Game of The World Tree Chapter 891


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“Yes, Master Bowen, Master Wolfe is waiting for you in his manor.”

The guard said respectfully.

Wolf is the last name of the commander of the Seventh Army regiment and Bowen’s immediate boss.

He is the highest commander of Legion, the seventh guard. However, if there is no major event, Bowen is rarely found. In most cases, he is an arm-flinging shopkeeper.

Bowen slightly nodded.

He and his guards looked at each other vaguely, and after a moment of pondering, he said:

“I see, you wait for me outside, I will pack up and go.”

Obtained the promise, the regimental leader saluted and retired.

After the other party left, the atmosphere in the office suddenly became serious.

“My lord, did the leader notice something? Didn’t the imperial assembly just convened a big meeting? How could something suddenly come to us?”

One of the guards, Knight, said worriedly.

“Yes, and it’s still late at this time…”

The other guard, Knight, also said the same.

Bowen browses slightly wrinkle.

He thought for a while, shook the head somewhat uncertain:

“I don’t know, but… it may be that something is really going on. The pope has just left, and the security in the city is not stable the past few days, and the seventh guard, Legion, has always been cooperating in prevention and security…”

After thinking for a few seconds, he said again:

“But since he is looking for me, I should go there anyway, otherwise, even if he doesn’t notice anything, he will find something wrong.”

After speaking, he told two guards:

“In this way, after I leave, you will also quietly follow along. Pay attention to the situation on the manor side. If I haven’t come out for more than two hours, or if there is any bad news, then quickly come back and contact the law. Bian, tell him that our plan may have changed, and let him change his original plan…”

At this point, Bowen shook the head again and changed his words:

“No… if that time really arrives, I am afraid it will be too late, so be it, after I leave, you will quickly divide your troops into two directions, one to look for Fabian, the other to watch the movements of the manor. , When there is a problem, send a signal to notify the other side to implement the emergency plan.”

“Emergency plan?”

The guards were taken aback.

“I have discussed the specific details with Fabian. It is enough for you to relay it like this. At that time, he will be your supreme officer.”

Bowen said solemnly.

As he said, he fumbled for a moment from his arms, took out a magic scroll, and stuffed it to the two of them:

“This is signal magic. Once torn, you can see clearly within three kilometers.”

“My lord leader!”

The guards were worried.

However, Bowen was only slightly smiled:

“Don’t worry, this is the worst case, maybe it’s just really asking me for something, so don’t worry too much…”

“Calm down, the more critical the time comes, the more we have to be calm and not show the weak spot.”

After giving a few words, Bowen left his office.

Arriving outside the station, the carriage at the head of the regiment’s house is already waiting.

Looking at the gorgeous carriage, Bowen took a deep breath and sat in.

Unlike Bowen, the head of the Seventh Guard Legion is a true hereditary nobleman, a court earl whose ancestors are said to be related to the Tres family.

Although the other party also has his own office in the Seventh Army regiment, he prefers to work in his own earl manor.

The Earl’s Manor is located on the outskirts of Mannia, not far from the station of the Seventh Army.

In the past, the head of the Seventh Army also liked to bring his subordinates summon to the manor to discuss important matters, and even held a dinner party to entertain the Captain of the Legion team.

However, similar invitations are generally carried out half a day to a day in advance, and are usually carried out in the evening. There are very few people who are so anxious today.

This is why Bowen and his guards are instantly alert.

Sitting on the carriage, Bowen left the station of the Seventh Army regiment.

The two guards also changed their clothes. The soldiers were divided into two groups. One went to find the other subordinates that Bowen left behind, and the other quietly kept up with the carriage team.

When Bowen came to the gate of the manor, it was noon.

At noon in June, the sun already had a bit of summer heat, and the Earl’s Manor was as gorgeous as ever, and many soldiers could be seen patrolling back and forth.

There is no difference from the past.

“Master Bowen, here we are.”

The guard of the big team battle said respectfully.

Bowen was nodded and walked off the carriage, and the deacon of the manor immediately greeted him and showed him the way.

“Master Bowen, Master is waiting for you in the Chamber.”

Entering the magnificent manor, steward, the leader of the group, greeted him and respectfully saluted Bowen.

At the same time, another maid came forward with an empty tray in her hand.

