From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 952

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is not enough.

After listening to Qin Shujian, the Nodded is busy.

“Good, as long as you can leave this ghost place, I don’t betray!”

he is full!

The silence in Tianyuan, even if it is a strong existence, there is no way to endure.

As long as you can go out.

What is the price, it is not a problem.

see this.

Qin Shujian once again took the Summon of the Subway, and cut off the hazard chain of the sealed yin.

The unique lock chain crack.

The imposing manner of Yin, suddenly rising.


The horrible imposing manner is like a wave, and the moment is full of Tianyuan.

This moment.

Tianyuan sky-over color change, black-compressed dark cloud collection, letting Western State’s honesty have a layer of vying for a shadow.


Imposing Manner has not last long, gradually silence.

Tianyuan deep.

The giant beast body of the vicinity is narrowed with the speed of the naked eye, and it is transformed into human form.

Dashing Eyebrows Stars, a White CLOTHED, is like a beautiful young master.

see this.

Qin Shu Jian’s mouth is slightly twitching.

Compared with the smashing of the smaller and smashing, the brightness of YOUNG MASTER scholar is all at all.

is hard to imagine.

A horrible Giant Beast will eventually illusion.

Yin up and down, then Looked Towards Qin Shu Jian asked: “How, I should not have any questions, I have lost a lot of ginseng in Tianyuan, I’m going to eat. This is the best. “

“Well – good.”

Qin Shu Jian Nodded, gives a pertinent evaluation.

then takes out the Investiture of The Gods.

“Today, you are a big star!”


Tianstrooms are blessing, while in Investiture Of The gods is also the name of the yin.

Get two and a half step Dao Fruit, directly letting Investiture of The Gods have changed to the Baby ancestors Level.

Just for Qin Shujian, a eight robbery can have no.

of course.

can be promoted, it is also a good thing.

If you have the opportunity to promote it, it is the nine robbery of Peak.

gain seal.

In the Yin’s mind, there are many messages directly.

After a long time, he blessed: “Chen has seen Celestial Emperor!”

“The” 宇 锁 chain has been broken, you have to have the Heaven Sealing Tribun, now you can leave the seal, follow the words to the heavens. “

After that, the Qin Shujian stepped up and left the Tianyuan.

The remaining yang has a look at the eyes, and it will leave the Tianyuan together.

just left the Tianyuan.

I feel that when I have a haze that is in my countless years, I finally disappear without a trace.

a happy feeling, from Deep in One’s Heart, let him laugh.

“hahaha !!

The sound is like thunder, and it has attracted thousands of mountains, and the river is broken.


Qin Shu’s sword is sinking, and Coldly Shouted has a sound.

There is an instant.

All Natural Phenomenon is disappeared.

I only see him step by step, I came directly to the overhead, cold voice warned: “Great thousand worlds is fragile, withstanding hard, remember, remember, do not vent your own power.

Once this is done, it will definitely cause a lot of casualties.

When I arrived, I wouldbeken it to go back. “


makes the yin cold sweat.

He hurriedly apologizes: “Chen just just a moment, I hope Celestial Emperor doesn’t want to see it -”

“understands the best.”

Qin Shujian stepped into the empty, the body disappeared directly in the original place, but in the same time, it was incorporated into the ear of the two.

“Hey, step back to heaven, you need to return to heaven in three days!”

“Xie Celestial Emperor!”

The two people look at the direction of Qin Shujian disappeared.

they know.

What is the use of two days for each other.

is nothing more than a long time to be sealed, so give three days to appreciate the scene’s all of Great Thousand Worlds.

turned over and looked at Tianyuan.

The scene around the clouded touths, the mild smile is exposed on the surface.

“It turned out that this is Great Thousand Worlds, it is really colorful, with Tianyuan is completely different.”

Since the birth of Spiritual Wisdom, he was sealed in the depths of Tianyuan.

until now.

has the opportunity to break the seal and come out from Tianyuan.

Although there is no life in the Great Thousand Worlds area in Tianyuan, there is no life in the je eye, it is already satisfied with him.

“Yeah, this is Great Thousand Worlds!”

Yang is also SIGHED.

If some choice, he would rather give the CultiVation Base, I would rather INCARNATION.


It doesn’t have to be sealed in the depth of death in the depths of death.

recalls the ban on the years.

Yang is Shook the head.

The past is unbearable, and then That Many is not necessary.

Qin Shu Jian has returned to heaven.

Sea of ​​consciousness.

I can’t help but ask: “Celestial emperor, you will let them go in the four major rules, will it lead to any mess?”

For yin and Yangyang, he is not much confidence.

Both were sealed for many years, and it was sealed to the psychological metamorphosis.

Two and a half step Dao Fruit If it is crazy, then the consequences of unimaginable.

“Don’t do it, they will not do.”

Qin Shu Sword GOD color is often, there is a touch of smile on the face.

“The seal of countless years, let them fear death SEA TERRITORY with Tianyuan, now it is rare to release the seal, realize the beauty of Great Thousand Worlds, naturally will not be willing to go back to the place, Forever is treated.

If you don’t want to go back, they have to act in accordance with the rules. “

What is a rule.

If he Qin Celestial Emperor said, it is a rule.

Qin Shujian believes that the yin and Yang will not think about it.


They really have no chance to come out.

Both are all of Heaven and Earth Rule, for Great Thousand Worlds, even if the two really make anything, Qin Shujian will not smoke the two.

can not be obliterated.

does not represent can’t seal.

For both, the seal returns, often more than TERRIFYING.

Back to Heavenly Palace, Qin Shujian is a heart god and observing the changes in Inner WORLD.

Although he has become Dao Fruit now, it is endless, Breakthrough Dao Fruit Realm, does not mean to CultiVation.


It is now its own strength.

Qin Shujian does not dare to say, you are Number One Person in Dao Fruit.

So obsessed with the changes in Inner World, it is the main thing to make itself a steady improvement.

Just three days.

Yinheyang will leave from four large continents and go to Tianstroom.