavenly Monster Temple was damaged and had to be repaired.

After all, this is the only ancestral soldier in the hands of Monster Race. As for how to repair it, it can only be done by thinking of a way.

After confirming this matter.

Monster Sovereign also turned his attention to Breaking Heaven Halberd: “How much do you know about Breaking Heaven Halberd?”

“Breaking Heaven Halberd is the Celestial Court Hao Cang The ancestral soldier in the hands of Immortal Monarch, Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is the powerhouse of the second only to Celestial Emperor in the Celestial Court——”

“The powerhouse of the second only to Celestial Emperor? Is it not counted among the ancient emperors? “

Monster Sovereign interrupted Heavenly Monster Temple.

Heavenly Monster Temple hearing this, the voice is still flat: “second only to Celestial Emperor’s powerhouse, this is not an accepted saying, I just heard that’s all from the mouth of the ancient Monster Sovereign.

Ancient Era, Monster Sovereign once played against Hao Cang Immortal Monarch, but they were defeated on the spot.

Since then.

Monster Sovereign told me, Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is the most powerful house since Celestial Emperor.”

I heard this sentence.

Monster Sovereign’s face suddenly became serious.

Defeat the ancient Monster Sovereign!

Celestial Emperor is the most powerhouse below!

This is not a trivial thing that can be ignored.

He has not even heard of the existence of this level.


Monster Race’s inheritance is extremely complete.

This can be seen.

The way the vast Immortal Monarch acts, I am afraid it is somewhat low-key and scary.


Monster Sovereign came up with another thing: “Why did Breaking Heaven Halberd appear at this time?”

“In the First Battle, Immortal Monarch once killed Went into Devil Abyss , Never came out again, but it didn’t take long for Human Race to have a bloody rain. The rumor is that the Hao Cang Immortal Monarch has fallen.

As Hao Cang Immortal Monarch has fallen, so does Breaking Heaven Halberd. Disappeared in the Demon Abyss.

At the moment Breaking Heaven Halberd reappears, there is only one possibility.”

Heavenly Monster Temple paused.

Finally, the tone became dignified: “Hao Cang Immortal Monarch reincarnate and recultivate, and the awakening of the previous life Su Hui will lead to Breaking Heaven Halberd reborn.”

“Hao Cang Immortal Monarch reincarnation!?”

“Yes, only if this is possible, Breaking Heaven Halberd will reappear, and Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is Human Race, even if he is really reincarnate and recultivate, it will only be Human Race,

So I’m sure, there should be another amazing talent in Human Race!”

Heavenly Monster Temple said.

Monster Sovereign’s face is already very solemn.

There is no doubt.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch is a 3rd-layer True Immortal, and it is the top one.

This level of powerhouse is reincarnated.

It will not be a simple character.

Furthermore, Breaking Heaven Halberd was born, unexpectedly Human Race will have an extra ancestor soldier.

Such words.

Human Race on the surface already has three ancestors.

Think of the current foundation and strength of Human Race.

Monster Sovereign felt strong fear.

With the birth of True Immortal.

Monster Race now faces Human Race and has no advantage at all.

Not only is there no advantage.

And still fell into a great disadvantage.

It can be said.

Monster Race now wants to suppress Human Race, but there is no way.

“Join forces against Human Race, huh!”

When Monster Sovereign thought of the alliance of all races, he couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed.

The last time True Immortal broke the seal was born, which interrupted the backbone of the alliance of all races.

If it weren’t for the Sovereign of all races to proclaim the Dao and become immortal.


There are already alliance races, surrendering to Human Race.

It can be seen that the so-called alliance is not reliable, unless Monster Race can have the strength not much weaker than Human Race, otherwise, it is not easy to win over all races. thing.

Monster Sovereign sighed: “It seems necessary to meet the Blood Spirit Emperor.”

At this time.

I also blood Spirit Race and have the opportunity to join forces with Monster Race against Human Race.

After all, Human Race is huge now.

To join forces with too many races of average strength, there is nothing more reliable to find a few strong races to join forces.

In the realm of Qianyuan.

During this period, Qin Shujian was silently cultivating.

If you have time.

Xiao Chengfeng will come over, and both parties can sit down and talk.

Compared to the past.

After the other party awakened Su Hui from the previous life, his opinions became more profound.

After all, anyway.

Hao Cang Immortal Monarch are all 3rd-layer True Immortal, and their experience is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Now in the courtyard.

Not only Qin Shujian and Xiao Chengfeng were sitting there, but there were also three more “people”

One was the Slaughter Sword.

One is Breaking Heaven Halberd.

One is a stone spear

Similar to the slaughter sword, Breaking Heaven Halberd also transformed into a young man, and the stone spear turned into an old man.

“God Slaughter, I haven’t seen million years, you are still the same as you are, shook the head.” Breaking Heaven Halberd shook the head, making a strange sound.

The other side.

The face of God Slaughter Blade is pitch-black as ink.

No way.

Breaking Heaven Halberd is already the Five Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, he is only the Four Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, there is really no way to answer this topic.

To change to the past.

The Slaughter Sword has long been fighting with each other.

But now.

He understands a word.

What is a wise man submits to circumstances?

So the God Slaughter Blade decided to completely ignore Breaking Heaven Halberd.

After laughing twice.

Breaking Heaven Halberd also found it meaningless, and then sighed again: “Million years later, that many friends of the past, now there are only you and me!”

“It’s good to be able to exist.”

Shimao smiled faintly, shook his head and said: “There is nothing immortal between Heaven and Earth, even if the ancestors do not have the shackles of life essence, but after all There will be a day of destruction in catastrophe.”

He sees these things thoroughly.

hearing this.

