Full Level Boss Also Needs To Work Hard Chapter 530


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At this time, Bai Xiao has already walked to Jing Pu. After hearing what Jing Pu said, she looked at the ruby, and then shook the head and said:

“No, but to break this ruby ​​so that the stone gate will open.”

Smash the ruby?

Is the stone gate opened?

What did you do just now? Why did you fly around? It seems that it has nothing to do with breaking this ruby.

Why not just bombard this ruby ​​and it’s over?

Jing Pu looked confused, but Jing Pu not at all asked.

Jing Pu knows that other people are not fools. This kind of answer that he can think of casually, would others not think of it?

This ruby ​​must not be broken by military force. It can only be broken by Lao Jun and Jincheng brushing some fancy things.

After all, people are not fools. Can this World be smart by themselves?

I am not very smart, so Jing Pu is only slightly nodded.

While Bai Xiao looked at Jing Pu’s puzzled look, she was a little helpless and smiled and said:

“Do you think we are stupid, why don’t you just fight this ruby?”

Jing Pu smiled and shrugged:

“That’s not true, because this ruby ​​military force can’t be broken, right?”

Bai Xiao nodded immediately:

“Yes, this ruby ​​is absolutely unbreakable. It can only be done in a special way. We just used that special method and the only way to solve this ruby, that… Otherwise, you cook first, and when you cook, we will tell you in detail?”

Jing Pu doesn’t know why this white night entire group is so anxious to eat now. It doesn’t matter if this group of Immortal Cultivator hasn’t eaten a meal for more than ten years. Why is this meal today?

Jing Pu didn’t say anything. Eating is indeed a major event for him. Immediately after Jing Pu is nodded, he starts to pick up things and start cooking.

The Gu Xinran entire group, who was lucky with True Qi to meditate before, also came to help.

With these people, Jing Pu can still cook quickly.

While Jing Pu was cooking, Bai Xiao also talked about the mystery in the cave.

Jing Pu was busy cooking, and he didn’t listen very carefully. He only listened to a rough idea.

The general idea is to let all the power of the inscription in the stone gate converge on the ruby.

Then use these forces to directly burst the ruby ​​from the inside, so that it can.

From the outside, using external force is absolutely impossible to break open.

As for how to do it, Bai Xiao said it too, and he said it carefully. Bai Xiao was also afraid that everyone would not understand it. In addition, she said a lot, very detailed.

However, even in the details, I understand that it is still a bit unclear for Jing Pu entire group.

After all, it was just saying, and everyone didn’t see anything with their own eyes, so I didn’t understand it.

As for why the Baixiao entire group could see, Bai Xiao didn’t say about this, nor did Jing Pu entire group ask.

Everyone has everyone’s secrets. People don’t want to talk about it. Naturally, Jing Pu entire group will not ask more.

After all, everyone just followed the entire group of Baixiao to go to the treasure house. It was not for other purposes, nor was it to check the account. Naturally, there was no need to ask more.

It’s just that Bai Xiao has said a lot about how to clear the level, but Jing Pu heard something that he can understand.

That is what it says about Five Elements, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. When Bai Xiao was commanding Laojun and Jincheng just now, she kept saying that Jing Pu didn’t have it either. How to listen carefully, not to my heart.

While cooking, Bai Xiao said something like this, Jing Pu thought about it.

Suddenly he raised his eyebrows, and looked at Bai Xiao who helped beside him:

“Isn’t it okay to fire first and then soil?”

Bai Xiao at first didn’t realize what was going on.

After all, when Bai Xiao said these things, he didn’t mean that he wanted Jing Pu entire group to help and so on. Bai Xiao just felt that it was not good to keep everyone in the dark.

So just talk about it casually, anyway, I’m not busy now.

Bai Xiao didn’t react when Jing Pu suddenly said such a thing.

After Bai Xiao reacted, she still looked at Jing Pu in a daze:

“Fire first and then earth?”

Jing Pu looked at Bai Xiao, but slightly shrugged:

“Because I have studied Five Elements before. According to what you said earlier, I think it might be better to start with the fire first. Of course, I just talk about it casually. Just listen to it as a joke. “

After Jing Pu said, Bai Xiao was stunned.

