From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 667

“Human Race Qianyuan Holy Land messenger, on the order of the Emperor Qin, come to see the Moon Emperor Yuehuang!”

Outside the territory of the Moon Race, Xia Qun said loudly Said.


It is the powerhouse of the moon family that appeared, and the voice was as gentle as a spring rain: “I wonder if you can prove it?”

“This is the token of Qianyuan Holy Land.”

The words fall.

The token flies out.

The moon clan powerhouse stretched out the jade hand to catch the token, and then looked at it carefully.

Xia Qun, who is standing on the side, has his eyes involuntarily on the other side.

“It is said that the moon family is beautiful, but now it is true and true.”

In Tianwen Island, there is a complete inheritance of Human Race.

But this inheritance.

Not only about the inheritance of the ancient history of Human Race, but also about other races.

Xia Qun often follows Xia Chao.

Under my ears, I know a lot.

Among them.

He has heard about the Moon Clan.

Ancient Era.

The Moon Clan is also a big clan. The creatures of the Moon Clan are beautiful and abnormal regardless of men and women. The former Moon Emperor is known as the number one beauty of heaven and earth and is expected to become the queen of Celestial Court.

It’s a pity.

For unknown reasons, the ancient moon emperor finally failed to become a queen.

Xia Qun looked at the moon clan powerhouse in front of him, thinking wildly.

Also at this time.

The moon clan powerhouse inspected the token carefully, and then politely returned it back.

“Your ambassador, please come with me and wait for one or two. I need to send a message to the emperor to get an accurate answer.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Xia Qun collected the token, and then nodded.


He followed the moon clan’s powerhouse and formally stepped into the moon clan territory.

Same as other territories.

In the territory of the Moon Clan.

There are also cultivators of other races.

Because of the fact that the Moon Race has always been neutral, the cultivator in the territory is much more than the territory of other races.

Of course.

Whether it is because of the neutrality of the moon tribe or the beauty of the men and women of the moon tribe is hard to say.

Walking in the territory of the Moon Clan.

Xia Qun also saw many strange cultivators along the way.

“There are a lot of foreigners in the aristocratic territory!”

“The foreigners are scattered across the four continents. In the Eastern Continent of the noble envoy, there are also many foreigners.”

“That’s true.”

Xia Qun is nodded.

He doesn’t actually know much about foreigners.

When I was on Tianwen Island before, no strangers appeared.

Until I walked out of the Sea Territory of Death and entered the Eastern Continent, I gradually came into contact with the strange race of foreigners.

Undying and Inextinguishable.

Except for the average strength, it is no different from demons.

Xia Qun thinks sometimes.

Will foreigners have anything to do with Demon Abyss?


He didn’t pay much attention to these things.

Because there are many aliens in the Eastern Continent, the aliens in the other three continents are also very weak.

Don’t look at the number of foreigners, and you can’t kill them no matter what.

But the main problem is.

The foreigners do not have the top powerhouse that can suppress a clan. From now on, every clan has a Sovereign with ten layers of heaven and human beings. The powerful force is even different from the existence of True Immortal level.

Another person.

Just like duckweed without roots, there is simply no powerhouse alone.

Such a race can be said to be very strong.

It can also be said to be very weak.

It is not difficult to suppress foreigners.

Because foreigners will not really die.

But every time you are killed and resurrected, you will fall into a realm. As long as you keep suppressing the foreigner, it will be difficult for the opponent to set off a big storm.

Except for this.

There is a more important point.

They can’t kill another person, and they can’t kill another person.

Although Xia Qun has not really been killed by a foreigner, he has also known about this from other populations.

It is also for this reason.

His fear of foreigners is actually not much.

Entering the City Lord Mansion of the Moon Clan city, and just sitting down not very long, the Moon Clan powerhouse suddenly got up, looked towards Xia Qun and said.

“Your ambassador, my emperor has sent a message, please join my Secret Realm.”

“I have work.”