Breaking Heaven Halberd looked at the stone spear weirdly, and said, “Nameless, I remember that you are an existence older than me. When I first became an ancestor of the Second Tribulation, you were already three. Tribulation ancestor soldiers.

Why are you still the Three Tribulations ancestor soldier up to now?”

About this.

Anonymous slightly smiled and did not answer.

The pursuit of each existence is different.

Just like Breaking Heaven Halberd, the opponent has the ambition to break the sky and wants to hit the highest level.

These ancestor soldiers.

It just matches the character of Immortal Monarch of the past.

On the contrary, what Shimao pursues is neither immortality nor invincible in the whole world.

He only hopes to be an anonymous spectator.

Look at the changes in the world, watch the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.

“Probably from the moment my genocide, I changed my life’s pursuit!” Wuming thought of the dusty memory, and finally a smile of memory appeared on his face.

I don’t know when it started.

The memory of that race and the battle for its destruction can no longer arouse his anger.

Because of the enemy race.

Already in the long river of years, gradually lost track.


Anonymous looked towards Breaking Heaven Halberd and said with a faint smile: “I just want to be able to see more!”

After saying this.

He looked towards Xiao Chengfeng.

In the past, Xiao Chengfeng.

Although I am concerned about Human Race, I also have some ideas that coincide with me.

At that time, it was anonymous.

I also took a fancy to this point, and then I noticed the out of the ordinary on the other person before deciding to follow the other person.

Because you stay with people who are destined to become powerhouses, you can see more things.

But now.

Anonymous discovered that Xiao Chengfeng had become a little different after awakening from his previous life, Su Hui.

A little bit less coincides with the past.

I have a little more obsession with Human Race and a passion for cultivation.

For such changes.

Anonymous doesn’t think it’s good, but neither does it think it’s bad.

He also knows the name of Hao Cang Immortal Monarch.

“Your existence is older than Breaking Heaven Halberd?” Hearing this, looking towards the nameless eyes, were also full of weirdness.

If it is not Breaking Heaven Halberd speaking of which.

He doesn’t know this yet.

Because when it comes to qualifications, the birth of Breaking Heaven Halberd is several million years earlier than that of Slaughter.

The nameless in front of me.

If it were earlier than Breaking Heaven Halberd, that era would be a bit old.


The Slaughter God Sword asked again: “Which clan ancestor are you?”

“My race has been destroyed since ancient times, and I am almost the same after too long. Forgot the name, there is no need to mention it at this moment.” Wuming shook his head, not wanting to talk more about this topic.

Seeing this, the Slaughter Sword had to suppress the curiosity in his heart.

The conversation of the three ancestors.

Qin Shujian is also in my ears.

The sight he looked towards Shimao also brought a touch of curiosity.

The ancestral soldiers that are longer than Breaking Heaven Halberd and Slaughter God Sword, the race has been destroyed in ancient times.

Such words.

The origin of this ancestor soldier is really long.

Although it has a long history.

It does not mean that there must be more things to know.


After living for so long, I must know a lot of news.

It’s just that the other party is Xiao Chengfeng’s ancestor soldier, so he can’t ask too much.


Qin Shujian set his gaze on the person in front of him and said, “Speaking of which, the emperor is a little curious. Brother Xiao is the powerhouse of Ancient Era. Why did he awaken Su Hui at this time? ?”

One hundred 10,000 years ago.

If you want to reincarnate and recultivate, you should have succeeded in reincarnation long ago. How can you wait until now to reincarnate as the Xiao Chengfeng in front of you?

This thing.

Qin Shujian is also very curious.

Xiao Chengfeng replied: “The Emperor Qin does not know, there are too many unknowns in the reincarnate and recultivate, I parasitize a ray of spirit god in the long river of time, as for when the ray of spirit god will end , And when will be able to reincarnate and recultivate, this Xiao is also uncertain.

As for the determination to Su Hui, it is also because of the use of the Human Sovereign rule.”

“hope to hear the details.”

“That is half of the rule of the ancient Emperor Xia. When the Emperor Xia fell, he passed the long river of time and saw one of the many fragments of Human Race in the future, and finally intercepted half of himself. The rules of Human Sovereign are left to me.

He is willing to fight to the death for Human Race, so he is not prepared to leave too many things. Half of the rules of Human Sovereign will be used to resolve the disaster of Human Race in the future. Stayed.”

Xiao Chengfeng spoke slowly.

Some things are described.

“I killed Went into Devil Abyss and fell, only a ray of Spiritual God remained in Human Race. In the end, my Spiritual God carried half of the rules of Human Sovereign and was reincarnated in Xiao Family. Became the son of Xiao Family.

At that time, I did not immediately awaken Su Hui from the previous life, but let me now have my own thoughts.

Half of Human The rule of Sovereign is what I promised Xia Huang.

If I am reincarnated and determined to use the rules of Human Sovereign to become enlightened, then Human Race can have one more Human Sovereign, but Immortal The existence of Monarch will be completely disappeared.”

“Similarly, if I give up using the Human Sovereign rule to become enlightened, then Su Hui in the previous life will find an opportunity to awaken, because I always firmly believe that, There is no way to truly reach Peak in the predecessor of humanity.

Only by self-blaming the path can we truly achieve the state above the rules.”

Speaking of which, Xiao Chengfeng’s A confident smile appeared on his face.

As the top powerhouse of Celestial Court.

His goal.

It is already above the rules.

Qin Shujian’s face is startled.

Above the rules!

This is the second time he has heard of this name from other people since he killed the magic sword.

But the difference is.

The Slaughter Blade has a half-trust attitude towards the rules.

Although the other party has heard of the names above the rules, they have never understood.

Look at Xiao Chengfeng again.

The other party seems to have a lot of understanding above the rules.

“Before Brother Xiao was reincarnated, how far did he reach?” Qin Shuji

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