Game of The World Tree Chapter 892


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Mania City, the stronghold of the Chamber of Commerce of Amway.

Watching the magical fireworks that suddenly exploded in the sky, the players who were discussing the details of their action plan two days later were taken aback.

“Why do you send the signal now? Didn’t it start after two days?”

A frowned.

They attached great importance to this action and made full preparations, but after all, the time was too short, and there were still many things that were not arranged in the two days.

Especially the work on city defense has not yet been replaced by the “owners” of the Seventh Army. Soldiers loyal to the Empire are still in charge.

Not to mention, the divine technique defensive barrier node on the city wall has not been destroyed. The city of Mania adopts the most complex and powerful defensive barrier. The nodes are distributed in the city. Once activated, they are almost indestructible. .

That is the most terrifying. Holy City as the eternal church, divine technique defensive barrier energy terror, once started, the uprising can basically be declared a failure.

Thinking of the various unfinished tasks, the players all looked solemn for a while.

“Could it be… what happened?”

Caesar speculated.

“I will contact the player hiding in Legion and ask what happened.”

Demacia thought for a while and said.

After a while, his expression changed slightly:

“The action was exposed*, the Seventh Army regiment had a traitor. Our deputy commander Bowen was killed. Chief Wolfe is leading the guard to hunt down the high level officers of the counterattack, and the remaining high level officers. Decided to revolt in advance.”

As soon as these words came out, the players all looked terrified.

“Oops! Isn’t the plan likely to fail?”

Some players worry about authenticity.

Demacia gently shook the head:

“The matter has not reached the worst point. Bowen has always kept an eye on it. Except for the most trusted, faithful and pious guards, Captain, the other high level officers of the Resistance Army are not sure about the participants. There is very limited knowledge. So, we still have a chance! Of course, the action must be advanced.”

“Can’t wait, the Seventh Army regiment is very important. It is about the smooth progress of the next operation. We must also plan ahead!”

Cheung said with a serious expression.

“I will contact the informants of the Mercenary Guild now and let the three large mercenary groups nearby pick up the rebels of the Seventh Army group!”

Saibo quickly said.

“I will notify the underground believers in the city.”

Chu Li also got up from his seat.

“Then I will try to sneak into the tower with the remaining players to see if I can take back control of the city gate and destroy the nodes of the defense barrier.”

Demacia added.

After speaking, he looked towards everyone again:

“Everyone, the action is in a hurry, we have to do our best. When necessary, don’t feel bad about the resurrection coins.”

“Don’t worry.”

“That’s just a little resurrection coin.”

“Yes, we came here to witness the history of Seggs.”

The players said one after another.

“Okay! Then everyone will split up and keep in touch online!”

Demacia is overjoyed.

“No problem!”


“Don’t worry!”

After speaking, the players put on the black windbreaker robes and falcon hood with golden scepter. It looks like the assassin in some large ACT games, very mysterious and handsome.

It is said that this assassin costume is specially customized by Demacia, and the players participating in this event will have a copy.

After that, everyone put on the golden armband on the right arm again, took up the weapon that was convenient for movement, and left the stronghold one after another.


The station of the Seventh Army regiment.

Colonel Wolfe stood in front of Legion’s camp surrounded by the guards, looking very ugly.

I saw chaos in the camp, and the soldiers of the Empire were splitting into two entirely different factions, fighting each other.

Among them, the right arm of the overwhelming majority wears a golden armband. They look fanatical and are under the leadership of a high level officer, fighting together with the guards loyal to the commander.

On one side, the flags that were clearly prepared were raised high by them and waved continuously.

The flag is red, painted with the golden scepter of life, waving in the wind.

Wolf’s face grew gloomy.

Looking at the retreating guards under the suppression of the rebels, he angrily snorted, drew out his sword, raised high:

“My Knights! Follow me and suppress these mobs!”

Behind him, the Golden Knights loyal to the Wolf family raised their weapons and followed him into the battle.