Looking at the tray, Bowen hesitated for a second, but soon followed the old rules and took out his weapon and put it on.

Then, under the leadership of Steward, he came to the conference hall in the manor.

By the time Bowen entered the proceedings hall, the seventh guard Legion’s team battle Wolfe was already waiting here.

This is an elegant middle-aged nobleman wearing a wig, a gorgeous costume is very particular, he is standing in front of the window, enjoying the scenery outside the window.

Noting Bowen, he smiled slightly, and turned around:

“Bonn, are you here?”

“My lord, what happened?”

Bowen asked respectfully.

With that, he glanced at the conference table and found a stack of parchment in front of the seat.

However, it was not the parchment that attracted Bowen, but the two things placed on the parchment.

One is a golden mannia.

One is a piece of coarse cloth dyed with color on one side.

At that moment, Bowen’s pupils shrank suddenly, and a warning sign suddenly rose in his heart.

“Bonn, your face doesn’t seem to be pretty…it seems that you are no stranger to the things on this table.”

Earl Wolfe slightly smiled.

As he said, his expression gradually turned cold:

“Bonn, is there anything you need to explain to me?”

“Master Wolfe, I don’t know what you are talking about…”

Bowen concealed the fear in the depths of his eyes, said solemnly.

“Oh, do you still want to play stupid? Look at the list on the table!”

Wolfe coldly snorted, said.

Bowen’s heart jumped.

He subconsciously moved towards the parchment on the table, and his expression quickly changed.

There are names recorded above.

To be more precise, it is the name of a high-level officer who joined the rebels and plans to rebel together in two days.

Among them, Bowen’s name is also impressively included.

Not good! It’s exposed!

For an instant, a huge wave was set off in Bowen’s heart.

Without the slightest hesitation, he burst into a sudden, furiously shouted out a hidden dagger from the bottom of his feet, moved towards Earl Wolfe stabbed it.

However, Earl Wolfe reacted faster.

I saw him coldly snorted, leg raised, kicking on Bowen’s chest.

Bowen only felt a sharp pain coming. He couldn’t help but spits out mouthful of blood. He flew upside down, hit the wall, and slipped slowly…

At this moment, Bowen felt that the bones in his body seemed to fall apart.

There is no way, the strength gap between the two sides is too great.

Although he is the golden Knight, but Wolf is a half-step Legendary.

In the next second, a row of fully armed Knights rushed in, obviously prepared for it, and surrounded Bowen.

In Knight, there is also a high level officer.

Seeing the appearance of the high level officer, Bowen’s expression changed slightly, and then he became furious:

“Andre! It’s you!”

He recognized that it was a subordinate he trusted and one of the earliest resistance comrades who developed, but didn’t expect betrayed him at the most critical moment!

Hearing Bowen’s anger, the high level officer’s expression was complicated, and a trace of guilt flashed in his eyes.

He lowered his head slightly, sighed, and said:

“Sorry… Lord Bowen, I was exposed, but I still have my family. I have to think about the safety of my family…”


Bowen was furious.

He struggled to sit up while coughing up blood.

But soon he was subdued by the Knights.

Earl Wolfe gave him a cold look:

“Bonn, tell me your informants and plans, and I can spare your life.”

“Bah! Don’t think about it! You aristocratic dog!”

Bowen spits out mouthful of blood Mo, cursed.

Wolf’s expression sank.

But soon, he sneered again and said:

“It’s pretty hard…”

“However, you don’t care about your life, and you don’t know if you care about the lives of your wife and child.”

Earl Wolfe narrowed his eyes and said.

Hearing this, Bowen’s expression changed drastically.

At the next moment, he saw his wife being roughly pushed in by the Knights.


Bowen cry out in surprise.

He wanted to struggle, but he was already seriously injured. Under the suppression of the Knights, he was unable to move even a little bit.

“Bow En, give you a chance to tell your plan and your accomplices. Seeing that you have been obedient to me for many years, I can spare you and your family.”

Count Wolf said.

Bowen’s expression changed, and his face was struggling.

However, his wife Ma Nina shouted:

“Bao En! Don’t tell him! Noble untrustworthy! Little Bowen has successfully escaped! I am not afraid of death! Don’t care about my safety!”

