From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 670


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There is no friendship among all races.

I won’t talk about the grievances before the ancients.

Since the ancient times were destroyed, there has been a lot of friction among all races for millions of years.


After the Ten Thousand Races Conference agreed on things, no one stayed to relive the past. They all left.


Not all Sovereigns are gone.

There is still a Sovereign, but I stayed midway.

“I have heard about the name of Emperor Qin for a long time, and when I saw it today, Guo is very human!” Emperor Golden Peng’s eyes fell on Qin Shujian and said with a serious face.

“Golden Peng is too honored.”

Qin Shujian slightly smiled.

For the Sovereign of Jin Peng Race in front of him, he doesn’t have any contempt for it.

Emperor Golden Peng did not preach.

In Qin Shujian’s view, the opponent’s strength may not be much weaker.

The strength of the Golden Peng Emperor who fell in the hands of Monster Sovereign in the previous generation is not clear to him.

The Golden Peng Emperor in front of you.

The feeling to myself is not weak.

“Nirvana Realm!”

“Still half a fairy!”

Qin Shujian thought to himself, but he was not sure how much.

After all, there is no real fight, just to guess the strength of a powerhouse by feeling, there can only be a rough idea.

“Shu Yang found me Jin Peng Race, and he also expressed the meaning of Human Race. In addition to attending the meeting of the ten thousand races at the invitation of Emperor Qin, the emperor came here for the purpose of forming an alliance between you and me Thing.”

Golden Peng Huang said solemnly.

The Shuyang he spoke of was the golden Peng King of Tianwen Island.


In Tianwen Island, Golden Peng Race was the strongest in Shuyang, so it can be called Golden Peng King.

But actually.

In the words of Emperor Golden Peng, it would be inappropriate to call Shuyang the Golden Peng King.


Calling his real name.

Mentioned the word alliance.

Qin Shujian’s face also became serious, and he stood up and said: “It is not suitable to talk here, and the emperor Golden Peng, please follow him to the City Lord Mansion.”


“Come with the emperor!”

The two left the venue and went directly to City Lord Mansion.

Now Inside the City Lord Mansion, there is no one.

However, Qin Shujian and Golden Peng didn’t care about this, and they sat down separately.

After sitting down.

Qin Shujian did not waste time, watching the Golden Peng emperor and said: “This time the emperor passed from Shuyang, the main purpose is to discuss the alliance with Jin Peng Race.”

while speaking.

He paused briefly before continuing.

“The Emperor Golden Peng should also be aware that after the destruction of the ancient times, Human Race is surrounded by enemies. Most of the races in all races have grievances with Human Race, but after millions of years, this grievance Reduced.

But there are still some races, and my heart of Human Race will not die. Monster Race is one of them. “

Qin Shujian said.

“In the past, Golden Peng Race failed to compete with Flood Dragon Clan for the position of Monster Sovereign and was forced out of Monster Race. The previous generation Golden Peng Emperor fell into the hands of the previous generation Monster Sovereign. The grievance between Golden Peng Race and Monster Race can also be regarded as The accumulation is quite deep.

You and I join forces. The emperor does not require Jin Peng Race to deal with other forces. It is enough to only require Jin Peng Race to clamp Monster Race.

I believe that Jin Peng Race has been silent for 30,000 years. It should not be difficult to achieve this. “

After Qin Shujian finished speaking, the emperor looked towards Golden Peng with a faint smile on his face.

That’s what it said.

He considered everything on the surface.

Human Race formed an alliance with Kim Peng Race.

The focus is on Monster Race.

The Golden Peng emperor pondered for a moment, and then said: “There is no problem in clamping Monster Race. Now Monster Race has fought against Human Race, and the loss is not light. The only two Great Saints also fell.

Golden Peng Race can help Human Race to clamp Monster Race, even if Human Race is difficult, our race will help if we can.

However, the emperor has one request. “

“Golden Peng, but it’s okay to say.”