To be honest, Bai Xiao doesn’t particularly believe in Jing Pu.

Even if you know that Jing Pu is a super powerhouse, Bai Xiao doesn’t believe in Jing Pu.

After all…what about this cracking a joke?

This Jing Pu didn’t even see what was going on. He just said casually and found a way to open the door?

Think about it with your heels. That’s impossible, right?

It’s just… Jing Pu’s method of “fire first, then earth”, Bai Xiao really thought about it before, and really wanted to do this, but I didn’t think it was possible, so I chose before The most conservative way.

After a while, Bai Xiao looked at Jing Pu in a daze:

“What then?”

Jing Pu then shrugged:

“Then there is water and gold, after the fire, and finally, wood.”

Listening to what Jing Pu said, Bai Xiao looked at Jing Pu with a dazed expression:

“Fire first, then earth? This is impossible. Fire represents anger, while earth represents resentment. How can these two forces be triggered twice? If they are triggered twice…”

Bai Xiao was a little dazed, deducing in her mind according to Jing Pu’s statement.

When Jing Pu listened to Bai Xiao’s words, he hurriedly smiled and waved his hand:

“I just said casually. I didn’t understand the grievances and anger and so on you said, but if you follow Five Elements, it’s like this. I’ll just say it casually, don’t take it to your heart Go.”

Jing Pu said so, saying don’t take it to heart, but the problem is that Bai Xiao has taken it to heart now.

Standing in place doesn’t help serving the plates or cutting vegetables anymore, but frowns is thinking about what Jing Pu just said.

As for Lao Jun, who was waiting for a meal next to him, Jincheng was a little confused.

These two people are really too anxious to eat. These two people are really going to squeeze the last bit of spirit strength out of their bodies just now. Now they are weak. They just wait for Jing Pu’s meal. .

But Bai Xiao suddenly stopped moving.

What makes the two people wonder what is Bai Xiao doing to Jing Pu?

I didn’t see this Jing Pu just now. I just said it casually, just like talking casually. Why should I go to my heart?

This is obviously wrong, right?

Of course, Lao Jun and Jincheng also admit that Jing Pu is an expert and a super powerhouse.

The two are not the kind of people who scold their mother when they are full.

Waiting to eat Jing Pu’s meal, two people admit that Jing Pu is very difficult to deal with.

But what was the situation just now, this Jing Pu couldn’t see it again, just casually nothing serious, why did Bai Xiao listen to it?

If this is right, then everyone will really twist their heads off.

And Bai Xiao is also thinking, because what Jing Pu said is really very, very nonsense, but the problem is, Bai Xiao thinks deeply about it. It seems that this matter is not that simple. .

What Jing Pu said, think about it, it seems that it is really the same thing.

However, Bai Xiao couldn’t completely comprehend what Jing Pu said, and now he only knows a little bit.

When Bai Xiao was thinking about it, Jing Pu had finished cooking, and everyone had already gone to eat next to him.

Jing Pu also called Bai Xiao, who was still thinking about it, to come over for dinner.

Eating and so on, Bai Xiao was still very active, and came over immediately. While eating, Bai Xiao was still thinking about the things Jing Pu just said.

Unconsciously, the meal was over soon.

The most important reason is that Laojun and Jincheng are two people, who are like starving ghosts and reincarnate.

The two men almost ate with their plates in the end.

Everyone didn’t say anything about the irregular appearance of these two people.

After all, people are the main force, and they have to eat enough before they can open the stone gate. It’s useless if you eat more.

After the meal is over.

Lao Jun and Jin Cheng touched their stomachs with satisfaction.

Before these two people looked like they were going to die, but now they are full of blood and resurrected.

After these two people finished eating, everyone looked at Bai Xiao.

At this time, where is Bai Xiao still thinking.

I don’t know when Bai Xiao finished the meal, and after the meal, I just sat there and thought and said nothing.

In the end, Laojun and Jincheng woke up Bai Xiao.

