Global Advent: Apocalyptic Desert Island Game Chapter 125


On the base island, two powerful imposing manners are constantly rising.

One party comes from the wood house in Meng Hao.

One side comes from the accommodation room of the military.

Yes, bright knight-errant and Elena are in the breakthrough.

Meng Hao was sitting at the table outside the wood house drinking tea, feeling a bit square for a while.

Irina’s breakthrough is not unexpected, after all, she has been stuck in bottleneck for many years, as long as there is a sea blue ice heart, breakthrough is a logical thing.

Guangming knight-errant’s breakthrough surprised Meng Hao.

Meng Hao originally planned to learn Wind Element magic from the bright knight-errant. He didn’t expect the other party to have a cup of Dao Comprehending Tea, and he would directly break through.

At that time, Meng Hao saw the bright knight-errant and was a little dizzy with the smell of Dao Comprehending Tea, so he gave her a drink.

Then, the other party started a breakthrough.

At that time, the dark knight-errant was the same. After drinking Dao Comprehending Tea, the breakthrough began.

The innate talent of Elf Race is too bad to accept this aspect.

It is said that Elf Race regardless of male or female, the more beautiful it is, the better the innate talent.

I don’t know if this applies to humans.

If it applies to humans, Meng Hao feels that with his handsomeness, he is definitely a talented person.

Definitely invincible as soon as he debuts.

He couldn’t figure it out. Why didn’t he feel like a breakthrough after drinking so much Dao Comprehending Tea?

So angry!

Of course, after Jelena and Guangming knight-errant breakthrough, it is also a good thing for Meng Hao.

After all, both of them are Meng Hao’s loyal subordinates. Their improvement in strength is very helpful to the overall battle strength of the base island.

“Alright, let them break through, let’s find the feeling of the wind.”

Meng Hao murmured, then walked towards the forest.

This is the forest area of ​​the base island. Whenever the wind blows, the leaves rustle and the wind can be felt most.

However, Meng Hao doesn’t know what the “wind heart” called by Guangming knight-errant is.

He can only try to feel, feel everything around him with his own heart.

After drinking a whole pot of Dao Comprehending Tea, Meng Hao now feels ethereal.

This feeling is almost the same as being drunk, but it is fundamentally different.

With the mysterious effect brought by Dao Comprehending Tea, Meng Hao slowly closed his eyes.

He is listening carefully to the sound of the wind, and carefully feeling the location of ‘Feng Xin’.

Gradually, Meng Hao’s heart calmed down, and the whole person’s spirit was highly concentrated, quietly waiting for the wind to pass by.

He felt the wind, but he couldn’t find the “wind heart”.

“Could it be that spirit strength still not enough?”

During the thoughts move, Meng Hao took out the insight pipe and held it directly in his mouth.

Suddenly, Meng Hao’s spirit strength skyrocketed again, completely enclosing the entire island.

Wait, wait, “Feng Xin” did not appear.

A long time of high concentration, even if Meng Hao’s spirit strength is very strong, there is a kind of indescribable fatigue.

“Forget it, it’s better to follow the wind when the wind comes, let everything go!”

Meng Hao took a deep breath, the highly concentrated spirit slowly relaxed, and no longer tried to search for the location of the “wind heart”.

At this moment, he heard the sound of leaves blowing in the wind.

Following that voice, his spirit strength followed away, as if he had become Feng’s playmate, playing with Feng’er in the woods.

When Feng’er passed through the woods, he felt the joy of the wind.

When the wind made waves, he felt the wind’s anger.

In Meng Hao’s meditation, Feng’er seemed to become a beating spirit, flying around between Heaven and Earth.

Meng Hao has a feeling that you can walk in the sky by stepping on these jumping elves.

He closed his eyes slightly and lifted his right foot slightly.

The soles of the feet stepped out and stepped on the wind.

At this moment, Meng Hao felt the power of the wind.

He body moved and the other foot lifted off the ground and stepped on the second wind cusp.

In an instant, countless wind cusps appeared in the void, like densely packed stone ladders that can be stepped on.

Meng Hao was pleasantly surprised. These wind cusps are probably what Guangming knight-errant calls the “wind heart”.

In this way, Meng Hao took another bold step.

Meng Hao’s body floated as his body swayed.

“Is this the power of wind?”

Meng Hao was delighted and stepped straight into the air.

He is fast, riding the wind moved towards the southern part of the base island.

At the same time, many soldiers saw Meng Hao moved towards far away, and they all showed a look of shock.

What’s the situation?

Can the master fly?

When did it happen?

Many troops were shocked, and they moved towards the southern part of the base island violently, wanting to see where their master would fly.

In the sky, Meng Hao enjoys this feeling very much.

soar into the clouds and mount the mists, nothing is so.

Flying on the fly, Meng Hao felt his mind cleared, as if he had sobered up, Heaven and Earth re-restored to sobriety and calmness.

At the same time, the mysterious feeling disappeared, and the effectiveness of Dao Comprehending Tea disappeared.

The “Wind Heart” that was so clear in Meng Hao’s heart disappeared for an instant.

Meng Hao opened his eyes in vain, and they were full of look of shock.

He hung high in the air, with the sea of ​​cyan under his feet, and he was about to rush into the mist.

With one foot in the air, he fell straight down from the sky.


This time, Meng Hao was completely speechless.

Especially, I wanted to feel the existence of “Feng Xin” carefully, but didn’t expect to fly suddenly.

The base island is still too small. It went out of bounds and fell into the sea as soon as it flew.

In the process of falling, Meng Hao glanced back.

Fortunately, it is not very far from the shore, so I should be able to swim back.


Meng Hao fell into the sea, splashing large waves.

as the saying goes, goes towards the mountain but runs to death the horse.

I felt that it was not very far from the coast, but after falling into the sea, it was a bit difficult to swim back.

He is a Rank 2 fighter and has absolutely no physical problems.

It’s just that he is wearing a resurrected Battle Armor and various equipment. To be honest, it’s a bit heavy, which increases his swimming burden.

“Take off the resurrected Battle Armor?”

This idea just appeared, and it was directly rejected by Meng Hao.

Since the day when the resurrected Battle Armor was put on, he has not planned to take it off.

“By the way, I still have it!”

Meng Hao thoughts move, a beautifully shaped inflatable doll appeared on the sea.

The baby I got on the first day, now finally comes in handy.

Meng Hao holds the inflatable doll and uses its buoyancy to move towards the coast and swim quickly.

Not to mention, it feels really good.

The person who invented this thing is also amazing, and there are so many functions.

Meng Hao turns on the Heavenly Eye flying eagle and observes the surrounding situation.

On the one hand, guard against sharks in the sea, on the other hand, ensure that your course is correct.

When approaching the shore, Meng Hao couldn’t help but browse slightly wrinkle.

With the help of the Heavenly Eye flying eagle, he saw a large number of troops standing on the shore, moving towards where they were looking hard.

It seems that when Meng Hao flew away, many troops saw it.

They were both worried and curious, and they didn’t know why the master flew away.

It now appears that the master committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea.

What can’t you think of?

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