Game of The World Tree Chapter 764

In fact, if Fein had not been an apprentice in Augs City for a while, he would have been impossible to recognize so many words.

However, although the words are not good-looking, the content of the report is in order. This is why Sophia sent Fein to the south. This young Knight was discovered by her when she was working in Zerowan.

When Sophia looked through the report file, her brows frowned and her fingertips held parchment slightly harder.

“At least one million-level demons have been transmitted…”

Her eyes are a little serious.

Fin’s documents contain detailed information about the war in the South.

Among these, what makes Sophia feel the most heavy is the number of horrible to see.

Among them, not only are there more and more demons over time, there are also powerful demonic monarchs that have emerged one after another as territories fall…

In just a few months, at least seven Legendaries have fallen in the Holy Mania Empire, and more than 500 high-level professionals have been killed. The army destroyed by the demons may have exceeded 200,000…

This exaggerated figure, if placed a few years ago, would have been the military power of the entire empire.

That is to say, in recent years, the magic of the world of SEGs has rebounded, and the professional players have blown out, so that it will not completely collapse…

But even so, from the lines of Fein’s record, Sophia also saw the crisis of the situation.

The Eternal Church has issued many orders to expand the number of Knights to judge. Even the Eternal Holy City Mania has appeared several times in Divine Vestige, and several Seraphim have come.

However, even so, the Empire did not stop the demons from attacking.

Looking at the descriptions on the parchment, watching the tragedy recorded in the files after the demon invasion, Sophia’s expression became more serious.

“Maybe there will be an attack on Fengyue Freedom in two months…”

Staring at the names of the fallen places, the girl is muttered.

Two months, that was Fein’s speculation based on the current situation.

However, after Sofia finished reading the document and looked towards the map behind her, her brows were deeply frowned.

The maple free leader passes through the Vimur River directly to the lower battlefield. If the demon army continues to move towards the fertile plain based on the current offensive, it will indeed take two months to reach the maple free leader here.

But if they change their offense and go straight up the river, it will be different.

I don’t know why, looking at the map, Sophia always has an ominous hunch, especially after hearing the rumors from Fein that the south has spread…

What happened to Goddess?

This kind of thing is only spread among heretic and shallow believers.

But the reason given in the rumors, even if Sophia, who is the Favored One, saw it, there was a feeling of uncertainty…

When the maple leaf collar broke out in a rebellion, Evil God appeared. From the very beginning to the end, Goddess took a shot in just two months, and directly destroyed the Evil God, spreading the brilliance to the maple leaf collar.

However, now, the demons are descending in the south of the empire at a faster rate. After the invasion of the Seggs world, the senior leaders of the Church of Life have been silent.

Sophia clearly knows that the sooner the invasion of the abyss is suppressed, the easier it will be to drive the demons out of the Seggs world, and the longer it will be, the more difficult the war will be.

How big the abyss is. Segus world is just a primary material plane that’s all. If the abyss launches a full-scale invasion, it would be difficult to resist the forces of Segus world without the power of True God.

So… from the very beginning of this war, the key to victory is Goddess.

However, since the beginning of the war, the Holy Mania Empire and the southern kingdom of Ayris have repeatedly sent envoys to the Church of Life to ask for help, but the top leaders of the church only sent some of the chosen ones to Participating in the battle, did not give news of the arrival of Goddess.

Don’t talk about the rumors, even Sophia is faintly aware that there may be some problems in a place she doesn’t know…

As the favored person under the crown of Eva, Sophia’s faith is very firm.

But precisely because of her firm belief, her expression became more solemn after hearing the rumors.

Stroking the blessing necklace Ms. Zero gave her, Sophia can clearly perceive the soft power under Goddess’s crown.

This power shows that the faith under the crown of Goddess is still there.

But if that’s the case, why hasn’t Goddess come to incarnation until now?

This is indeed a confusing question, even if she is the favored one under the crown of Goddess.

During this period, even when Sophia prayed and communicated to Goddess, she received very few responses, and even the responses were often vague and simple instructions, and the previous accurate and clear responses The style is different.

The feeling was like a mist between her and Goddess, and it seemed as if there were other beings responding under the crown of Goddess instead.

It seems that when the first signs of this kind appeared, it happened to coincide with the news of the demon invasion.

For this, Sophia… dare not think deeply.

However, no matter how puzzled she is, Sophia firmly believes that Goddess must be fine and that he must have his own considerations.

As the Goddess under the crown of Goddess, the Archon of the Maple Moon Freedom, what Sophia can do is to unite all the forces that may be united and resist the demon invasion outside the territory.

At this point, Sophia stood up from her seat, moved towards the guard outside and ordered:

“Prepare for carriage, I want to go to Life Church.”


About twenty minutes later, Sophia took the carriage and came to Zerowan’s Temple of Life.

