Game of The World Tree Chapter 713


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The abyssal serpent Apophis has a gloomy expression.

His scarlet pupils gleamed with bloodthirsty anger, and a cold voice sounded in the sky:

“You lunatic…you are still alive?”

The evil silhouette not at all called Uria by Aurora and Apophis answered.

The divine force resisted the formation of the strong wind blowing his tattered clothes, and two scarlet rays of light appeared on the rotting head.

That is Uria’s pupils.

Empty, godless, without any focus.

He opened his mouth slightly, and the stench of black pus continued to flow down the corner of his mouth, and his hoarse voice intermittently sounded in his throat:


Stubborn, mechanical, like a puppet without self.

I saw him slowly raising his hand, raising a dark gray longbow, and aiming at the abyss snake again.

The power of evil and turbulent converging in his hands, that is not weaker than Aurora’s mighty power.

He let go of the bowstring, and another arrow shining with deep brilliance moved towards Apophis.

Seeing the flying arrow, Apophis is coldly snorted.

His huge body swayed slightly, blocking the arrow with no difficulty.

The attack was resisted, but Uria looked like she hadn’t seen her, two hollow eyes still looking forward mechanically.


His dull voice sounded intermittently again.

Seeing him like this, Apophis’ eyes stopped slightly.

Then the voice of vicissitudes of life brought a hint of sarcasm:

“It turned out to be a dead body…”

“Why, Uria, don’t wait for death quietly in the cemetery… Do you want to come and let me see you off?”

After speaking, he shook abruptly, and the huge snake tail flew from behind him.

The aura of horror locked Aurora and Uria, and black’s shadow quickly enlarged.

The ferocious snake’s tail is like a huge whip, moving towards two small silhouettes drawn at an extremely fast speed.

At the same time, the diffuse gray mist continued to spread, quickly enveloping the entire sky.

That is the domain power of Apophis.

Although he did not simulate the Divine Realm of True God, the domain power far surpassing Demi-God is by no means something that Aurora, who forcibly uses the pollution of the abyss to raise his power to the true myth, can counter.

Aurora’s expression changed slightly as she felt the power being quickly suppressed.

He gritted his teeth, ready to continue accepting the abyss’s degeneration in order to gain greater strength.

However, at this brief moment, the sky-splitting sound started, and a badly decomposed leg kicked on him, interrupting his movement instantly.

Not only that, but the huge suction power came, and Aurora only felt that the abyssal power she had just absorbed through active demonization was quickly lost, and was swallowed by her own existence in the kick.

It’s Uria.

A great power came, and Aurora, who had lost power, was kicked flying directly.

At the same time, Apophis’s tail swept Uria in the sky.

With a loud noise, Uria’s silhouette fell like a torn sack, hitting the ruins of the city on the ground, sliding for several kilometers before slowly stopping…

His breath disappeared instantly.

Aurora climbed up from the ruins, her eyes, which had been crazy and clear, became clear again.

He looked towards the direction in which the silhouette hit by the snake tail fell, and called out anxiously:


“Stop shouting, a dead body that’s all.”

Above the sky, the voice of the Abyssal Serpent Apophis came again.

He looked towards Aurora on the ground, and the words were filled with disdain:

It’s just a fluke to keep the last bit of physical vitality with the help of the abyssal power and chaotic consciousness. I have sent him to see your mother goddess…”

Speaking, he looked at the wizard Demi-God and his gaze gradually became ferocious:

“Now… it’s your turn!”

After he finished speaking, he opened his huge mouth in the blood basin, and his deep power kept gathering.

However, at the next moment, there was a loud noise from where Uria fell.

The evil and crazy breath reappears!

Not only that, but this breath is stronger and more chaotic than before.

Apophis is slightly paused.

He temporarily put away the brewing abyss forbidden spell, and looked towards the direction of Uria’s fall.

The messy ruins suddenly burst, and Uria’s silhouette reappeared.