Xia Qun Put down the cup in his hand, and then got up.


The moon clan powerhouse opened the entrance of Secret Realm.

I only saw the originally calm sky, as if a hole suddenly opened, causing a slight vibration in the space.

Such changes.

Just let the other cultivators in the Moon Clan territory look up and then regain their eyes.

The Secret Realm of the Moon Clan is always open.

This is not a strange thing.

Following the moon clan powerhouse and entering Secret Realm, Xia Qun found that this place was completely different from the outside world.

If the outside world is daytime.

Then in the Moon Clan Secret Realm, it is night.


Night does not mean darkness.

A bright moon hangs in the sky above the Secret Realm of the Moon Clan, and the moonlight pours over the entire Secret Realm, as if mysterious power emerges from it.


“In the Secret Realm of the Moon Clan, I have Lunar!”

Xia Qun was really shocked this time.

As far as he knows.

Lunar and the sun are the most powerful existence among the heavens and stars.

But soon.

Xia Qun reacted again.

If the moon in the Moon Clan Secret Realm is lunar, then what is the world outside?

Seeing Xia Qun’s shocked expression.

The moon clan powerhouse slightly smiled and explained: “This is not the real lunar yin. It is said that my moon clan’s ancient moon emperor turned into a bright moon when the ancient moon emperor fell.

This month shining on the ancients is immortal, but it is the true inheritance of my moon clan.”

“The ancient moon emperor has transformed!”

Xia Qun took a deep breath and looked towards The expression in the sky and moon’s eyes has also completely changed.

Ancient Moon Emperor.

That is the real top powerhouse.

According to my ancestors, among the ancient emperors, the Moon Emperor is considered to be the most powerful group.

After all, it can almost become the powerhouse of queens.


Not only is face, but strength is also a big part of the factor.

This way.

The bright moon formed by the fall of the ancient moon emperor is by no means a simple thing. The moon clan possesses such a Supreme Treasure existence, even if it is extremely powerful.


The Moon Clan has always been a low-key and neutral race.

If it weren’t for its long and beautiful looks, it would not be too famous among the four continents.

“Sure enough, few races survived from the ancient times are simple.”

Xia Qun secretly thought.

He even doubted whether the Moon Clan still had the ancient True Immortal in the seal.

This is not impossible.

When the Emperor Zhao enlightened.

True Immortal of all races has shot, but it does not include the moon race.

Although the Moon Emperor succeeded in preaching the Dao in the last time, he never saw the Moon Clan True Immortal break through.

I want to come now.

What Yue Clan hides is not ordinary deep.

I have an idea in my mind.

Xia Qun did not really show it.

Follow the moon clan powerhouse and walk towards the hall of the moon clan.

Moon Clan Hall.

Located in the center of the entire Moon Clan Secret Realm, it is also the very center under the moonlight, where moonlight bathes over the years, making the hall exude a mysterious atmosphere.

“The Moon Emperor is in the Moon Temple, please come in with me.”

The Moon Clan powerhouse said lightly, and it was the first to walk into the Moon Temple.

Xia Qun followed behind him.

Moon Temple.

He also recited this name silently in the heart.

To be sure.

This Moon Temple must be a terrifying Supreme Treasure.

After all, I have been bathed in the glory of the ancient Moon Emperor for many years. Even if it is a mortal thing, it should have spirituality. What’s more, a Boss Gu clan like the Moon Clan has no background at all.

It’s just that Xia Qun is not sure.

Does the Moon Temple of the Moon Clan belong to Taoism or an ancestral soldier?

After all, except for the Eastern Continent, the Taoist artifacts of the ten thousand races are almost extinct. This is a fact.

As for Zubing’s words.

Except for Human Race and Monster Race, the other races don’t have one on the surface.

Of course.

There is such a Supreme Treasure secretly hidden by any race in private, and has not been willing to take it out.

Enter the Moon Temple.

Xia Qun seems to have entered another world.

A faintly discernable pressure came from all directions.

