Game of The World Tree Chapter 711


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Early in the morning of 2nd day, the elves assembled in a team and set off.

This time, everyone did not pack anymore, but only brought weapons.

As for some key inheritance ancient books and commemorative elven artworks, they were collected by Demi-God Aurora, put them in his storage necklace, and gave them to Sai Bo custody.

Cyber ​​walks in front of the team.

Behind him is carrying the holy female Divine Idol, Divine Idol blooms with radiance, spreading behind him, connecting every frost clansman in the team.

This is the high-level use technique of the divine technique defensive barrier gradually explored during the two-month battle, that is, the protective layer of the strength of Faith that covers the protector.

The advantage is that it is flexible and convenient, but the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of strength of Faith.

In the two-month battle, Cyber ​​is rarely used like this, but this time, even if it is expensive, he must use it.

Strength of Faith can be obtained again if it is gone.

But if people are gone, then there is nothing.

The elves lined up in a long line, marching in the wasteland.

Around the Cyber, there are the elves of the entire Frost Tribe whose strength has reached the golden level.

Different from the elves of Seggs world.

Although the frost elves who entered the abyss also have the shackles of racial imprisonment, as they escape into the abyss, rely on the power of the abyss to interfere with the true divine force, the isolation from the main material world for thousands of years, and the generation of The alienation of a generation, this shackle has long since weakened.

Together with the demons who are constantly devouring the abyss, they have gradually figured out another way to bypass the shackles and break through the ranks.

Although it is difficult, but because of this, he stood on his heels in the abyss.

These golden elves are all senior warriors.

They are the vanguard of the entire team. They will overcome all obstacles in the next possible battle, while protecting the cyberspace that maintains the divine technique defensive barrier, while cutting a path to light for the clansman behind them.

Behind them, the whole team of elves meandered, under the light of the divine technique defensive barrier, like a constantly changing golden ribbon.

No one speaks.

Everyone looked solemn and raised the spirit of twelve points.

Only the dazzling lightning flashing in the sky like the night, thunder came.

As for Demi-God Aurora, he flew to in midair, guarding all around and protecting the entire team.

The time seems to be long.

But at the same time, it was short.

About four hours after leaving the camp, the elves finally came to the foot of the cliff of mourning.

Cyber ​​put out a breath deeply, lifts the head and looked at this majestic cliff.

I saw the pitch-black as ink of the entire cliff, which is even more silent in the already dark abyss world.

The shape of the cliff is a right-angled figure, and the side facing the elves is a slope that is slowly and sometimes steep.

On the slope, a dilapidated city is faintly visible, blocking the way of the elves.

It was a huge city, even more magnificent than the chosen city of the Fairy Forest, but it had long been vicissitudes of life and turned into ruined walls.

Standing under the tall city gate, looking up at the mottled and broken city wall, the conversation with Aurora before departure echoed in the heart of Cyber——

“Your Excellency Cyber, we must pass through the new emerald to reach the top of the Cliff of Sorrow.”

“New Feilengcui?”

“It is the elven city on the Cliff of Sorrow, where we have lived for nearly eight thousand years.”

“Eight thousand years… really a long time.”

“It’s already over…Your Excellency Cyber, you must be prepared for battle by then, because the city is likely to have demons. After all…They also like to stay in such ruins.” /p>

“Then…we won’t encounter fallen elves? Didn’t you say before that the Rock Sand Tribe didn’t escape from the dark tide two thousand years ago?”

“No… even if they were transformed into abyssal creatures, two thousand years would be too long for them to disappear…”

“That’s good, if you still have to fight the fallen elves, that would be really too cruel…”


“Cough, nothing. By the way, Lord Aurora, I still have a question…”


“More than two thousand years ago…Why did the Yansha tribe all fall apart? No matter how difficult the situation is, clansman should have escaped?”

“Your Excellency Cyber…”


“Do you know the mind connection?”

“Mind connection?”

“Yes…After falling into eternal sleep under the crown of the Mother Goddess, each of our tribes is working hard in its own way.”

