Game of The World Tree Chapter 715


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“The mother god…this is the rays of light of the mother god. The mother god has really recovered. He personally came to take us home!”

Looking at the gradually solidified silhouette in the sky, the eyes of the frost elves gradually blurred and their voices trembled.

“True God ……”

The abyss serpent Apophis’s gaze was completely dignified, his expression increasingly ugly.

Even the three new abyss myths that appeared in the distance have a slight aura.

And Demi-God Aurora stared at the familiar sacred silhouette, his eyes gradually blurred:

“Mother God…under the crown…”

His voice is full of excitement, full of sincerity, full of fanaticism.

Under the excitement and enthusiasm, there was a bit of weakness and trembling faintly.

It was a mood mixed with grievances and restless.

Like a child who has been away from home for a long time and has been bullied, seeing a mother who misses day and night…

The “Uria”, who has been entangled in the abyss serpent, ignoring his injuries, did not know when to stop.

His eyes are hollow, his eyes are dull, and his rotting head tremblingly looks in the direction of rays of light.

He slowly stretched out the giant abscessed hand that had been corrupted by the venom of the giant snake, moved towards rays of light, as if he wanted to grab something…

The sound of dull and mechanical sounded intermittently in his throat:

“Mother… God…”

The voice still couldn’t hear any emotions.

However, it is much softer than the low growl before.

Two lines of black blood and tears flowed down his hollow eyes, leaving two long traces on his rotting face…

“Mother God…?”

Hearing the call of two elves Demi-God to the sacred illusory shadow, the abyss serpent Apophis stared wide-eyed.

Looking at the devastatingly beautiful silhouette in the sky, looking at the long silver hair that has been condensed, looking at the purple pupils and the gorgeous and holy skirts that are deeper than the starry sky, one in his memory , The silhouette that originally belonged to the legend, slowly overlaps with the other party……

In the next second, there was a glimmer of disbelief in Apophis’s scarlet pupil.

His already rather ugly expression quickly became even more ugly, and he cast a deep shock:


The beautiful and holy silhouette slowly cast his sight.

The majestic and calm gaze seemed to see through everything in the world.

As the opponent watched quietly, Apophis, who was originally imposing manner arrogant, revealed a trace of panic and fear.

Under the pressure of the vastness of the starry sky, until now proudly looking down at him in this abyssal region, he actually felt a kind of humbleness and insignificance at this moment…

The sacred and mighty breath filled the darkness.

Along with the ethereal and sacred hymn, the beautiful and holy silhouette slowly stretched out the right hand.

Then, press down gently.

That seems to be ordering something.

Following his actions, the next moment…the brilliant brilliance bloomed on the cliff of mourning!

I saw it on the dark cliff.

The tidal water shining with colorful brilliance pouring down like a river of light dropping from the sky.

That’s the players who joined the battlefield…

They are like Knights enlisted by Goddess, with rays of light shining on their bodies of magic and divine technique. Under the call of Goddess… they rushed down against the demons in the ruins!

The people who are in the lead have bright golden light blooming on their bodies, and their breath is constantly rising.

The gods…

At this moment, the power of the gods also appeared on the battlefield!

The players who acted as pioneers have soared aura, their strength has skyrocketed, and they have reached a higher level.

They…become Goddess’ favorites!

The brilliance continued to spread.

Gradually, even the other players are gradually covered in a layer of rays of light.

Their five senses have become more acute, their strength has become stronger, and the magic within the body is constantly boiling…

That is a blessing from Goddess!

Holy and mighty.

Feeling the constant rushing power within the body, the players refreshed.

“For the Glory of Goddess” echoed passionately in their ears, teasing their nerves, and stimulating their already burning adrenaline…

The sound of their breathing became thicker, the sharp light in their eyes became brighter and brighter, and the blood within the body became hotter.

Amidst the cries of excitement, “We have been strengthened!” “God’s favor! The favored ones are here!” “Kill! The time to charge has arrived!” Further improve.

Then, in a more swift imposing manner, moved towards the demon army rushed away!

On the slope of the cliff.