In the hall.

On the top of the main seat, a person who is obscured by rays of light is sitting there.

The first time Xia Qun saw that person, he knew the identity of the other person in his heart.

“Human Race Qianyuan Holy Land messenger, I have seen the Moon Emperor!”

“This emperor is on your body and feels the bloodline of the ancient Xia Emperor. You are the ancient Xia Emperor. The descendants of?”

On the main seat, Moon Emperor spoke slowly, his voice was cold, as if it was not contaminated with mortal dust.

hearing this.

Xia Qun’s expression remains the same, cupped his hands and said: “Yuehuang bright vision like a torch, in the next is indeed the descendant of the ancient Xia.”

“The ancient Xia, a generation If it weren’t for the Celestial Emperor’s birth, someone might not be able to hide his edge. You are the descendant of the Xia, and your identity is also noble. You don’t need to be too restrained.”

The Yuehuang voice has eased. some.

“I wonder if Emperor Qin asked you to come this time, what is the matter?”

Xia Qun didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “Emperor Qin 3 months later, will be in Human Race A meeting of ten thousand races was held in the eastern city of the territory to discuss the opening of the ten thousand race battlefield. At that time, I hope that the moon emperor can arrive as scheduled.”

“the ten thousand race battlefield?”

The engulfing rays of The light shook, and Yuehuang’s voice also changed a little.

“What is the battlefield of ten thousand races?”

“Here is just a person who spreads the word. The specific things are not very clear.”

“Never mind, this The emperor already knows that 3 months later will definitely arrive.” The emperor Yue did not force it, and his voice gradually returned to calm.

Just when Xia Qun was about to leave.

The Moon Temple shook slightly.

The surrounding pressure has also become a little stronger.

Xia Qun complexion slightly changed, I don’t know what happened.

At this time.

On the main seat, the Moon Emperor spoke again: “Breaking Heaven Halberd was born some time ago. That ancestor soldier was the god soldier in the hands of the ancient Hao Cang Immortal Monarch. I wonder if Hao Cang Immortal Monarch reincarnated and awakened. Breaking Heaven Halberd changed?”

“What Yuehuang said is not clear below.”

Xia Qun shook his head and said.

The words fall.

The atmosphere in the hall fell into silence.

The hall where there is nothing, but instantly becomes dangerous lurks on every side.

Half loudly.

Yuehuang’s cold voice came again, and the pressure around him disappeared instantly: “In that case, please come back, please!”

“Farewell next!”


Xia Qun arched his hands, and then under the leadership of the other Moon Clan, left the Moon Temple directly.

Wait after leaving the Moon Clan territory completely.

He realized that behind him, he did not know when he had been saturated with sweat.

“Does the Moon Clan have any connection with Haocang Immortal Monarch?”

Xia Qun looked back towards the Moon Clan Territory, and his eyes were deeply jealous.


Although he had doubts in his heart, he did not dare to go back and ask.

After all.

Xia Qun is also just a small human cultivator, in front of the moon emperor who has already proven the way, even the ants are not counted.

Just a little bit.

He can be sure.

In the Moon Clan, there is definitely a big secret.

“No, I have to go back and report this matter to the Emperor Qin!”

“But we still have to wait for the rest to be notified.”

Xia Qun shook the head and immediately left the place.

He does not have Yukong.

Different from the Eastern Continent, the other three continents all have a large number of powerhouses.

A cultivator with the same weight of heaven and humans will inevitably cause a lot of trouble. If you accidentally step over the head of a certain powerhouse, you may fall on the spot.

It can be said.

In Eastern Continent, to be able to break through Celestial Realm, that is the master of humanity.

In the other three continents, breakthrough celestial beings are not qualified to run rampant, unless they are promoted to the holy, they are qualified to shake.

Those who are really in charge and have certain decision-making power.

Only the powers of heaven and man above sevenfold.

Not long after leaving the Moon Clan, Xia Qun came to the next power domain.

Star Clan!

