Full Level Boss Also Needs To Work Hard Chapter 576

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ling du looks at the Jing Pu standing in the crowd, caught in silence.

ling du is thinking about some problems.

that is here, do you want to work with the jing pu.

and ling du wants this matter, it is very fast, and didn’t think about it for a long time, probably just a dozen seconds.

ling du looks at the Qin Guang, very calmly said:

“Of course, this is what we have said before, naturally it is to give you, wu chen.”

When Ling Du is finished, Wu Chen sitting next to Ling Du, suddenly opened his eyes, looking to the ling du on the side, face Calmly Said:


Ling Du is Slight Closed, straight:

“Treasure to search for this Treasure, give Beast King’s Manor, and also tell them here, how to solve the legal world.”

and Wu Chen also does not have any questions, directly get up, Nodded and Said:


, Wu Chen jumped from the high platform and looked at the Qin Guang Entire Group in front of the road:

“You come with me, Treasure is placed on the side room.”

When wu chen is finished, Qin Guang is not saying anything yet, then the Ling Du sitting on the top is directly:

“Speaking of Which, is the harness of our Divine Spirit Peak, the Treasure, Wu Chen, you let Qin Guang pick up, more than two pieces.”

and wu Chen stood in the original place, and immediately again Nodded and Said:

“Followed, Master.”

Subsequently, Wu Chen walks in front of the road, and the side room of Moved Towards goes.

and Qin Guang also have entire Group, such as Gu Xinran, is a face of Wu Chen Moved Towards.

this? ? ?

It seems that it is a bit not going to be on the route? !

How did this everyone think of it, it is extremely strong before, saying that everyone is a ling du of ant, now … will suddenly serve soft?

This thing, although this ling du has no clear words, no service soft.

, this is very clear that ling du doesn’t want to work with Gu Xinran with qin guang entire group, this ling du has inheritance, so powerful, this suddenly doesn’t want to do it, but to give Treasure to some points more These people, this is not equal to service?

Of course, GU Xinran and Qin Guang Entire Group naturally know what is Bully People By Flaunting One’s Powerful Connections, even if the ling du doesn’t want to work with himself, it is entirely because of the relationship between jing pu.

Because everyone stands behind, it is a super Senior.

However, the problem is, ling du is already known about the strength of this super Senior, so don’t you want to shoot? ?

Everyone does not understand.

Soon, Jing Pu entire Group is led by Wu Chen to the side room.

This is a Treasure that is full of Cyan Ray Mang.

After this person comes, it is attracted to the Treasure here.

Wu Chen is a GU Xinran and Great Elder that turned back to stand back and Great Elder:

“Treasure is here, I just said, just pick it, you will take it.”

After that, this wu chen suddenly appeared a Dim-Blue in his hand.

This Baozhu, Jing Pu also knows, it is before QIN Guang that it is used to attract the super Ominous Beast.

Subsequently, Wu Chen pointed to this law on his hand, looking to the Qin Guang Entire Group:

“and want to unlock the legal world on Treasure, it is also very simple, just need to mourn this law, use Spirit Stregth to the limit, then use this law to lightly touch this Treasure, then the legal world Will disappear directly. “

is this simple? ?

Gu Xinran has Qin Guang Entire Group has some unexpected look at everything in front of it.

then Wu Chen also has ignore gu xinran and Qin Guang Entire Group, just standing at the door, just waiting for Gu Xinran, Qin Guang some people, then after coming out.

and the Qin Guang Entire Group, after getting this method, the next second, it is also trying to try it immediately. Sure enough, the fancy in the treasure is almost instantaneous.

As for what Treasure what is selected, it is very fast.

Because, these Treasure What, that is powerful, that is not strong, this is completely seen.

It is completely seen with the naked eye.

and now, naturally you can’t try this one after another, take away.

In addition, in fact, the Land’s Treasure is almost almost, can be saved to the present, nature is all powerful.

is that there is a strong bit, some are weak, the difference is too different, so I said, I don’t have to look more.

and now the GU Xinran Great Elder is taken, the Qin Guang also has a beast king’s manor is also here.

even succeeded before SUO XIN.

is only the JING PU didn’t go forward. After all, after all, Jing Pu did not plan to Cultivation, natural these things were too lazy to see.

After everyone tested, it is placed directly in his space Ring.

This just said that the Treasure is giving gu xinran with qin guang entire group, and even says that there is no relationship.

However, such a group of people, take it together, and put it directly into the Space Ring directly.

is just a short five or six minutes, and a large pile of Treasure in this side is basically directly grabbed 2/3.

, now everyone seems to be a bit unknown, but also want to take it.

However, it is strange that there is no response to the door at the door to wait for Treasure’s Wu Chen.

standing at the door, not worrying at all, Jing Pu is a bit more.

or say, come out to persuade, everyone is enough, although I just said that Long Du allows Beast King’s Manor to take a few more, but now it is much more.

This wu chen is not worried, and there is no distressed expression.

The like is simply you casually, how to take it, it doesn’t matter.

After a few minutes, this whole side room here, the rest of Treasure, I am afraid that dozens of pieces remain.

and these dozens of dozens, this gu xinran, Qin Guang Entire Group, absolutely more than half.

This is not half, which is afraid to take very nine.

During this period, Wu Chen is not saying a sentence.

Now Came Back to His Senses, but also feeling that these people seem to be a bit more, I have already started to count, and I have two pieces.

just, wait for everyone to come to Wu Chen, say when he is finished.

This wu chen is still a sentence, did not say, and did not say that everyone took Treasure that I just took.

but directly turn around to walk outside, one side;

“Since everyone got it, he left me.”

and Gu Xinran Entire Group are some of them standing in place.

This Divine Spirit Peak, now this Rich and Imposing? ?

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