“I want Human Race to help my Golden Peng Race, win the position of Monster Sovereign, and completely drive out or destroy the Flood Dragon Clan. Once my Golden Peng Race becomes Monster Race Monster Sovereign, I can also conclude with Human Race forever Covenant.

As long as my Peng Race does not get off the Monster Sovereign position, I will become an ally with Human Race. “

Golden Peng Huang said solemnly.

His goal!

It’s Monster Sovereign!

In the eyes of Golden Peng Emperor, what really humiliated Jin Peng Race was the failure to compete for the position of Monster Sovereign in the past and was eventually driven out by Flood Dragon Clan.

To wash away this shame.

Then we must regain the position of Monster Sovereign, and then return it to the other side, and let Flood Dragon Clan try the treatment of the Golden Peng Race.

hearing this.

Qin Shujian said: “In Monster Race, in addition to Flood Dragon Clan, the strength of the other races is not weak. Even if Flood Dragon Clan is expelled, Jin Peng Race is sure to be able to overwhelm the other races?” /p>

“That is natural.”

Golden Peng Huang smiled proudly with a confident expression: “Qin Huang don’t want to underestimate my Golden Peng Race, 30,000 years of blocking Secret Realm, although I lost a lot of things, but my clan also got it. Opportunity to conserve strength and store up energy.

If Monster Race hasn’t lost its power, the emperor is not sure.

But now, the emperor can be sure that as long as Human Race helps my clan to level the old bastard of Monster Sovereign, I can do the rest by myself, Jin Peng Race. “

About this.

Qin Shujian finds that he needs to re-evaluate Jin Peng Race.

In the beginning, he thought that Jin Peng Race had been silent for 30,000 years, and he could barely control Monster Race, which was already very impressive.

You can see the appearance of Golden Peng Emperor.

The strength of Jin Peng Race, I’m afraid it is much stronger than I expected.

Look at the current situation.

This is undoubtedly a good thing.

The stronger your allies are, the greater the role they can play.

Don’t look at the battlefield of ten thousand races that is about to be opened, and the races will not set off too many battles.

On the contrary.

Once the battlefield of 10,000 races is successfully opened.

It’s when the real battle begins.

Before the Great Power of the World.

Any race is impossible to let this opportunity go.

If you want to win a glimmer of survival in the Great Tribulation of the Demon Abyss, then Great Power of the World must fight for it.


Even if you have survived the Great Demon Abyss, you will not be able to survive other calamities.

“In this case, the two clans of you and me have formally entered into an alliance, and the emperor also hopes that Human Race can be an eternal alliance with Golden Peng Race.” Qin Shujian took a deep look at Golden Peng emperor, and said separately.


Golden Peng Huang also has a smile on his face.

Jin Peng Race was born again after 30,000 years of silence, in order to regain the glory lost in the past.


Monster Sovereign has proved to be a fairy.

With the current strength of Peng Race, if you want to deal with Monster Sovereign, it is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg.

This time.

You must have the powerhouse against Monster Sovereign as an ally.

In the four continents.

With the confidence to offend Monster Race, and there is no scruples, there is only Human Race after thinking about it.


The two briefly discussed a few things, made a rule oath, and this alliance was officially completed.

It didn’t take long.

The Emperor Golden Peng got up and left.

Golden Peng Spread The Wings.

Flee into the void.


The Golden Peng Emperor felt the void around him condensing, and a palm was crushed from the sky, which directly caused his complexity to be greatly changed.

“Monster Sovereign!”

He didn’t even think, but he fought back with all his strength.

An endless golden light burst from the top of the feather feather, and in an instant it shattered the void, turned into a torrent of true essence, and flowed towards the palm of the strikes.


The golden light shattered, and the palm of his hand fell heavily on Golden Peng.

The power of terror erupted.

The Emperor Golden Peng let out a mournful cry, the fleshy body burst, and countless feathers were directly turned into powder under the action of this terrifying force.