At the same time.

In the Moon God Temple, after Xia Qun left, the Moon Emperor didn’t make any movements, and there was a cold echo in the empty hall.

“It has been millions of years since the ancient Emperor Xia fell. After so many years of reproduction, Human Race shouldn’t have such a strong Xiahuang bloodline remaining. Why is the bloodline on him so rich?

Could it be said that the ancient Emperor Xia of the Human Race still has any other players?”

Yue sovereign statue is talking to himself.

It seems to be asking other people again.

“However, as the strongest person emperor of the ancients, it’s not surprising that Emperor Xia really needs to have any back-ups left. After all, Human Race million years have been able to struggle over it. If you have no background, it is also impossible. .

It’s just that the emperor is really curious, how many secrets are still hidden in Human Race.”

“At the time of the Demon Abyss, Hao Cang had fallen into the Demon Abyss, Breaking Heaven Halberd should have been in Demon Abyss. He suddenly came back at this time and must have been led by something.

If you didn’t guess wrong, Hao Cang should have been reincarnated successfully.

Not only Xia Huang bloodline appeared, but also Hao Cang reincarnate and recultivate, Human Race——”


The voice in the Moon God Temple has fallen silent.

The silhouette of the Moon Emperor was completely disappeared at some point.

As the order of Qianyuan Holy Land spread.

The races of the overwhelming majority all have received a summons from the envoy of Qianyuan Holy Land.

also because.

The events of the Ten Thousand Races Meeting and the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield also spread.

Many cultivators are guessing.

What is the ten thousand battlefield?

But more cultivators are speculating about the purpose of Human Race in opening up the battlefield of all races.

These things.

It has caused a lot of disturbance in the other three continents, and even the eastern continent has been affected a lot.


These things have nothing to do with Qin Shujian.

After breaking through the 8th layer of Tianren, his strength has been firmly among the second flight of steps in True Immortal.

If you use ancestral soldiers.

Even if he is Zhaohuang, he may not be his opponent.

The premise is.

The Emperor Zhao had no ancestor soldiers.


As the strength skyrocketed, Qin Shujian also had the mentality of sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai. Regarding the movement caused by the four continents, he took a calm attitude and silently watched the situation.

“Qinhuang, Xia Qun, please see me.” In the courtyard, Xu Yuanming walked in.

“Let him come over.”

Qin Shujian said casually.

At this time, Xia Qun suddenly came over, there must be something important.

He calculated the time.

Xia Qun went to the Southern Continent of the races, but it was almost the same.

It didn’t take long.

Xia Qun walked in from outside, then bowed his hand in salute: “Qin Huang.”

“Xia Elder is here at this time, what’s the matter?”

“reporting to Emperor Qin, I was ordered to go to the Moon Clan this time, but I found something. I was worried that there was something wrong with the Moon Clan, so I came to tell.”

“The Moon Clan?”

Qin Shujian’s hand pauses slightly while drinking tea.

Then he put down the teacup and set his eyes on Xia Qun.

Soon, Xia Qun will tell everything he has seen and heard about the Moon Clan.

After a while.

Qin Shujian came back to his senses from his meditation, looked towards Xia Qun who was still standing there and said: “The emperor already knows about this. Xia Elder came back from Nanzhou. The journey is far away. Go and rest first.”

“Then I will retire first.” Xia Qun Gong said in reply.

“Wait a minute.”

Just when he was about to leave, Qin Shujian stopped him suddenly.


I saw a jade bottle emerge from scratch, and finally fell in front of Xia Qun.

“There is a drop of Flood Dragon blood essence in the jade bottle. You are now in the same layer of heaven and human. It is also the time of tempering physique, which can be used.”

“Xie Qinhuang!”

Xia Qun held the jade bottle, and then bowed and saluted, with an expression of excitement in his eyes.

Flood Dragon blood essence with ten layers of heaven and man!

This is a rare Supreme Treasure.