He has lost an arm, but the originally rotten place on his body has been completely covered by the scales of the abyss demon…

His breath continued to rise, and there was a black mist constantly boiling at the broken arm.

gradually, a ferocious demon’s claw slowly grows.


His voice sounded again, as rigid and mechanical as ever.

Apophis eyes shrank, the voice of vicissitudes is unbelievable:


“You…you are dead!”

Uria not at all answered.

His intermittent voice continued:



Not only that, as He mechanically repeated the name of the Abyssal Serpent, more and more hollow voices slowly sounded from all over the Cliff of Sorrow…




In the ruins of the city, on the battlefield of demons and frost elves.

Among the corpses left by the terrifying battle two thousand years ago, one after another dim-blue rays of light slowly lit up!

It was a dim-blue flame, like a pair of eyes burning with anger.

No, that’s the eyes!

That is Soul Fire of the undead…

I saw the rock sand elves who had already turned into dry bones, sitting up from the ground!

The deep blue rays of light slowly burned in the skull’s eye sockets, their skeletons made the sound of creak creak, and slowly stood up from the ground!


Their upper and lower jaws kept trembling, and countless mechanical sounds came from all over the Cliff of Sorrow.

They picked up the rusty weapon that had been buried in the ruins for a long time and moved slowly.

Looking at these undead spirits that suddenly recovered, Aurora was surprised.

“Mind Connection…”

He stared at Uria in the distance, muttered in a complicated mood.

Uria took off slowly.

Black’s abyssal power is constantly gathering in him.

His body swelled quickly, the sarcoma squirmed, and the scales churned.

After a while, he became a huge object made up of black flesh and barbed scale armor, which can only be vaguely discernible in human form.

His body keeps swelling, swelling…until it swells up to several hundred meters, then it slowly stops.

Although it is still not as big as the giant abyssal snake, but it also has a faint feeling of resistance…


The neat, dull mutter sounded slowly.

Behind Uria, countless dim-blue rays of light appeared.

That is the undead Legion formed by the awakened rock sand elves!

Uria, who has long been unable to identify the identity of the elf, raised high and bloated right hand, holding up a giant sword transformed by the power of the abyss.

He was breathing heavily, and his hoarse voice slowly sounded.

This time is different from before:


Behind him, boundless, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of rock and sand undead also raised the white bone right hand holding the weapon:


Hearing this sentence, Aurora slightly trembled.

His eyes were instantly filled with mist.

Two lines of crystal clear tears flowed down his cheeks slowly.

Covering Frost…

That was the last command issued by Uria, the son of the earth, to the elves of the rock and sand tribe who had completely lost their survival under the attack of the Kuroshio two thousand years ago!

Covering Frost…

Protect the evacuation of the Frost Elves and leave the last fire for Elf Race!


He understands everything!

Since two days ago, it is not someone else who is secretly observing himself, it is Uria!


At this moment, he can no longer be called Uria…

He is the collective consciousness formed by more than 100,000 rock sand elves who died in battle two thousand years ago who were connected with Uria!

Or rather…a collection of dead souls.

At this moment, two thousand years later, with the return of the frost elves, these sleeping consciousnesses are awakened again…

In their consciousness, there are only two remnants left…

Fight against the enemy named Apophis…

Cover the evacuated Frost tribe!

Understood, everything is understood!

The two days of secret prying were not for the opportunity to attack, nor for secret surveillance.

But… silently guarding!

No wonder…

No wonder the progress went so smoothly in the last three days.

No wonder that in the last three days, I didn’t encounter even one demon before reaching the Cliff of Sorrow!

The will of the rock sand elves is immortal.

Even if… is falling into darkness.

Even if… is in the form of an undead!

The dark clouds in the sky kept churning.

Thunderbolts that fly like tongues of fire penetrate the darkness and illuminate the entire cliff of mourning.

“Uria” raised up to the sky and roared, then moved towards the hideous abyssal serpent rushed away!

