From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 669


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To six thousand seven hundred and ninety-one years.

Phase Moon!

It has been nearly two months since the Emperor Qin of Human Race opened the ban on heaven and earth and painted the land on the eastern continent.

So far.

The Eastern Continent is officially connected with the other three continents.

Human Race has also gradually emerged from a passive defensive state.

East City.

After receiving Qin Shujian’s order, the East City was completely empty at this time, as if it were an empty city.

However, no one dared to look down upon this empty city.


The upcoming Ten Thousand Races Conference will be held in the East City.

A powerful force rose from the sky.


I saw frost spreading in the sky like white paths, and the surrounding temperature had dropped in vain for unknown reasons.


The frost all over the sky gathered together and turned into a single person.

The Ice King of the Ice Race!

In the territory of Human Race, all the cultivators cast their eyes on the opponent, with deep fear in their eyes.


Ice Emperors are the rare True Immortal powerhouses in the world.

Faced with such an existence.

Even if they are both True Immortal, not many dare to take it lightly.

With the appearance of the ice emperor, Huo Zhan in the east city walked out, came to him and said politely: “The ice emperor has arrived, please come back to me!”

“en. ”

The ice emperor was slightly nodded, and said nothing.

In the end, Huo Zhan took the lead and greeted him in.

At this moment, the East Town is completely empty.

All the streets are thoroughly cleaned up.

The square in the city where all cultivators were traded was already arranged according to the positions of the emperors of the ten thousand races, but until now, no one is sitting there.

Seeing the puzzled expression of the Ice Emperor.

Huo Zhan said: “The Ice Emperor is the first to come, please sit here, I believe the other emperors will also be coming soon.”

I just finished talking here.

Another tyrannical aura appeared in the sky.

This is not deliberately revealed by those Sovereigns.

Instead of reaching this realm, the breath leaking out of the body inadvertently is enough to suppress the Heavens and Earth.


Huo Zhan went out and greeted the coming Sovereign again.

This former East City City Lord.

Now he is completely reduced to a welcoming servant.

About this.

Huo Zhan is also very helpless, but there is no way.

After all, the emperors are invited to participate in the meeting, and Human Race is also impossible, it really doesn’t matter.

More on that.

The lowest emperor’s strength is the tenth heaven and human, and the strongest even reaches the level of Nirvana Realm and True Immortal.

Facing such a powerhouse.

Ordinary people are not qualified to welcome guests.

If it’s just powerful, Human Race is still too small, and only Huo Zhan, the Celestial 6th-layer, is barely suitable.

In fact, seriously.

Tianren 6th-layer.

Neither did he take up the current welcoming position.

With the arrival of the Ice King.

The Sovereigns of the ten thousand races also appeared one after another.

The aura of suppressing the void leaked, making the cultivators in the territory of Human Race feel swaying.

Now the limits of Human Race are released.

Non-Human Race cultivator can also enter the territory.

In order to witness the powerhouses of the emperors.

Many cultivators of races all gathered at this time.

“That’s the Star King! I heard that the Star King is the strongest Sovereign since Monster Sovereign Human Sovereign.”

“Star Emperor is okay, but I heard that Qin Emperor was seriously injured not long ago, it seems that Qin Emperor is stronger.”

“Nonsense, Human Sovereign naturally includes Emperor Qin.”

Seeing the bright whole heaven’s star light, the cultivator immediately recognized the person.

No way.

The way the Star Clan played out was really dazzling.

Every time a star powerhouse appears, it will consciously induce the power of the heavens and stars to emerge.

Scenes like these white stars appear.

That is even more commonplace.


As long as you see the star of the day, you can know that there is a star powerhouse coming.

But if you want to imagine that all the stars and the sky are present, even if the great sunlight is blocked, only the Star Emperor can do it.

For the star king.

Each cultivator holds a different view.

The main reason is the previous defeat, which is really embarrassing.

But anyway.

This is also a top powerhouse of True Immortal level.


The void collapsed, and a True Dragon resembling a mountain range appeared.

The dragon body is looming in the sky, and the huge dragon head protrudes out of it. A pair of dragon eyes looks like the sun and the moon. People can’t help but give birth to the urge to worship.

“Monster Sovereign!”

Seeing the appearance of True Dragon, everyone took a breath.

I have to say.

The power of Monster Sovereign has been terrifying several times more than the power of other emperors.

