Game of The World Tree Chapter 765


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Maple Moon Liberty Collar, Sale Town.

As the southwestern frontier of the Liberty Nation, this small town became the main town for the Maple Ning to trade with the Empire and the Kingdom of Ayris in the south after the territory became independent from the Holy Mania.

In the entire Maple Moon region, in addition to the river transport trade on the Vimur River, the land-based business node is the fastest growing here. According to the current development status, it is likely that in a few years, the town of Sale To become a large city.

However, since the demons invaded the Holy Manian Empire and the Kingdom of Ayers a few months ago, the number of caravans with each other has been greatly reduced.

Instead, more and more refugees fled from the south over time.

Even if they didn’t go to the battlefield in person, from the refugees, the townspeople knew that the situation in the south was getting more and more eroded.

Fortunately, the Kingdom of Ayris on the south bank of the Vimur River does not seem to be the main direction of the demons’ invasion.

In addition, there are more magicians in the Kingdom of Ayers, who benefited the most after the magical power of the world of Segs recovered. It is said that they barely rely on the favorable terrain of the mountain range to block the army of demons in Ars on the south bank of the Vimur River. outside the mountain range.

But on the fertile plain of Mapingchuan on the north bank of the river, the Holy Mania Empire is more miserable.

Every day, there are new bad news.

As a southeastern border town on the border with the empire, the town of Sale gradually became people were alarmed with the continuous bad news.

No way, this place is too close to the southern battlefield. Although there is a guardian under the crown of Goddess, people still fear the demon army that is getting closer.

Especially after the time has entered January, the winter is coming, and various rumors have gradually spread in the town of Sale. Many residents have already planned to pack their bags and migrate north.

Fortunately, since a few months ago, Life Church has arranged manpower to build high city walls around the town, which has brought a little confidence to the remaining residents.

It is said that the Transmission Formation to communicate with Zerowan was built in the city, but it was not officially launched.

More and more soldiers came to garrison in Sale Town. Several mercenary regiments were recruited and stationed in the city, including an elven mercenary regiment with a number of 500.

The increase in military strength has given the residents a sense of security, especially after the elves have built several watchtowers on the hillside outside the town.

At this moment, on the watchtower on the southernmost side of Sale Town, two human soldiers are on guard.

Speaking of which is also interesting. In the earliest days, the elves planned to be on guard by themselves, but it didn’t take long for them to give up standing guard on the watchtower and hand it over to the city guard stationed in the town.

And the rumors, the reason is simply because it is too boring.

However, for the human soldiers, this seemingly strange reason makes them even more in awe of the elven mercenaries stationed in the city.

Many soldiers have experienced the war to liberate Fengyueling a year ago.

They know how powerful these beautiful elves are.

The boring daily life in the mouth of the elves, I don’t know how many soldiers are yearning for it, and what they say is interesting, but the battle that many people are afraid of…

The human soldiers who watched from the watchtower hoped that this boredom would last forever.

It’s just that this is destined to be a luxury.

After completing the 15-minute guard, the soldiers climbed down from the highest platform and returned to the tower in the center of the watchtower.

This kind of observation is performed every quarter of an hour, and the two guards alternate.

However, just as he just climbed down from the high platform and was about to hand over with his companions, he vaguely heard some monster-like roars coming from in the sky.

“What sound?”

They looked at each other, and they saw doubt and alert in each other’s eyes.

The eyes narrowed slightly, and the two stood up at the same time, moved towards the watchtower and looked out, only to see patches of dark clouds in the sky to the southeast.

Vaguely, there seem to be countless black dots constantly zooming in.

The two looked at each other and quickly found the telescope from the Fairy Forest in the tower, picked it up and looked towards the dark cloud.

When the black spots in the field of view zoomed in, their expressions changed slightly:

“What is that?”

In the distant looking glass, there are flying monsters.

They have bat wings on their backs and their hideous appearances are very similar to legendary demons…

The monster’s flying speed is very fast, and in a blink of an eye it becomes visible from a black spot to a naked eye.

And as they approached, the growl like a wild beast grew louder.

Immediately afterwards, the earth began to tremble.

As far as I can see, farther away, along the banks of the Vimur River, vaguely black smoke begins to rush…

The black smoke is permeated, like a black line, covering the entire horizon, and even in the Vimur River, it seems that gray and black fog is beginning to spread.

