Global Demon Transformation Chapter 328


When the harsh sirens sounded through Beijing, chaos and commotion followed.

Although it was late at night, few people fell asleep. In today’s atmosphere, no one can fall asleep. People are staying up late to watch the live broadcast of the game.


Accompanied by the sudden brake sound of tires rubbing against the ground, the sound of collisions with vehicles and the sound of exclamation, people constantly ran out of various districts and major shopping malls, came to the street, and looked up at the sky.

Guardian Artifact, floating in the void, is emitting a strong yellow light at this time.

The yellow light is very brilliant, as if rendering the starry sky into a hazy golden. But this color makes people feel terrified and feel cold in their hands and feet.

“Yellow alert!” People kept making panic sounds.

yellow vigilance, this level of vigilance has not appeared in seven years.

The last time the yellow alert appeared, two different dimension space gates appeared at the same time, and there were massive demonic beasts outside the base city.

Moreover, the last time I was notified three hours in advance, I was prepared, which is completely different from the current situation.

“What happened, did the demonic beast attack?”

“There is no shaking on the ground, and no howling of a demonic beast. Impossible is a demonic beast.”

“Could it be that a new space gate appeared? But it is impossible, even a new space gate would issue a yellow alert!”

In the streets and alleys, people discuss spiritedly, with serious and frightened expressions.

“Is it Foreign Race Invasion?”

Someone guessed that as soon as these words came out, the faces of the people around them turned pale.

Compared to other speculations, this is indeed the greatest possibility.

Except for Foreign Race Invasion, they couldn’t think of any other reason to issue a yellow alert.

You know this is Shangjing!

It is the place with the highest house price, the most Guardian, and the safest place among the twelve base cities.

It is possible that other base cities will issue yellow warnings, but it is impossible to go to Beijing.

“The whole city is on guard, and now each will go back to each house.”

The patrol team and the guard Martial Artist were notified and began to evacuate the crowd.

Many people who responded quickly moved towards major supermarkets and convenience stores in a hurry at this time, and began to rush to buy supplies.

Some people ran home quickly, and there were elderly children at home.

In just a moment, the atmosphere of the original lively carnival disappeared, leaving only fear and riots.

At this time, no one pays attention to the game anymore.

At this time, the Glory Sports Center was also in a state of chaos.

Lin Feng trembled when he heard the harsh alarm sound.

Not just Lin Feng, everyone reacted the same.

“Because of some unknown threat, the whole city is on alert. Please stay in your seats and don’t walk around to avoid confusion and trampling.”

The voice of the host Song Xiangrong sounded in the gymnasium, accompanied by very noisy discussions.

Although the host allowed the audience to stay in their seats, many people stood up and ran out of the stadium, but they were blocked by the staff and the gate of the stadium was closed.

“The gymnasium is closed and no one is allowed to enter or leave. Please stay in your seats and the game will continue.”

Song Xiangrong pacified the audience loudly, but at this time no one is in the mood to watch the game.

They just want to know what happened?

I just want to go home and see my family.

Lin Feng’s face looked a little ugly after hearing the siren. Yun Kai and the others did the same, and everyone was very upset.

The original worries became reality, and it was still a city-wide alarm.

Is the massacre of the massacre going to happen again?

This time, or is it because of our relationship?

At this time, in addition to Lin Feng, Yun Kai and the others also began to think randomly. The more they thought about it, the more disturbed they became, and they even began to wonder if they did something wrong.

Even began to regret it.

Lin Feng got up. He was about to leave the sports center. Yun Kai looked at each other and did not hesitate to follow closely from behind.

At this time, not far away Ye Qiu, Huang Tianze, Zhan Tianyu, and Yang Ningbing also came to their side one after another, with serious and uneasy expressions.

“You can’t change anything when you go out, it’s safer here.”

Seeing Lin Feng was about to leave, Bu Zheng stopped in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng has a reward of hundreds of billions of value, and the rest also have rewards. In this chaotic situation, it is very dangerous.

Even for him, Lin Feng’s safety cannot be guaranteed 100%.

Lin Feng paused slightly and walked to the right, trying to bypass Bu Zheng’s block:

“In the base city, there is Guardian Artifact, with your protection, no one dares to act blatantly, so it’s the same everywhere.”

Bu Zheng stopped in front of Lin Feng again, and did not speak, but his eyes and attitude have explained everything.