Especially the dragon body, which looks like a mountain range, directly obstructs the light of Sun, Moon, and Stars. It seems that only the True Dragon exists in the world.

Even even.

The entire territory of Human Race is bathed in a divine might, which makes all cultivators unspeakable.

At this time.

In the East City.

A calm voice came out from it, directly cancelling and purifying the divine might covering the territory of Human Race.

“Monster Sovereign is here, so come and sit down!”

True Dragon’s eyes showed a glimpse of condensate.

Finally, the dragon body disappeared and turned into a human body, and walked towards the East City.

“The Emperor Qin invited him, how could he refuse it.”

while speaking.

Monster Sovereign has completely entered the East Side.

Outside the East City, other cultivators are looked at each other in blank dismay.

“That was the voice of Emperor Qin just now? How do I feel that Emperor Qin seems to be stronger than Monster Sovereign!”

“hmph, my Human Race Qin Huang, naturally beyond Monster Sovereign can compare.”

There is Human Race cultivator hearing this, sneaked said.

hearing this.

Monster Race spoke up uncomfortably: “The Emperor Qin is indeed strong, but he has not proved that he is immortal. My Emperor is already a True Immortal powerhouse. How can Qin Emperor be stronger than my Emperor!”

“stronger and weaker, I just saw it clearly.”

“It’s not a fight just now, and even if it’s a fight, you can’t see who is strong and who is weak. How can you conclude that Qin Huang is better than Monster Sovereign.” The Monster Race cultivator continued to retort.

For Monster Race.

Monster Sovereign is their Supreme Existence, absolutely not allow others to slander.

hearing this.

A middle age person sneered: “The Emperor Qin has already hit the Star Emperor before he becomes a fairy. If he really becomes a fairy, Monster Sovereign is an opponent. It is easier to become a fairy with Qin Huang’s talent.

In any case, Monster Sovereign has no way to compare with Emperor Qin. “

“You fart!”

Monster Race cultivator flustered and exasperated.

One side.

Several cultivators with a faint starlight all consciously retreated.

Nothing to say.

Naturally Sovereign is ashamed, that’s true.

Now as long as you talk to the Emperor Qin, you can indirectly take the Emperor Star and step on it. They are also helpless.


Compared to Monster Race cultivator, these star race cultivators are more willing to believe that the Emperor Qin is stronger.

Because there is only this.

The defeat of my own Sovereign will not be so embarrassing.


They also hope that Emperor Qin will fight Monster Sovereign right now, and then deal with Monster Sovereign. Then everyone will look better.


The Emperor Xing couldn’t escape the fact that he was hit hard by the Emperor Qin.

Just when Human Race and Monster Race are about to quarrel and are about to start each other.

Someone shouted in a deep voice: “Don’t make trouble, now the Sovereign of the Ten Thousand Races has arrived. There is really something wrong now, no one thought about it.”

hearing this.

Everyone else has the desire to act immediately.

In the East City.

With the arrival of Monster Sovereign, most of the emperors of the ten thousand races have arrived.

Meeting of all ethnic groups.

There is no major or minor distinction.

It’s just Human Race as the organizer, so Qin Shujian’s position is a little more prominent, and there is nothing else.

Now that the Sovereign is coming, no one speaks easily.

Some Sovereigns are looking at other Sovereigns.

But there are more Sovereigns.

I set my eyes on Qin Shujian and the other person.

Moon Clan!

The Moon Emperor!

The Moon Emperor of each generation is not only the strongest in talent and strength, but also the most beautiful in the Moon Clan.

The Moon Clan is born handsome.

The most beautiful one in the Moon Clan can often be called the number one beauty between Heaven and Earth.

Sovereign present.

Although each is cultivated thousands of over 10,000 years, for the Moon Emperor, some people still find it amazing.

At this time.

The moon emperor’s warmth and jade-like pupil light fell on Qin Shujian’s body.

For this look.

Qin Shujian did not avoid it at all, and also looked towards the Moon Emperor.

The moment I saw Moon Emperor.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel an amazing feeling.

Among the women I have seen, no one seems to be able to match the Moon Emperor in front of me.

But the problem is.

To tell how beautiful Moon Emperor is, Qin Shujian finds that he can’t tell.

This beauty.

It’s more like a state than a simple face.

