Full Level Boss Also Needs To Work Hard Chapter 531


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With Bai Xiao’s yell, Lao Jun and Jin Cheng finally moved.

And Jing Pu was standing there with a bewildered expression, No way, he just said it casually.

Of course, to be precise, it’s not just talking casually. What Jing Pu said at the time was also true.

However, the problem is that Jing Pu doesn’t know what the Baixiao entire group is doing, nor does it see what Baixiao’s entire group sees. Jing Pu’s statement is just based on Five Elements’ speculation. .

Who knows, are these things made according to Five Elements?

What if it’s not?

Aren’t you just nonsense?

Now it’s not the turn of Jing Pu to come out and say anything. Don’t do that. Or, after a good discussion, think about it for yourself.

Because Laojun and Jincheng have already started, and after these two started, everything is too late.

Everyone just looked at Lao Jun and Jin Cheng in the sky, and looked at Bai Xiao standing below from time to time.

After all, everyone can’t see anything, only Bai Xiao’s face can see what is going on.

Soon, after Laojun and Jincheng flew two laps in the air.

Whether it is Bai Xiao, Lao Jun and Jin Sung, there are expressions of excitement on their faces.

And this expression appeared on Bai Xiao’s face.

Everyone was also taken aback, is it possible that ……

It really became? !


This Jing Pu obviously didn’t see the situation here just now, right?

Now everyone is looking at Jing Pu immediately. As expected, Jing Pu is now looking at in midair with a puzzled look like before. It simply doesn’t seem to be able to see what’s going on here.

Everyone is a little confused now.

And the expression of the entire group of Bai Xiao was excited, but everyone didn’t know whether it would happen or not. After all, Bai Xiao didn’t speak anymore.

While everyone was a little anxiously waiting, Bai Xiao suddenly looked at Lao Jun and Jin Cheng in mid-air with ecstasy and said:

“It turned out to be really right!!”

When Bai Xiao finished saying this, she repeated what Jing Pu had said before.

Be reasonable, just what Jing Pu just said casually. Now let Jing Pu speak out. Jing Pu must think carefully. Bai Xiao really listened to it just now.

The people on the side of Jing Pu are completely dumbfounded. It turned out to be true? ! !

This Jing Pu is the same as everyone just now. I didn’t see anything. Just like everyone else, just look at Bai Xiao’s expression here. Jing Pu knows how to open the stone gate? !

This… This is despite the fact that what Bai Xiao said just now was very detailed.

But those things are nothing serious after all. Have you seen them with your own eyes? ?

For Yun Qiyao entire group, it was just a shock, but soon, Yun Qiyao entire group came back to his senses.

Because after thinking about it, there seems to be no and so on. After all, the seniors have more things than this Divine Item, so what is this?

But for Gu Xinran entire group, this is really too terrifying.

Gu Xinran entire group Seeing Jing Pu now is like seeing a ghost.

Jing Pu naturally noticed the look in the Gu Xinran entire group’s eyes, and Jing Pu also knew how shocked Gu Xinran entire group was now.

But for the conscience of Heaven and Earth, Jing Pu just said it casually, but just said it according to the most basic things of Five Elements.

not at all I am really tempted to study what to think about, really just follow the most basic and casual talk.

It’s like something, it’s like someone is telling you that he ate hot pot today, and you said casually, spicy ones are better.

Basically, that’s what it meant, but Jing Pu was hit by just saying it casually. Jing Pu really didn’t expect it.

Jing Pu is also very helpless.

However, it works anyway.

Let’s not talk about anything else, this when the time comes can open this stone gate also has its own credit.

Jing Pu is not afraid of the usefulness of what he said. Jing Pu is afraid that what he said will not work. When the time comes, it will waste other people’s physical strength.

Then Jing Pu is really sad.

Soon, Lao Jun and Jin Cheng above are following Bai Xiao’s statement, or the statement of Jing Pu before, in progress.

And this time, it was so much smoother than the previous two times.