“Shut up! Stop her mouth!”

Count Wolfe roared.

After hearing what he said, the Knights roughly blocked Marina’s mouth with a cloth strip.


Bowen looked anxious.

And next moment, he saw his wife’s eyes flashed with determination.

I saw that she was struggling while Knight was unprepared, and moved towards Knight’s long sword in his hand and slammed into it. With a muffled sound of pu chi, the long sword pierced her chest.

Blood sprayed all over the place instantly.


Bowen stared wide-eyed with a hideous expression.

Ma Nina slipped slowly.

She wu wu a few times, unable to speak, but her gaze looked towards Bowen with infinite tenderness.

Bowen understood her gaze.

There was comfort and encouragement in that gaze.

Then, she closed her eyes heavily.

“Ahhh ——!”

Bowen roared and looked sad, and burst out with unprecedented strength, and instantly broke free from Knight’s control.

I saw him knocking a Knight to the ground with a punch, and then grabbing the opponent’s long sword and moved towards Wolfe.

Wolfe was coldly snorted and drew out the long sword at will, and cut down the violent Bowen again.

This time, he did not hesitate, and cut off Bowen’s head with a sword.

As the chief of Bowen for many years, he is very aware of the other’s character. His wife died and the child ran away. The deputy head probably will never give out information about the Life Church.

The red blood was sprayed, and Bowen’s eyes were still filled with infinite anger until the moment of death.

His head rolled to the ground, his eyes burst, staring at the sky.

And his body slowly collapsed, lying with his wife’s body.

And Earl Wolfe took off the blood-stained white gloves, threw them to the ground, and ordered Knight:

“Hang their two heads in the camp of Legion, warn others from following bad examples!”

“You don’t have to wait to find other traitors. First catch the guys on the list. Bring more Knight. Don’t let people run away.”

The Knights saluted respectfully and dragged the body down.

The high level officer who betrayed Bowen had a complicated expression.

He glanced at Earl Wolfe in awe, and after struggling for a moment, he put on a look of anxiety:

“Tuan…Sir, now, can you let my family go now?”

Wolf glanced at him, but did not speak.

The high level officer became more and more nervous.

He was about to say something more, but suddenly his chest hurt.

Looking down, a sword edge pierced through his chest, pierced from behind.

That was Knight standing behind him.

He opened his mouth and looked towards Wolfe blankly, but what he saw was a cold face.

Then, his body weakened and he fell to the ground slowly.

At the last second of consciousness, what he heard was this sentence:

“I hate traitors the most, hang up this guy’s body.”

Then, the high level officer didn’t know anything.

“Head, what about his family?”

Knight asked.

“All killed.”

Wolf said casually.

“By the way, and the little tail that came over from outside, please chop it.”

He added.


Time passed by every minute and every second.

The guards who stayed at the station did not wait for the news or the so-called warning signal.

“Giebel, the leader really said that?”

Beside him, Legion’s Captain Fabian frowns asked.

“Yes, the delegation leader said, if you see the signal, start the emergency plan.”

Guardian Knight said.

Fabian was nodded, pacing back and forth in the room.

After a while, he looked at the time again, and his expression became more and more disturbed:

“It’s been too long…”

The expression struggling for a moment, it seems that some determination has been made, he said solemnly:

“No, we can’t wait anymore, change the plan now and start the emergency plan.”

“Let’s wait? But…no signal yet…”

The guard was stunned.

“Not waiting! For so long, there is no news. It must be in trouble. I am afraid it is still a big problem. We are very likely to be exposed. Maybe even the former Jurgen has encountered an accident. .”

“We have no time to hesitate, and no capital to gamble, everything must be prepared for the worst!”

Fabian said.

After speaking, he ordered the guards:

“Giebel, get ready, let’s start the emergency plan.”

“But… Master Fabian, what is the emergency plan?”

The guard has some doubts.

“The plan is exposed, the action is advanced, and the uprising immediately!”

Fabian said.

With that, he took out a new magic scroll from the office and opened the window to tear it open.

The dazzling rays of light bloom on the scroll.

Next moment, a strong light rises from the sky, accompanied by a long and piercing sound.

With a bang, a huge firework bloomed on the sky.

At this moment, even if it is as far away as the city of Mania, you can see it clearly.

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