In the Sea of ​​Consciousness, God Slaughter said: “Each generation Moon Emperor walks the same way. It is said that the farther you go on this path, the more charming your appearance will become. The reason why the emperor dumped all beings.

Because it’s not just people who seduce you, it’s more like the Heaven and Earth Rule. “

“so that’s how it is!”

Qin Shujian thought to himself when he heard the explanation of the Slaughter Sword.

No wonder!

People like him who are not very close to female sex will have an inexplicable impulse when they see Moon Emperor.

If this is the power of the Heaven and Earth Rule.

That’s different.

Because between Heaven and Earth.

The power of rules is the most mysterious.

Looking at the Moon Emperor in front of him, Qin Shujian faintly staggered his gaze, and then turned his gaze to the other Sovereign.

There are many Sovereigns coming this time.

Almost ten thousand races, except those that block Secret Realm.

Sovereign of other races.

It’s all here.

It’s very simple.

The meeting of all races at this time is not just a meeting held by Human Race. As it spread out, it has become a status symbol.

Any powerhouse that can come to the meeting.

They are all characters with heads and faces.

Even if some powerhouses are not too cold about Human Race, they will not refuse the meeting this time.

Of course.

The purpose of their participation in the meeting is also to see what kind of medicine Human Race sells in the bottle gourd.

When Qin Shujian looked at the emperors.

He is also in Sea of ​​Consciousness, using divine sense to respond to the words of the Slaughter Sword.

“In ancient times, have you ever heard of Yuehuang and Haocang Immortal Monarch?”

He thought of Xiao Chengfeng’s original strange performance, and couldn’t help but gossip.

The Slaughter Sword said: “No, Immortal Monarch Hao Cang has always been unfamiliar with women. I don’t seem to have heard of it. He has been rumored with Yuehuang.”

“What a pity!”

Qin Shujian has a regretful expression on his face.

He thought there was any gossip to listen to.


The Slaughter Sword thought for a while, and then said: “The two really seem to have something, anyway, afterwards Hao Cang Immortal Monarch seemed very dissatisfied with the Moon Emperor, and wanted to do something against the Moon Clan many times.

But they were all stopped by the Celestial Emperor, and finally nothing came of it. “

“What exactly is it?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask either.” The Slaughter Sword replied.

hearing this.

Qin Shujian’s curiosity that has just risen in his heart is also disappeared.

After that, he stopped paying attention to the Slaughter Sword.

In the time of the conversation.

The remaining Sovereigns of all races have also arrived.

So far.

There were more than 1,000 Sovereigns present, indicating that the so-called ten thousand races on the four continents are actually only more than 1,000 races left.


Qin Shujian just spoke, but suddenly he stopped, looking up towards the location of the sky.

The same is true for other emperors.

I only saw the sky shattered, a huge Golden Wings Great Peng carved out of the sky, and finally turned into a middle-aged man wearing a Golden Feather suit and fell.

looked towards Qin Shujian, said with a smile.

“Jin Peng Race is late, don’t blame the Emperor Qin!”

“Golden Peng Huang Neng is enough, please take a seat.”

“many thanks!”

Golden Peng Huang arched his hands slightly, then found an empty seat to sit down.

With his appearance.

All the emperors in the field looked strange, and finally their eyes fell on Monster Sovereign.

Monster Sovereign’s face is also a bit ugly, and his cold gaze looked towards the Emperor Golden Peng.

He also didn’t expect.

The Golden Peng Race, which has been silent for so many years, will appear at this time.

The only good thing is.

The Golden Peng Emperor is not a fairy, but a cultivator of Nirvana Realm.

I noticed Monster Sovereign’s gaze.

Golden Peng Huang looked towards Monster Sovereign and showed a meaningful smile.

“Well, since the emperors of the ten thousand races have arrived, the emperor will not waste your time. Some words are straight to the point.”

Qin Shujian’s voice directly interrupted everyone’s thoughts.


Sovereigns of all races all focused their attention on him.

This meeting of all races.

Finally, I have entered the topic.

“I believe you should also know that the first time the Great Tribulation of the Demon Abyss came to an end, and the end of the ancient times, the Celestial Court also suffered heavy losses when the tens of thousands of tribes were destroyed. Now the second Great Tribulation of the Demon Abyss is approaching.

The recovery of the Great Power of the World has already explained the arrival of the Great Tribulation.