Boom! !

A huge Golden Wings Great Peng smashed the shatter void and fell to the ground.

In the air.

The Golden Peng Emperor barely stabilized his figure, and when he looked towards the void, a True Dragon already occupied the position of the sky, and his huge eyes were filled with cold expression.

Monster Sovereign!

Seeing the appearance of True Dragon, the expression of Golden Peng Huang’s face suddenly became ugly.

He absolutely didn’t expect it.

Monster Sovereign will ambush him at this time.

“Didn’t expect that after the Golden Peng emperor fell, the Golden Peng Race was silent for 30,000 years, and a powerhouse like you could be born. Half a fairy is indeed strong enough, but unfortunately you appeared at the wrong time.”

Monster Sovereign speaks slowly, the sound is like thunderbolt vibration.

In his eyes.

The Golden Peng emperor at this moment is no different from a corpse.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a half immortal or Nirvana Realm.

As long as there is no proof of Taoism, it is inevitable to die.

Golden Peng Huang’s face is ugly: “Monster Sovereign, didn’t expect that you will be so disregarded of your identity, to lie in wait here!”

“Golden Peng Race shouldn’t show up. Since Secret Realm has been blocked, keep it blocked. The emperor won’t kill you Golden Peng Race to the last one, but you can’t tell good from bad. That’s no wonder who.”

Monster Sovereign coldly said.

The words fall.

He has already grabbed the Golden Peng Emperor with one claw.

Five sharp claws, with no difficulty turn the emptiness into powder.

The power of terrifying.

Make Golden Peng Huang’s face change again and again.

not even think.

He just turned around and fled.

From beginning to end, Emperor Golden Peng never thought about fighting Monster Sovereign, because the opponent is True Immortal, and he is just a half immortal that’s all.

One word missing.

The strength is the difference between Heaven and Earth.


Emperor Golden Peng had just escaped, and the surrounding void was a powerful force of sealing the town. A palace slowly fell from the sky, and the strong pressure caused the golden Peng emperor’s fleshy body to burst again.

“Heavenly Monster Temple!”

At the moment he saw Heavenly Monster Temple, Golden Peng’s heart was ashamed.

A Monster Sovereign is no longer an opponent.

Plus the ancestor soldier Heavenly Monster Temple, it’s a dead end.

Monster Sovereign looked indifferent: “The emperor knows that Jin Peng Race is fast, so he specially invited Heavenly Monster Temple to avoid letting you escape again!”

For Golden Peng Emperor.

He is determined to kill.

Just when the Golden Peng Emperor was about to be completely suppressed, a blade protruded from in the sky, and then fiercely smashed it on the Heavenly Monster Temple.


The terrible aftermath broke out.

Heavenly Monster Temple shook violently, and the surrounding towns were also disintegrated in an instant.

Monster Sovereign face changed, not even think means to shoot immediately.

dragon claw shattered the void, and wanted to kill Golden Peng on the spot.

At the same time.

A fist full of Dao Rhyme protruded from in the sky and directly joined the dragon claw strikes.

The powerful force countered the shock.

Monster Sovereign had to stop halfway through.

The void shattered.

Qin Shujian walked out from the inside, looked towards True Dragon in front of him, said with a smile indifferently: “Monster Sovereign is so eager to make a move, Golden Peng said that he has just participated in the Ten Thousand Races meeting.

If you ambush here, don’t you have to make people suspect that it is my Human Race who is ill-intentioned? “

Smiling words.

It makes people feel like he is not facing a True Immortal, but an ordinary opponent.

“Qin Huang!”

Monster Sovereign’s eyes were completely cold.

The thing he worries the most, still happens.

The emperor Golden Peng delayed for so long before leaving the East Side. Monster Sovereign guessed whether the other party had reached an agreement with Human Race.

Now I see Qin Shujian helping him.

He is basically certain.

Jin Peng Race must be an alliance with Human Race.

