Game of The World Tree Chapter 712


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The big earthquake trembled, and the fog was filled.

The entire world gradually darkened and cast a shadow.

Even with the brilliance of the divine technique defensive barrier, it can’t disperse the gray mist.

With the loud noise of hōng lóng lóng, the world is trembling, faintly as if something terrifying is climbing along the mountain…

The dark clouds in the sky rolled suddenly, lightning and thunder.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck down, illuminating the gray mist suddenly.

Vaguely, there seems to be a huge black shadow appearing above the city…

next moment, the glimmer brought by the last bit of lightning is completely blocked.

The frost elves slowly lifted the head, their expressions froze on their faces as they were about to reach the end.

In their field of vision, there appeared a pair of stars with scarlet rays of light.


That’s not a star.

That is a pair of eyes that are as huge as stars!

The needle-shaped pupils are shining with indifferent light, and a breath of vicissitudes, vastness, evil, and madness is slowly rising.

Looking at these terrifying pupils, the frost elves gradually became quiet.

Their complexion quickly turned pale, even the hideous sarcoma couldn’t hide it.

The cyber feel that controls the divine technique defensive barrier is even stronger.

He only felt that an overwhelming, desperate force was suppressed, and the shocking pressure made his blood within the body seem to freeze in an instant.

The gray mist gradually spread, and the black illusory shadow slowly solidified.

What caught the eyes of the elves was a triangle-shaped head covered with black scales, with hideous barbs on the back.

The fierce giant with thorn armor on his back is spitting out a dark red snake letter like lightning, and every breath from the deep nostrils, a faint gray mist will be sprayed out…

This is a giant snake of amazing size.

The whole majestic city is as small as a building block placed in front of him…

With every movement of Him, the entire cliff trembles slightly.

The huge slender body can’t even see the whole body, faintly discernible in the gray fog.

He looked at the elves below indifferently, scarlet’s eyes were full of playfulness, as if he had seen interesting toys.

A strong heart palpitations surged into the hearts of every Frost Elf. They felt that the weapons in their hands had become heavier than ever in an instant, even breathing became extremely difficult, and the whole body couldn’t help shaking.

That is the existence of higher Life Level, the breath leaked when facing the ants, the natural spiritual deterrence formed.

“This…this is…”

Looking at the giant in the sky, the muddy eyes of Old Elf Gando were full of shock.

Estel’s face was pale, and the corners of Cyber’s clothes were tightly packed, and his thin body shuddered.

the entire world seems to have fallen into a dead silence in this brief moment.

As a player who has participated in large-scale war missions more than once, at this moment, Cyber ​​has already been roaring in the heart:

Evil God!

This is definitely Evil God!

Damn it!

Why did Evil God stop them in the end!


In the sky, Demi-God Aurora with pure and holy radiance shining on his body has a solemn expression.

His voice is no longer soft, but more serious than ever before, and with deep fear…

At the same time, there is a hint of faintly discernable anger and hatred.

Hearing his voice, the black giant snake slowly retracted its gaze to look at the elves and swept towards the beautiful shadow in the sky.

In the huge vertical pupil like a star, there was a glimmer of interest, like seeing a funny toy.

Immediately afterwards, a heavy voice of vicissitudes of life slowly sounded in the air, and that voice was full of sarcasm:

“Look, see… see who did I see?”

“An embarrassed escape…cute…mice?”

“I thought… which guy would dare to disturb my sleep…”

“But didn’t expect, it’s you…”

“Why, Aurora…”

“I haven’t seen you for two thousand years, and finally fell into despair. Are you going to die?”

Two…Two thousand years…

Sybo’s pupils shrank slightly.

At this moment, he felt that he already knew who this giant snake named Apophis was…

On the way, he did not communicate with Gando, and as the chief priest of the temple, Gando had a good understanding of the history of frost elves in the abyss.

Two thousand years ago, it was an abyssal serpent of mythological strength that wrapped the super-giant black tide, destroying the city of the elves, leading to the destruction of the Rocky Sand tribe and the sacrifice of Demi-God Uria…

He… is the mythical giant snake two thousand years ago!

He never left!

The Abyssal Serpent’s tone is taunting.

However, Aurora not at all talked to him.

The wizard Demi-God has a solemn face, he glanced at the cyberspace on the ground, and said softly:

“Cyber, take everyone away.”

At the same time, he waved his hand gently, and the frost elves felt that the unmatched oppression on their bodies was instantly gone by half.

It’s just that, Cyb’s heart sank.