Seeing this situation, the expressions of the two guards changed:

“Not good!”

“It’s an army of demons!”

“Quick! Sound the alarm! Light the magic smoke!”

They were in a hurry, rolling and climbing. One climbed to the tower and the alarm sounded, while the other came to the other side of the tower and lit the table with special magic materials.

Next moment, accompanied by the piercing bell, red smoke continued to rise into the sky, forming a warning line to the sky.

However, as soon as they gave the signal, there were a few hideous wing demons dropping from the sky, tearing through the simple watchtower, grinning, and tearing them to pieces in the screams of the two.

Blood splattered, and a trace of bloodthirsty flashed through the pupils of Wing Demon’s scarlet. It was on the verge of collapse watchtower on all fours and roared.

More wing demons flew from the Southwest sky, flew over the watchtower, and flew towards the town of Sale not far away.

On the ground, the torrential demon Legion gradually appeared.

Amidst the deafening footsteps, they moved towards Fengyue’s free collar…

The offensive against the affiliated forces of the Life Church has officially begun.


“What? The Abyss Demon has begun to attack Fengyue Liberty Leader?”

In the temple of the Chosen City, Alice’s expression changed slightly when he learned of the changes in the town of Pur from the resurrected players on World Tree.

She turned around and looked towards the parish map hanging on the wall, her eyes gradually becoming serious.

“How is Purcell Town now?”

She turned around and asked.

“Maybe…has fallen. When the last of us returned from the battle, the demons had already breached the city gate of the town.”

The reporting player shook the head.

Speaking, he said with a bitter smile:

“We didn’t even have time to activate Transmission Array. The number of demons… is too much.”

Alice fell silent after hearing what the player said.

Although she had been mentally prepared for the invasion of the demons since the war between the gods and demons, when the army of demons really began to move towards the sphere of influence under the crown of Goddess, Alice still couldn’t bear it. Live a little uneasy.

“Master Alice, I think it’s time to pray to Goddess for help. I saw that the invading demons are almost hiding the sky and covering the earth. That number is definitely not something we can resist, especially the strongest ones. The players and Lord Myrell are all in the wasteland.”

The reporting player couldn’t help but say.

Alice fell silent after hearing what he said.

After a while, she sighed:

“I see.”

After reporting the information, the players retreated.

Alice is the only one left, looking at the map with a solemn expression.

Pray for help from Goddess?

He wants to do this too.

However, as Goddess Saintess, others don’t know it, but he knows that Goddess has fallen into a deep sleep for more than three months now.

Goddess is not in the Seggs world at all. He has gone to other planes, and is being promoted to the powerful divine force.

Before Goddess awakens under the crown, they can only rely on their own strength.

gently put out a breath, Alice summoned the priest of the Chosen to follow her:

“Your Excellency Bilodis, please inform Lord Aurora on the wasteland of Nirvana that the demon has begun its attack on the Maple Freedom.”

The Chosen was given an order to pass the message, and Alice walked out of the temple.

The demons have begun to invade Goddess’ faith territory, and it is time for the Elves to be dispatched.

However, when she thinks of the chosen ones who have become more and more respectless of the law and of natural morality since Goddess fell asleep, Alice feels a little worried.

As the earliest NPC in “Elf Country”, Alice knows the Chosen people better than ever.

Although the Chosen of Goddess summon are brave and fearless, at the same time, they are quite realistic and snobbish.

Before Goddess fell asleep under his crown, He once gave the Chosen two missions, one was to go to the wasteland of the abyss world to participate in the war of gods and demons, and the other was to guard the homeland of Segus world .

The details of the mission are clear to Alice, including the rewards for completing the mission.

The problem is precisely the reward.

Alice knows very well that for the overwhelming majority, the greatest motivation given by the task is to improve their strength.

And the wheel battle of extinguishing wasteland has already promoted the overwhelming majority to the limit where they can be promoted.

If there is anything that can attract them, I’m afraid there is only an advanced transfer place.

However, neither of the two large-scale missions assigned by Goddess has a reward for advancement and transfer.

