From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 776


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He glanced briefly.

The Emperor Zhao looked away.

Below him, Da Zhao’s group of officials stood quietly.

Since the Celestial Court was established, all the races have been unified, but it does not mean that the original system of all races will disappear completely.

The establishment of Celestial Court.

It’s just a simple unification of all races while fighting against foreign enemies.


The proper order of all races still needs the original system to maintain.

After all, the Immortal Gods of the Celestial Court are that many. If you want to rely on these Immortal Gods, it is impossible to maintain the order of all races.

That’s it.

In Human Race, there is no change in the Imperial Court of Dazhao.

As the current Human Sovereign, Zhaohuang spends most of his time in the closed-door cultivation in Celestial Court, and the rest of the time is to return to Eastern Part Continent to handle the corresponding Imperial Court affairs.


Currently, the Celestial Court is established, and there are foreign enemies from the Void Demon Clan.

There is no chaos in Human Race.

Even if Emperor Zhao didn’t sit in Eastern Part Continent at all times, relying on the people inside the Imperial Court, it was enough to maintain the stability of the Human Race situation and prevent major disturbances.

“If something happens, retreat if nothing happens.”

Sovereign’s prestige Yan’s voice sounded.


The officials also came back to his senses completely from the influence of Muyang becoming a god.

Shan Hao cupped his hands and said: “reporting to Your Majesty, six months ago, there were a lot of changes in the Sea Territory of Dongwen Mansion. The ominous beasts that rarely appeared in the past are frequently appearing outside.

In addition, natural disasters in the Sea Territory also frequently occur.

Moreover, those natural disasters seem to be of the same kind, like a cloud of fire. All Human Races that touch natural disasters, regardless of their strength, will die out.

For this reason, the number of people who dare to enter the Sea Territory to explore has been much less. ”

Talking about Sea Territory.

The faces of the others are also solemn.

Human Race is huge nowadays, and there is almost no place in the four continents to stop Human Race.

There are only two places.

Human Race didn’t dare to get involved easily.

One is Tianyuan and the other is Sea Territory.

Tianyuan exists in the western state and has little to do with Human Race, but Sea Territory exists in Eastern Part Continent, which is equivalent to a time bomb that will explode at any time.

Even if Human Race now has a lot more supreme powerhouse, no one dares to enter it easily.

Because of these years.

Human Race is not without powerhouse breaking into Sea Territory.

But most powerhouses fell in front of natural disasters and ominous beasts.

There are very few people who can really come back alive.

It can be said.

People who can cultivation to this realm are not stupid people.

It is impossible to enter the Sea Territory without seeing any practical benefits.

It was fine at first.

Human Race’s strength has increased, and many people are inflated.

But now there are more powerhouses that have fallen, and the swelling hearts of others have calmed down again.

The Emperor Zhao’s expression remained unchanged: “There is Supreme in the depths of the Dead Sea Territory, but Sea Territory is an unbreakable seal for that existence. Those ominous beasts are also bound by the birth of Sea Territory.

Unless as a last resort, ominous beast will not leave Sea Territory without authorization.

As for the natural disasters in the Sea Territory, they will only appear in the Sea Territory, because that is the rule.

Order all Human Races to not approach the Sea Territory for half a minute without authorization to avoid unexplained fall.

At the same time, mobilize the army to guard the Dongwen Mansion to prevent the ominous beast from leaving the Sea Territory and impact my Human Race territory. “

“I’ll wait to comply!”

The officials bowed.

The Emperor Zhao continued: “In addition to the existence of the seal in the Sea Territory of Death, powerful ominous beasts are also emerging in an endless stream. Not to mention the Celestial Realm world, there are also many True Immortal levels.

Please remember my words. “

To prevent others from not knowing the danger of the death of Sea Territory, Zhao Huang repeated a reminder.

For Sea Territory.

He has great fear in his heart.

Even if he has broken through to the realm of 3rd-layer True Immortal, Zhao Huang is not sure that he can contend with the existence in the depths of the Dead Sea Territory.

Because it was a powerhouse that even the ancient Celestial Emperor was taboo.

Even the Heaven and Earth today.

In his opinion, it may not be able to contend with the existence in the depths of Death Sea Territory.

As for the riot in the Sea Territory.

The Emperor Zhao didn’t worry about it.

Not to mention the existence of Celestial Court, just relying on the current strength of Human Race is enough to cope with the ominous beast of the dead Sea Territory.

The premise is.

The existence in the depths, don’t break the seal and be born.

But in Zhaohuang’s view, the other party has no possibility of breaking the seal.


The Emperor Zhao’s order was passed on.


I saw a large number of troops mobilizing towards Dongwen Mansion.

The fishing village of Dongwen Mansion near Sea Territory has all been relocated to other places.

The Imperial Court is also here, establishing a strong line of defense.

At this moment.

Muyang also managed to reach the end of the long river of rules, where a monument of rules stands.

Look at the rule monument in front of you.

Muyang hesitated briefly, and then the rattan branches strikes, the violent power vented on the monument of rules.

Not completely sure.

Zhu Chen dare not act without authorization.

The other side.

The rule monument has been broken.

At the moment the monument of rules shattered, the river of rules also broke.

Muyang immediately followed the practice of sanctifying the fleshy body, grabbing a section of the rule and directly integrating it into his fleshy body.

As soon as the rules were integrated into the fleshy body, Thunder Tribulation was already a success.

Just when thunderbolt hasn’t completely fallen.

Muyang left the Celestial Court directly.

Next second!