From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 954

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I saw two people, and Qin Shujian did not refute anything.

has one saying.

two people as the INCARNATION of the Taichen Sun Rules, in the Great Thousand Worlds, in Great Thousand Worlds, the Powerhouse of Peak, unless the existence of the Dao Fruit level, otherwise one-to-one, very few Dao Fruit can contend.

Even if it is a gentle, such a DAO Fruit’s powerhouse, in the case of Same Realm, it is not 100% guaranteed, and it will be able to suppress two people.


If the two really can break out, maybe there is no demon.

Other do not say.

Single is the deceived Want to break the Great Thousand Worlds, then there is nothing possible.

Unless – the demon is still otherwise behind.

For example.

Devil has more steps, or there is also the possibility of breaking Great Thousand Worlds.

is not.

If the two can shoot, the top is also a counterweight.

If you cannot leave Great Thousand Worlds, they also attacked Went Into Devil Abyss.

is this.

The devil is also equal to Innate, which is in an invincible place.

Wait until the two people boasting a wave in front of the Immortal GOD, Qin Shujian said: “I have said before, more than a year, my Tiand is going to attack the devil.

It is now calculated that time, the year is coming soon.

I don’t know how to Cultivator, who is prepared? “


Showing Queen, arched by his hand replied: “Reporting to CeleStial Emperor, Human Race is ready, you can play at any time!”

“Reporting to CeleStial Emperor, Demon Race!”

“Reporting to CeleStial Emperor, Monster Race is already ready!”

“Reporting to CeleStial Emperor, Month -”

Ammortal GOD is listed, and there is a voice of the throwing.

Fighting the Devore.

is their Until Now idea.

Million years ago, when the Manda was the most prosperous, the devil collided with Great Thousand Worlds, eventually made Great Thousand Worlds.

That battle.

on the ancient celestial court, the Wancha Powerhouse is almost injured.

This is blood enmissions, can be in Bloodline, even if the years have passed, there is no way to raise the blood fence.

Any thousands of Powerhouse, I hope to have a sacrifice to fight the demon, wash the shame of millions of years ago.

is only a powerful devil, and it is still in a full-time and defeated. The wanner fading is not possible.

until now.

There is a new Celestial Emperor, re-lead the rising of the million people, they have the bottom to declare war.

especially now.

Death Sea Territory with the Tianyuan two-formous Powerhouse, is taken to Qin Shujian, and it is classified into heavens.

Don’t say it.

Qin Shu Jian himself, it has become THROUGH limits, becoming this era First Dao Fruit Powerhouse.

Now the strength of the sky, completely exceeds Ancient ERA.

is not.

is more simple to be more simple.

If you seriously calculate it, it is entirely rolling for ancient CeleStial Court.

The power of heavens.

creates powerful confidence to the Male Cultivator.

looks at the reaction of the Immortal GOD below, and Qin Shujian satisfied with Nodded.

“Since Zhu Qing is already prepared, then the dayful belongs are officially started, and the battle is in the demon.

At the same time, the Foreign Domain battlefield is once again enabled, as a rear supply point for my tianeau to fight the devil.

This battle will also restart the Merit Points exchange system, and you will refine a group of Treasure, which is specially used to include the evil Demonic Energy, and will get the corresponding Merit Points. ”


Suddenly there is Immortal God to ask: “Dare to ask Celestial Emperor, evil magic unless you use ancestors to kill, now many people don’t have a ancestor in hand, how should I completely kill the evil magic?” /P>

There is no way to truly kill the evil spirits, how can you get Merit Points.

is the same.

There is no way to kill the evil magic, then attack the devil, the discount will inevitably increase.

hearing this.

Qin Shujian laugh: “There is no undying and INEXTINGUISHABLE in the world, this is the rule, no life can be violated, the evil undying and INEXTINGUISHABLE is because of the demon.

Any one of the evil spirits. When you are born from the deceived, there will be a True Spirit to stay in the demon.

Whenever there is a evil magic, the magic is consumed, borrowing the traces of True Spirit, resurrecting the evil magic. “

“Isn’t that the same as Investiture of the gods?”

There is an Immortal God Face Changed.

From the words of Qin Shujian, they can listen, the principle of the evil demon undyying and inextinguishable, just is exactly the same as Investiture Of the gods.

All IMMORTAL GODs on the list will be left with a True Spirit on the list.

As long as it is not completely fallen, it is able to borrow True Spirit rebirth.

I heard this sentence, the other Immortal God is also an earthquake.

I didn’t put the principles of Investiture of The Gods together with the demon, after all, no one would want to think about it.

After you wake up, they found that IMMORTAL GOD in Investiture of The gods, the evil demon in the demon, is like that.

Qin Shujian Nodded: “Yes, just like Investiture of the gods, you can see the magician to make a large Investiture of The gods, all the evil spirits are the name of the name in the demon. “

“,” but – “

“There is a little you need to know, you have said before, no life can be undying and inextinguishable, as Belle, etc. in Investiture of the gods, is also true undying and inextinguishable.

When you have a day, when you get a big limit, you will be resended in Investiture of the gods, you have no way to rebirth.

In addition, there is another thing that once the power of Investiture of the gods is exhausted, you have no way to rebirth. “

is here.

Qin Shujian Paused, then open.

“The same truth, the way to kill the evil demon has three kinds, First, First, the power of use ancestors, the power of faith is surpassing everything, naturally the evil magic can be used.

Second is the Demon God monument of the desert, the Demon God monument is the existence of the mainly included True Spirit.

As long as the Demon god is broken, then all the evil demon will lose the ability to rebirth.

third, that is, the killing, continuous repeat, etc. “

first method is almost a known person.

of the second method, only a few people know that than the side said Xiao Range.

As for the Third method, it is unheard-of to all IMMORTAL GODs.

After all, kill the evil magic and not easy, plus the evil magic in the demon, no one can catch a demon to repeatedly kill.


They are not clear at all. It turns out that there is too much to kill a evil killing, and it can really kill a demon.

heard here.

Xiao Biao Feng Zong asked: “Dare to ask Celestial Emperor how many times will kill a evil magic, can it make it really fall?”

Other Immortal God Hearing this is erected.

Qin Shu Jian sinks, and finally said.

“may kill a hundred and eighty times!”