From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 777


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The thunderbolt strikes came down, and the shaking Heaven and Earth trembled.

Cheng Xian Jie!

Since Xiao Chengfeng became immortal, the four tribes and thousands of tribes finally saw the robbery of becoming immortal again.

That terrifying power.

Even the powerhouse that has become a fairy can’t help but change color.

“Really strong Thunder Tribulation!” Zhu Chen’s face was very solemn.

When Xiao Chengfeng Transcending Tribulation last time, his strength was not strong enough, there was no way to experience the terrifying of Chengxian Jie exactly.

Now Muyang Transcending Tribulation.

Only Zhu Chen can clearly feel how terrible the power of Thunder Tribulation is.

Even his current strength, in front of the Thunder Tribulation, there is an illusion that he will be destroyed at any time.

“Transcending Tribulation has started.”

In Celestial Court, Qin Shujian held his hand and looked at Muyang, who was directly in the Transcending Tribulation layer of Heaven and Earth, without much change.

As early as when Purple Heaven Divine Thunder was taught to the opponent, the opponent had already begun to cultivated.

More than a year.

Muyang repeatedly led Thunder Tribulation to come, tempering his fleshy body.

Now that the other party dares to Transcending Tribulation into a fairy, he must be quite sure that he dares to do so.


Muyang will never Transcending Tribulation easily.

“As long as there are no accidents, the probability of success is very high.” Qin Shujian knew that when Thunder Tribulation fell and failed to shake the leaves of the osmanthus tree.

From the current situation.

Unless Mu Yang deliberately died, otherwise, there will be no difficulty in crossing the Tribulation.

Seven days.

Thunder Tribulation keeps striving down.

The time of becoming a fairy is long or short, and there is no fixed time.

Seven days have passed at this moment.

The Thunder Tribulation between Heaven and Earth is also at the last juncture.

When the last thunderbolt falls.

Jie Yun suddenly disappeared.

At the same time.

The golden flower is scattered in the sky, and the golden lotus springs from the ground.

The natural phenomenon of becoming a fairy is already reappears in the four continents.

“The emperor of Spirit Race, has appeared!”

In Tianwen Island, in the Small World of the Blue Sky Sect, there are huge branches and leaves of Heavenspan swaying, and a human face directly emerges on the thick torso.

Just a moment ago.

Heavenspan Old Ancestor has noticed the throbbing in the dark.

As the Spirit Race powerhouse of Ancient Era, he knows exactly what this throbbing represents.

That is Spirit Race has Sovereign born!

Since the fall of the ancient spirit emperor, the strength of Spirit Race has gradually weakened. Until 200,000 years ago, the last Sovereign aura of Spirit Race also disappeared.

At this moment.

The Sovereign breath of Spirit Race is already reappears.

For a time, Heavenspan Old Ancestor was also intolerable.

“The emperor has appeared. My Spirit Race is going to be great after all. Unfortunately, I can’t leave Tianwen Island now, otherwise I can contribute to Spirit Race!”

Heavenspan Old Ancestor feels a little regretful.

Nothing unexpected.

He has been imprisoned on Tianwen Island forever, and he has no chance to leave.

What we can do for Spirit Race is to guard the current piece of land and leave the final foundation for Spirit Race.


Heavenspan Old Ancestor does not hope that one day the Spirit Race on Tianwen Island will become the final foundation of the Spirit Race.

“Today, Spirit Race Sovereign Muyang Transcending Tribulation has become a fairy, and I can entrust him as a guardian god!”

Qin Shujian extend the hand, Investiture of the Gods suddenly appears.

The moment Mu Yang bowed and bowed, his name appeared on the list.


A powerful force fell, making Mu Yang’s breath stronger.

The moment he became a fairy in Transcending Tribulation.

Four continents.

All the silent Spirit Races awakened by coincidence, and then climbed the mountains and ridges towards the direction of the fairyland.

Muyang exists in Celestial Court.

Celestial Court exists in the Heaven and Earth wind layer.

Not everyone can enter the Heaven and Earth Gangfeng layer.

So the four continents Spirit Race can go to is the Celestial Court, which is the closest to Celestial Court.

strictly speaking.

Celestial Court exists above the Immortal Falling Domain.

At this time.

Muyang’s Transcending Tribulation succeeded. He put away his body, transformed into a youthful form and fell in front of Qin Shujian.

“The minister has seen Celestial Emperor!”

This time, he did not use the word dísciple to match.

To be appointed as Celestial Court is to be an official in Celestial Court, and it is related to Qin Shujian, the Celestial Emperor.

Qin Shujian nodded, with a slight smile on his face.

“Spirit Race’s fleshy body sanctification system is indeed good. True Immortal is just the starting point. In the future, we need to be diligent and cultivation. Don’t let any slack.”

“The minister understands!”

Muyang lowered his head to replied.

Qin Shujian said: “You have become an immortal. The Spirit Race of the four continents is now coming to the realm of Fallen Immortal. Spirit Race has disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years, and it is time to reappear.

As the emperor of Spirit Race, go and control all Spirit Races.

In the future, Spirit Race can also play a great role in dealing with Demon Abyss. ”

Spirit Race contains the vital Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, which is exactly the opposite of the demonic energy of Moyuan.

If there is enough powerhouse in Spirit Race.

When the time comes to contend against Demon Abyss, there will be many advantages.

hearing this.

Muyang bowed his head.

Next second.

He left the Celestial Court and headed towards Fallen Immortal Realm.

I saw a huge sweet-scented osmanthus tree illusory shadow connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, unfolding over the heaven penetrating the earth, covering the huge osmanthus domain.

Plenty of vitality, sweeping Heaven and Earth.

“Spirit Race has disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, I have created Spirit Race and Great Thousand Worlds four continents. All those who have born spiritual wisdom are Spirit Race!”

The huge voice spread to all directions.

In the realm of falling fairy.

Under the vitality cover, the vegetation is nourished.

In just a few moments, spiritual wisdom will be born and become a member of Spirit Race.

At the same time.

All Spirit Race who came to the Fallen Immortal Territory were all refreshed after hearing this news.

In the realm of falling fairy.

Muyang truly appears ontology.

The flowers of the osmanthus tree are in full bloom, and all the osmanthus flowers are scattered in the wind, scattered around Heaven and Earth.


I saw branches volley strikes, breaking the void into pieces.


The void shattered, revealing a dark gap in it.

Muyang didn’t stop, the branches and leaves beat strikes like siblings, and the million li void shattered like a mirror.

The cultivator of Falling Immortal Territory looked at the shattered void above his head, and was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move lightly, for fear that his power would leak out and would wipe out himself and the others.



Million li The void collapsed into chaos, Muyang saw this, and immediately controlled it with Xian Yuan to forcibly imprison the crushed million li space.

In the eyes of outsiders.

Only see the void fragments stagnating.


Countless branches and leaves form a big hand, grabbing towards the broken void.

The void, which should have no substance, was forcibly grabbed at this time, and the space suddenly showed a terrible darkness.

The vast expanse of immortals surged.

Muyang’s branches and leaves trembled, constantly wrapping the void that was taken out.

Half a day.

The void appears from nothing, and then disappears from nothing.


The branches and leaves of Muyang dance wildly, as if lifting a huge world, once again ramming toward the healing void.

hong long long! !

The void buzzes.

Small World, which belongs to Spirit Race alone, officially opened successfully.