Most of these golden knights are low-level nobles and powerful, and when they join the battle, the rebels whose average strength is only silver are instantly pressured.

A trace of confusion began to appear in the team.

After all, the action was too hasty.

Although the high level officers were prepared for a long time, the soldiers were different.

Even the soldiers of the overwhelming majority have a good impression of the Church of Life, but many of them are not yet mentally prepared to resist.

However, at this time, a young high level officer stood up.

He raised the flag of resistance, waved it and roared:

“Brothers! For equality, for freedom! For a beautiful and pure future! Go!”

At the end of the speech, golden rays of light bloomed on his body, and a vague wave spread, and the morale of the covered rebels was lifted, and they felt full of power.

It is the scope of the eight-ring buff magic [Morale Boost].

Seeing the look of the young officer, Wolf looked furious.

He recognized that it was the young officer he had high hopes for, a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, a golden Knight who specializes in scoped gain magic.


He gnashing teeth said.

A fierce look flashed in his eyes. He snatched a longbow from a soldier, tightened the bowstring, and shot an arrow in the direction moved towards Fabian.

The shining arrow with the skill shoots out like a fluid, bringing gusts of wind and waves, passing through the layers of people, and hitting the chest of the high level officer.

“Fabian Captain!”

The surrounding rebels cry out in surprise.

Fabian looked in pain. He looked at the fatal wound that appeared on his chest, knocked out a mouthful of blood, and fell slowly.

However, just as the banner in his hand was about to fall, another high level officer stepped forward.

With red eyes, he took the flag and waved it while angrily roared:

“Brothers, charge! Revenge for Fabian! Revenge for Captain Bowen!”

“Long live life! Long live equality! Destroy these decadent nobles!”

With the roar of the high level officer, the soldiers of the Rebel Army once again rallied their morale.

With red eyes and savage expressions, they shouted “Long live life! Long live equality!”, they went forward and followed, moved towards Wolfe’s guards rushed forward.

Seeing the unprecedented fighting spirit and fighting intent erupted by these normally dormant Legion soldiers, Wolf stared wide-eyed, it was unbelievable.

He didn’t understand that these bastards were bewitched by the black magic of the Life Church, and they were so crazy.

“It’s crazy…all crazy!”

While cursing, he cut down the resisting army soldier who rushed up, and looked towards the guard on the side.

“Did you notify the nearby mercenary group? Tell them to come and help suppress the rebels here! Also, send a signal to warn the city guard and close the city gate! Start the divine technique defensive barrier!”

Wolf roared.

Three large mercenary groups are stationed outside the city of Mania.

They are often recruited by the empire and assist the empire Legion in various wars. Although they are not the empire army, they are no different from the empire Legion in many cases.

The number of rebels in the mutiny far exceeded Wolf’s imagination, and the high level Legion of the mutiny was far from those on intelligence. At this moment, Wolf even suspects that the entire Legion is likely to be an overwhelming majority of soldiers and officers. It’s all rebellious.

Although his personal strength is very strong, although the average strength of the Knights loyal to his family is stronger than that of Legion officers, there will be no qualitative change without Legendary.

The strength of the individual is still a bit small in front of the collective, and Wolf’s pressure is increasing in the face of the rebels that are constantly surging like huge waves.

The situation is completely out of control…

Wolf led his guards and kept retreating under the counterattack of the rebels, and was forced out of the camp step by step.

On the ground, the earth has been blood dyed red. It was left by the rebel corpses. Their losses were even more serious, but the huge sacrifice did not obliterate their fighting intent.

“Crazy! These lunatics!”

Looking at the hideous soldiers, Wolf’s facial features were distorted, but deep in his pupils, there was an inexplicable trace of fear.

He did not understand.

He really didn’t understand.

He didn’t understand why, as the guards of the empire, as the best-paid service, why these soldiers rebelled, and why they resisted…

Obviously they only need to listen to orders, and obviously they only need to obey.

