Game of The World Tree Chapter 829

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The southernmost end of Long Island, on the edge of the cliff on the coast.

Large and small, hundreds of Giant Dragon gatches here, looks at more than a dozen small figure on the cliff.

That is to visit the ten players visiting Long Island. They are around, there are ten teenagers that come together with them, and the Golden Dragon Romanus, which is a humanoid. Players together to the Giant Dragon traveling to the Saigs continent.

Dragon is sent to Giant Dragon, Honglong Wang Heos stands in the forefront, the huge head looks at the players, especially those who have a good guy, and the eyes reveal a few points, I am still unresolved and unsuccessful:

“Dear friends, do you really have to go?”

“Our mission is completed, you must leave, but if you have the opportunity, you will come over.”

Players said with a smile.

looks at them who have packed the baggage, Hentos SIGHED.

Although the elves stayed in Long Island, Half A Month, but they brought the change of Heaven and Earth Turning Upside Down to Long Island.

fun game, delicious barbecue …

normally is bored, only sleep, the gold coin is also a group of Giant Dragon, and suddenly found that it is still colorful.

As the longest growth of LifeSpan, Giant Dragon has lost a lot of things while having a long period of time.

can provoke their Calm and Composed’s heart, let them feel happy from the heart, it is really not much.

and in the Half a month in the players, Dragon Island up and down, I don’t know how much happy laughter and cheerful lots.

“Friends, thank you for joy from Long Island, this is my gift, I hope you can accept it.”

Heros took out ten bright red Dragon Scales from Storage Space, placed in front of the players.

is His Dragon Scales.

See the red shining scales, players look bright.

Although it is an afraid of a wife’s Giant Dragon, but as the old dragon god, Honglong Wang Hest’s Dragon Scales absolutely refers to rare Treasure.

and with the movement of Red Dragon, Giant Dragon, who came to the players, also active, leaving a gift in front of them.

Dragon scales, rare Demonic Beast crystal nucleus, mutual magic plants …

In addition to gold and gems, all precious gifts should have, soon, they will be piled up in the hill in front of the players.

Seeing Giant Dragon so enthusiastic, players are also moving.

“Leading these gifts, the friends of the Elf, the gate of Long Island … Always open it for you.”

Red Dragon King said.

Players Nodded, 地 地 地 地………….. 背,. 上. 龙. 龙.

“Giant Dragon friends, take care!”

Li Mu returned to the head, Extend the Hand, and ride an Elf Rate of Elf Race to Giant Dragon.


Other players also have samples, and they are so awkward.

even more frivolous, Demasia, is also rare to steadily, and it is also a bit soft.

“take care …”

Giant Dragon is also slightly headed, and Dragon Race has made the highest etiquette.

“Go! Let’s see!”

The players waved and turned it.

The teenager giant dragon under their body is full, and the wings are flying, with them to leave Long Island …

and Romant Dragon, etc., Giant Dragon, also constantly, with it.

More than ten giant Dragon, in the sunny sun, go to the southeast …

Looking at the players who gradually go, Honglong Wang Hest is raised his head.

He has a slender dragon head, Roar Towards the sky, issued a bright Dragon Roar.

After Him, Lu Yala, more and more Giant Dragon joined the team, raised the dragon head, loudly …

Dragon’s Roar in this day is in the sky, until the players’ figure, no longer see.

The wise leaves, gathering Giant Dragon on the cliffs also scattered.

Red Dragon Wang Heos is reluctantly returned to the dragon Valley, but when He just entered the basin of the Dragon Valley, the expression on his face was in order to expect.

I saw the Rays of Light in His paw flash, and a set of gorgeous pull-up cards.

looks more beautiful than other Giant Dragon’s hands, and more sparkling cards, Hercos exposed a stupid laugh:

“Hehehe … Is this a license to limit version? It’s good to see! Demasian guy, it’s really good …”

This card is that the elves are separated from the barters, the young man named Demasia secretly delivers Him.

His other cards, including the Kunt card from the mother, all by Silver Dragon Andelia, with Excessive Attertion to Details Prevents One from Making Progress name!

In addition to this card, there are two sets of ordinary cards, which is given to Red Long Ti Pilla and Silver Dragon.

These two Giant Dragon have not come to the players unexpected today.

clear … This Half A Month is the most time you have to stay with the players.

“This card can no longer have to see And Lia.”

Red Dragon King Cautiously collects the card as a treasure.

However, He just finished it, he heard the familiar voice of his wife, came over:


Red Dragon Mad, almost didn’t fall on the ground, how much Him, turned it, see Silver Dragon Andelia frightened with Him, the mood seems to be very bad.

“What are you hiding?”

“cough, no, no …”

Andlia: ……

Myths Silver Dragon deeply looked at Red Dragon King, seeing the other party’s fur, but finally did not ask.

“Yes, do you see Tibloria?”

asked Andlia.


Red Dragon Slightly FROWNED.

“The bull’s ban is left for two months, should it be in the latter? and love Gien.”

“I love Gien is dizzy, I asked her, she didn’t remember anything.”

Silver Dragon’s face is a bit uncomfortable.

I heard here, the Red Dragon king.

After the second, He thought about what, suddenly looked touths, the players left, broke out:

“Damn, Tibloria this little bastard, definitely stealing! Thanks I still planned to give her card!”

“EN? card?”

sharp looks over.

“cough … wife, you have heard it wrong.”

Red Dragon King Cough, shrinkage.


“Hey … the journey is over.”

riding in the dragon back to Masia twisted, and returned the line of sight to Long Island.

After his body, I can’t see Long Island.

“Demasia, it seems that you like Long Island!”

Deformation of Ji Gong Said with a smile.