After the announcement, she finally met the chief priest of Fengyue Freedom Diocese, a beautiful female elf in the temple.

“Master priest, the pace of the demon invasion is getting faster and faster. With our current strength, I am afraid that we can’t resist their army. I will recruit brave men from the guilds of the Elf Chosen to guard the Maple Freedom.”

Sophia said seriously.

The elf priest looked solemn, nodded:

“My lord Archon, I understand.”

After speaking, she summoned a handsome elf priest and said to him:

“Your Excellency Natsume, Sofia-sama has a new mission to announce to the Chosen…”

Seeing the elf priest who was called, Sophia’s heart moved.

She recognized that this was an Elf Chosen.

It is said that there is a magical telepathy among the Elf Chosen. As long as the news is sent to a Chosen, all the Chosen may know.

Looking at the iris logo on the other party’s clothes, Sophia also recognized that this Chosen should be a core member of the super-large guild named “Nature’s Heart” in the Elf Guild.

Is the heart of nature…

Thinking of the name of the guild, a familiar silhouette appeared in Sophia’s mind inexplicably.

The cynical smile, the weird hairstyle, and the short but not bad collaboration time.

A trace of nostalgia flashed through the girl’s eyes, and her whispering voice was a little emotional:

“Your Excellency Demacia, where are you doing now?”



On the high platform, Demacia fiercely in a holy priesthood sneezed.

After muttering, “Is anyone talking about me behind my back,” he tidied his clothes.

However, at the next moment, a new system message floated in front of him:


[Sophia von Wels’ favorability for you increased by 1 point…]


He stayed for a while, then couldn’t help touching his nose, whispered:

“Why have you increased your favorability again?”

A certain half-elf Eldest Miss with a poisonous tongue flashed in his mind, and his expression was a little weird.

shook the head, he cleared his throat and looked towards below the high platform.

After that, with a smile on his face, he continued to speak passionately:

“So… devout believers, we can only win the final victory in the war against the ocean Evil God if we strengthen our faith under the crown of Goddess!”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a round of enthusiastic applause under the high platform.

It was a fanatical believer with a scepter badge on his chest. There were thousands of people and crowded the entire square.

Among them, not only elves and half-elves, humans, halflings, but also other common land races in the Mindel continent.

Looking at the excited believers, Demacia was quite satisfied.

He raised his right hand and shouted solemnly:

“For the glory under the crown of Goddess! For our bright future!”

The believers below also raised their right hand excitedly:

“For the glory under the crown of Goddess! For our bright future!”

Feeling the warm atmosphere in the audience, and listening to the system hint of completing the task in his ears, Demacia’s face flashed with joy.

Then, he changed the subject again, laughed hehehe, and continued:

“In addition…hehehe, I have another thing to introduce to the believers.”

Speaking, his expression became more kind, and his tone became more kind:

“Dear friends, have you…have heard of Amway?”


The Holy Mannia Empire, the southern frontier.

The once beautiful plain has been shrouded in darkness, and faint clouds have begun to appear above the sky.

That is the power of the spreading abyss, which is beginning to erode this World.

The trees have been cut down to make new siege equipment one after another, and there are countless flying monsters raging in the sky while crying.

They are numerous, covering the sky, like locusts in the sky.

On the ground, the endless army of demons roared and roared like a torrent of annihilation.

Under their feet, with human bones, their eyes are full of bloodthirsty and madness.

A tall demon surrounded by flames stands on the city wall of a human city full of smoke, watching the slaughter that is still continuing in the city, full of enjoyment in his expression.

It wasn’t until the last scream disappeared into the grinning laughter of the demons that he slowly retracted his gaze.

“Master Astaros, all the land has been transformed, and all the creatures have been slaughtered. Do we continue to move towards the northern attack?”

A rough and respectful voice sounded behind the tall demon, a demon monarch in a cloak.

There are necklaces worn by skulls of humans, demons, and other races hanging around his neck. Each skull represents a Legendary professional who has fallen into his hands.

This is a powerful Legendary demon lord.

However, even him, when facing the tall devil, his posture is respectful and his eyes are full of awe.

The known Astaros chuckled lightly and looked away.

He lifts the head, looked towards Northwest.

In the far Northwest, the sky is still blue.

The pure canopy teases the heart of the tall devil, making his desire for destruction stronger.

That is Fengyue’s direction of freedom.

He took a deep breath, and the hot fire star spouted from his nostrils, and the huge coercion belonging to Demi-God’s existence spread:

“No…Leave some Legion to continue attacking the human kingdom, and the remaining main force will change the direction of attack.”

“Our next main target is Northwest…”

“Capture the Fengyue collar and break through the fairy forest!”

“The Goddess of Life has been sealed by Leviathan, and now is the time to destroy the Church of Life.”

“As long as the power of his faith is eliminated, this war…we will win.”

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