Full Level Boss Also Needs To Work Hard Chapter 577

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Everyone is a strange, look at me, I will see you.

, strange, but everyone is not guilty, this one is not asking, everyone naturally impossible takes the initiative, everyone will definitely not take the initiative.

So, very fast, everyone is full of satisfaction, and the main hall before Moved Toward.

In this main hall, the scene is still as before, there is no separate.

This Ling Du Entire Group is still sitting in the middle of the high platform at the middle, and has not moved.

When everyone comes out, sit above the Ling Du, just Slight open his eyes, looks at the next Jing Pu Entire Group Slight Road:

“How, is you wanted? Can you satisfy?”

that is very satisfied with nature, this kind of thing, then use it, this basically has already searched things that can be searched.

If you don’t want everyone to remember the five or five books, everyone can really finish all.

This is native to not be satisfied.

This speaking of which is the benefit of Beast King’s Manor, but in fact, think about it, it is also good.

After all, this Divine Spirit Peak is in the first, this is strange?

So, immediately this Qin Guang is also simply not guilty, direct headlight:

“very satisfied.”

and that ling du did not speak, after the qin guang, the slight was closed again, and then Slight Road:

“Since satisfaction, then what we are, it is also a clear, since you have nothing, then leave, of course, if you want to waste time here, it doesn’t matter.”

Everyone I thought that this Divine Spirit PEAK would not suddenly become.

But now, this ling du does not want to have anything.

This makes Qin Guang Entire Group amazed, let these people go so? ?

, ling du is here to sit here, what is it?

This is now Qin Guang Entire Group without understanding.

After all, Ji Yan Entire Group didn’t know, the ji Yan Entire Group was blocked at the door.

This Ling Du suddenly wants everyone to leave, although this is not right, where is it, I feel that there is nothing wrong.

But now, there is no way to say, for everyone, here is there, no reason can be left.

Everything wants to know, this ling du is sure how to say Will Not, so don’t ask.

Everyone is so awkward, it is too lazy to ask, and they left directly.

and ling du entire group is not a word.

When the Qin Guang Entire Group is in charge of the cave, the Ling DU that has been closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

and those who are super power around those Divine Spirit Peak have opened their eyes.

The direction of everyone looks at it, is the direction of jing pu entire group leaves.

ling du didn’t speak, one of the old people is, take the lead:

“VENERABLE LORD, why is you going to let go, now the strength of Venerable Lord, I am already invincible in the whole world, even if there is a so-called super Senior, the venerable Lord is not afraid.”

“and now our strength has risen to a very Terrifying point, now don’t say one, I am afraid that there is Wu Chen, and I can complete the people like Gu Xinran, Qin Guang. Kneeling. “

and for this old man, this surrounding people are all this.

Everyone is the NODDED of the connected, indicating that I agree.

Everyone thinks so, this is the strength of the current ling du, I don’t know if it has arrived. It is no need to fear anyone.

Under this strength, it is completely not afraid, and it is not necessary to negotiate what to spend with Qin Guang Entire Group.

So everyone is really unknown.

and at this time, the Ling DU is low-free, Slight, then lifting one hand, looking at your palm.

Although there is no look on his face, it is all of themselves.

The Ling DU at this time, while leaning on your palm, one side:

I have never thought, I am now powerful to this level, but this power is now too strong, I have not consolidated, I have never been truly handed with people, so I am afraid In the real battle, in case something, there is no way to save. “

“and Qin Guang’s super Senior, is an extreme unfathomable, strength profound, even if I have a nine grasp, I can defeat the super Senior over Qin Guang, then I don’t want to gamble this One percent, because there is no need to take this risk. “

“What is the treasure of those in the Land, what is the use? What is wrong with the moon? “

Ling du, everyone can’t help but nodded, this is also.

and, these things, now given Qin Guang. These people are not wrong, but, I don’t say it, I will not take it back.

After waiting for the strength of everyone to completely stabilize, then everything will be said.

Those things will be given to Qin Guang Entire Group for a month, how can it?

qin guang still can’t finish?

is obviously Impossible, so it doesn’t really need to worry.

Different ling du said, this real treasure, it can never be the cheats, and everyone has already got the best, those things, actually simply it doesn’t matter.

So, Ling Du said there is no mistake, what is said later.

Everyone is only very admired by the loss of ling du. After all, it suddenly got such a super powerful force, which never experienced the feeling of experience.

Under such a powerful force, it can still be able to hold back in that case.

After all, when Qin Guang talking, everyone can don’t help but go, but it is because ling du doesn’t move, so everyone is not working That’s ALL.

Just, Ling Du is correct, in everyone’s eyes, now GU Xinran, Great Elder, even includes that Upper Realm Great Immortal Suo Xin, but it is all antires.

and at this time, after the sentence is finished, the slight closes the double eyes:

“Ok, don’t think about it, you will concentrate on your heart, and don’t always think about killing others. What do you mean? Isn’t it more fun? “

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