From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 953

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God Stand in Great Numbers.

All IMMORTAL GOD is coming together, and the atmosphere is uneven.


IMMORTAL GOD has fallen over the two people in front.

a White CLOTHED scholar, one is a burly Robust Man.

From the surface, the two look flat, but all IMMORTAL GODs are very clear, they are the Taimin Star of Tianding, and the Supreme Sun Star.

In addition.

There is still a more powerful identity.

that is the existence of Tianyuan and death Sea Territory.

The two self-emptiness derived, the birth of SuPreme EXISTENCE has been born.

Theory and age.

All IMMORTAL GODs in the field are not enough for one of one of them.

If you say it, the two are seal in the death of Sea Territory with Tianyuan, but it does not represent the occasion, even if it is an old news, they can know the little bit.

I am afraid that I get the Zhao Emperor of Tiande, there is a lot more than two people.

Even if the Hao Cang is a depths of the sky.

can only be somewhat.

“Didn’t Expect CeleStial Emperor, I have taken them!”

The position of the four-pole War god, Xiao Ranfeng is also very complicated.

For the two Danger Land’s Terrifying Existence, he has always been a jealous.


The two are the false ideas in the heart of Xiao Range.

can be said.

He has never thought about it. He will be with such powerhouse as an official.

can only say that World changes are too fast, and you can’t keep up with yourself.

Qin Shu Jian said: “The day before the date will seall the Taiyin star, the Supreme Sun Star is the two gods. I believe that Zhu Qing is not strange for both, and the Taiyin Star is the Lord of Tianyuan – Yin

The Supreme Sun Star is the Lord of the Death Sea Territory – Yang! “

“I have a colleague!”

Yang out, turn it back to many Immortal God arched.

see this.

Those Immortal God is busy and arched.

“Supreme Sun Star is welcome.”

“See the SuPreme Sun Star -”


Don’t look at the guests in front of you, but they are very clear, as the hegemon of the death Sea Territory, the yang is polite, and the inner heart is as good as the antite.

If he angered him, he didn’t know how to die.

True Immortal is stronger.

facing the Powerhouse of a half-step Dao Fruit, is also qualified for any counterfeit.

Don’t say it.

True Immortal in the field, no one is a 3rd-layer level, really anger a half step Dao Fruit, Celestial Emperor is still still still, if it is Celestial Emperor no longer troublesome.

I know each other, and Yang finally returned.

is followed.

Yin is also listed, arched Said with a smile: “I am, I am too yin, I have seen all the same, I have left some things, but I won’t go back to Tianyuan. If you are interested, you can go there.

As long as you get anything, I will give it to you. “

Today’s yin.

I am completely ill, I am really like a gentleman.

“See too much”! “

“Taiyin Star Lord -”

Those Immortal god is as if the same is true.

can be different, and in their minds, they are recalling those words whose clouds.

is indeed.

Tianyuan has countless years, and to say that there is no Powerhouse to generate curiosity for Tianyuan, that is Impossible.

Those PowerHouse entered the Tianyuan, how is the consequences? Naturally, you don’t have to say more.

has been in countless years.

Powerhouse in Tianyuan is definitely a few.

In those fallen Powerhouse, what is going to say in Tianyuan, nor is the impossible thing.

Yin as a half-step Dao Fruit, can’t see those things, can be in the general True Immortal, it is definitely the list of SuPreme Treasure.

is refunded by 10,000 steps.

I am afraid that there is no supreme treasure.

The Tianyuan Equivalent To is the Yin Dow, a half-step Dao Fruit stays in the past few years of the past, even if it is a Dao Rhyme, for True Immortal, it is unpailed Treasure.

As long as the Comprehend can be one or two, it may be a realm of BREAKTHROUGH.

for a time.

Many Immortal Gods are in the heart of Tianyuan.

The past Tianyuan is the forbidden land of the human animal, that is because there is a yin.

Now the clouds leave Tianyuan, so it will become treasure.

When many Immortal god is different, Qin Shujian said: “Taiyin, the sun is two Star Lords, Zhu Qing is also aware, then there is no more.

The chairman, true purpose is to be the demon. “

Devil’s two words exit, all Immortal god is all in the face.

Even if there are two people in yin, the calm look also has some waves.

For them.

The virtue that makes Great Thousand Worlds is also a memory.

I can’t help but say: “CeleStial Emperor is intended to work with the devil? Speaking of Which, when the deceased Great Thousand Worlds, I also got some powerful atmosphere.

If you are trapped in Tianyuan, I want to have a good stayerhouse in the deceased.

Let them know, I Great Thousand Worlds, nor is it made by his devil! ”

said final.

Coldly Snorted of the negative weight.

Devine invading Great Thousand Worlds, he is also clear, because there is still the evil magic into Tianyuan, the last result is naturally a diet.

as a halfouhouse of a half-step Dao Fruit.

Yin confident yourself except for Heavenly Dao, not fear of any existence, of course, now add a Qin Shujian.


If he is not trapped in Tianyuan, he will take a long time.


Yang is also slightly slightly nodded: “At that time, I was also sealed in death Sea Territory, so there was no way to shoot, but at that time, there was also the evil to death. Sea territory ravaged, causing a lot of Ominous Beast death.

Among them, it has broken into the depths of death.

It is worth mentioning that the taste of the evil demon is not very good. “

Say the problem of evil magic oysters, Yang Shook The Head, there is a disgust on the face.

In his life, the taste of the evil demon is the worst.

hearing this.

All Immortal God is speechless.

With the evil magic in front of them, just a problem.

is not.

The strength of the two, they are indeed qualified to say this.

On the other side, Xiao Rong is slightly pondering.

He is also thinking about something, if millions of years ago, two banned PowerHouse can shoot, and the situation may not present a situation.

After all, two and a half step Dao Fruit can fully compensate for the shortage of Great Thousand Worlds half-step Dao Fruit.

The reason why the demon is strong.

In addition to the evil magic to a certain extent, the biggest advantage is the biggest advantage in the deceived Dao Fruit.

look at Great Thousand Worlds.

True to take it, only the ancient Celestial Emperor Qin Cang.

If you can add Yinheyang, then Great Thousand Worlds can also make three steps of Dao Fruit.


Whoever wins, no one is wrong.