In the previous two 3 minutes, these two people will be very strenuous. Like the second time, it seems to be completely wrong. Then Laojun and Jincheng couldn’t hold on to one minute, so they were beaten directly. Down.

But it’s different now. Don’t mention how easy it is for Laojun and Jincheng. Then Bai Xiao below is also very happy to watch.

When the previous Bai Xiao arrived at this time, the brows on the forehead couldn’t be opened.

But now, Bai Xiao has even hummed a song.

Looking at this situation, in only five or six minutes, the stone gate was opened, right?

Everyone also let go of their hearts and turned to look at the stone gate behind them, ready to welcome the stone gate opening.

When everyone turned their heads to look at the stone gate behind them, they found the inscription on the stone gate behind them. I don’t know when it has already shined.

All these rays of light moved towards the ruby ​​below here.

And this ruby ​​is now also shining bright radiance. If you get close and put your ears next to this ruby, you can even hear the subtle and crisp sound from the ruby. The inside of this ruby ​​is disintegrating.

It seems that what Bai Xiao said before is really correct.

Just when everyone is ready and this thing will be done.

The in midair behind that suddenly heard a groan sound. As soon as this groaning sound appeared, the next second, there was another scream.

After hearing these two voices, everyone looked back with bewilderment.

I saw Kim Sung and Lao Jun falling from in midair.

After seeing this scene, everyone looked confused. What’s wrong?

Is it right?

Why did something happen again? ?

Just when everyone looked dumbfounded, the entire group of Baixiao looked like a ghost, looking at a corner of in midair and said:

“How is it possible! There is also a second round?!!!”

second round What does that mean? ?

Just when everyone looked dumbfounded, Bai Xiao immediately turned around and looked at Jing Pu not far away and quickly said:

“Master, the wheel is moving again, what is the second round?!!!”

At this time, Jing Pu stood there trying to curse.

Am I riding a horse? ?

How do I know what this second round is? ?

Jing Pu is standing here, and I can’t see what happened, even Jing Pu can’t even hear the sound.

Simply don’t know what and what, how did Jing Pu know what the second round is?

And Bai Xiao is now looking at Jing Pu with tears and tears, her eyes are almost treating Jing Pu as a savior.

But the problem is…Bai Xiao also knew that when she asked Jing Pu about this suddenly, she seemed very incompetent, very incompetent.

But the problem is…

Bai Xiao really doesn’t know that this thing has a second round.

I’ve been here once before. After discovering this roulette, everyone went back and thought about the strategy. After they understood this, they came back.

As a result, what I absolutely did not expect is that after the first round of roulette is opened, there will be a second round, which Baixiao’s entire group absolutely did not expect.

Everyone at Jing Pu saw what the Baixiao entire group looked like, and they knew what was going on.

Everyone knows now that Baixiao simply didn’t prepare for the second round, and even before Baixiao, there was no second round.

At this time, Jing Pu is a little confused.

This? ?

However, after coming back to his senses, Jing Pu, who came back to his senses, immediately began to fall into thinking.

Now that this situation arises, don’t think about anything else, just think about what you want to do. The entire group of Baixiao can’t be counted on.

These people are just a bunch of trash now.

Jing Pu can actually figure out what the follow-up will be.

For Jing Pu, this thing is like 3.1415926. The things mentioned just now are like this Pi. Everyone has something in their heads.

But for Jing Pu, Jing Pu not only knows this, Jing Pu also knows what comes after.

However, think about those things and deduct them.

In the end, Jing Pu doesn’t have any ink, nor is he talking about anything. Now that the Baixiao entire group is no longer doing business, and now it’s all on its own, Jing Pu naturally wants spare no effort.

Now, Jing Pu doesn’t have any burden in his heart. After all, this is something to fail. If he can revitalize himself, that is his own ability.

If you can’t revitalize this, it has nothing to do with me, and I can’t blame myself.

Immediately, Jing Pu sat cross-legged, thinking carefully.

The Bai Xiao who saw this scene was really overjoyed.

Just now Bai Xiao really didn’t say that he hoped that Jing Pu could really give some advice to him.

After all, for the Baixiao entire group just now, it was too desperate.