My mind turned, and Monster Sovereign’s complexion was still cold: “The emperor is just cleaning up the remnants of my Monster Race. It has nothing to do with Human Race. The Emperor Qin is better off.”

“Unfortunately, my Human Race has already formed an alliance with Kim Peng Race. There is absolutely no reason to give way.”

Qin Shujian did not step back.

On the one hand, the Golden Peng Emperor also recovered a little at this time.

Looking at Qin Shujian’s back, he suddenly felt that this back was a bit stalwart.

To be honest.

It is the first time Golden Peng Emperor has left the Secret Realm of Golden Peng Race.

The rumors about the Human Race Qin Huang are nothing but heard.

Real see at this time.

He knows what level of strength the opponent has reached.

“Today, the emperor will sell the face of Emperor Qin!”

After looking at each other for a long time, Monster Sovereign finally chose to retire.

I only saw the real dragon body wrapped in the Heavenly Monster Temple, smashing the void and leaving.

He still didn’t fight Qin Shujian.

Because I am not sure.

If it were to hit the Star King, Monster Sovereign would never retreat so easily.

After Qin Shujian hacked out the million li canyon.

He already understands.

The opponent’s strength has reached an unpredictable and mysterious point.

Even if you have Heavenly Monster Temple in your hands.

Monster Sovereign is not sure of victory.

He won’t fight Qin Shujian easily before he is absolutely sure.

It’s okay to win.

Once defeated, Monster Race’s momentum will drop to another level.

Furthermore, fighting Qin Shujian to the death for the Emperor Golden Peng is not worthwhile in Monster Sovereign’s view.


Monster Sovereign retired.

Returned very simply.

When the opponent’s breath completely disappeared, Golden Peng Emperor took a deep breath and moved towards Qin Shujian and thanked him: “This time thanks to Qin Shujian’s rescue, otherwise, Jin Peng Race is afraid to change The emperor.”

Speaking of last.

He is also sighed.

If you don’t really fight True Immortal, you will never be able to understand the gap.

Emperor Golden Peng thought that even if he was a little different from Monster Sovereign, he wouldn’t be too far to compete.

Until now.

He understands.

Before breakthrough True Immortal, I was nothing in front of Monster Sovereign.

Qin Shujian said indifferently with a smile: “Emperor Golden Peng is polite. Since you and I are an alliance, how can the emperor sit and watch.”

“This great grace, I will definitely thank you in the future. The emperor also needs to return to the Golden Peng Race immediately, so let’s say goodbye!”

The Emperor Golden Peng solemnly bowed his hand, and then Yukong left.

He didn’t ask.

Why did Qin Shujian arrive so on time.

There are some things, asking too clearly is not necessarily a good thing.

Watching Golden Peng go away.

Qin Shujian paused for a few breaths in the sky, then turned and left.

When the three of them are completely gone.

The cultivator who hides in the vicinity dare to emerge.

True Immortal just shot.

The power is not small.

Those cultivators felt the power and did not dare to move easily.

After Qin Shujian appeared, they even raised their hearts.

I’m worried that these two big men will really fight.

when the time comes only by the aftermath.

Can make the idle human cultivator annihilate.


The two sides did not fight in the end, and the war of worries did not break out.

Walking out from the dark, a foreign cultivator showed an emotional expression: “Human Race Qinhuang’s name is not in vain, just showing up can scare Monster Sovereign back, and between Heaven and Earth can do By this step, I’m afraid there will be no one!”

“Monster Sovereign is not necessarily scared off, but I don’t want to fight with the Emperor Qin that’s all.” Some cultivator held different opinions.

About this.

The cultivator who originally opened his mouth said: “Whether it is or not, it is also the strength of Emperor Qin that is strong enough to make Monster Sovereign so jealous. Now which of the four continents is the powerhouse of the gods, who can do it. This point.

Don’t talk about heavens and humans, even if it is a normal True Immortal, there is no way to do it! “

“That’s true!”

