From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 778


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Rebuild Spirit Race.

This was expected.

When seeing Muyang Chengxian, many True Immortal had some guesses.


Now that Spirit Race is integrated again, they are not too surprised.

At this moment.

In the Sea Territory of Death, there are waves raging, and there seems to be some powerful existence fighting against each other.


ten thousand zhang The waves broke out.

A huge body broke through the waves and fell below the surface.

At this moment, a flame that was not afraid of the sea rose, and instantly engulfed the huge body in it.


The unwilling roar rang out, but it didn’t change anything.


The body gradually disappeared, leaving only a Fire Lotus.

Zhang Ergou stepped into the air, grabbed the Fire Lotus in his hands, and began to absorb the energy contained in the Fire Lotus.

After the Fire Lotus is completely absorbed.

A star acupuncture orifice opened tremblingly.

“Almost a breakthrough!”

Looking at the densely packed Xingchen Acupuncture Orifice opened in Fleshy body, Zhang Ergou finally has a relieved expression on his face.

After entering the Sea Territory of death for several years, he can’t remember how many ominous beasts died in his hands.

Regardless of the strength of ominous beast.

Zhang Ergou uses the broken red lotus to refining and transform it into pure energy for his breakthrough.

So far.

He has opened up more than 38,000 star acupuncture points, completely surpassing the Peak of the 6th-layer of heaven and man, and striding forward to the seven layers of heaven and man.

Talk about innate talent.

Zhang Ergou is not that great.

The ability to raise the Return to Origin ancestry to this level in a short period of time is all dependent on the assistance of the Ominous Beast Gang in the Sea Territory.

Without the help of ominous beasts, and only relying on oneself to absorb Spiritual Qi cultivation, let alone a few years, there is no way to achieve this level even in several decades.

Because of the return to Origin ancestral code and subsequent cultivation, every time a star hole orifice is opened, the energy required is huge.

In the first ten days of half a month, a hole can be opened up.

Perhaps in the later stage, it may take several years to barely open an acupuncture hole.

This is the difference.

Universe Bow clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “This cultivation technique of the Celestial Emperor is really powerful. If you use the energy you have absorbed over the years and replace it with a normal cultivator, even the powerhouse with the limit of the heavens and humans may be burst. /p>

But for you, it’s just a step beyond the 6th-layer category of heaven and human.

If you really want to open up the 129,600-year-old star acupuncture orifice, that kind of power will be called shocking. “

Follow Zhang Ergou’s side.

Universe Bow also knows a lot about the Return to Origin ancestor.

“I really want to complete the cultivation. I’m afraid that the entire ominous beast of the Dead Sea Territory must be refined, so that this is possible.” Zhang Ergou shook his head, vomiting weakly.

The ominous beast just killed by him is the existence of the 8th layer of heaven and human.


An ominous beast of the 8th layer of the heavens only barely opened up a hole.

The difficulty of opening acupuncture points in the later stage was so difficult that Zhang Ergou’s imagination was completely beyond the imagination.

He couldn’t believe it.

How did Qin Shujian successfully develop all the 129,600 stars and acupoints?

Given the difficulty of opening up the Xingchen Acupuncture Aperture, Zhang Ergou suspected that even if it was True Immortal refining, it might not be successful.


Although he was curious in his heart, he did not intend to explore. Instead, he set his sights on the longbow beside him.

“Daddy, when can I break through to Liuyin Daoqi?”

“Improving Dao Qi, how easy it is.”

Universe Bow replied unsavoryly.


He added another sentence: “Under normal circumstances, the promotion of Taoism requires a large amount of Spiritual Qi, and it takes more than a thousand years to say from the five seals to the six seals.

However, if there is plenty of energy to nurture, there is a chance for a quick promotion. “

“Energy nurturing?”

Zhang Ergou looked puzzled.

He just asked casually, and didn’t expect Universe Bow to really have something to say.

Universe Bow said: “Speaking of which is also easy to understand. As long as I have enough energy for me to absorb, I can shorten the time for promotion.

The ominous beast in the Sea Territory lives by absorbing the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, and does not follow the rules. The flesh and blood are full of strong energy.

If you can kill some powerful ominous beasts and provide blood for them, I can speed up my promotion.

But depending on how you look now, you might be eating alone. “

Zhang Ergou’s conscience.

Universe Bow has a deep understanding.

This guy doesn’t have enough energy to absorb himself, so there is nothing left for him.

Of course.

Universe Bow also has some thoughts in his heart. I hope Ergouzi will find out in his conscience and give himself a little energy.

“There will be a chance in the future.”

Zhang Ergou’s mouth twitched, and he carried Universe Bow on his back.

If you want to compete with yourself for co-authoring promotion, just treat it as if he didn’t ask.

About this.

Universe Bow is also speechless.

“Well, you also pretend to be so direct, you hurt me very much!”

“When I have the ability to hunt True Immortal in the future, I will definitely not forget you. Don’t worry if you are old.”

Zhang Ergou hearing this, thought for a moment, and then gave a decent comfort.

“——” Universe Bow was speechless.

When the other party breaks through True Immortal, I don’t know how many years have passed.

After making a complaint in my heart.

Universe Bow straightens the mind, said solemnly: “speaking of which, the ominous beast of the 8th layer of Heaven and Human is of little use to you.

Although the ominous beast of Celestial Realm has not been killed by you, it has killed a lot.

Even if you kill all ominous beasts on the celestial and human level, the probability that you can break through True Immortal is very weak. “

“What do you mean by being old?”

“Why don’t you go to the Sea Territory for a round?” Universe Bow reminded.

hearing this.

Zhang Ergou was lost in thought.

Sea Territory inside!

For the people of Eastern Part Continent, there is a Danger Land.

Don’t talk about the inner circle, even if it is the current outer circle, it is extremely dangerous without sufficient strength.

Ominous beast is one reason.

The natural disaster is also a reason.

That is, Zhang Ergou is strong enough, coupled with the Universe Bow body protection, can resist natural disasters.

But if you enter the inner circle, it’s completely different.


The inner circle is an ominous beast with True Immortal realm.

Given Zhang Ergou’s current strength is less than the seven-fold strength of the heavens and humans, it is possible to contend against the emperor of the tenfold heavens and humans, but there is still a certain gap in contending against True Immortal.

Universe Bow said: “Although there are True Immortal ominous beasts in the inner circumference, it is not expected to be too much. The real danger of Sea Territory is in the deep range, not the inner circumference.

There are more powerful ominous beasts there, even if they are powerful.

If you enter the inner circle, your strength can improve faster.

And with your current strength, if you really want to meet True Immortal ominous beast, escape should not be a big problem. “

“Inner circumference–”

Zhang Ergou’s complexion changed, and he had to admit that he was indeed moved.

The powerful ominous beast on the outside kills almost the same.

In comparison.

The inner circle can meet our own needs.