Game of The World Tree Chapter 710


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The light of lightning is faintly discernible in the rolling clouds, and the savage abyss plane remains as dark as before.

The orange-yellow flame burned continuously in the stone basin, making a crackle sound.

Sybo sat aside, grinning at the corners of his mouth, looking at the flame innocently.

Ganduo glanced at Sir Holy Son with a weird look, stretched out his pustled hand and shook his face without any response.

Shook the head slightly, he took out the water pouch, opened the lid, smelled it elated, licked his lips, and then covered it cautiously.

“So be careful, what do you do? Tomorrow is coming to the Cliff of Sorrow, wait for you to drink enough after you go back!”

A laugh and curse came over, and Gando looked embarrassed.

He turned his head, glanced at the resuming cyberspace, chuckled, and said:

“What do you know? This is the last bite. I have to save it until tomorrow when I climb the cliff. Hah! Only after drinking scented tea can I go home!”

Looking at Gando who blows his beard and stares, cyber laughed heartily.

After two months of getting along, the relationship between the two is getting better and better, and now there is no respect for each other.

Taking away the water sac like a treasure, Gando raised an eyebrow and looked towards Cyber:

“Why did you just be in a daze? I have to come every few days. I really want to draw your silly smile just now.”

“Hey, Gando, I said I was recording our journey and writing to my friends in the Fairy Forest, do you believe it?”

Cyber ​​said with a smile.

Ganduo curl one’s lip:

“Fudge me this old fogey again.”

“ha ha ha, forget it if you don’t believe me, dare you dare to make a bet with me? After you go back, don’t introduce yourself and see if everyone recognizes you.”

Sybo squinted his eyes said with a smile.

“Do you recognize me?”

Ganduo was slightly taken aback.

He stared wide-eyed, looked towards Saibo’s line of sight somewhat suspiciously:

“You guy, is there really a way to contact clansman in the Fairy Forest?”

Sybo laughed and said nothing.

“hmph, you must have lied to me again. There is no elves’ integrity at all. How could a mother god give you a bastard like a goddess.”

Ganduo is snorted, unaware that he has also been biased, and has actually learned swearing.

The flames in the stone basin crackled, and in the distance, the laughter of the frost elves was faintly discernible.

Tonight, it is destined to be a sleepless night. I am afraid that few people in the entire camp can sleep.

The migration for more than two months is coming to an end, and the Cliff of Sorrow is near.

Standing on the hillside and looking into the distance, I can already see the top of the cliff surrounded by lightning.

In the past two months of migration, there was sadness, parting, pain, and sourness…

And now, everything is over.

Listening to the obviously lighter elven ballad in the distance, Cyber ​​looked up at the sky.

In the sky, the lightning is constant, and there is no tendency to dissipate. This shows that tomorrow will also be a safe day.

If nothing else, he can have a drink in the tavern in the Chosen City tomorrow night.

When the time comes, pull up Gando and introduce him to his little friends.

“By the way, where’s Estelle? And… what about the Divine Idol you brought? Didn’t Master Aurora want you to take it with you?”

Just as the cybercrazy was thinking, Gando’s voice came over again.

Sybo retracted his sight and said:

“Divine Idol… Master Aurora said he would use it tonight, so I returned it to him.”

“As for Estelle…”

He turned to Nunu in the distance:

“Play with friends over there.”

Ganduo followed his gesture and looked over and saw a group of young frost elves dancing around the campfire.

Estel is like a cheerful little angel, running around in the crowd, giggling.

Looking at the girl’s truly romantic silhouette that day, a smile flashed across Gando’s eyes.

He snorted and said:

“The youngster is still alive. Old bones like me can’t move anymore.”

“Nonsense, you are stronger than me!”

Sybo laughed and scolded.


The frost elves have been making noise for a long, long time.

It wasn’t until the clouds on the entire sky completely turned into deep darkness, and the lightning became dimmed, then slowly stopped.

This is the way this abyss plane distinguishes day from night.

Although the sky is always dark at night, the color of the clouds still has subtle differences. It is a bit gray during the “daytime”, and becomes pure black during the “deep night”.

Lightning also changes, either bright or dark.

This is also the way the Frost Elves keep time. For thousands of years, they have recorded day after day like this.

The camp gradually fell into silence, and the elves fell asleep one after another, only the bonfire kept flashing.

I will climb the mountain tomorrow. In addition, you may encounter demons in the ruins of the city, which does not rule out battles.

So…after the celebration, we still have to conserve strength and store up energy.

However, Cyber ​​couldn’t sleep at all.

He got out of the tent and went outside the camp to blow the air.

Of course, I think so, but there is rarely wind on the plane of the deadly abyss, that is, there will be occasional breeze at night.

If there is a strong wind, be careful, because it often means that the Kuroshio is coming.

Cyber ​​didn’t know what the Kuroshio is before, but after communicating with Gando, he learned that it was actually the migration of abyssal creatures.

The abyssal creatures are chasing the power of the abyss in the sky.

The strength of the abyss is thick, and the dark clouds are thick, and the sharp and thick dark clouds change the air pressure, which will produce violent winds.

It is not ordinary wind, but wind with abyss pollution, often accompanied by mist.

It is the fog that can accelerate alienation.

Of course, the theory of air pressure and so on was made by Cyber ​​itself based on what Gando said. As a player, he also likes to be like other people. If everything is all right, it’s on the Segus world set of blue stars. Scientific knowledge.

Unfortunately, I have been slapped many times, especially when it comes to magic.

Leaving the camp, there is no campfire, and Cyber ​​feels a little bit cold.