According to Alice chatting with the Chosen, they are looking forward to the Divine Item repair point scroll and special prize pool lottery coupons, and the drop rate is also quite touching…

In this case, the rewards of the original mission have been greatly reduced, can it really mobilize the enthusiasm of the chosen ones?

Alice knows that most of the Chosen people like to fight tailwinds, and when faced with headwinds, they will become very sad.

This is the rule she summed up from the Divine Idol summon mission of the Chosen One after another.

Fortunately, several mythological followers under the crown of Goddess are there. The pressure of the Chosen is not great, and the fight is vivid and colorful.

But now facing the full-scale invasion of the Segas world by the devil, all aspects are crushed by the devil. Fighting a war that is likely to be defeated and procrastinated is a victory. The Chosen… really still Are you motivated and courageous?

Not to mention, the elites and commanders of several major guilds all went to the wasteland of nirvana, and some even went to the plane under the crown of Goddess.

Under this situation, can the talented people who have become less and less powerful as time goes by, can they really form a force?

At this moment, Alice is worried.

But in any case, the war will continue.

She decided to call on the Chosen by herself, and assembled an army to lead Fengyue freely.

However, when Alice walked out of the temple and came to the square of the Chosen City, she was slightly taken aback.

On the square, I don’t know when there has been a large number of people who have gathered.

Everyone has put on their most elite equipment and is calling for teammates in small groups.

Listening for a while, Alice was surprised to find that the Chosen candidates were calling for the recruitment of teammates who went to Fengyue to freely lead the war!

The flags of various colors were raised by them, and the streets were full of people. If you look carefully, you will find that many Chosen have already arranged their formations and are moving towards the Transmission Array from the Chosen City to the Black Dragon Castle. Hurry up…

The Chosen City-Black Dragon Castle-Maple Leaf City-Zeroland……

This is a very popular teleportation route among the Chosen.

Many people still drove a car pulled by a demonic beast, which was full of luggage.

The face of every chosen candidate is full of excitement and fighting spirit.

Seeing this scene, Alice’s expression was a little trance, and she was a little surprised at the same time.

Just received the news of the demon invasion, she has not had time to summon the Chosen, and the mother god sleeps under the crown, and has not released a large-scale mission to summon the Chosen.

However…the Chosen have already begun to organize spontaneously.

Out of curiosity, Alice couldn’t help but yelled one of the chosen candidates, and asked suspiciously:

“Your Excellency, the Chosen One, may I ask…Which one is calling the army? Have you already received the task?”

The Chosen who was caught by Alice was stunned, and then laughed like a favor:

“There is no commander-in-chief yet, Alice-sama, it’s just that our guild summoned everyone to Fengyue to lead the gathering. However, it seems that the transformation of the Knights of the natural disaster Ji Gang said that he intends to take the command this time.”

“The mission? I haven’t received the mission yet, but it doesn’t matter if I have it. The devil is about to fight. As a member of the Fairy Forest, it is not normal to participate in the war? This is a war to protect the homeland! “

“Hehe, I haven’t fought a big battle yet! I feel a little excited just thinking about it!”

“Master Alice, our guild leader is urging, I will leave first.”

After chatting with Alice for a few words, the chosen one happily moved towards Transmission Array and ran away, while Lord Saintess looked at his leaving back, his eyes a little complicated.

“Do you protect your homeland…”

She muttered.

Alice knows that for Goddess summon’s Chosen, this World is just a game for them.

However, even if it is a game, a few years have changed something…

Vague ballads spread from the ranks of the Chosen, and Alice was slightly surprised.

It seems to be a war song composed by the Chosen One and the returned Frost Elf. The lyrics are Elvish:

“When the horn sounded that day”

“You can hear from a hundred miles away”

“In the lush emerald forest”

“There is an Invincible Master”

“For Goddess, for faith, for the glory of Supreme”

“We are walking on a winding road”

“Advance under the guidance of fate”

“For Goddess, for faith, for the glory of Supreme”

“We are charging on the battlefield of blade light and sword shadows”

“Go forward with the blessing of Goddess”

“We are united as a city”

“We are one mind”

“We have stepped through the ruins of the old age”

“Our name is passed on the entire world……”

“We are united as a city”

“We are one mind”

“We have stepped through the ruins of the old age”

“Our name is passed on the entire world……”


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