From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 780


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After putting away all the stars and Star Core.

Qin Shujian said: “The matter of collecting stars and Star Core cannot be delayed. Zhu Qing still can’t slack off and retreat!”

“I am waiting to retire!”

The gods bowed back.

Just as they left, Qin Shujian had risen from the throne and left the area of ​​Heavenly Palace directly.

Above Celestial Court.

The sun shines everywhere.

The Sanhua Sword is still there to absorb the power of the stars to nourish itself, and there is a strong coercion on the Heavenly Cycle Star map.

“Celestial Emperor!”

A cold greeting, without much mood swings.

For the arrival of Qin Shujian, Sanhua has long been no surprise.

Anyway, every once in a while, the other party will come back.

He also understands that Qin Shujian is completely in a stocking attitude towards himself.

In view of this.

Sanhua is also happy to sit here.

However, he also believes that Qin Shujian will not canonize himself for no reason. It definitely has its purpose.

There is no action right now, just because it is not yet the right time.

When the necessary moment comes, maybe you will understand the other party’s purpose.

At this moment.

Qin Shujian stands from Zhou Tian above the star map.

Investiture of the Gods opened, and all the sealed stars were released.

At the moment the stone ball appeared.

While he waved his hand, he used true essence to break all the seals on it.

The seal is broken.

Huge stars suddenly appeared in the void, and the terrifying pressure crushed the surrounding space into dust.

Don’t wait for the stars to fall.

Qin Shujian used true essence again to forcefully suppress all the stars.

It is different from Zhaohuang and the others in completely sealing the stars.

To absorb the power of the stars, the stars cannot be completely sealed, or even the Heavenly Cycle Star celestial chart, there is no way to absorb any power from the completely sealed stars.


Qin Shujian’s current method is simply to reduce the size of the stars.

He has become much stronger since the seeds of Heaven and Earth Rule increased.

Even hundreds of stars can be suppressed all at once.

I only saw all the suppressed stars, under the control of Qin Shujian, they headed towards the Heavenly Cycle Star below.

When importing the nodes of the Heavenly Cycle Star chart.

A rush of terrifying energy burst out suddenly.

hōng lóng lóng! !

The buzzing sound resounded in the Celestial Court grandiose.

The spreading power wiped out all the Heaven and Earth that was affected.


I saw the full-bodied starlight, which strikes down from the Heavenly Cycle Star celestial chart like a beam of light, instantly making Celestial Court seem to be bathed in Star River.

At that moment.

Celestial Court Immortal God has opened eyes, and when looking towards the scene of the Star River, there is an indelible shock in the eyes.

Even Chu Kuangtu and Niu Dali at this moment, their faces are extremely solemn.

“This kind of star power is comparable to the Celestial Court of the First Era!”

The Titan is inexplicable.

When I saw the scene like the Star River, the old memory was also lifted from the dust.

The first era.

is the most powerful era.

Because that was the beginning of the universe, all powerful beings respect the first era.

In that era, the Celestial Court can exist, then the power of the Celestial Court can be imagined.

When it was Peak.

Even at the dao fruit level, you have to bow your head when facing Celestial Court.

“Although the current star power cannot be compared with the Celestial Court in the era of Emperor Jun Taiyi, it is no weaker than the Celestial Court in the Haotian era.”

“Although Chenze Eryu’s approach is extreme, the benefits are obvious.”

“With this kind of stellar power irrigation, the powerhouse of the ten thousand races will surely spring up like bamboo shoots after the rain. I can also take this opportunity to try to hit the realm of the Seventh Immortal.”

Niu Dali secretly thought.

There were two Celestial Courts in the First Era. The first one was the Celestial Court established in the era of Emperor Jun Taiyi. It was also the most powerful Celestial Court in the First Era.

If it were not for many dao fruit-level factors, this most powerful Celestial Court would not collapse.

After the collapse of the first Celestial Court.

Only the second Celestial Court existed, and it was also the Celestial Court in the Haotian era.

Although the second Celestial Court is still strong, there is still a gap compared with the first Celestial Court.


This gap is relatively speaking.

Speaking of which seriously, the Celestial Court of the Haotian era is the strongest one compared to the Celestial Court of other eras.

In an era where there is no dao fruit.

A Celestial Court is comparable to the Haotian era in some respects, and it is indeed enough to make people applaud.


In the eyes of Niu Dali, the current strength of the stars is not the Peak of this Celestial Court.

When the 365 Heavenly Cycle Star is placed in the stars, it will be the real Peak.

At that time.

Even the Celestial Court in the era of Emperor Jun Taiyi, it’s just that’s all.

After all, it doesn’t matter what era or era it is.

It is still very rare to be able to extract the power of the stars unrestrainedly and completely regardless of the consequences, like the current era.

It just so happens that this era is the last chance.

It happens that the Celestial Emperor of this era is Qin Shujian.


In order to have such an extremely rare opportunity.

Retracting his gaze from Star River, Niu Dali also smiled on his face: “I really want to see how powerful the Celestial Court is comparable to the Celestial Court in the era of Emperor Jun Taiyi!”

In the first era.

He had only been to Celestial Court, and had no chance of cultivation there. For the terrifying stellar power, he could only look greedy.

Because of speaking of which.

The relationship between Taiqing Dao Zun and the strongest Celestial Court is not very good.

As the mount of Taiqing Dao Zun, Niu Dali did not have the opportunity to cultivate in that Celestial Court.

This matter.

It is also a pity for him.

A pity that didn’t really have Celestial Court cultivation in that era.

Over time.

Niu Dali also forgot about this matter.

Now that he saw Star River emerge, he remembered the matter again.

Niu Dali has a hunch.

The little regrets of the first era may be made up in this era.

The chaotic thoughts gradually subsided.

Niu vigorously re-sinks his mind and draws on the cultivation of stars.

In the palace, there is an Azure Ox lying on his side, breathing the powerful Dao Rhyme flowing.

When breathing, there is also a regular river flowing, which sets off the cow’s vigor.

If you look carefully.

The broken rule can be found, and it is now being repaired little by little.

The repair and extension of every trace of cracks can make Niu Dali’s breath rich.

oh la la!

From time to time, there are waves in the river, and a faint sound is heard.

The whole temple has undergone some subtle changes under the scouring of the long river of rules.

The whole process.

There is not much movement, everything is in unnoticeable influence, and there are changes that idlers don’t know.