For a cultivator in the extraordinary stage, the main cultivation is to polish the body and let the three of Essence, Qi, and Spirit fuse together perfectly.

This time.

You need a strong physique to perfectly accommodate these things.

Flood Dragon blood essence.

It is the Supreme Treasure that can tempering physique.

Flood Dragon blood essence, which is tenfold between heaven and man, is the Supreme Treasure in Supreme Treasure.

With this thing.

Xia Qun is sure to hit the realm of the 2nd layer of Heaven and Human.

Wait until Xia Qun leaves.

Qin Shujian wanted to ask about the Slaughter Sword, but suddenly realized that it seemed unnecessary, so he just got up and went to the Xiao Mansion, intending to have a good chat with Xiao Chengfeng.

Xiao Mansion.

Now it is also a natural phenomenon of heaven and earth.

After Qin Shujian walked into Xiao Mansion, everyone in Xiao Mansion was unaware, only Xiao Chengfeng knew about it.

Listen to the sound coming from my ear.

Qin Shujian slightly smiled, with a turn, the next moment he appeared in a small pavilion.

“The Emperor Qin came, this Xiao did not welcome him far, it was rude.”

“Then next time the emperor comes over, send someone to notify him in advance so that Xiao Brother greeted him.” Qin Shujian chuckled, while speaking, he was already sitting down in front of Xiao Chengfeng.

For this.

Xiao Chengfeng can only laugh it off.

“Xiao Mansion also has a cultivator attacking the heavens, but I don’t know who it is?”

“This person should be familiar to Qin Emperor.” Xiao Chengfeng pours Qin Shujian After taking a cup of spiritual tea, said with a light smile.

“Su Mingyang?”

Qin Shujian only felt it a little bit, and then he knew who the person was at the breakthrough.

speaking of which.

He is indeed familiar with Su Mingyang.

Well, I used to be quite familiar.

Xiao Chengfeng said: “Among the four, Su Mingyang’s talent is the best. I say that he is the Twelve Profound Sect Zhou Tiangong. He is also the fastest cultivation success. Now the breakthrough is normal. .”

“Twelve Profound Gate Zhou Tiangong?” Qin Shujian brows slightly raise, the name of this cultivation technique sounds pretty blunt.

“Qin Huang doesn’t know it is normal. It is just a cultivation technique of Ancient Era, which is not comparable to the Supreme cultivation technique of Qin Huang’s current cultivation.”

Xiao Chengfeng is very meaningful. Smile.

In his opinion.

The inheritance that Qin Shujian got is certainly not small.

There is nothing about Ancient Era that I don’t know.


The inheritance of the Qin Emperor, Xiao Chengfeng found that he could not see through.

In this way, there is only one explanation.

The other party’s inheritance comes from Ancient Era.

“Ancient Era has just spawned, and there are too many powerhouses that have been born, and Supreme Magic Art is made from Heaven and Earth Nurtured. To be able to cultivation success, it must be branded between Heaven and Earth.”

Xiao Chengfeng was a little bit emotional.

After that, he turned around and said: “How come Qin Huang is free today?”

“There is something I want to know about.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I wonder what Brother Xiao knows about the Yue family?” Qin Shujian straight to the point.

“Yue Clan!?”

Xiao Chengfeng was a little surprised, but he quickly recovered.

He groaned.

slowly said.

“The Moon Clan already existed when it was derived from the heavens and the earth. It is rumored that when the lunar light shines on the earth for the first time, the ray of moonlight gave birth to spiritual wisdom, a race derived from this world.


Because it is related to the lunar yin, the talents of the Moon Clan are also extremely powerful. Throughout the dynasties, powerful cultivators have been born.

Even in the ancient catastrophe, the Moon Clan did not lose much. When the ancient Early-Stage races declined, the Moon race was the top clan.”

Xiao Chengfeng took a sip of spiritual tea and continued.

“At the end of the ancient times, the Moon Race was also a big family. It can be said that the Moon Race has a deep and stable foundation. Don’t look at Human Race and Monster Race now that they are very strong, but they are actually simply competing for the foundation.