The cultivator stopped refuting at this time, nodded with the same feelings: “It is said that Emperor Zhao is the number one powerhouse on the four continents. In my opinion, the Emperor Qin may not be much worse.

Human Race has such a top powerhouse, no wonder it can rise in such a difficult situation. “

“It’s all gone!”

I don’t know which cultivator said a word, and then these people dispersed separately.

The Wanzu Conference from beginning to end.

It only took half a day.

But this half a day has already satisfied those cultivators who go to the territory of Human Race.

Because they found out.

In the past, Sovereign was rarely able to see one side. In this short time, I saw one after another.

It can be said.

A meeting of all ethnic groups.

All the top powerhouses in the four continents have been gathered.

For this.

Human Race’s reputation is quite high again.

After 100,000 years, this is the first time someone can gather all the powerhouses of the ten thousand races together.

Even in the days when Monster Race was strong.

There is also no way to do this step.

Human Race did it.

So Human Race is also famous.

Of course.

Human Race was originally very famous, but now it’s just the icing on the cake that’s all.

Since the Wanzu meeting ended.

The four continents have fallen into a period of calm again.


This kind of peace is just peace on the surface.


Undercurrents of various races are surging, and the cultivator powerhouse is secretly tuned to prepare for the upcoming battlefield of 10,000 races.

In this time.

Qin Shujian stayed in the Qianyuan Realm, silently comprehending his own power rules.

Before all races did not complete the materials accurately.

He has nothing to do.


In the courtyard, Ning Xuan wearing azure clothes put a sword on his waist and bowed to Qin Shujian in salute.

Compared with half a year ago.

Now Ning Xuan has become even more outstanding.

More than that.

His strength has also changed a lot.

Qin Shujian said: “What are your doubts about the recent cultivation?”

Looking at the discipline in front of him, he also felt a little sorry.

Since I received the discipline.

Basically, I haven’t paid much attention to it.

I learned about Ning Xuan last time.

The other party was trapped in Secret Realm. When Gong Mingze came to ask for help, Qin Shujian dispatched Jizhou and Wushan to rescue him.

Since then.

He never asked about this discipline.

Even even.

Qin Shujian almost forgot the existence of this discipline.

He didn’t think of this until recently when he was completely free.

Think of it here.

Qin Shujian also secretly said in the heart: dereliction of duty!

Ning Xuan straightened up, still speaking respectfully: “During this period of cultivation, there are indeed some doubts.”

“Speak up, it just happens that the emperor has time to answer one or two for you.”

“many thanks Master!”

Ning Xuan was overjoyed, and he didn’t pretend, so he directly told all his problems.

After devouring the spirit of that Taoist.

His strength is also advanced by leaps and bounds.

Less than a year.

The breakthrough has reached the Lingwu Realm.

Such progress.

It can be said to be a rapid growth.

The same.

The skyrocketing realm also caused Ning Xuan to have a lot of problems in cultivation.

These questions.

He originally planned to polish the suppression state by himself, and then solve it little by little.

But now my Master is willing to answer.

Undoubtedly, it saves a lot of effort.

The other side.

Qin Shujian basically answers all questions about Ning Xuan.

The cultivation of the Lingwu Realm, in his opinion, is no different from that of a child learning language.

In his current state.

Difficulty is equal to zero.

So there is no difficulty in answering it.

Every time Qin Shujian answers.

Ning Xuan would fall into deep thought, waiting for a long time in the past and fully understanding before asking the next question.

About this.

Qin Shujian was not impatient either, but waited for the slow digestion of the other party.

“Didn’t expect, I also have a day of preaching and teaching karma to solve puzzles.”

Looking at the disciple in front of him, he was also very emotional.

Most of the day has passed.

Wait until the last question is answered.

Ning Xuan bowed in salute and said gratefully: “Many thanks Master, let the disciple suddenly enlightened.”

