From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 779


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After making a decision.

Zhang Ergou immediately went into the air and walked towards the Sea Territory.

There are natural disasters along the way.

But for him, those natural disasters pose no threat.

The reason is also very simple.

The natural disasters that have appeared are the power imprints left by Zhang Ergou on the periphery of the Sea Territory in recent years.

Slap yourself.

Although it is not easy, it is not too difficult.

As for the ominous beast, there is no interception.

In the past few years, Zhang Ergou has killed countless ominous beasts, and the baleful qi accumulated on his body is so rich that it is terrifying.

Even if the ominous beast does not have spiritual wisdom, it can only act on instinct.

Being aware of the terrible baleful qi is also a conscious strategic withdrawal.

To a certain extent.

The baleful qi accumulated by killing too many ominous beasts is equivalent to the protective film of One Layer Heaven on the periphery of Sea Territory.

After all, facing an executioner who has killed his own clansman, even if it is an ominous beast, he will feel afraid.

Celestial Court, the court will unfold as usual.

“Do you have anything to report?” Above the emperor, Qin Shujian sat there as stable as Mount Tai, overlooking the gods below.

Every words and deeds coincide with Heaven and Earth, making the entire Heavenly Palace shrouded in majesty.

The words fall.

Immortal God came out, cupped his hands and said: “reporting to Celestial Emperor, a stranger came to submit a task not long ago, and it seems that he has found the Luo Clan family of Mosha.

I have also sent a cultivator to explore, but that place is heavily guarded.

Many people have fallen, and there is no way to get close to half a minute. “

Qin Shujian’s expression moved.

Then looked at Immortal God below and asked indifferently: “Can you send True Immortal to investigate?”

“Not currently available.”

The Immortal God shook his head, and then explained: “There is a Demon King-level guardian there. I can’t make sure that there is a Demon Sovereign sitting in town.

In addition, the true immortal of the ten thousand races is precious, if one or two of them fall because of this, it will not be worthwhile. “

It would be too risky to send True Immortal in order to confirm if it is the Luo Clan territory of Mosha.

For the Celestial Court right now.

Any True Immortal is a very precious existence.

Unless a real war is set off, any True Immortal fall is to avoid this loss as much as possible.

“What about things?”

“Celestial Emperor, please have a look!”

The Immortal God handed in a jade talisman.

Qin Shujian waved his hand and smashed the jade talisman to read out the information contained in it.

The information contained in jade talisman is insignificant to him.

A moment of effort.

Qin Shujian completely absorbed and digested the jade talisman’s information.

“Yelves, as the Demon Sovereign of the Luo Clan clan of Mosha, where he sits should be the Luo Clan clan of Mosha. There is indeed no need to send True Immortal to explore.

I have written down the coordinates of this place. Is there any news coming from the Bakhdo clan and Jezo clan? “

Qin Shujian set his sights on the gods again.

See here.

The gods are all silent.

It is not easy to get the coordinates of a clan.

After all, the emptiness of Foreign Domain is too big, much bigger than Great Thousand Worlds.

In addition, Celestial Court has only opened up the Foreign Domain battlefield for only two or three years. There is no way to fully explore the Foreign Domain void.

Get the coordinates of all clans.

That is even more impossible.

Monster Sovereign cupped his hands and said: “reporting to Celestial Emperor, although we haven’t got the coordinates of the other two clans right now, we have locked a few positions.

There are powerhouse guards in those places, and many different human cultivators have fallen among them.

Nothing unexpected.

There must be two clans in those places.

If it is only fully verified, it will still take some time. “

“Try to find the other two clans, and at the same time inform the Foreign Domain on the battlefield, not to let the void demons take the opportunity to mix in, let the tens of thousands of races prepare for battle, and formally destroy the void demons clan within five years.”

Qin Shujian waved his hand and shouted loudly.

hearing this.

The expression changes.

It is undoubtedly a very difficult thing to destroy the Void Demon Clan in five years.

From the previous fights.

The strength of the Void Demon Clan is not weaker than Celestial Court.

If you really want to start the war completely, it is very likely that both sides suffer.

After the brief silence, Immortal God suddenly couldn’t help but speak: “reporting to Celestial Emperor, we will wipe out the Void Demon Clan in five years, I’m afraid it’s too aggressive.

The stars are full of power right now, and delaying time is good for me.

It’s better to wait for a while to be more sure. “

“Not bad.”

Yuehuang said slightly nodded, and said coldly: “The three major clans have a lot of powerhouses. If you really want to go to war, I will not be afraid of Celestial Court Immortal God, but the True Immortal of the ten thousand clans may fall a lot.

True Immortal falls too much, which is not good for us to contend against the Demon Abyss in the future. “

The other Immortal Gods did not speak, but the meaning is similar.

Celestial Court now has a certain advantage. As long as the time delays long enough, this advantage can be expanded.

The Demon Abyss is not a secret.

When Immortal God was exploring the void of Foreign Domain, he occasionally went into the scope of Devil Abyss, but he also retreated in time.

For the distance between Demon Abyss and Great Thousand Worlds.

They have a clear time estimate.

“To deal with the Void Demons, you don’t need to talk too much. I know in my heart that I will take action against the three major clans within five years, and there is not much time left for the ten thousand clans.

In addition, the heavenly soldiers should be cultivated as much as possible. I hope that when fighting the three major clans, I can see the heavenly soldiers play a sufficient role. “

Qin Shujian’s face is solemn and his tone is beyond doubt.

Within five years, all three clans must be settled.

At that time, Celestial Court can dominate the Foreign Domain void.

The rest.

It is the integration of power and the battle against Demon Abyss.

Seeing Qin Shujian’s resolute attitude, other Immortal Gods wanted to refute, but in the end they didn’t say anything.

“What happened to the stars and Star Core that I asked you to find?”

Qin Shujian turned around and said calmly.

He didn’t plan to talk more about the three major clans, and instead shifted the topic to the stars and Star Core.

hearing this.

The Emperor Zhao took the lead: “The minister went to the Foreign Domain Void this time and got three stars and five Star Cores.”

while speaking.

He waved his sleeves, and several stone balls floated in the air, towards Qin Shujian.

Qin Shujian reached out and took all the stone balls to the volley.

If you look carefully, you can find it.

On each stone ball, there is a powerful sealing force, and inside the stone ball, there is a vast energy looming.


Qin Shujian collected all the stone balls into the Investment of the Gods.

The stone ball enters.

Investiture of the Gods trembled slightly.

The coercion that exists in itself has increased a lot.


After Emperor Zhao took out the stars and Star Core, the other gods also successively took out the stars and Star Core and handed them to Qin Shujian.

Soon, the Investiture of the Gods capacity reached a limit.