He raised his head and glanced at the beautiful Demi-God, and what he saw was a calm and beautiful face.

However, the more calm, the more uncomfortable the heart of Cyber.

Obviously, Aurora has made a choice.

He is desperate again.

Looking at the fairy Demi-God in the sky, Cyber ​​couldn’t bear it.

However, there is no way.

Their strength is too weak, staying here can’t help at all, and it will also burden Aurora.

Instead of this, it is better to lead everyone out of the city as soon as possible, climb to the top of the cliff, and pray to Goddess.

As long as the power of Goddess can be summoned, everything will end!

At this point of thought, Cyber ​​took a deep breath and slowly nodded, to maximize the power of the divine technique defensive barrier.

“Let’s go!”

He yelled to the elves.

Speaking, he continued to control the illusory shadow, leading the elves forward, toward the city gate.

In the darkness, the golden “ribbon” struggled again.

The Abyssal Serpent glanced at the elves on the ground in astonishment, a flash of taunt in his eyes.

After that, He sprayed a black smoke, rushing to the ground.

The black mist continued to spread, with a deep breath of evil and depravity, quickly covering the sky.

The buildings on both sides were swept by the black fog, and they began to corrode in an instant, turning to ashes in an instant.

However, before the smoke covered the elves’ team, Aurora’s silhouette moved to the top of the team.

He stretched out his hands and lifted them up slightly, forming a brilliant divine technique shield with glittering starlight in front of him.

The black mist fell, but was blocked by the colorful divine technique, unable to move forward for half a step, and finally slowly dispersed.

“Apophis, your opponent is me.”

Aurora stood in front of the Abyssal Serpent and said quietly.

Looking at the shadow in the sky, the eyes of the Abyss Serpent flashed with a hint of mockery:

“It’s up to you.”


Aurora whispered:

“Just rely on me…”

“To deal with you, the abyss Evil God that even simulated Divine Realm will not cast… enough.”

After speaking, bright radiance bloomed from his body, and a starlight-like flame began to burn slowly.

His breath began to climb rapidly, climbing, although there is no breakthrough to the myth, but it is infinitely approaching True God.

A pair of silver Battle Armor slowly gathered on him, covering the whole body, and in his hand, a silver spirit rapier appeared.

After that, Aurora jumped and moved towards the ferocious abyssal serpent rushed over.

“Does the divine force burn? It seems…you really want to die.”

The abyss giant snake sounded amazed, then chuckled lightly, and moved towards Demi-God, the spirit that rushed up, to bite it down.

Two myths, one Demi-God and one Evil God, began to clash.

The power of horror erupted over the city, generating a doomsday-like energy tide, and it began to spread around.

On the sky, the dark clouds churned, like a wave of being stirred, producing a huge vortex.

On the ground, with the spread of energy fluctuations, strong winds roared, buildings collapsed, and a doomsday scene.

Under this turbulent force, Cyber ​​is supporting the divine technique defensive barrier with difficulty, protecting the frost elves who are constantly moving forward.

The entire defensive barrier on the verge of collapse, shimmering, seems to be broken at any time.

Silver’s rays of light wandered around the giant snake, and the dazzling sword light slashed on the giant snake again and again.

The giant snake let out a painful snort, then shook it angrily, and threw the silver rays of light out.

However, the silhouette wrapped in the silver light did not give up, and soon rushed up again, continuing to entangle with the black giant snake…

In the diffuse gray fog, I gradually couldn’t see the silhouettes of both sides, only the rays of light were constantly flashing, and the vastness of the breath continued to erupt.

In the darkness, the silver’s brilliance was so weak that it was knocked out again and again, falling to the ground like a meteor, smashing huge pits one after another…

The city on the ground has long been turned into ruins.

However, every time, the rays of light will stubbornly rush out again, soaring up against the black shadow in the gray mist, and continue fighting.

One time, another time…

The line of frost elves is still moving slowly.

With the appearance of the Abyssal Serpent, there are more and more demons around the city, but this still cannot stop them from going home.

In the aftermath of mythological battles time and time again, the cyber supporting the divine technique defensive barrier has face deathly pale, and his body is shaking, but he is still holding on.

The battle became more intense, and the casualties of the elves began to increase.

Frost elves following the cyberspace are falling more and more frequently.

However, every time one person falls, another person immediately rushes up to make up for the space…

Everyone’s eyes are firmer than ever before. They looked at the top of the cliff hidden in the dark clouds, and they only had a single thought in their hearts.

charge ahead ……

Rush to the top of that cliff!