“Our Frost tribe believes that the Divine Soul under the mother god’s crown must have returned to the star realm, or existed somewhere in the void, so we built a temple on the cliff of mourning and prayed to the starry sky day and night…”

“The Yansha tribe, led by Uriah, chose to revive their faith.”

“The Law Power held by Uria was the closest to the mother goddess. He chose to sacrifice himself and let the mother goddess be reborn within the body with the help of faith…”

“For this reason, He established a spiritual connection with all the clansman of the Yansha tribe, and raised the power of faith to the strongest.”

“But… because of this, in that dark tide, the clansman of the Yansha tribe stayed in the darkness forever following his sacrifice…”

“However, if there is no spiritual connection, I am afraid Uria will not be able to explode beyond Demi-God’s power at the last moment of life, and finally drag the Evil God who is holding the Kuroshio…”

“The sacrifice of the Yansha tribe was finally exchanged for the continuation of the Frost tribe…We carry their expectations, so…”

“We will definitely go on.”


“Your Excellency Cyber…”


“The last journey is about to begin. On this journey, I have worked hard for you.”

“No, you are the one who has worked hardest than me…”

“You are too humble…and, next, please.”

“I, I know…”


took a deep breath, Saibo gently closed his eyes.

A few seconds later, he slowly opened it.

At this moment, his eyes are full of determination.

He raised the sword in his hand and pointed to the broken city gate ahead:

“Clansman, let’s go! We…go home!”

His voice is full of true feelings.

“Go home!”

The frost elves behind them also raised the rusty long sword in their hands.

Then they stepped forward and walked into the dark and silent city…


This city of elves commemorating the emerald green has long been dilapidated, and traces of battles more than two thousand years ago can be seen on the streets.

The building is full of the mottled claw marks of the devil, which have been blurred with the erosion of the years.

On the ground, you can see some bones that have been weathered, some elves and some demons.

The whole city was silent, only the footsteps of the frost elves advancing, and the heavy breathing.

divine technique The light of the defensive barrier illuminates the surroundings, instead of lighting and torch.

The long line kept moving along the dilapidated street.

The soldiers watched all around vigilantly, ready to fight at any time.

Several powerful Frost Spirit Spirit General Cyber, led by the old elf Gando, are clustered in the middle and are responsible for protecting him who defends the Spirit Controlling Technique defense barrier.

Syber himself, while controlling the divine technique defensive barrier, carefully observes all around, using all the various detection skills of his hunter profession.

Behind him, the elf girl Estel followed.

Although this girl who is only nineteen years old, but whose strength has reached the lower rank of silver, her lips are also tightened, and her dagger is tightly held.

Along the way, quiet.

the entire world is like dead.

However, the more quiet it is, the stronger the anxiety in cyberspace…

This dilapidated city of elves is full of abyssal pollution, and the power of the abyss interferes with the breath. Cyber ​​is simply imperceptible too far away, and can only pass naked eye and glance all around vigilantly.

Gradually, the pioneer team went deep into the whole city, and continued to circle upward, forward, forward along the main road around the cliff…

However, when the whole team was halfway through, they suddenly stopped.

In front of the team, in the middle of the dilapidated road, a tall silhouette in elf armor appeared at some point.

He stood there with his back facing the team of frost elves, surrounded by a faint mist.

Cyber ​​recognized that it was one of the elves sent by Aurora to investigate, a frost elves whose strength reached the lower level of gold.

He had been sent out to investigate the city a day ago.

“Abel? Is it you? Are you still alive?”

Beside Cyber, there were other surprise voices of Frost Elves.

At this time, the tall silhouette with the back facing everyone in front turned slowly.

Sybo squeezed the long sword tightly, and suddenly raised the alert to the highest level.

And next moment, his eyes slightly shrink.

The tall silhouette turned around.

What caught Cyber’s eyes was a face full of sarcoma and pustules, and the sharp ears on the side of the face proved his identity.

It’s just that his skull has disappeared for a little while, and several hideous abyss worms are constantly wriggling on the wound, biting the exposed bloody brain.

His expression is painful, his eyes bulge out, full of horror, and he seems to have seen some kind of terrifying existence.