He called the system backstage and planned to play a recorded fairy ballad to listen to.

However, when choosing a song, he slightly startled and looked towards the distant hillside.

On the hillside, a beautiful elven girl is stopping and looking into the distance, looking at the cliff of mourning surrounded by clouds.

Her exquisite profile, gleaming with a faint light in the dark, beautiful and dreamy.

Sybo’s heart moved, and he walked over subconsciously.

The one who stood on the hillside and looked far away was none other than Demi-God Aurora.

Although I have been with him for two months, Cyber ​​can’t help being a little cautious every time I see him.

No way, the other party is too dazzling.

This is not to say that Aurora will shine. Although Demi-God has a faint divine light on his body, it is true, but the most important thing is Aurora’s powerful aura and noble temperament.

He is just like his title, like the stars in the sky. Although they emit a gentle light, they can be seen from a distance, but it is difficult to get close.

In him, Cyber ​​seems to have seen thousands of years of loneliness, making him completely separated from the commonplace.

Although highly respected, he is always alone.

“Master Aurora, are you still taking a rest?”

Coming to Aurora’s body, Cyber ​​asked respectfully.

It’s just that when he saw Aurora’s face looking far away, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Because he saw Aurora’s eyes full of solemnity.

“Master Aurora, have you found any problems?”

Sybo asked nervously.

Aurora withdrew her gaze when she heard the words of Cyber.

He sighed and said:

“Your Excellency Cyber, for the summit tomorrow, please must open the divine technique defense barrier throughout the process.”

“Tomorrow…may not be very smooth.”

Cyber ​​was slightly startled, and his expression instantly became serious:

“Master Aurora, what did you find?”

Aurora was silent for a while and said:

“Tonight I sent out the clansman to investigate in advance, but none of them came back.”

None came back…

Sybo’s brows wrinkled completely.

On the way, the Frost Elves suffered the most from the scout troops.

However, it is precisely because of the dedication of the reconnaissance troops that the entire ethnic group can avoid the danger again and again, and finally come to today.

But no matter what, no one returned.

At this moment, Cyber ​​couldn’t help looking towards the direction of the Cliff of Sorrow, and I don’t know if it was affected by Aurora. I felt that the mountain covered by clouds looked so gloomy at this moment. mysterious.

“Master Aurora, what do you mean…the mountain is likely to be deadly? There may be a large number of demons?”

Cyber ​​looks serious.

Aurora sighed slightly:

“It’s okay if a large number of demons are entrenched. It is not impossible to contend with your Spirit Controlling Technique defensive barrier and my support.”

“It’s just… I’m afraid that there are not a large number of demons, but individual powerful enemies who are watching us in secret.”

Individual powerful enemy…

Cyber’s heart jumped.

Demi-God Aurora can be called powerful, maybe only the demon lord of Half-God Level, or Evil God…

And if there are such things on the mountain, it will be really troublesome.

The divine technique defensive barrier he controls can withstand the siege of the demon army, but if there are enemies of Half-God Level, it will be totally useless.

And only relying on Aurora, a demi-god who is suppressed in the abyss, it may be difficult to defeat the enemy.

Under the myth, there are ants. If you really encounter an enemy that Aurora can’t resist, it will be really troublesome.



What Aurora just said was “spying in secret”? !

Sybo suddenly lifted the head, looked towards Demi-God, and found that the other party was also looking at him calmly.

“Your Excellency Cyber.”

Aurora continued:

“Actually, since two days ago, I have vaguely noticed that some evil sight is staring at us in secret.”

“The other party hides well, but…I’ve always been sensitive to breath, so I’m still aware of it.”

“Even if the investigating clansman did not come back from danger, it does not mean that there must be a terrifying enemy, or…the enemy who spy on us secretly may be just Legendary.”

When he said this, he himself felt unconvincing.

Aurora listened, and shook the head slowly.

He sighed deeply and said:

“Your Excellency Cyber, I hope so, but unfortunately, if it is really Legendary, it is impossible to escape my perception.”

“Don’t look at me like this, how can I be considered a Demi-God!”

Speaking, he smiled slightly again:

“However, the mother goddess has recovered, and my biggest wish is actually already there.”

“The remaining mission is to protect the Frost Tribe.”

“Victory is here. For the children’s return, I am willing to give everything…”

“This is what I, as a Guardian, must do, and what I love to do.”

“Your Excellency Cyber.”

“If, in case…when the time comes, clansman will ask you.”

Aurora smiled.

Looking at his warm smile, Cyber ​​opened his mouth, feeling sad.

He took a deep breath and said:

“Master Aurora, it is also my responsibility to protect the return of the Frost Tribe. I will definitely be spare no effort!”

Speaking, he barely laughed again:

“However, I don’t think you need to be too pessimistic. Lord Goddess is still waiting for you! Now the myth of Elf Race is the most lacking thing in the Fairy Forest. Everyone is looking forward to your return.”

After listening to Cyber, Aurora’s eyes were blurred, and a trace of yearning passed on her expression.

However, he quickly showed a gentle smile:

“I am also looking forward to…”

“It’s just a pity, maybe it’s too late.”

A breeze blew, blowing Aurora’s dress and sleeves.

Along with the breeze, the black sarcomas are looming, hidden under the gorgeous dress…

That is a sign of erosion by the power of the abyss.

Cyber’s expression suddenly turned into consternation.

At this time, he suddenly realized a problem in his heart.

The clansman who has been protected by Aurora will be contaminated.

So…he suffered a lot of damage thousands of years ago, tried his best to escape with clansman, and insisted on himself to this day. How could he be safe and sound?

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