Rush up, the power of Lord Summon!

I don’t know who started it, and began to sing the fairy ballad.

Gradually, more and more frost elves joined in.

The vicissitudes of tragic songs, constantly echoing on the mountains:

“May the stars shine in the night sky”

“Endless starlight guides the journey”

“Lonely Journey, Traveling Together”


“Hometown is already close at hand”

“Darkness is here”

“I firmly believe in the faith that I will hold on”

“Darkness Is Coming”

“Don’t forget the faith in your heart”

“May the evil shadow call”

“Fall here”

“May the long journey”

“Light the stars”


The city gate in front of me is getting closer and closer.

The fallen frost elves…more and more.

The diffuse mist erodes the bodies of the elves, even with the divine technique defensive barrier, it can’t eliminate the growing tiredness.

Finally, the elves in the front rushed out of the encirclement…

Seeing the road to the top of the cliff, the cyber spirit was lifted.

There, the clouds are close at hand.

“Come on, everyone! We’re almost there!”

He drank it loudly.

Behind them, the frost elves also showed excitement.

Even the ballad gradually became cheerful.

However, at this time, bloodthirsty roars suddenly sounded on both sides of the road leading to the top of the cliff.

Countless demons, far more powerful than those in the city, walked out from both sides of the road.

They grinned and stopped in front of the elves…

Each one has the strength that is not lower than the silver superior.

The singing stopped abruptly.

The excited expressions of the elves freeze on their faces.

Above the sky, the black giant snake once again swept the increasingly dimmed silver silhouette of rays of light on the ground, and glanced mockingly at the elves on the ground:


“Did you know?”

“My favorite is to appreciate the expressions of ants who suddenly fell into despair from hope…”

Speaking, he withdrew his sight again, looked towards Aurora on the ground, his eyes cold:

“And you.”

“Let’s fall here…”

“Don’t worry, I will let your clansman accompany you soon.”

The beautiful Demi-God climbed up from the ruins with difficulty.

The Battle Armor on his body is broken, pale-gold’s blood is constantly flowing, and the layers of pollution on his body have spread to his neck.

He bit his lips tightly and looked towards the giant beast whose breath is still terrifying in the sky, his eyes full of anger.

“No…it’s not over yet!”

His voice is firm, with unprecedented determination.

I saw that he suddenly stretched out his right hand, placed it on his chest, and spotted it on the spreading black sarcoma…

The brilliance of silver exploded on him again, but this time, it quickly turned into deep darkness.

The pollution of the abyss spread rapidly on him, and black scales began to grow on him.

At the same time, the aura on his body has also turned from fiction to reality, and continues to climb!


Black’s giant snake’s eyes suddenly became serious.

Aurora flew into the sky again.

Half of his body has been demonized.

His eyes are sometimes clear and sometimes crazy, and the breath on his body has risen again, breaking through the rank of Demi-God, temporarily reaching the real myth!


“I said…”

“Everything is not over yet!”

Speaking, Aurora swung out the elven rapier that had encircled the black mist, sword edge pointed directly at the abyss serpent.

“Perish together with me…”

His voice said calmly.

It’s just that, after saying this, the two myths suddenly had a meal together.

Under the cliff.

A new powerful breath suddenly rose.

That breath, restless, crazier and more evil than Giant Black Snake’s.

This… is another abyss myth!

Giant Black Snake Apophis slightly startled and then said with a malicious smile:


“Your luck is really bad…”

“I said a long, long time ago that there is such a big noise in the abyss world, be careful to attract other Evil God…”

“Look…Isn’t this coming?”

Feeling the evil aura approaching, Aurora’s eyes flashed with sadness.

He lifts the head, watching the billowing dark clouds in the sky, gently closing his eyes.

“Master Mother…”

“I will let you down again…”

His voice brought a trace of despair, a trace of sadness.

The evil aura behind him is getting faster and faster.

Apophis’ laughter became louder.

Until a dark and gloomy arrow flew out from behind Aurora, dragging a long black trail, and hitting his body under Apophis’ stunned gaze…

Aurora slightly startled.

He slowly turned his head and saw a strange and familiar silhouette appeared behind him.

That is a silhouette that is difficult to describe in words.

Most parts of his body are already rotten, he is dressed in ragged robes, and behind him is a devil’s barbed tail.

However, a pair of sharp ears that can still be distinguished can be vaguely seen on that hideous and terrifying rotting head, which is already covered by scale armor.


Aurora’s voice was unbelievable.

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