Now the power of the four continents is more than several times weaker than that of Ancient Era, and how much power the Demon Abyss retains is unknown. “

Qin Shujian looked towards everyone, slowly speaking.

“The Demon Abyss is now approaching the heavens and the earth. According to calculations, it will take no more than a hundred years for the Demon Abyss to completely land on the Great Thousand Worlds, and then the ancient Demon Abyss will reappear.

This is an inevitable disaster, no one can escape. ”

“Now that the Great Power of the World is awakened, the more Great Power of the World which clan occupies, the more powerhouses can be born. When the time comes, facing the Demon Abyss, you will have one more chance of winning.

But now True Immortal has been born. If the various races fight to win the Great Power of the World, True Immortal is bound to end. When the time comes, the war will inevitably lead to heavy casualties.

If True Immortal fell accidentally, it would be a loss to the four continents.

So the purpose of the emperor summoning you to come is to fight for the Great Power of the World and open up the battlefield of all races! “

In the East City.

Qin Shujian’s voice spread loudly.

No one interrupted easily.

Until he finished speaking, a family of Sovereign said: “What does Qin Huang mean by the battlefield of ten thousand races?”

“It’s very simple. The emperor wants to combine all the true immortal strengths to open up the battlefield of ten thousand races on the four major continents, and each tribe will occupy a corresponding place in the battlefield of ten thousand races based on the current territory. /p>

Then cultivators of various races fought and fought. As long as the city boundary was conquered in the battlefield of ten thousand races, the race must surrender the corresponding area among the four continents.

But there is one condition, True Immortal of all races cannot intervene in the battlefield of ten thousand races.

Otherwise, the significance of opening up the battlefield of ten thousand races would not exist. “

The words fall.

The complexion of everyone in the field changes differently.

The meaning in Qin Shujian’s words is not difficult to understand.

To put it plainly.

The battlefield of ten thousand races is a small-scale four major continents, and all races throw troops in to fight and fight.

The benefits of this method are obvious.

It is not a real race to start a war, even if there is a race to lose, the loss will be much smaller than when the real war starts.

More importantly.

Without True Immortal’s intervention, all races can also train their troops through this method.


It has always been the fastest way to give birth to a powerhouse.

After a while.

The Poshan Emperor said solemnly: “There is no problem in opening up the battlefield of ten thousand races, but if there is a race to defeat, but are not willing to give up the land, what should we do when the time comes?”

“hmph, if there are races that dare to do this, at worst, we will send troops to attack and kill them directly.” There is a family of Sovereign sneered and replied.

“In this way, what is the difference between opening up and not opening up the battlefield of ten thousand races?”

In this regard, the broken mountain emperor frowned, looked towards Qin Shujian.

Since opening up the battlefield of ten thousand races.

That has already been explained.

The races cannot really fight to the end.


When it comes to the deadly battle, the final secrets of each race can have a big impact.

In the eyes of Poshanhuang.

The Great Tribulation of Demon Abyss is coming soon, and all races really should not lose too much high-end battle strength.

Qin Shujian said: “These things are not a problem. All races are willing to take the oath of rules and they can be solved directly. I believe that there are rules for punishment of Thunder Tribulation, and no one dares to regret it.”

Nothing works better than a rule oath.

If yes.

That is two rules oaths.

At least.

So far, Qin Shujian has not seen anyone who can resist the rules of Thunder Tribulation without dying.

He also asked Xiao Chengfeng once in private.

The other party’s answer is that if the powerful rules of Thunder Tribulation are really attracted, then even the 9th layer cents will not be able to compete.

The only thing that can compete with the rule Thunder Tribulation.

Only those few mysterious half-step rules exist.

With the current strength of the four continents.

There is no 3rd-layer True Immortal in

, let alone a half-step rule.

The words fall.

Monster Sovereign, who has been silent for a long time, said at this time: “It is okay to open up a regular battlefield, and it is okay to make a rule oath, but the emperor has one thing that needs to be added.”

“Monster Sovereign but it’s okay.”

“Except for True Immortal, the emperors of all races are not allowed to go out, otherwise, it will break the rules.”

Monster Sovereign indifferently said.

hearing this.

Sovereigns of many races have slightly changed faces.

These powerhouses do not have a breakthrough to the True Immortal Realm world.

If you follow that, the power of their race will decline.


