From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS Chapter 955

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150 times!

All IMMORTAL GOD is completely speechless.

Kill it is still not easy, if you kill a hundred and eighty times, then you don’t have to say it.

may not kill the evil magic for a hundred and eighty times, it will be killed by the evil magic.

see this.

Qin Sword is also said with a smile: “Perhaps you don’t have to kill hundreds of That Many, if the evil magic is fallen in a lot of money, the power of the demon of the demon will also increase significantly.

At that time, there is no need to kill the evil magic too many times, you can make some evil demon completely fall. “

The power of the devil is still relatively abundant, and there will be a limit.

Once the power is exhausted.

The rumors of the evil demon undying and inextinguishable is a joke.

These things, the Qin Shujian is unclear, only after awakening the Huihu.


In his Breakthrough Dao Fruit, he also deliberately glanced at the magic, and the clues were naturally taking their own eyes.

The weakness of the demon.

Qin Shu Jian is clear.


he also said to the emperor, calm: “The devil gap between Eastern Part Continent, Zhongyuan Emperor will not use it, there is a town in Tianship, the demonic energy of the demon is not qualified to invade Eastern Part Continent.

Da Zhaobu’s decentralized devil gap is so many years, it is also laborious.

Waiting for this battle, he has a self-discipline. “

“Don’t dare, this is Human Race should do.”

Zha Emperor does not live proud, just simply back.

see this.

Qin Shujian will no longer say anything.

But the other Immortal God is a quirky lookards of the eyes.

If it is not the Qin Shu Jian, they don’t know, the original Eastern Part Continent has suppressed the gap of the demon.

“I will give the Wancha for three days, in the FOREIGN DOMAIN battlefield, I will open the channel in the deceived, for the Wancha Cultivator to enter, officially fight the devil.”

Qin Shu Sword God love, it is a big hand.


“Chen et al.” “

Many Immortal Gods are greeted.

Eastern Part Continent, Da Zhao Imperial City.

Among a cave, Zhaohuang came here again.

The stone gun in the formation is also immediately discovered his arrival.

“Human SoveReign how come today?”

The stone tone is a certain weird. In the past ten years old, it will not come here once, but it is frequent.

Although he is strange, there is no more imperative, but then said.

“Speaking of Which, recent Demonic Energy seems to be reduced, and I can’t suppress it.”

looks at the stone gun.

Slightly Smiled: “After three days, Tianstrition will formally declare war, my Human Race will also be used as a pioneer, fight the magic.”

“Fighting the Devil!”

The stone gun is dramatic, and for the words of Zhaofeng, it can’t believe it.

“Human SoveReign means that HUMAN RACE should officially attack the devil?”

After the vibration is over.

The stone gun is so quiet.

“The strength of the devil is very strong, Ancient ERA Tianship is not qualified to compete, and will now attack the magic, will it be too radical?”

The magic is indeed a good thing, that means that Human Race is growing with heavens.

however –

If the heavens are missing the power of the magic, they will attack, and eventually make the Human Race loses heavy, that is not what he wants to see.

“Hahaha, I finally born, he will fight the battle!”

angry Roar, more like some vow.

is followed.

The stone gun is flying in the sky, and a strong shot is shot, and the Thunder is destroyed. It is not entered into the clouds.

and in the moment of robbery.

On the stone gun, there is a powerful breath.

“There is also a six robbery to born!”

Among the Employe War God Palace, there is no name.

The six robbery is in the past, just like Rare Treasure, now is like the spring bamboo shoots, and it is born.

The other side, Breaking Heaven Halberd tone is quirky.

“That Aura seems to be a bit familiar -”

After that, he will be silent.

for a long time.

Breaking Heaven Halberd suddenly woke up, the tone became stunned: “That is the breath of the robbery, the tens of thousands of robes have been born!”

万 劫!

is the most powerful ancestor of the past Human Race, no one.

As early as a hundred thousand years ago, the talented gun is already a five robbery.

According to his understanding from the demons return, the 10,000 years ago, it is completely disappeared, and I don’t know if it is falling in Heavenly Tribulation, or being sealed at some place.

for a long time.

Breaking Heaven Halberd has forgotten this.

is now –

I have disappeared a long-awaited, I have reappeared.

For him, this news is not a general shock.

Xiao Rong is also a brow, and looks the direction of the Heavenly Tribulation source.

“万 劫 枪 出, Heavenly Tribulation comes from Eastern Part Continent, is it Possible Thato is in Human Race in Human Race?”