The two clans may not be much stronger than the Yue clans.”

From Xiao Chengfeng’s words.

It can be heard that they have a high evaluation of the Moon Clan.

It’s not a race, it’s all qualified to compare with Human Race and Monster Race.

Monster Race is Ancient Era, the most brilliant race, none of them.

Human Race is the most brilliant race of Ancient Era, and no other race can match it.

These two races.

They have all left a strong mark in an era.

It can even be said.

These two races have ended an era.

The ancient Monster Sovereign ended Ancient Era.

Celestial Court Celestial Emperor smashed Ancient Era with a single blow.

It is not simple that the Moon Clan can compare with the two clan.

Think of this.

Qin Shujian suddenly said: “So, isn’t the Star Clan’s background also very profound?”

“In ancient times, the Star Clan was indeed very strong, but the ancient The Jiexing Clan suffered heavy losses, and it was not fully recovered in the ancient times, and even if it was barely recovered, it was only on the surface.

Those ancient backgrounds have long been consumed, with the Yue Clan It’s incomparable.”

Xiao Chengfeng shook his head and said, “Of the three clans of Sun, Moon, and Stars, the Moon Clan is the best. The Japanese have already lived in ancient times. Annihilated, it has long ceased to exist.”


“It was the last moon emperor of the ancients that really made the Moon Clan stronger.”

Mention to the ancient moon emperor.

Xiao Chengfeng’s face is also a little weird.

See the changes in his expression.

Qin Shujian immediately reacted.

There is a story!

“Speaking of which, the Moon Clan seems to have deliberately asked about Breaking Heaven Halberd. Could it be said that the ancient Moon Emperor and Brother Xiao’s previous life, Haocang Immortal Monarch, have any connection?”

The words fall.

Qin Shujian said with a faint smile: “If there is any friendship, the emperor thinks that Brother Xiao can come forward and find a way to bring the Yue clan over, so that I can also have an ally in Human Race.”


“Why don’t this Xiao come forward, if Emperor Qin is willing to show up, Yue Clan must have formed an alliance with Human Race.”

Xiao Chengfeng smiled mysteriously.

Qin Shujian’s face turned black, and his smile stiffened on his face: “What does this mean by Brother Xiao?”

“The Moon Clan Extreme Yin, the way of cultivation is also different In order for the Yue Clan to cultivate to True Immortal, it must maintain Primordial Yin, but after becoming an immortal, it is different. The one who pays attention to is Yin-Yang Harmony.

A man like Qin Huang with blood and vigor , The contemporary Moon Emperor should like it very much.

And every generation of the Moon Emperor is an extremely beautiful woman, and the ancient Moon Emperor is known as the number one beauty of heaven and earth.”

From his mouth, Xiao Chengfeng slowly told some secrets.

Qin Shujian on one side, his complexion is very weird.

harvesting Yin to supplement Yang.

This sounds a bit different from the name of the moon clan.

In his imagination.

The moon family should be noble and holy, how does this sound a bit like a bitch.

Xiao Chengfeng seemed to see Qin Shujian’s inner thoughts, shook the head: “This is the case with the ancient moon emperor. Many True Immortals have something to do with that moon emperor. The last moon emperor I still want to become a queen.

Unfortunately, how can the Celestial Emperor look at such a decayed willow.”

“The ancient moon emperor wants to be a queen?”

Qin Shujian was surprised.

Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The Slaughter God Sword said: “I know about the Yue Clan. If you want to know this, just ask me directly, and use it to ask him here.”

The sound inside the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Qin Shujian fell on deaf ears.

Xiao Chengfeng said: “The ancient moon emperor is also a top powerhouse. It is rumored to be the 8th layer fairy, but in my opinion, she should also be the breakthrough to the 9th layer fairy.”

“As for the reason for wanting to become a queen, that is also very simple.”