Someone objected and said: “Monster Sovereign is a bit wrong. I haven’t had a breakthrough True Immortal yet. Even if the shot can have little impact, it would be too unreasonable if it is restricted. >

“hmph, if all cultivators below True Immortal can participate in the battle, who do you think can be the opponent of Emperor Qin?”

Monster Sovereign sneered, disdain for these Sovereigns in his eyes.

He made this request, and it wasn’t the Sovereign of these gods and the Nirvana Realm that he was afraid of.

What he really fears is.

This is the Emperor Qin from Human Race.

Not True Immortal!

But it is better than True Immortal!

Monster Sovereign couldn’t handle such a powerful force.

If all the following cultivators of True Immortal can participate in the battle, then there is no need to play with all races. Human Race can sweep the entire battlefield of all races with a single Qin emperor.

At that time.

It is equivalent to making a wedding dress for Human Race.

hearing this.

Those Sovereigns who spoke against are complexion greatly changed at the moment.

That’s right!

They almost forgot, Human Race Qin Huang is not True Immortal yet.

Think of it here.

Sovereign looked towards Qin Shujian of all races, the eyes are also full of weirdness.

It’s not True Immortal, but it’s better than normal True Immortal. This is the first powerhouse born in four continents in millions of years!

Feel the jealous eyes of all races.

Qin Shujian said with a faint smile: “Monster Sovereign, the emperor has no objection. If this is the case, then add a rule that all True Immortal and Sovereign of all races are not allowed to participate in the war.

Avoid Sovereign surrendering status and do those nasty things.

Except for the other, add the last one.

All cultivators who participated in the Ten Thousand Races Conference today are not allowed to be sold in the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield. They will only be punished by Thunder Tribulation rules, irreconcilable! “

“Monster Race has no problem.”

Monster Sovereign eyes slightly narrowed and then recovered.

Open up the battlefield of ten thousand races.

In fact, there is no objection in his heart.

To repair the Heavenly Monster Temple, a large amount of blood essence is needed. It just happens that the foreign battlefield is opened. There must be a lot of blood essence there. Monster Race just used this to repair this damaged ancestral soldier.


Monster Sovereign never thought of rejecting Qin Shujian’s proposal from beginning to end.

What he is really worried about is.

The Emperor Qin will personally take action and enter the battlefield of ten thousand races.

That way.

Great Power of the World is about to be owned by Human Race.

After Monster Sovereign spoke, the Blood Spirit Emperor smiled slightly and said: “There is no objection to the Blood Spirit Race, but how does the Emperor Qin plan to open up the battlefield of ten thousand races?

If you just open up a Small World, it will be difficult to accommodate too many cultivators. “

“Since the Blood Spirit Emperor asked, the Emperor did not hide it.”

Qin Shujian said calmly: “The emperor wants to cast a magic weapon as a carrier for the battlefield of the ten thousand races, but it is not easy to cast a magic weapon. After all, the emperor did not prove Dao and become immortal, and his power is limited by one person.

So the emperor hopes that all emperors of all races can help and jointly create this amazing weapon! “

A stunning magician!

Hearing these four words, everyone’s eyes confided.

Everyone knows.

Qin Shujian was already known as the first Forging Master of Human Race when he forged the Heaven Ranking.

The ancient times have been shattered.

The first Ba Yin Dao implement came from the opponent’s hand.

At this moment, Qin Shujian is going to cast a magic weapon again, and he can understand without thinking that it must be an extremely powerful magic weapon.

After all.

This magic weapon is meant to exist as the carrier of the battlefield of the ten thousand races, and where is the impossible rank low?

At this time, the emperor Yue spoke with a gentle voice: “This emperor would like to ask, if the gods are made, who should they own it?”

“The gods have no master, they are the foundation of the battlefield of all races.”

Qin Shujian shook his head slightly.

The words fall.

Some Sovereign said: “Qin Huang, as the person who casts magic weapons, if I want to recognize the Master halfway, I won’t be able to detect it!”

“The emperor can swear a rule oath, and he will never encroach on the gods.”

Qin Shujian indifferently said.

Monster Sovereign shook his head: “Not only the Emperor Qin, but Human Race must not secretly meddle in this magic weapon.”


Qin Shujian readily agreed, and then said with a smile: “But when it comes to this, the emperor is also straightforward, and all tribes have also made a vow of rules to not get involved with the gods.

After all, this is not just about my Human Race. It doesn’t make sense to let the emperor make a vow of rules. “

hearing this.

