Game of The World Tree Chapter 763


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On the bustling wharf, crowds are crowded.

Large and small boats are moored in the river bay with flags flying.

From time to time, we can see new sailing ships coming from afar, entering the port, and slowly approaching and anchoring.

Most sailing boats come from the lower reaches of the river. Whenever a boat docks, there will be a large number of passengers pushing and shouting to board the dock.

Most of them carry their luggage and feel uneasy, and they are all refugees.

On the shore, the city’s guards have already stationed in the pier, maintaining order.

Suddenly, a sailing ship with the red flag flying slowly came from a distance, and the golden scepter logo was particularly eye-catching on the red flag.

As the sailing ship approached, the surrounding sailing ships moved towards both sides to make way for it.

Seeing this scene, a refugee on an imperial sailing ship couldn’t help but cast his eyes and asked the crew:

“Which family ship is that and why do all the ships make way for it?”

The crew glanced at the red flag on the sailing boat, then looked at the iris symbol on the boat, hey, and said:

“My friend, it’s the first time to come to Fengyue to receive freely?”

“The red flag and the golden scepter are the sails directly under the executive officer.”

After hearing what the sailor said, the refugee suddenly realized:

“Executive officer… is that Lord Sophia?”

“Yes, it is Master Sophia.”

The crew said respectfully.

Speaking, he pointed to the iris on the boat again, and added:

“Did you see that iris flower? If I am not mistaken, this sailing boat should also cooperate with the Amway Chamber of Commerce. Because that is the emblem of the Amway Chamber of Commerce.

“Amway Chamber of Commerce?”

The refugee was stunned, then surprised:

“This is the legendary Chamber of Commerce whose headquarters is located in the Fairy Forest, and the Chamber of Commerce of Sauron, in the underground market of the Kingdom of Ayers, became Heaven and Earth turning upside down?”

“Yes, don’t underestimate their Chamber of Commerce, their Chamber of Commerce wizard mercenaries are quite powerful.”

The crew sighed.

Refugees are nodded with great approval:

“I have also heard of the name of the Amway Chamber of Commerce Elf Mercenaries. It is said that they are quite active on the battlefield in the south. As long as they buy the Goddess Divine Idol they sell, they can be summoned in the past…” p>

Speaking of the southern battlefield, the expressions of refugees gradually became lost and lost, and even the eyes of the crew chatting with them became a little worried:

“The southern battlefield… I heard that the southern frontier has fallen across the board…”

After listening to the crew, the refugees sighed:

“It’s not just the southern frontier. It is said that the demons have established stable plane channels, and more and more demons are invading, and there are even terrifying Demi-God demon monarchs!”

“Hiss… Demi-God Demon Lord?!”

Hearing the conversation between the two, other refugees took a deep breath lightly.

“Yes…I just escaped from the south. It is said that several Legendary professionals have fallen into his hands.”

The refugee who speaks is afraid of being authentic.

After hearing what he said, the people around were worried.

There are also many people who are grateful and breathe a sigh of relief:

“Fortunately, we withdrew in time. It has only been a few months since the southern border territories have fallen. If you wait, I am afraid that the entire southern part of the empire will be occupied by demons…”

When it comes to the war in the South, it seems to have opened up the chatterbox, and many people show fear:

“Demon…that is really a group of terrifying existence, I saw with my own eyes they tore the human being caught to pieces!”

“Hey, it’s good to be torn to pieces… It is said that many people who were caught by them turned into rations.”

“Have you seen the land contaminated by the power of the abyss? Too terrifying… where the devil passed by, the earth became black, and even the river water turned black and gray. I saw someone take a sip of water , The whole person festered directly.”

“Hiss…This is too terrifying…”

“That’s why it’s called the doomsday! Devil invasion, this is the end of the world! I heard that the purpose of the devil is to destroy the entire world!”

“The Eternal Lord is here! When is the head of this kind of day… Does the church leave it alone?”

“Hey, the church has sent a trial of the Knight regiment, but it is said that the trial of the Knight regiment and the imperial army were all defeated under the attack of the devil, and even the Pope was furious… Now, the empire is gathering various forces to resist together… “

“hmph, a group of rice buckets, I know that the church has fallen a long time ago. The priests and bishops only know that they collude with the nobles and squeeze the civilians. The Knights do not know how much waste is mixed in the trial. Now, the Eternal Church… is no longer the church that guards believers!”

Some refugees said angrily.

The expressions of the people around me changed:

“What nonsense?”

“It’s just a statement of facts. As far as I know, if it weren’t for the earliest bishops and nobles on the southern border to conceal the fact that the town was occupied by demons, the demons would have been impossible to stand firm on Segus! Things…It is said that they all spread in the center of the empire.”

The refugee said.

After speaking, he glanced at the pier in front of him again, looking towards the prosperous city on the pier, his face looked forward to:

“It’s better for Fengyue to lead freely! It is said…sord Sophia deprived all the nobles of the title of the domain, and the entire domain is becoming more and more prosperous under the guidance of the Church of Life…”

“I have decided that after I go ashore, I will go to the Temple of Life to pray and become an official believer in life…”

After hearing what he said, the other refugees couldn’t help but looked towards the city on the shore with hope.