“Of course, Dragon Island Giant Dragon has money, simple, especially metal dragons, once you get their recognition, you can really become friends with them …”

“Although Long Island’s color dragon is full of temper, it is also unexpectedly true sex, and it is completely different from those of the Changes mainland.”

Demasia said.

said, he has some feelings:

“My THE PAST FEW DAYS is more than friends in Giant Dragon, more than the players in the past few years …”

Who let you always like to do things!

When he heard him, the players cast a despise look.

Welcome players, especially a few female players, Dew, Demasia’s rare old face.

He coughed, said:

“I am wrong? This … Is this not changed?”

“Yes, how did Belgia guys have not come to us, is it still said to go back to the elf with us?”

Demasia transfers the topic.

“is closed? I listen to love Giese, it is still two months.”

Xiao Qian 喵 answered.

However, at the THIS TIME, a cheerful and bright Dragon Roar passed from the players …

“rua–! Waiting me! You fly too fast ?!”

The player turned his head and saw a long red dragon Moved Towards they chased.

“Tiria, are you not closed?”

苳苳 苳苳 愣 愣.

“Hey! I have to go back with you! I have not fulfilled the contract with my life Goddess! Don’t do it for him, Old Guy can’t hold me!”

The pride of the red dragon.

Finished, it has grown up the flash of light:

“said … Waiting for the elf, is there a dust is flutted?”

“Don’t be too polite, the car is good! I have to bring honey!”

Many players: ……

In fact, are you just a barbecue of the elf? !

is like this, Honglong Tipilia has joined the team.

Entire Group, Moved Towards Seigs Continental.

this Time, their route is no longer a route, but the way to the elf.

Travel for a few months, it is time to go home.

Long Island, players are full.

When they returned to the city of the selection, it is already a week later.

and at the same time, Zeolan, who is the Freedom of Maple, has also ushered in a passenger coming from the north …

“Zeolan … finally went to Zeolan.”

Looking at the shore, the old John’s eyes are very embarrassed than more than a year ago.

In just a year, the dirty terminal has expanded nearly twice, and the guards wearing a fine armor are constantly patrolling, and the order is well.

Street pen straight, the road is more tidy than memory, to-and-fro’s pedestrian Red Light is all unlike the citizens in all cities in the empire.

Their eyes are full of vitality.

Beautiful city, happy residents, everything in front of you makes the old John have some embarrassment.

obviously only a year, however, Zeolan, looks completely different from the city of the empire.

Here, it looks like a paradise in a fairy tale.

Cautiously from the boat, the old John tightly gave him a letter to him, pressed the excitement in his heart and walked into the city.

The city is more prosperous than him, Carriage Chuanxuan is endless, People coming, people going, hot, a scene.

This scene, so that the old John feels that he seems to come to another world.

and at the same time, a deep doubt is constantly breeding in his heart.

Why … Why is Zeolan, it is famous for a year ago, but it is also not very different from other cities of the empire, but only a year, the change is so big?

Old John knows the credit of life church behind this.

However, he can’t imagine. How can it be, in order to restore an angry in such a short time in such a short period of time?

He is nervously standing on the intersection, and I don’t know where to go once.

until a guard who is wearing the armor pays attention to him, welcome it.

Seeing the guards you came over by Moved Towards, the old John is tight, SUBCONSCIOSELY is going to escape …

There is no way, this is the condition of every imperial civilians reflected.

The guards of the city maintain the order of the city, but the protection of the aristocratic master and the benefits of the rich and business, and for civilians without the background, with the guards, it is often the same, it is not bullying … Blackmail.

However, when the old John is nervous, when the fear, the guards Patted his shoulders, showing a friendly smile:

“This friend, your face doesn’t seem to be very good, is it difficult? Need me to provide help?”

See the smile of guards, old John slightly.

This smile makes him very familiar, like once.

and gradually, the other party looks slowly with some image in his memory …

That is a refugee that the old John fled from the south and took a refugee knew together, and finally took the boat in Zeron.

Just, Old John clearly remembers that the refugee face is thin, the gods are sluggish, the eyes are turbid, and the guards in front of them are full of lights in the eyes.

This … Is this really the same person?

Old Jayham is uncertain.

“Jason? Is you?”

he stared wide-eyed, uncertain asking.


The guards were stunned.

His eyes flowing out a wonderful confusion:

“Do you know me?”

“Is it really you ?! I … I am John!”

Old John activates authentic.



and when he carefully detailed the old John’s look, the look gradually turned to surprise:

“is you! John!”

“Yes, I am!”

Old John’s voice trembles.

“You … how did you become this? I didn’t recognize it …”

Looking at the old John’s slightly, the guards asked surprised.

“… I said the length, I am also very curious, what have you experienced, I feel that I have changed personal.”

Old Jayham feels.

Listening to him, the eyes of the guards gradually became gently.

seems to have thought of what he has become very excited.

I saw him painting a life scepter in the chest, said with a faint smile:

“All, thank you for your great goddess, and kindness, Sophia …”

“John, do you remember the chat in the boat?”

Guard asked.

Old John’s look, Nodded:

“Remember … Of course, remember …”

he certainly remembers.

When he met the other party, it was a trough that the family died, and the heart is cold.

Time, I just met the other party, and I was able to come out from despair.

Only, Old John was a devout eternal believer, and Jason has given up the belief of True God.

Finally, the two were brought to Zeolan, one refused to have a life church, one continued to north.

However, now the two meet again.

and old John, also transforming from an eternal believer to confused.

“John …”

Guard Jason’s eyes are very bright.

“We used to talk, why this world will be so dark, hope where we are, our future … Where is it …” Where is the dawn of the night … “

“now … I have found it.”

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