After Bai Xiao came back to his senses, the first thing she got up was to look at Jing Pu and said:

“I think the method you mentioned is still a bit unsatisfactory and a bit risky. I think we still have to follow our original method.”

After Bai Xiao’s words were finished, everyone looked confused.

This? ?

Jing Pu is also a little confused now, hasn’t this turned over yet?

Jing Pu has long forgotten, and even what he said just now, Jing Pu has forgotten.

This Bai Xiao is still thinking about it.

For this Bai Xiao’s statement, after Jing Pu was stunned for a while, he quickly nodded and said:

“Of course, of course, just follow your method. I just talked about it casually. Don’t take seriously.”

Jing Pu regrets a bit now, but he just said it casually.

While cooking, there was nothing to do. Everyone was chatting. Jing Pu happened to know Five Elements, so I just said something casually.

This Bai Xiao just kept remembering.

Good guys, if the method I just talked about doesn’t work, then when the time comes, the whole group of Baixiao has to rely on me?

After Bai Xiao heard what Jing Pu said, she slightly clicked:

“Then let’s continue.”

Jing Pu nodded, then the entire group of Bai Xiao went to the previous position again.

The Jing Pu entire group is not at all moving in situ, which is where the stone gate is.

It’s relatively spacious and everyone can sit together, unlike the entrance, which is very narrow.

Finally, Bai Xiao’s party began.

Just the same as before, first with Lao Junfei, and finally with Jincheng following Fei.

It’s just that, this time, there really seems to be something wrong.

Not half a minute after Na Lao Jun flew up, Na Lao Jun flew around in the sky while gritting his teeth:

“No way, this Five Elements has become stronger again, this thing will become stronger once you start it…”

After Lao Jun said this sentence, Lao Jun groaned, and in the next second, he fell from a high altitude.

But just like before, Lao Jun, who had that special ability, finally flew again.

However, everyone can see the current situation. This time, the situation is worse than the last time.

The last time, at least after this labor lasted for seven or eight minutes, then he said that he couldn’t do it.

But now, it has only been half a minute, and Lao Jun is already yelling.

This kind of people can’t see the situation and don’t know what the group of people are doing. They can only sit on the spot and worry, and can’t say anything.

Bai Xiao gritted her teeth and looked closely at Lao Jun in the sky.

After watching Lao Jun for a while, Bai Xiao immediately looked at Jin Chengdao next to him:

“Go help him!”

And Jincheng stood still and said with a dazed expression:


This Jin Chengyi ink mark, Bai Xiaodang turned his head and stared at Jin Chengdao:

“Don’t hurry up?!”

Following Bai Xiao’s beard blowing and staring, Jin Cheng flew up without a word.

But this time is really far worse than the last time.

The previous labor has been persistent for a long time, and Jin Chengcai went up to help.

This is only one minute, Jin Chenggong went up to help.

But, as just said, everyone can’t see or say anything, so they can only sit in the distance and say nothing.

But soon the failure came.

In other words, this failure is not unexpected. After all, even if you can’t see what happened, you can still see the difference between the second time and the first time.

Finally, Lao Jun and Jincheng, groaned together, fell from a high altitude moved towards below.

Fortunately, these two men are tough. After falling a few meters, they immediately stabilized their figure and prepared to rush up again.

It’s just that at this time, Bai Xiao suddenly yelled:

“Wait a minute!”

After Bai Xiao said this sentence, Lao Jun and Jin Cheng in midair both looked at Bai Xiao in a daze. What is this going to do?

Bai Xiao stood silent and didn’t speak.

But after Bai Xiao stood there thinking for a while, she took a deep breath as if she had made some important decision.

Finally, Bai Xiao looked up at Lao Jun and Jin Cheng in the sky above humanity:

“Fire first, then earth!”

When Bai Xiao’s words were finished, Lao Jun and Jin Cheng were a little confused.

Isn’t this just a sentence from someone casually?

And just when these two people were stupefied.

The white night below is immediately yelled:

“Hurry up!! First the fire and then the earth!!!”

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