Then, I saw him trembling extend the hand, and spit out a word with difficulty:

“Quick… escape…”

Run away…!

Cyber’s heart is frightened and scared.

The next second, a ferocious black giant claw broke through the ground, appeared under the elf named Abel, and tore him to pieces…

Along with a low roar, the whole ground was slightly trembled, and a fierce scaly demon with a height of ten meters appeared in front of everyone.

“The Demon Lord…”

Ganduo has a solemn expression.

The demon who got out of the ground screamed from the sky, and the low voice echoed in the city…

The coercion belonging to Legendary continues to spread, evil and crazy.

However, at the next moment, accompanied by a burst of sky-splitting sound, an arrow flashing like a shooting star flew down from in the sky, and it hit the roaring scales. Demon Lord.

Along with the roaring and cracking sound, the light was bright, and the upper body of the demon directly disappeared.

Black’s filthy blood kept gushing, and he twitched slightly before falling slowly to the ground.

in midair.

Aurora expressionless, slowly retracted the longbow transformed by divine force.

However, at this brief moment, more roar sounds came from all over the city.

In the windows on both sides of the road, at the door opening, a pair of scarlet eyes suddenly lit up.

The eyes are densely packed and countless, making the scalp numb.

Then, with a series of crazy bloodthirsty roars, large and small black silhouettes gushing from the buildings on both sides, like a tide, moving towards the elves rushing!

“The evil demon, the great demon…it’s not good, I’m afraid an abyssal brood is formed here, hurry! Get ready to fight!”

Looking at the silhouette rushing out, Gando’s expression changed slightly, and he shouted an order.

The frost elves raised their weapons one after another, their bodies flashed with the brilliance of skills.

next moment, they fought together with the demon who charged up.

For a time, the battle broke out completely.

Looking at the sea of ​​demons that looked like a dark tide, Cyber ​​looked terrified.

He took a deep breath, his eyes flickered:

“Praise life, praise nature, praise the great Eva!”

After that, he opened his hands gently.

The female Divine Idol behind her burst out with dazzling light, and the golden illusory shadow slowly formed above the cyberspace.

illusory shadow Raise the strength of Faith in your hand, the magical giant sword, and move towards the fiercely charged demon!

For a time, Guanghua ten thousand zhang.

Strength of Faith’s phantom sword energy spreads around, forming golden ripples. The devil touched instantly falls down like a wheat crop, turning into ashes under a brilliant photon…


Ganduo couldn’t help but praised.

Then he shouted again:

“Hurry up! Everyone seize the opportunity and rush forward together!”

The frost elves were refreshed.

Following the pace of Cyber, they rushed forward while continuing to smash the demon who charged up.

Looking from the top of the city, I saw a golden “ribbon” struggling and moving forward in the black “ocean” on the winding main road.

The roar of the devil is intertwined with the high drinks of the elves, the blade light sword shadow, the brilliance flickers.

The splendid magic began to bloom throughout the team, like fireworks in the dark.

The sky above the team is chopped down with dazzling brilliance from time to time, splitting an open space, and then the golden ribbon will quickly fill up and move forward…

Although slow, but the raging demons, not at all stop the elves!

Fighting is everywhere, but the advantage is shifting to the elf side.

Gradually, the vanguard of the Frost Elves has seen the city gate leading to the top of the cliff.

The exhilarating expression showed on their sarcoma-covered faces.

However, at the head of the team, the Cyber, who uses Spirit Controlling Technique to defend against the barrier, feels more and more disturbed…

too weak.

These demons are too weak!

Although there are many in number, the evil demons are no more than the black iron ranks. Even the great demons among them are mostly silver lower ranks.

Not to mention that he controls the golden illusory shadow with Legendary strength, Legion, the pioneer of the frost elves, can kill them like cutting vegetables!

Such strength is not enough to alert the frost elf Abel who died in the hands of the scale-claw demon…

As if responding to his uneasiness, when the elves were about to approach the city gate on the other side, the whole earth shook slightly.

After that, a deafening roar resounded over the city.

In the next second, gray fog filled the city…

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