From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 866


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Sunday in the Stars Great Array.

The Celestial Emperor clock and the Heavenspan mirror vibrated crazily, and the sound of the clock matched the yellow light, perfectly confining the Beast Emperor in place.

The great mill of destroying the world is to destroy everything. The fleshy body, which is as strong as a half-step dao fruit, can only fall apart.

The Beast King roars unwillingly, but there is nothing to do.

The longer it stays in the array, the weaker it becomes.

Especially the suppression of the Great Moment of Destruction, every time it can wipe out part of the power of the Beast King.

The emperor of the Star Beast clan who had been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years and awakened, finally came to an end.


The void wailed, the Beast Emperor was suppressed by the Great Moment of Destruction, the fleshy body was wiped out little by little, and it was the critical point of fall.

“Celestial Emperor, hurry, let me make up the knife!”

The slaughter sword watching the battle made an urgent sound.

Half a step dao fruit!

That is the powerhouse of dao fruit!

If he can kill the opponent, then he can definitely survive the seventh catastrophe.

After all, the energy contained in a half-step dao fruit is not comparable to 3rd-layer True Immortal.

The Slaughter Knife is not far from Transcending Tribulation. Now if it can draw on the power of the Beast King, Transcending Tribulation is a hundred percent thing.


Without him speaking, Qin Shujian had already planned.

“Wait, don’t worry.”

Although the Beast Emperor seems to be not far from death right now.

But at this level of powerhouse, the dying state does not mean that you are really waiting for death.

He can be sure.

Once Formation is withdrawn, then the Beast King will definitely have an outbreak.

The proper method now is to maintain the Formation, continue to consume the opponent’s strength, and when it really reaches the limit, let the Slaughter Sword to make up for the last time.

At this time.

In the Stars Great Array, the forces of yin and yang are intertwined to form the great mill of exterminating the world, constantly obliterating the power of the beast king.

That powerful fleshy body broke apart in the Great Moment of Destruction, and then it was healed by a new force, and after healing, it cracked again.

Just keep going back and forth.

Time passed by.


Qin Shujian waved away the Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu, as did the other two Supreme Treasures.

Immediately afterwards, he held the God Slaughter Knife in one hand, and it was already moved towards the dying Beast King to attack.


Sword Gang suddenly blasted out of the sky, cutting away the lonely void, and the edge of the Six Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers was completely revealed.

When the stone blade fell.

The endless killing intent condenses into a terrifying Demon God, which is roared in the sky.

“roar! !”

Faced with the threat of the ancestor soldiers, the Beast Emperor roared unwillingly, with anger and panic in his voice.


For any creature, it will feel terrified.

The emperor who is stronger than the star beast clan, now facing death, will instinctively produce fear in his heart.


The star beast in front of me, no matter what, is also a family of emperors.

When I realized that I didn’t have the possibility of avoiding it, the fierceness hidden in my heart was also completely aroused.

In the cracked fleshy body, the blood like the Star River bursts like a river.

But it didn’t care at all, the huge fist suddenly strikes out, and the Wushuang imposing manner shakes the void.


The rules of the void hum, and it seems that there is a mother river present.

This is the rule resonance that arose after the power became strong to a certain extent.


Qin Shu’s Sword God looked cold and uttered a soft drink. The mysterious power acted on the stone blade, and it crashed down.

The void collapsed.

Separated flesh and blood.

An arrow at the end of its flight, under such an offensive, the beast king was stone blade divided into two directly, and the remnants of millions of feet scattered into the void.

Not only that.

The terrifying killing turned into a powerful sword intent, wiping out the idea of ​​the beast king.


The Beast King is the existence of half-step dao fruit, and the mind is close to the point of Undying and Inextinguishable. Even if the body is split, there is a tendency to heal again.

About this.

Qin Shujian had already prepared.

I saw Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu flying up in the sky, directly suppressing a piece of Beast Emperor’s remains.


The Celestial Emperor clock and the Heavenspan mirror flew up again, and forcibly suppressed another remnant.

The Slaughter God Blade is as if it is a masterpiece, that is, flying towards one of the remnants, to draw the strength of the opponent.

After doing these things, Qin Shujian did not stop, but divine sense spread out, looking for something on the two remains of the Beast Emperor.

Half loudly.

He reached out with one hand, true essence condense shot out with a palm volley, and landed on the remains of Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu suppressed.

Then immersed in it, and then grabbed it out.

A colorful Star Core was just grabbed by Qin Shujian.

“Half-step dao fruit level Star Core!”

Looking at the Star Core in his hand, there was brilliance in his eyes.

Star Core at other levels is simply not comparable to Star Core at half-step dao fruit.

Speak bluntly.

The Star Core in front of me alone is stronger than all the Star Cores in the Heavenly Cycle Star celestial chart.

Just integrate the Star Core in your hand into the Heavenly Cycle Star chart.

Qin Shujian believes.

Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu’s level can at least break through the upper level of the Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, which is still a conservative estimate.

If the Star Core of this Beast King is strong enough, then Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu can be promoted 100% to become Peak’s Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.

“You can really be promoted to the Peak Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers, then the remaining Star Core will be integrated, Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu will have the opportunity to be promoted to a level comparable to the Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers!”

Qin Shujian’s eyes flickered, and his heart couldn’t help being excited.

If you really want to breakthrough to the level of the ancestors of the Nine Tribulations, then the Zhoutian Stars Great Array arranged by the Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu has the qualification to break the wrist with Dao Fruit.

Regardless of the era.

Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers are Supreme Treasures that cannot be ignored.

Strong as dao fruit powerhouse, they will fight for a piece of Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldier.

In the third era.

In his hand, there is only one Nine Tribulations Ancestral Soldier.


The Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldier was completely destroyed when it fell in the Third Age.

So far.

Qin Shujian didn’t have any of the ancestor soldiers of the Nine Tribulations.

The Sanhua that exists in Celestial Court is not considered his own Supreme Treasure.

Because Sanhua is the Divine Weapon of the sword master.

Even if it belongs to me now, but it doesn’t represent me, I can give full play to the formidable power of Divine Weapon.

Without a couple of hundreds of thousands of years, there is simply no possibility of inter-mind.

More on that.

Qin Shujian is not too cold for long sword. No matter what era he uses more knives, or just fists, he doesn’t dabble with sword dao.

“Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu wants to be promoted to the Ancestral Soldier of the Nine Tribulations, then in this era, I am the real boss. No matter what your background, it is the dragon or the tiger that must be obediently and honestly.”

He hasn’t forgotten that in several other player worlds, there are powerhouses in the first few epochs.


The threat of Demon Abyss has not been resolved.

One more Supreme Treasure will give you more confidence.