I saw the bright light illuminating half of the sky, tearing the deep darkness constantly.

That is the light that descends into the darkness, that is the dawn of the breakthrough night!

Players like a colorful torrent, rushing down, unstoppable!

The galaxy-like torrent continues down the black cliffs, down…

Tear the demons to pieces, crush the monsters, press forward.

Amidst the deafening shouts, the demon army stalemate with the dim-blue undead Legion and the golden frost elves team was suddenly crushed by the torrent of ten thousand horses galloping!

The darkness that had been deadlocked for a long time was slowly pushed out by the colorful torrent!

Then, vented for thousands of miles and completely collapsed.

However, the colorful torrent formed by the players has not stopped…

They are like hot lava surging after a volcanic eruption, continuing to burn with dazzling brilliance, descending and descending along the cliff…

Soon, they were connected with the super-giant Kuroshio that was summoned by the abyss serpent Apophis.

The giant black tide, which was originally like a tsunami, was moving towards the Cliff of Sorrow violently and violently, but was completely stopped under the impact of the colorful torrent.

next moment, more fierce battle broke out on the battlefield!

With the blessing of Goddess, players are like fearless Knights, brandishing weapons, casting divine techniques and magic, shouting and rushing into the dark tide… Fight with demons and monsters together!

Looking at this shocking scene, the frost elves stared wide-eyed one after another.

At this moment, they feel that their blood is gradually boiling…

Looking at the raging black tide, watching the hideous evil demons and abyss monsters, a trace of hatred floated on their faces that had not yet wiped their tears of excitement.

“Clansman! Keep up with our compatriots! Tear these evils to pieces! Then go home together!”

I don’t know who roared.

“Tear to pieces! Go home together!”

More frost elves roared and raised their weapons.

After that, they turned around one after another, and under the stunned eyes of the players, they joined the colorful torrent with an imposing manner more fierce and unstoppable than the players, like an awakened War God, moving towards Kuroshio rushes away!

The brilliance shining on the player quickly spread and enveloped the frost elves.

That is a blessing from Goddess.

And the dim-blue elven undead Legion, following the movement of the frost elves, also turned around, guarding them, let out a wild beast-like low growl, moved towards the darkness and rushed away!

The torrent of colorful colors converge with the brilliance of gold and dim-blue.

A more spectacular and more magnificent wave has formed…

The wave rushed down and gradually turned into a tsunami.

The tsunami roared down, with an imposing manner of incomparable, in the horrified sight of the demons and monsters, the surging deep darkness was completely destroyed!

Above the sky.

The Abyssal Serpent, Apophis, looked shockedly at everything that happened on the ground, his eyes full of incredible:

“It broke…”

“The Kuroshio has collapsed…”

“This…how is it possible?! The Kuroshio was broken in a frontal charge!”

However, his shock not at all lasted too long.

Because of the next moment, he felt a vast breath locked in him.

An unprecedented sense of crisis came to mind, and the abyss serpent Apophis shivered coldly.

He doesn’t know how many years he hasn’t had this feeling of fear.

Slowly lifts the head, he looked towards the sacred and beautiful silhouette in the sky, and the fear in his heart is getting stronger and stronger.

“The mother of all gods…Euktrahill…”

He finally spit out the title that once dominated the entire Segus universe, and the name that once dominated the entire Silver Age for thousands of years…

Then, he turned his head and roared at the attracted three myths of the abyss:

“Lulia, Alyssa, Andulia, what are you doing in a daze? Come and help! The Mother of Gods is back!”

“Don’t destroy his incarnation… We all have to fall!”

It’s just that when Apophis turned around, he was slightly taken aback.

I saw the two of the three abyss myths, who had actually turned their directions and moved towards the distant place to flee.

The third person hesitated a little, then quickly turned around, moved towards the other direction and fled.

Immediately afterwards, the three-headed mythical giant dragon neighed and divided into three ways, moved towards they chased.

Looking at the silhouettes that disappeared in front of him in a blink of an eye, Apophis looked surprised.