Following his actions, the resurrected rock and sand undead on the ground also roared, brandishing weapons that have been sleeping for more than two thousand years, and moved towards the demon besieging the frost elves and rushed away!

“courting death!”

in midair, the abyss serpent Apofis entrenched on the cliff of mourning issued an angry roar.

His eyes were fierce, twisting his huge body, moved towards “Uria” and bite away…

However, “Uria” stretched out his huge swollen hand and grabbed his head!

I saw him roar, and he broke the huge upper and lower jaws of Apophis and tore them to both sides.

The terrifying force caused Apofis’ pupils to shrink suddenly.

He screamed and sprayed out highly corrosive venom, but “Uria” did not evade, letting the venom corrode his body, still tearing his jaws.

Apophis let out a painful grunt, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

He twisted his body, threw away the tail of the snake, and slapped “Uria” on the body.

With a loud noise, he finally broke free from the control of “Uria”.

However, at this moment, his jaws have been slightly deformed, and he has been injured!


“I admit that you are stronger now!”

“However, it would be ridiculous to think that this would defeat me!”

“The ants… after all, they are the ants!”

Speaking, Apophis roared again, moved towards “Uria” and rushed towards…

And at this brief moment, an arrow flashing with a starlight suddenly shot from the ground and hit his eyes.


Black’s blood splashed everywhere, and Apophis let out a howl of pain and anger.

He turned his head, his other scarlet star-like eye, looking at Aurora who slowly lowered his bow and arrow, his eyes were full of anger:


His voice was filled with utter anger.

Aurora’s expression is calm.

He put away the long bow, and once again transformed into a long sword in his hand, pointing straight at the giant snake:


“Your opponent, and me.”

Apophis breathed fire into his eyes.

He opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, moved towards Aurora and charged.

However, at this time, the silhouette of “Uria” reappeared, hugging his huge body directly and dragging his actions…

Seeing this scene, Aurora also flashed the pupil light.

He lightly shouted, the rays of light on his body bloomed, and he flew again, moved towards The struggling snake rushed away!

Three myths…fight together!


Above the sky, the battle of the myths is hidden in the gray mist.

On the ground, the progress of Cyber ​​and Frost Elves became more difficult.

One after another Frost Elf fell down, but the number of demons did not decrease.

The desperate mood… gradually spread among the team.

The voice of Gando’s command has been hoarse, no longer speaking.

Seeing fewer and fewer elves, Cyber ​​looked anxious.

The cliff close at hand seems so far away.

However, at this time, bursts of exclamation suddenly came from behind the team.

The roar like a tsunami resounded behind the frost elves.

Cyber ​​turned his head subconsciously, stared wide-eyed instantly.

Behind the team, everywhere in the city, there suddenly appeared tide-like skeletons.

The flames of dim-blue are ignited in their eyes, wearing dilapidated elven armor, like a charging army, moved towards The demons besieging the frost elves rush!


The vicissitudes of elves sounded slowly, neatly and thickly.

For a time, the demon army surrounding the elves was swallowed by the sea of ​​undead like foam!

Estel stared blankly at the undead who helped clansman slash the devil, slightly opened wide.

Looking at the faintly recognizable sign of the Rock Sand Tribe on the armor of the undead, her eyes gradually blurred, and her expression revealed surprise and sadness:

“It’s rock and sand…”

“The clansman of the Yansha tribe…”

“They…they have come to help us!”

Speaking of the last sentence.

The girl was already crying.

The frost elves were shocked.

Looking at the undead who rushed into the demon army, a little bit of hope burned in the team again.

Sybo raises the long sword in his hand, a long whistle:

“Clansman, charge!”


The frost elves are angrily roared.

Then the golden “ribbon” struggled forward again!

On the hillside, the dim-blue ocean protects on both sides of the golden ribbon, breaking through the darkness…

And the team of Frost Elves finally tore open the array of the demon army and rushed out of the encirclement!

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