I’m totally desperate and don’t know what to do.

It’s just that Jing Pu shocked Bai Xiao too much before. Under Bai Xiao’s desperation, he had no choice but to tell Jing Pu.

However, after the fact that came back to his senses, Bai Xiao also discovered how stupid she was.

After all, Jing Pu doesn’t know what’s going on here. He hasn’t seen it before, and hasn’t heard the sound. How can he know?

It’s impossible to think about it with your feet.

However, now that Jing Pu is really thinking about it.

Bai Xiao was completely confused.

This? ?

Is this something you can really think about?

To be reasonable, Bai Xiao doesn’t believe it very much, but for now, Jing Pu is the only hope. If you don’t believe it, you must believe it. Also, didn’t Jing Pu succeeded before.

So, now I can only trust Jing Pu.

Immediately Bai Xiao looked up at the high-altitude Lao Jun and Jin Cheng two humanity:

“You two hold on, absolutely you can’t give up all your efforts!!”

Lao Jun and Jincheng are suffering. These two people can only clenched their teeth and insist on it. After all, if you can’t persist in this, then you really have lost all previous efforts.

However, Jing Pu must think faster, at least in ten minutes. Otherwise, let Laojun and Jincheng stay here for ten minutes. That would really kill my mother.

However, Lao Jun and Jincheng also know how this kind of thing can be rushed out.

This Jing Pu can’t see it or hear it. It’s all on his own guess, guessing, this is really too difficult.

Ten minutes, how can I figure it out…

Lao Jun and Jincheng are a little desperate.

However, at this moment, Bai Xiao below, rushed up with a roll of sleeves.

Bai Xiao knew how powerful this thing was, and let Lao Jun and Jin Cheng stay here for so long, and it was almost like letting these two people die here, so Bai Xiao could only come up first.

It wasn’t that Bai Xiao was lazy, or that I didn’t come up because I was afraid of injury. It was all because there was a level behind the stone gate.

Bai Xiao and the other person want to save their energy and deal with the next level.

But in this situation, don’t think about the next level. If you can deal with this level, it will be the blessing of three lifetimes!

Just when the three of Bai Xiao were ready to fight a protracted battle.

The Jing Pu below is suddenly looking at the entire group of Bai Xiao in the sky:

“Water and water, wood, water and water.”

Jing Pu’s words made the Baixiao entire group above completely confused.

Ang? ?

What the hell? ?

Let’s not talk about it, Jing Pu is too quick to think about it. What is this water, water, wood, water and water?

Is this serious? ?

Can it really look like this? ?

This looks like a fool!

Of course, everyone knows that Jing Pu is impossible, but the problem is that Jing Pu came up with it too quickly.

This has several points of bell?

This is only half a minute, right?

You figured it out in half a minute? ?

This? ?

The white night entire group looked at each other in blank dismay in midair and I don’t know what to do.

Is this to believe Jing Pu or not?

If you believe it, but Jing Pu said this thing, just think about it with the ass, it doesn’t feel serious.

But if you don’t believe it…what else can you do now besides believing in Jing Pu?

So immediately, the Baixiao entire group didn’t talk about it, and didn’t ask it. It doesn’t matter what Jing Pu said, it’s what Jing Pu said. At worst, it means failure. Anyway, it has already failed!

So, immediately, the entire group of Baixiao began to act in midair.

As the white night entire group has completed the first point, that is, after the water level point is over, while waiting for the roulette wheel to rotate and proceed to the water level for the second round.

Bai Xiao and the three are waiting anxiously for the roulette wheel to turn.

This must be successful. If the transfer is incorrect, then the formidable power will be doubled.

Then no one can stand it anymore.

But the problem is this thing. Even if Baixiao’s entire group does it, it feels wrong. How could it be wrong?

And just when the entire group of Baixiao was very tangled.

When the rotation of the roulette was completed, the entire group of Baixiao stared at the roulette. Finally, the face of the entire group of Baixiao appeared ecstasy.

It’s done! !

It really is! !

This Jing Pu is really Deity! ! !

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