“It is nothing more than collecting the Primordial Yang of the Celestial Emperor, and then taking a look at the realm above the rules That’s all, that bitch, as long as you are strong enough, you can sleep with her, but it’s a bit expensive to sleep.” In Xiao Chengfeng’s view, it’s the same as Yuehuang.”

People in Celestial Court, he felt ashamed.

hearing this.

Qin Shujian also knows about the ancient Moon Emperor.

At the same time, I also have an understanding of the power of the Moon Emperor.

Don’t look at Xiao Chengfeng’s disdain in his words.

But to be as true as the other party said, the ancient moon emperor is the powerhouse of the 9th layer immortal, and the strength is really strong.

Although he does not know how many 9th layer cents Celestial Court owns.

But Qin Shujian is certain.

There are definitely not many that can achieve this realm.


He thought of something again, and looked towards Xiao Chengfeng with a mocking expression: “So, Brother Xiao is also a famous powerhouse in ancient times. Didn’t he also have a relationship with Yuehuang?

But that’s right.

If it doesn’t matter, how could the Moon Clan care so much about Breaking Heaven Halberd.”


Xiao Chengfeng scolded.

This is the first time he has spoken.

“Women will only affect the entry of my cultivation, so how can I be contaminated by half? Besides, people like the Moon Emperor are not worthy of my eyes!

When she came to me, I didn’t even look at it.”

Looking at Xiao Chengfeng’s flustered and exasperated expression.

Qin Shujian’s complexion is a little weird.


He said with a faint smile: “Brother Xiao, why bother, this emperor just asked casually.”

At this time, Xiao Chengfeng also calmed down.

The anger on his face disappeared, returning to the original indifferent.

“But in any case, the ancient moon emperor’s methods are still very strong, and she may not be really dead. Maybe now in the moon clan, she has been reincarnate and recultivated.”


“Although the Moon Race has no hatred with Human Race in the past, neutrality does not mean that it will not be an enemy.

When interests conflict, anyone will turn their faces.

In addition to paying attention to these hostile forces, the Moon Clan must also be guarded.”

Xiao Chengfeng warned.

In his opinion.

The strength of the Moon Clan is very strong, and it cannot be ignored.

Qin Shujian’s smile on his face narrowed, and he said in a condensed voice: “There should be an ancient True Immortal in the Moon Clan’s hands that hasn’t been broken. There are indeed a lot of cards in the hole. The emperor will naturally not take it lightly. “

“The sealed True Immortal is nothing to worry about.”

Xiao Chengfeng shook his head, then looked towards Qin Shujian and said with a chuckle.

“With the current strength of Emperor Qin, even if a few True Immortal are born, I am afraid they are not your opponent.”

“Brother Xiao is not the same.”

Qin Shujian slightly smiled.

During this period, Xiao Chengfeng’s battle strength has changed again, growing from 80,000 to 83,000.

And the realm of the other party.

Still staying in the seven layers of heaven and human being immobile.

Such an amplitude.

Qin Shujian has a hunch that if the other party’s true cultivation reaches the Seventh Heaven Perfection, even if the battle strength is not as good as his own, he will not be too weak.

“If there is an opportunity, I really want to ask Qinhuang for advice or two.”

Xiao Chengfeng sighed.

It is his hobby hobby to fight powerhouse.

Don’t look at Qin Shujian, it is not True Immortal yet, but in his eyes, it is no different from True Immortal.


Compared to True Immortal which is idle.

Xiao Chengfeng is more willing to fight against a person like Qin Shujian.

Because from such a person.

He can see more things.

It’s just–

If the two fight with all their strength, they will definitely cause a lot of movement. If one doesn’t pay attention, it may even cause injuries.

Now Human Race is tense.

Top powerhouse, there can be no problems.

“There will be a chance.”

Qin Shujian replied briefly, then he drank the spiritual tea on the table before he got up and left.

Xiao Chengfeng wants to fight him.

He also wants to fight against Xiao Chengfeng.

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