Monster Sovereign was silent for a while, and finally nodded: “Yes!”

“The Poshan Clan has no problem!”

“There is no problem with Star Clan!”

“There is no problem with the moon family!”

“There is no problem with Kim Peng Race!”

“Blood Spirit Race ——”

Sovereigns of all races are nodded, and they have accepted this matter.

Things on the battlefield of ten thousand races.

After Qin Shujian spoke, not many people actually wanted to object.

In the eyes of those tribes.

Their biggest weakness is that they do not have the powerhouse of True Immortal and Nirvana Realm.

If you really want to go to war and compete for the Great Power of the World, these small clans simply have no chance of winning.


The opening of the battlefield of ten thousand races restricts the intervention of True Immortal and Sovereign, which is a good thing for these small races.

The gap between the small family and the big family.

Mainly on high-end battle strength.

Get out of this.

Other strengths, in fact, are not much different. At most, they are less powerful and more powerful.

As for those big clans.

They can also know that the main problem is now the Great Tribulation of Demon Abyss.

If you arbitrarily set off a war, no one can protect yourself.

And Human Race is too strong now.

It’s really going to war.

There is almost no force that can compete with Human Race.

As for uniting, it’s also troublesome.


These big clans have never thought about opposing the opening of the battlefield of ten thousand races.

The remaining very small part of the race Sovereign.

Although I have thoughts in my mind, I want to oppose the opening of the battlefield of ten thousand races.

But now most of the races have agreed. Under such a general trend, whoever opposes will be crushed by the general trend.

Don’t want to die.

If you don’t want to be rejected, you can only agree.

Agree with all races.

Qin Shujian showed a smile on his face and said: “Everyone has agreed, then make a vow of rules!”

The words fall.

He took the lead in taking the oath of rules.

See here.

Sovereigns of other races also made oaths of rules in no particular order.

Wait until the rules are sworn.

Monster Sovereign said: “If the emperor remembers correctly, Human Race Zhaohuang hasn’t appeared yet, is it because Zhaohuang doesn’t plan to take the oath of rules?”

hearing this.

The others also reacted.

Human Race is not only a Qin emperor, but also a Zhao emperor.

And Zhaohuang’s strength.

It is also the first powerhouse in the four continents.

“Yes, dare to ask where is Emperor Zhao?”


Just when the Sovereign of all races spoke.

Human Race’s luck is shaking.

Then one person walked out of it, holding a jade seal in his hand, indifferently said: “The battlefield of ten thousand races is opened. All Sovereign and True Immortal of my Human Race will not intervene in battlefield matters. If it is violated, the rules of Thunder Tribulation, irreconcilable!

The voice was loud, spreading everywhere.

After the words are over.

The long river of luck has disappeared, and the silhouette of Emperor Zhao has also disappeared.

It’s just that in the minds of all Sovereigns, they are all thinking back to the long history of luck in the Human Race they just saw, and their faces are changing.

“Is the luck of Human Race already so strong?”

Monster Sovereign’s eyes flickered.

The luck of the Human Race that Zhaohuang just stepped on is not much weaker than Monster Race.


Zhaohuang is not the only Human Sovereign of Human Race. The luck of the Human Race that the opponent can control is actually only half that of Human Race.

In other words.

The other half of Human Race’s luck is in the hands of Emperor Qin.

That way.

The luck of the two parties merged, and the luck of Human Race has completely surpassed Monster Race.

The strength of a race.

It is not only the number of powerhouses on the surface, but also the strength of luck.

Only luck is strong.

That racial power is really strong.

Even if there are not enough powerhouses born now, under the coverage of prosperous luck, powerhouses will eventually be born one after another.

Now the luck of Human Race.

It’s already at its peak.

It’s not just Monster Race.

Sovereigns of other races were also shocked by the luck of Human Race at this time.

Such a powerful luck.

It’s really extraordinary.

Qin Shujian said calmly: “The Emperor Zhao has already taken the oath of the rules. You should have no objections. This time we are going to cast the magic weapon to carry the battlefield of the ten thousand races, the materials needed are extraordinary.

The emperor has already drawn up the materials by himself, so let’s gather them from all races. “


He simply waved his hand, and countless streamers burst out from his sleeves, and fell accurately in front of every Sovereign.

Sovereign picked up the jade talisman in front of him, and after reading out the information inside, his face changed immediately.