However, now, these soldiers who normally dare not come out in front of the nobles, dare to face them with swords at this moment!

Wolf was at a loss.

Of course, he never knew what the soldiers of the commoner background wanted.

He didn’t know that the treatment he thought was good, but for many soldiers, it was only able to maintain food and clothing.

He didn’t even know that the strict hierarchical system and the contradiction between the nobility and the common people had long been buried in the army, but until now, because of the powerful power of the nobility, it was suppressed that’s all.

And when the new decree was issued, when the soldiers’ families and friends were affected, when dissatisfaction in the heart was brewing sharply, the anger that accumulated for an unknown period finally broke out.

And at this time, the Church of Life came, allowing them to see another beautiful New World in the depiction, and a new force and a new faith ignited in their hearts…

An army that fights for no reason is completely different from an army that has ideals and beliefs.

“Block them! Block them!”

Wolf shouted, holding his saber.

The resistance army is pressing hard, and there are fewer and fewer Knights around him. Although the individual strength is strong, the archer’s focus is “care”

Next, even he was exhausted from the block.

“What about the mercenary group?! What about the three damn mercenary groups?! Why haven’t they arrived yet?”

He asked with red eyes.

“My lord, it should be coming soon!”

Guardian Knight said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was shot in the head by a stream of arrows and fell softly to the ground.


Seeing the noble guard who fell to the ground, Wolf looked pained.

His eyes were red, gnashing teeth said:

“Damn rebels! Damn life church!”

took a deep breath, his eyes swept from the rebels gathering more and more, and Wolf’s eyes flashed with unwilling retreat.

He bit his lip, no longer insisted, but held up the long sword and ordered:

“Retreat! We retreat!”

Following his order, the Knights guarded him and started moving towards the camp and rushed outside.

However, at this time, the sound of horseshoes, footsteps, and the clash of armors came from afar.

Wolf hurriedly moved towards the source of the sound, and saw that in the other direction, clouds of dust rose on the ground.

Soon, a large number of mercenary cavalry and silhouettes of professional mercenaries with different equipment appeared in his sight.

Three banners of have nothing common with each other are flying among the ranks of mercenaries.

Those are three large mercenary groups stationed in another direction.

At this moment, they finally arrived.

Seeing the silhouettes of the mercenaries, Earl Wolfe was overjoyed.

“Tim! Finn! Maximilian! Come and support! Suppress these rebels!”

he shouted.

Those are the names of three mercenary group leaders, they are riding horses, rushing to the strongest side.

However, before Wolfe’s words fell, he saw the three regiment leaders suddenly raise the crossbows in their hands, moved towards him and the guard Knight, and shot them without the slightest hesitation.

sou sou A few times, the three guards, Knight, were killed on the spot.

Earl Wolfe was taken aback, then furious:

“Asshole! What are you doing? Do you want to rebel too?! Have you forgotten the reward I paid you?!”

The leader of the largest mercenary group and the leader of the three mercenary groups, Tim the Hound stood up.

He put away the crossbow in his hand and looked at Earl Wolfe and his guards blankly, lightly said:

“Your Excellency Wolfe, I’m sorry, the Resistance has paid a higher commission than you in advance, so… we are now loyal to them.”

Wolf was stunned, then shouted angrily:

“Asshole! Unfamiliar hyenas! How much gold did they give you? I tripled!”

“No, Sir Wolf, you can’t afford the price they offer.”

The head of the mercenary group gently shook the head.

Earl Wolfe laughed angrily:

“Absurd! Just a bunch of civilians, how much money can you have?! Tim, you make a price! We have money in the Wolf family!”

“I said, they gave it, you can’t give it.”

Tim gently shook the head.

Wolfe’s expression instantly became ugly:

“What did they give you? Two million gold pounds? Or three million gold pounds?!”


Tim gently shook the head again.

While he took out a piece of golden armband and put it on his right arm, he said solemnly:

“What they gave was equality and freedom, a bright future…”

Wolf lags slightly, and is stunned for a while.

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