“It is not easy for you to be able to cultivation to this level in a short period of time, but although the realm is the main one, but your own foundation cannot be ignored, let the emperor come to see how you are today. /p>

Qin Shujian picked up the tea cup, took a sip, and said flatly.

hearing this.

Ning Xuan took a step back and looked towards Qin Shujian and said solemnly: “Master, please give me some advice!”

This is the result he wants most.

Going out and practicing for so long, I have had many fights with my peers.

But fighting against peers.

How can I personally point out with my Master, and the effect is good.

Know it.

My Master is already the Supreme powerhouse of Human Race one of the very best. Even in the four continents, few people are its opponents.

So far.

Ning Xuan is no longer the kid in the past, and his horizons have broadened.


The more he understands, the better he will know how terrifying his Master is.

Different from Ning Xuan’s solemnity.

Qin Shujian is as indifferently as always: “Let’s do it!”

hearing this.

Ning Xuan did not answer, the right hand had already quietly grasped the hilt of the sword for some time.

Concentrate and hold your breath.

The whole body of Essence, Qi, and Spirit, in this brief moment, have converged to an extreme.

And when oneself Essence, Qi, and Spirit completely converge.

A pure thought.

It was born from nothing.

sword intent!

long sword moves slightly, there is a sword chant!

The next moment.

I saw Ning Xuan’s wrist lightly moved, and the long sword suddenly broke free of the scabbard, and the sword light poured out like a waterfall, turning into a shocking sword moved towards Qin Shujian and pierced it.

This sword!

is his pinnacle sword in history.

sword light like a waterfall!

As fast as thunderbolt!

It’s just that this sword is approaching the extreme, but it can’t do anything in front of Qin Shujian.

I saw him stretch forward to hold the teacup.

A soft moan sounded from it.

All sword light natural phenomena are all disappeared.

Only the tip of the sword pierced the teacup accurately, and there was no way to get in.

More than that.

A counter-shock force was uploaded back from the sword, and Ning Xuan flew horizontally for several meters.

But when it is about to land.

He turned over in a volley, barely stabilizing his figure.

Receive sword enters sheathe.

Ning Xuan respectfully said: “Please also Master for advice!”

There is no effect on his own sword. He is accustomed to it, and there is no fluctuation in his heart.

Qin Shujian put the tea cup down and said in a deep voice.

“Your sword is already outstanding in the same realm, but you have some problems with your sword skills, and you can’t perfectly use the power of this sword. Today, the emperor will hand you a sword skills.”


He stretched out his hand and pointed forward, and Ning Xuan stood there.

After a moment.

Ning Xuan woke up from the sluggishness.

Don’t wait for him to speak.

Qin Shujian stood up suddenly and picked up a dead branch from somewhere, indifferently said: “And your sword move is the legacy of a human cultivator.

If you use it with your current strength, it would be enough.

But since you are the emperor’s discipline, then I will pass you another sword technique. It’s up to you to understand how much you can understand. “

I heard this sentence.

Ning Xuan’s spirit suddenly shook, and he didn’t dare to be distracted. Concentrate attention completely focused on Qin Shujian.

In the courtyard.

Qin Shujian replaced the sword with dead branches and made a simple gesture of drawing a sword.

This process is neither fast nor slow.

In the eyes of Ning Xuan, Qin Shujian’s sword-drawing gesture is infinitely mysterious.

When closing the sword.

All the breaths converge, like dead wood.

The moment the sword was released.

But all the sharpness is revealed.

A simple dead branch, in Ning Xuan’s view, is already able to Split Heaven and Earth Apart to divide the yin and yang.

A mysterious feeling rose from the bottom of my heart.

“It seems that I have some sentiment.”

Qin Shujian threw away the dead branches, and looked at the discipline that had stood still on the spot, his eyes completely lost, and a relieved smile appeared on his face.

To be honest.

He doesn’t understand any powerful swordsmanship.