“Does it take so many materials to cast the magic weapon?”

The densely packed materials are enough to remove more than a dozen races.

This is forging magic soldiers, which is clearly robbery!

Especially those small races, they don’t have much background. At this time, I saw this list of materials and my faces were all green.

The Cang Clan Sovereign gave a light cough and said: “Qin Huang, is this casting material too much?”

What he said was quite polite.

No way.

The Cang clan is just a small clan, and the strength can be considered the bottom here.

The Canghuang himself is just a cultivator with ten layers of heaven and man. Even if he is angry with this list of materials, he dare not show it at all.

In case it irritates Human Race.

The Cang clan was about to be unable to eat it, so he drove away.

Qin Shujian said: “Don’t get me wrong, the emperor does not have any selfish intentions in this list of materials, but is to carry the magical soldiers of the battlefield of ten thousand races, which is by no means an ordinary magical soldier.

In the battlefield of ten thousand races, although there are no Sovereign and True Immortal shots, the cultivators of all races are more than hundreds of millions.

The fluctuations caused by so many cultivators fighting are not much weaker than True Immortal.

If the magic weapon is not strong enough, how can it be able to carry the fight of the entire race. “

while speaking.

He paused for a while, and said sternly: “Besides, the emperor is Human Sovereign, so I don’t want to be greedy for this small material!”

Little stuff!

The other Sovereign looked at the material enough to emptied more than a dozen races, and their expressions were very strange.


They thought about it, and found that Qin Shujian said nothing wrong.

After all, they are the god soldiers carrying the battlefield of the ten thousand races, so naturally they cannot be careless.


This Emperor Qin is also the top powerhouse in the four continents, and he is also a man with a face and a face, so he wouldn’t do anything like this.

Think of it here.

Sovereign of all races is also relieved.

The Cang Huang said with a smile: “Don’t get me wrong, the Emperor Qin just casually asked that’s all. After all, the Cang clan is just a small clan. There is really no way to come up with so many materials.” >

“The Canghuang can rest assured that these materials are shared equally by all races. There are thousands of races on the field, and each race only needs to take out some of the materials.”

Qin Shujian said indifferently with a smile: “I believe that the Cang clan’s background is not shallow, and there is no big problem with the part.”

About this.

The Canghuang had no choice but to laugh.

He couldn’t answer this.

Don’t look at the thousands of races evenly distributed. It seems that each race doesn’t give much, but that’s only relative to other big races.

For these small clans of the Cang clan.

Even if it is a very small part of it, it is a considerable expense.

After two glances.

The ice emperor frowned and said: “There is no problem with more materials, but is there no resources for Human Race?”

“This emperor is the main candidate for casting magic weapons. Naturally, Human Race does not require any materials. When did the ice emperor meet? Forging Master to create magic weapons, but also to produce materials?”

Qin Shujian asked rhetorically, and then sneered: “Unless this magic weapon is owned by my Human Race, then there will be no problem with my Human Race material.”

“Qin Huang’s words are not right, you can say that other ethnic Sovereigns will also take part in it. In other words, you are not the only one who casts the magic weapon. If the Human Race is for this reason, there is no reason. Resources.

No matter how you say it, there is no reason. “

The Ice King disagreed, and retorted.

Human Race if he didn’t pay any price, he would be upset.

Qin Shujian glanced at him and sneered: “It’s not that the emperor is lying. If the emperor doesn’t make a move, none of you can cast a magic weapon. As for the ice emperor, if you don’t make a move, the emperor will succeed in casting.

Just when the time comes, if there is any problem with the gods, or if there is any disadvantage to the ice race in the battlefield of ten thousand races, no one can blame it. “

Threatening words.

It’s already obvious.

Qin Shujian’s words are very straightforward. It’s no problem if you don’t help the casting, but when the time comes, there is a problem with the god soldier, that’s not his business.

For such threats.

The ice emperor’s face was also dark, but he didn’t say anything.

It’s all for this.

Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense.

Who made this Emperor Qin the number one Forging Master in the four continents? When it comes to casting methods, no one can match it.

The Ice Emperor did not speak.

Even though the other Sovereigns were dissatisfied, they couldn’t say anything.

Seeing this, Qin Shujian stood up and announced.

“Everyone has no problem. Then, within one month, collect all the materials, and then all races will join hands to cast magic soldiers!”

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