Global Advent: Apocalyptic Desert Island Game Chapter 124


Seeing that the sun is about to set, Meng Hao’s base island still has one rafting opportunity unused.

It seems that no accident will happen today, Meng Hao decided to start the last rafting.

Standing on the drifting platform, Meng Hao finally pressed the drifting start button.

The green arrow turned into red, and the huge base island moved towards the direction pointed by the arrow.

As the base island broke through the waves, the familiar mist once again drifted over the island.

Since knowing that these mists exist to protect players, Meng Hao has no that many dislikes for them.

The base has become larger, and the speed of drifting has gradually increased.

Soon, the speed of the base island began to decrease, and a new desert island has appeared in front of it.

For the current Meng Hao, exploring deserted islands is simply nothing.

For his troops, this way of exploring deserted islands is safer than going out to sea by boat.

After all, there is a stone bridge between the base island and the desert island.

Once in danger, there is a way out.

There is really no way out for going out by boat!

When encountering danger, you can only squat, and squat is just a dead end.

As always, Meng Hao still has no plans to land on the deserted island.

At this time, he will give Su Cainai the task of landing on the deserted island and hunting zombie.

Su Cai Nai possesses the sword dao innate talent and the battle strength is extremely strong.

In the battle to kill the pirates just now, her sword dao innate talent hadn’t been played out, and she was preempted by other units.

So, Meng Hao decided to let her perform.

After all, it is a human player, and has a higher training value than the average unit.

Later, Meng Hao decided to give her full authority to explore the desert island.

No matter where she went, as long as there were deserted islands, she would take the initiative to attack.

In addition to exploring this docking desert island, the desert islands on the left and right sides of the base island have been refreshed, and she has also arranged for her troops to go out to fight.

Su Cai Nai has already arranged it. When the base island and the desert island have completed the docking, the Divine Dragon 1 and Divine Dragon 2 battleships will go out to sea.

Nowadays, every warship has 10 guards with swords, 5 archers, 3 Wolf Knights, Great Earth Demon wolves, and 1 mountain warrior.

With so many arms, even if they encounter a pirate ship, it is not easy to explore a desert island in the novice period.

Su Cai Nai has fully understood the behavior of the base island, so a large number of iron barrels are stored on each warship.

It is used to install zombie.

Every time you go out to explore a deserted island, you not only have to pick up treasure chests, but also bring zombie back alive.

Beheaded after returning to the base, fresh.

So, when the landing stone bridge connection was completed, the soldiers set off in three separate ways.

Su Cai Nai took four guards with swords to the island. After the two warships left the port, they proceeded on the left and the other to the designated islands.

The last island landing in the novice period kicked off perfectly this evening.

“Zhao Ya, how is your battle flag show?”

Meng Hao came to the work area in front of the wood house and found Zhao Ya who was doing embroidery.

Originally, Su Cainai was in charge of this job, but it was obvious that Zhao Ya was better at it than her.

Zhao Ya saw Meng Hao coming, and hurriedly got up to greet her.

“A big flag has been embroidered, and the 2nd is still in rush.” ​​

Zhao Ya feels nervous, she is really worried that the other party will dislike her slowness.

Meng Hao forced a smile and replied: “Actually, I came here to inform you, no need to do it.”

Zhao Ya was shocked when she heard this.

“Boss, I can do it right away, please don’t drive me away, okay?”

Zhao Ya said with a sad face, tears in her eyes, she was about to cry.

The worst has happened, and I will be driven away.

Meng Hao chuckled and said: “Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I have a new battle flag, you don’t need to embroider it anymore.”

While talking, Meng Hao took out a big flag from the storage ring.

This is a square battle flag embroidered with golden stripes. There is an island in the middle of the flag, and the nine Divine Dragons are pulling the island forward.

The battle flag of the island of Kowloon!

This battle banner was opened by Meng Hao from the treasure chest. The same battle banner has 100 faces.

Don’t underestimate this battle flag, it is a silver rank weapon.

As long as the magic power is sufficient, the nine Divine Dragons can pull the island out when waving the battle flag and crush the enemy with an extremely powerful impact.

Of course, it takes a lot of magic power to urge Nine Dragons to pull the island.

With the current magic power, it is estimated that it will not be able to move.

After hearing Meng Hao’s words, Zhao Ya was finally sighed in relief.

Fortunately, as long as she is not driven away, anything will do.

She stared at the battle flag on the island of Kowloon with shocked eyes, her face was full of shame.

She glanced at the domineering Jiulong Ladao, and then at the Divine Dragon battle flag she embroidered.

There is really no harm without comparison.

In front of the battle flag on the island of Kowloon, the Divine Dragon embroidered by myself is Insect.

What a pity, two pieces of cloth were in vain.

Don’t waste it, go back and change the boss to cloak, it should be the same.

After bidding farewell to Zhao Ya, Meng Hao returned to the wood house.

Next is magic cultivation time.

Guangming knight-errant was invited to come and entered the wood house of Meng Hao.

“Master, are you looking for me?”

Bright knight-errant said softly.

Her eyes blurred and tenderness like water, gently came to Meng Hao’s side.

This is the first time she has entered Meng Hao’s room.

I used to see the younger sister dark knight-errant come here, and today I finally came in too.

Does is Master begin to value himself?

Guangming knight-errant rejoiced in her heart, as if sunlight bloomed in her body, making her look warm.

If the dark knight-errant is the queen of high cold, then the bright knight-errant is the gentle girl.

The setting sun shines through the wooden window on the face of Guangming knight-errant, making her look extraordinarily charming, as if the whole person is glowing.

This is the first time that Meng Hao has observed the bright knight-errant up close, and he has a feeling of heartbeat again.

Dark knight-errant gives people a strong desire to conquer, and light knight-errant gives people a strong desire to protect.

Meng Hao really wants to protect her with a quilt.

“I came to you to consult about Wind Element magic cultivation.”

Meng Hao picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of Dao Comprehending Tea.

Cultivation magic, Meng Hao is serious, every time he spends his money.

In order to better cultivation Wind Element magic, he even took out Dao Comprehending Tea.

It is a pity that he does not have the sky blue wind heart, nor the sky spirit.

If there is any, it must be taken out and eaten now.

Hearing Meng Hao’s words, Guangming knight-errant’s eyes lit up, and he already knew what the master meant.

So I wanted to cultivation Wind Element magic.


Guangming knight-errant stepped forward and said softly: “Master, if you want to cultivation Wind Element magic, you can’t stay in the room.

You have to go out and feel the presence of wind with your heart.

When you feel the heart of the wind, you can grasp it. “

Hearing the words of bright knight-errant, Meng Hao silently nodded.

Well, go out for cultivation.

It’s just a pity that this pot of Dao Comprehending Tea.

Meng Hao picked up the tea cup and drank the tea in one fell swoop.

Suddenly, the fragrance of tea rippled in the room.

Meng Hao just thought of getting up and leaving, only to find that Guangming knight-errant’s complexion was a bit wrong.

Her face was flushed and she was ashamed to let go, her delicate body trembled, and she was about to faint.

Meng Hao has quick eyes and quick hands, and hurriedly stepped forward to help.

Glancing at the teacup, Meng Hao thought a little.

He suddenly remembered that when the dark knight-errant first met Dao Comprehending Tea, it was the same reaction.

Well, I hope the bright knight-errant will not wet himself the quilt.

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