But the problem is.

To reach this realm of oneself, every move is indistinct, and a simple punch and kick is enough to suppress mountains and rivers.

It can be said.

Qin Shujian’s every move, a row and a bedroom are equivalent to a peerless cultivation technique martial arts.

It’s just that it’s not easy for others to realize.

It’s just like the simple drawing of his sword just now.


It’s already more profound than many profound martial arts.

Ning Xuan’s ability to comprehend something from it proves that the other party’s talent is indeed very strong.

One day and night passed.

Ning Xuan hasn’t moved.

Until the sun was in the middle of the sky, the lost eyes were refocused, and finally they fell on Qin Shujian’s body.


“Don’t say much, go back and rest.”

“disciple, please!”

Ning Xuan bowed back.

He also knew that he had comprehended a day and night, and his energy was exhausted.

This time.

I really want to go back to rest.

When Ning Xuan left, Qin Shujian also got up.

But where he went.

It is Xiao Mansion.

Xiao Mansion.

Xiao Chengfeng skillfully poured a cup of tea for Qin Shujian, and said with a faint smile: “What is the purpose of Emperor Qin coming over this time?”

“Is the emperor unable to come if he has nothing to do?”

“If Emperor Qin is fine, he really never came to me.”

Xiao Chengfeng sneered.

In his opinion, Qin Shujian is fine, let alone Xiao Mansion. Even his small courtyard may not take a step.

Get along for such a period of time.

Xiao Chengfeng also knows a lot about Qin Shujian.

The Emperor Qin.

It’s a person who can’t afford to get early.

As Xiao Chengfeng saw through, Qin Shujian didn’t have any embarrassment on his face, and said with a smile: “Brother Xiao is indeed very accurate in seeing people. This time the emperor came here for two things, one for public and one for private. I want to talk to you. .”

“Then talk about official business.”

Xiao Chengfeng picked up his teacup and took a sip.

Qin Shujian said: “Brother Xiao should have received some news about the Ten Thousand Races Meeting. Now all races have taken the oath of rules. Sovereign and True Immortal of all races are not allowed in the Ten Thousand Races battlefield.


You also know that my Human Race is now sparsely populated, and powerhouses with more than seven levels of celestials are even more scarce and pitiful.

Compared with the Wanzu, we really have no advantage.

Moreover, the opening of the battlefield of ten thousand races is to compete for the Great Power of the World. When the time comes, the races must be aimed at Human Race.

With the current strength of Human Race, it is difficult to compete against all races on the level of heaven and human! “

“So, do you want me to shoot?”

Xiao Chengfeng raised his eyebrows.

Qin Shujian said with a chuckle: “Brother Xiao is also a member of Human Race, and the battlefield of the ten thousand races is related to the future of Human Race, I believe you will not refuse, and brother Xiao shot the gods in ten thousand races, I am afraid that there is no Several can resist.

In this way, my Human Race can sweep the battlefield of all races. “

Xiao Chengfeng’s battle strength of more than 80,000.

Has reached the half-cent level.

Moreover, this is only the Seventh Layer of Heaven and Human. If the breakthrough reaches the 8th layer of Heaven and Human, no one will be his opponent on the battlefield.

At that time.

Just like Human Race and Foreign Domain, Qin Shujian himself dealt with the 200 great powers of ten thousand races. It was like cutting melons and vegetables.

This is why.

The reason why he dared to take the oath of rules.

Human Race has Xiao Chengfeng’s hole card, which is completely enough.

hearing this.

Xiao Chengfeng did not refuse, but he did not agree: “This Xiao is no problem, but Emperor Qin has to think about it. If Human Race really wants to sweep the battlefield of all races and plunder Great Power of the World as much as possible.


Other races, I’m afraid they are going to turn the chessboard.

At that time, it’s time for a great war of all races to break out.

With the current strength of Human Race, it is really impossible to attract all races to attack.