This is Zerowan, the capital of the Maple Freedom, and the first choice for refugees to flee after the demons invaded.

Unlike the imperial south, this city, which is said to have been ravaged by war a year ago, looks so peaceful and safe at this moment.

“Go ashore. When you get ashore, you will be safe. I heard that Zeroland is short of manpower now. As long as we can find a day job here, we can survive…”

A refugee sighed.

“But…what if the demons come here? It’s not far from the south, right? The demons are so fast…I still plan to wait until the northern leader to disembark.”

Some refugees also said worriedly.

However, after listening to his words, most refugees sneered:

“Hit Fengyue collar? Hey…”

“What? Isn’t it?”

The worried refugee has some doubts.

Refugees who plan to convert to Goddess, shook the head, said with a smile:

“My friend, that’s why you are too worried. Now that the devil is invading, I am afraid that no place in the entire Segus world is safer than the Maple Moon Neck and the Fairy Forest.”


the worried refugee asked.

“Of course it is because this is the sphere of influence of the Church of Life. There is a great life Goddess who protects it personally. The demons will never come, especially the Fairy Forest! But unfortunately… the Fairy Forest only has Only elves and half-elves can settle down. For us, the best choice is to get Fengyue freely.”

A refugee said.

After hearing what he said, many people agreed with nodded.

With the outbreak of the War between Gods and Demons, the demons invaded Seggs world, and a large number of refugees fled from the southern part of the empire to Fengyueling. The biggest reason is that the Goddess of life is behind the Fengyueling.

Although for most people, the flow of information is not smooth, but with the spread of the name Goddess of life, many deeds about him have long been known to the Imperial Inner sect.

For example…He is the only True God walking on the ground in the entire Segus world.

For example, he hates the evil power very much, and has repeatedly eliminated the terrifying Evil God.

Moreover, even without mentioning the power of Goddess of life, those famous elven mercenaries who are loyal to Goddess of life have already resounded across the mainland…

Not to mention anything else, just now on the battlefield on the southern border, you can see their silhouettes fighting demons from time to time.

As the refugees were communicating, suddenly, someone frowned and said:

“Speaking…I heard a rumor some time ago, I don’t know true or false…”

“What rumor?”

The others asked curiously.

The man hesitated and said:

“The rumors say…the Goddess of life was sealed by the Demon Gods in the battle with the Demon God…”

After listening to his words, others laughed heartily:

“hahaha! Life Goddess is sealed under the crown? How is this possible?”

“My friend, where did you hear this ridiculous news?”

The speaker hesitated for a moment and scratched his head:

“I don’t know if it’s true or not. It’s news from Underground World.”

“Underground World?”

The others were surprised.

Speaker nodded, explained:

“Yes, my hometown is South Fort. There is a passage to Underground World. I heard the news from the caravan of the Dark City Alliance…A lot of people over there are saying that now.”

“Nonsense! I heard that the Dark City Alliance once had a war with the Fairy Forest. This news must be false, not to mention… Life Goddess has been in the Fairy Forest well, how could it be with Demon God of the abyss fight?”

Someone shook his head.

“Then I don’t know.”

The speaker spread his hands.

Then he frowned and said:

“It’s just… Goddess is so powerful, and he hates the existence of evil so much. Why are the demons invading the hinterland of the fertile plain now? He hasn’t taken any action yet?”

“This is normal, after all, the Southern Leader does not believe in Goddess.”

Someone said.

“But before Maple Leaf Ling believed in Goddess.”

The speaker sighed.

After hearing what he said, the people around looked at each other, lost in thought.

Many refugees showed expressions of uncertainty.

Only a few refugees who converted to the Church of Life remain dissatisfied:

“Rumors! These are all rumors! Life Goddess is merciful and powerful, and everything you say is blasphemous!”

“I’m just talking about matters.”

“Hey, you are obviously using rumors to cause panic!”

The two sides quarreled, and quickly evolved from a dispute to a quarrel, and then fought together.

Above the deck, there is chaos.

The chaotic scene attracted the attention of the crew on the surrounding ships. Many people whistled and watched the excitement.

Even the sailing ship with the red flag that was avoided by many ships, many crew members looked over curiously.

On the deck of the sailing boat, a Knight in armor moved towards the chaotic sailing boat and looked at it, slightly frowned.

He shook the head, looked away, looked towards the front.

The ship has slowly entered the port, and someone from the shore has already come to pick it up.

Until the hull shook slightly, the pedals were lowered, the anchor entered the water, and the sailors used ropes to completely secure the ship.

“Master Fein, we are here.”

The crew said respectfully.

Knight is no one else. It was Fein who jumped from an ordinary Orion to an intermediate Knight during the Maple Moon War of Liberation.

After the demon invaded the Seggs world and the war broke out in the south of the Holy Manian Empire, he was sent to the south of the empire to inquire about the situation. This time it was with the refugees returning on the ship of the Amway Chamber of Commerce Maple branch report.

I saw him nodded to the crew, lightly jumped onto the pier, and then boarded a carriage that had already been parked by the pier:

“Go to Wells Castle.”


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