From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 867


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All the clans of the Void Demons have been destroyed, and the remaining Void Demons are almost extinct.

Even if there is some a fish that escaped the net, it can’t make any waves.

Celestial Court’s next threat.

It’s the Demon Abyss that keeps approaching.

For Demon Abyss.

Qin Shujian still has great fear in his heart.

Because Moyuan is a derivation of the fleshy body of dao fruit, there is more than one half-step dao fruit in it, maybe there is a backhand left by the fallen dao fruit.

From which perspective.

The Demon Abyss is a hard bone.


The Demon Abyss had a glorious record of destroying the Ancient Celestial Court millions of years ago. From the first battle in the ancient times, we can see how powerful Demon Abyss is.

Qin Shujian has great confidence in his own strength.

Be confident again.

I dare not say that I can kill Demon Abyss 100%.


As long as Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu really rises to the level of the Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, then he can face the Demon Abyss just and honorable, and even fight the Demon Abyss obediently called father.

This is the confidence brought by strength.

Thinking about it.

Qin Shujian directly integrated the Star Core in his hand into the Heavenly Cycle Star celestial chart.

After Star Core touched the formation, it seemed like a rock fell gently into the water, and after a slight wave, it sank completely.

It didn’t take long.

Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu vibrates.

A powerful breath rose from the formation.

The breath lasted for a long time, and then it gradually fell silent. Then, there was bright light on the array, and even the phantom of Star River running through the sky.


The phantom of Star River running through the sky disappeared, and a terrifying star beast phantom appeared instead.

If you look carefully, you can see that the star beast is exactly similar to the beast king in front.

Various natural phenomena appeared and then disappeared.

But the aura on the formation map became stronger and horizontal, the repressed Beast Emperor’s remnant body had no resistance, and the remaining thoughts were consumed more quickly.

Also from when the Zhou Tian star map natural phenomenon disappeared.

Qin Shujian’s face showed joy: “Peak Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldier!”


Really promoted!

After seeing Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu, he was really promoted to Peak Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldier, he couldn’t help but ecstatic.

The background of the Beast King.

More powerful than Qin Shujian imagined.

After the ecstasy, he quickly calmed down.

“A half-step dao fruit beast core can promote the formation to the peak of the Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers because the Beast King is strong enough.

In fact, the existence of rules that can be inspired by its own power also has such a background.

It’s not for Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu to help, and I won’t be its opponent. “

Qin Shujian understood very well that he was not an opponent of the Beast King without the help of Divine Weapon.

Because of the strength of the Beast Emperor, it is really powerful.

With the fleshy body, the rules can be resonated, which is not something everyone can do.

Know it.

To inspire the resonance of the rules, you need to be strong enough to be qualified to touch the limits of the Foreign Domain.

Just like the Beast King.

Star Beast does not comprehend the rules, and only relies on fleshly body strength to pile itself into an unimaginable situation.

Speaking logically.

No matter how strong the star beast is, it is impossible to have anything to do with the rules.

However, after being strong enough to the Beast King, even if he fails to understand the rules, he can still resonate with the rules by virtue of his strong strength.

That is, the Beast King does not understand the rules at all, nor does he understand how to borrow the power of the rules.


After attracting the resonance of the rules, the opponent is fully qualified to borrow the power of the rules of the Foreign Domain Void. At that time, the strength will be much improved.

All in all.

Qin Shujian was lucky to be able to kill the Beast Emperor.

The other side.

The Slaughter Blade has already absorbed the power of the remnant body.

When the power was completely absorbed, the thoughts on the residual body were also exhausted, and eventually disappeared.

At this time.

in the sky there is Heavenly Tribulation.

Just absorbed half of the remaining power of the Beast Emperor, the Slaughter Blade broke the critical point of Transcending Tribulation.

“Celestial Emperor, I want Transcending Tribulation–“

He didn’t finish his words.

Heavenly Tribulation crashed down.

Qin Shujian instantly put away the Celestial Emperor clock that suppressed the remnant body and the Heavenspan mirror, and then moved the Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu and its suppressed remnant away, and he retreated at the same time.

Heavenly Tribulation does not distinguish between friends and foes.

Either breakthrough dao fruit realm, you can be unafraid of Heavenly Tribulation, or you can retreat obediently.


Heavenly Tribulation is coming, strikes are on the stone blade, and the rich lightning evolves into a sea of ​​thunder, mapping the dead and colorless void into purple blue.

Compared with the Heavenly Tribulation of the Six Tribulation Ancestor Soldiers, the Heavenly Tribulation of the Seven Tribulation Ancestor Soldiers is more than several times stronger.


The strength of the Seven Tribulations Ancestor Soldier is also destined to be much stronger than the Six Tribulations Ancestral Soldier.

Watching Heavenly Tribulation fall.

Qin Shujian’s face is inexplicable: “The Heavenly Tribulation of the Seven Tribulation Ancestor Soldiers has almost the formidable power of the 9th layer. The Heavenly Tribulation of the Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers is between the 9th layer fairy peak and Banbu Dao Fruit. .

However, the Heavenly Tribulation of the Nine Tribulations Ancestor Soldiers, even if they are not at the dao fruit level, are not too far apart.

Heavenly Tribulation at this level, Transcending Tribulation is not generally difficult to succeed. It’s no wonder that until now, there have been no ancestor soldiers above the seven calamities in this era. “

The strength of the ancestor soldiers is magical.

But because of the magical power of the ancestors, the Heavenly Tribulation experienced is also extremely powerful.

Don’t look at the Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu, it is already the Eight Tribulations Ancestor Soldier comparable to Peak, but in fact, it is essentially different from the real Ancestral Soldier.

In short.

The player will really die even if he is beheaded by the Ancestor Soldier.

But if the player is beheaded by Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu, they will not really die.

The difference lies in the power of faith.

In other words.

Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu has no way to reach the real level, no matter how powerful it is, unless there is some chance.

For example, the power of faith.

For example, to get real power.

But neither kind of power is so easy to obtain. The power of faith alone cannot be accomplished in a short time.

The formation of an ancestral soldier.

To say less, it is calculated in ten thousand years.

Unless it is the two-sided stone tablet that can be regarded as wholeheartedly by a family of Qianyuanjie, otherwise there is no way to transform to the real ancestral soldier level in a short time.

In terms of real power, let alone.

Even Qin Shujian now doesn’t know much about true power.

The only true power.

It is the broken red lotus that was derived by borrowing real power when the Third Age was moving from death to life.

Except for this.

No extra means.

Although so, but also not to say, Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu is useless at all.

“When it comes to the real level, Heavenly Cycle Star Chentu is not effective, but whether it is dealing with Moyuan or other world powerhouses, it has nothing to do with the real level.

As long as this Supreme Treasure is in hand, it is enough. “