Unless-Emperor Qin, you can become a fairy, maybe there is the possibility of pulling strongly against a crazy tide. “

Although Xiao Chengfeng did not participate in the Wanzu Conference.

Not to mention too much of Human Race.


Sitting in the Qianyuan Realm, he also knows the affairs of the world.

In the past, when I was working as Beiyunhou myself, I also trained a lot of teams, and now these people are constantly providing intelligence to Xiao Family.


Xiao Chengfeng has a thorough view of the situation of the ten thousand races.

The other party’s concerns.

Qin Shujian is also very clear: “This emperor does not need Brother Xiao to truly sweep the battlefield of the ten thousand races. As long as he sits in the Human Race and ensures that the territory of the Human Race is not lost, it is enough. Others do it.

How much you can compete for depends on the strength of Human Race. “

Qin Shujian didn’t want to let the Ten Thousand Clan lift the table so quickly.

The opening of the battlefield of ten thousand races.

is a buffering method.

His current strength is no longer afraid of most True Immortal, but the premise is, one-on-one singles.

If all True Immortal swarmed.

Don’t talk about 200,000 battle strength, even if it is 300,000 battle strength, you have to kneel.

After all.

True Immortal can’t be beaten, people will still Self-destruction.

The power of True Immortal Self-destruction completely exceeds one’s own strength.

Qin Shujian secretly estimated it.

If it is the sealed True Immortal Self-destruction, he will have no problem with it, but if it is the True Immortal Self-destruction at the peak period, it may be the end of a serious injury.

In other words.

If you really want to attract the ten thousand clan to lift the table, relying on yourself and Zhaohuang, even if they are strong, they will be piled up to death.


Qin Shujian never thought of pushing the tens of thousands of races on the road to a dead end.

At least he is not prepared to do this until his own strength is not strong enough.

According to his estimate.

If you want to truly be not afraid of the ten thousand races, even if it is a breakthrough to the tenth of heaven and human, it may not be possible.

But as Xiao Chengfeng said.

If you prove yourself to become immortal, then it’s not a big problem.

In other words.

Before becoming an immortal, Qin Shujian planned to take it easy, that is, to fight for the benefits of Human Race, but also to give a sip of soup to all races. Hello, me, everyone.

Xiao Chengfeng on the side, hearing this, shook his head and said: “It seems that Emperor Qin has plans. If this is the case, I have nothing to say.”

he is Human Race.

This undeniable thing.

The battlefield of ten thousand races opened up, and Xiao Chengfeng didn’t mind fighting for Human Race.


From beginning to end, he didn’t even want to go over and refuse.

“The official business is over, I don’t know what the private matter Qin Huang said is?”

See here.

Qin Shujian also became serious, and said in a deep voice: “Brother Xiao was Hao Cang Immortal Monarch in his previous life. I don’t know if I have heard of the existence of a chaser?”


Hao Cang Immortal Monarch complexion slightly changed, he looked towards Qin Shujian’s gaze somewhat solemnly: “Where did the Emperor Qin hear the name of the chaser?”

“No, it’s possible that Emperor Qin has obtained the inheritance of the chaser. Yes, only the inheritance of the chaser can be so mysterious, and can you achieve such a terrifying level of Qin Huang’s strength.”

Speaking of later, Xiao Chengfeng is nodded with the same feeling.

See his reaction.

Qin Shujian also showed a solemn expression on his face, and asked: “So, Brother Xiao really knows the existence of the chaser, and dare to ask if the chaser is a person or a force.

What is their origin? “

I asked that many people.

Only Xiao Chengfeng in front of him knew the existence of the chaser.

About this.

Qin Shujian also didn’t know exactly what his emotions were like.

Since getting the Dharma Eye.

He has a hunch that the chaser must involve a powerful inheritance, and even a big secret.

Qin Shujian has no other meaning.

He simply wants to figure out what kind of existence the chaser really is.

The other party left such an inheritance.

What is the purpose.