His eyes were quickly filled with anger:

“Luria! Alyssa!”

“You two cowardly wastes that escaped from the main material world!”

The holy silhouette in the sky swept a cold look.

Feeling the terrifying pressure, Apophis shivered coldly.

Since becoming a myth, He hasn’t felt this way for a long time…

He swallowed hard, and slowly lifts the head, his eyes slowly facing the legendary existence.

Beautiful and unparalleled, especially the pair of purple pupils, mysterious and profound, people can’t help but sink into it.

Even from the aesthetics of Evil God, this existence definitely belongs to the well-known figure in True God……

It’s just that, at this moment, Apophis didn’t have any thoughts of admiration, only a strong vigilance and reluctant fear in his heart.

“Euktrahill…you…no, you actually recovered…”

The voice of the Abyssal Serpent suddenly became somewhat respectful.

Looking at the existence in the sky, he backed away cautiously and slowly, and said:

“You are here to take Elf Race back.”

“I can feel your powerful force…awesome.”

“I have no intention of continuing to be an enemy with you. How about taking a step back?”

“This is the abyss, and your incarnation cannot display Divine Realm.”

“Presumably… benevolent, you don’t want to see Elf Race continue to suffer casualties?”

Speaking, his scarlet pupils swept across the fighting elves on the ground with deep eyes.

Although the attitude is respectful, the threats between the words are hardly concealed.

The sacred silhouette in the sky swept cold eyes again.

Against the pair of purple pupils that can’t see the emotions, Apophis’s heart becomes more and more worried.

It’s just that at this time, Aurora’s firm voice rang:

“Under the crown of the mother god! Can’t let him go!”

“He already knows who you are! The three myths who flee also know who you are and cannot let them go!”

Hearing Aurora’s voice, Apophis’ eyes flashed with anger.

He was about to say something, but a pair of rotting giant hands hugged his slender body again.


The sound of the old-fashioned machinery came again, “Uria”‘s eyes were dull, his hands confined the Abyssal Serpent.

Apophis struggled for a while, and was shocked to find that he couldn’t break free of the opponent’s control.

He turned his head and saw that the rotten flesh of “Uria” was constantly cracking, and a deep flame was burning on him…

His breath is growing again, but his body is gradually breaking down.

“Uria! You crazy man! Don’t take me if you want to court death!”

Apophis growled angrily.

The next second, he suddenly felt a more shocking energy wave coming from the air.

Apophis slowly lifted the head, seeing the holy silhouette in the sky, gently raised his hand again.

A flaming platinum Divine Sword appeared in his hand.

“Go to trial.”

“This is the anger of the elves.”

He looked indifferently at the horrified Abyssal Serpent, and his empty and beautiful voice resounded in the sky.

Then, gently waved the Divine Sword in his hand.

The dazzling sword light blooms on the Divine Sword, turning into a kilometer-long platinum sword energy, moved towards the abyss giant snake Apophis rushes…


Looking at the oncoming horrible sword energy, Apophis let out a desperate neigh.

The sword energy came in an instant, passing through his body.

However, it did not hurt the “Uria” who hugged him, and the countless elves and players on the ground.

The huge body of Apophis was slightly trembled and stiffened.

His eyes were still horrified, but he was frozen there forever.

The next second, his huge body seemed to have been erased by an eraser, gradually disappearing from bottom to top.

No blood, no wounds.

There is no loud noise, no rays of light, and no energy tide formed by the battle between myths…

At that moment, the entire world seemed quiet for a moment.

The silhouette of the Abyssal Serpent Apophis completely disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

I can’t even feel his remaining breath in the air…

His “existence” was cut off.

The “existence” disappeared, the myth that has been entrenched in the cliff of mourning for thousands of years, the abyss Evil God Apophis…then fell.

Immediately afterwards, the giant Kuroshio summoned by Him completely collapsed…

The gray mist condensed on the cliff of mourning slowly dissipated, and the brilliant golden light shone down from in the sky, diffused with dreamlike brilliance.

Holy light shines, the sacred and beautiful silhouette in the sky has become the center of the entire world…

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