“If this time is really against us and we leave, it will be safer here.”

Lin Feng stood there, looking at Bu Zheng slowly said.

He actually knew that staying in the gym would be safer, but it would make others dangerous.

At this time, there are more than 300,000 spectators in the venue. Although there are Martial Artists and Demon Spirit Masters among these people, most of them are ordinary persons, and there are many students and children.

If here is attacked, these people will not have the ability to protect themselves, and the consequences will be very serious.

Although this probability is small, Lin Feng does not want to take this risk.

Because if something happens here, it will be more serious than the last time the massacre.

Bu Zheng’s eyes flickered, but this time, he didn’t stop him, he just followed Lin Feng closely.

Behind Lin Feng, the eight members of Yun Kai follow closely from behind.

Among them, Yun Kai, Yu Qiao, Zhan Tianyu, Huang Tianze, Yang Ningbing, Ye Qiu have all hunted and killed foreign races in the Imperial Jade Seal city, and each has a reward of over 10 billion.

Although Yue Mingming and Little Sister Dong did not participate in this matter, as a member of the Redcloud team and a member of the Avengers, they felt that there must be difficulties at this time.

A group of ten people moved towards outside the gate and attracted the attention of many people, including professional players from major clubs.


Seeing Lin Feng’s actions, Ye Xing was taken aback for a moment, and then said with a smile: “I’m actually behind, it seems that I am old, and no newcomer has the courage yet.”

He stood up and looked at the teammate beside him: “Who wants to go out with me?”

The team members looked at each other in blank dismay, no one spoke.

“It’s useless for us to go out. It’s better to stay here. We really need to go out again.” Xie Yixiao said.

In his opinion, the whole city is on alert and the situation must be serious.

At this time, it is the safest to stay in the sports center, there is no need to go out for adventure.

Many people have this idea.

In their view, with their strength, even if they go out, it will not help much.

At this time, only Guardian can play a role, there are so many of them, they are not comparable to a Guardian.

Seeing the silence of his teammates, Ye Xing didn’t say anything, but was very disappointed in his heart.

These people have been in the Alliance for a long time, as if their blood and courage were gone.

Xie Yixiao forget it, after all, he is injured, he has a reason not to go.

As for the other team members, each is a genius of demon spirit refining Grade 9 or higher.

As professional players, although their strength is not as good as Guardian, they are far stronger than Martial Artist and Demon Spirit Master of the same rank.

Grade 9 Lingyun powerhouse, if there is no refining demon spirit, it is not necessarily their opponent.

And as teammates, they cooperate with each other tacitly. If it is a clan, even if it encounters Martial King, they can resist.

At this critical moment, their role is not small, but some people pretend not to know, and deliberately ignore that’s all.

“I will accompany you.”

Yun Tianqi stood up, patted pants, and said.

His slightly mocking tone made many professional players complexion slightly changed, and their eyes were a little evasive, but they remained silent.


Ye Xing glanced at Yun Tianqi, his eyes flashed with a smile.

The same as the top ten stars, the same Captain of the team, and the same warrior profession, the two are old rivals.

But in addition to opponents, the two are also friends.

Ye Xing recognizes Yun Tianqi, not only for strength, but also for character and inner persistence.

At this moment, Yun Tianqi did not live up to his approval.

“I will go too.”

After Yun Tianqi got up, five people also got up one after another and chose to join.

A group of seven people, moved towards Lin Feng and the others went quickly in the direction of departure.

When Lin Feng entire group just walked out of the sports center, only a few dull explosions were heard, and the yellow fireworks were blooming in the sky.


Lin Feng has some doubts, what does it mean to set off fireworks?

Is it a new way of alerting?

Before he could react, next moment, there was a harsh scream, which was similar to a demonic beast, but it was extremely sharp.

Lin Feng turned and looked towards Northwest, where a powerful and evil aura was emerging.

Although this breath is far less evil than Nightmare, it is much stronger.

Under this aura, Lin Feng even felt a kind of coercion.

Lin Feng had been close to the king-level demonic beast, but even the king-level demonic beast would only make his heart palpitations and speed up his heartbeat, and would not give him such a sense of coercion.

Compared to other people, Yun Kai feels stronger.

“Not good!”

Bu Zheng’s face was a little ugly at this time. Seeing Lin God Feng’s doubts, he explained: “The Hong clan’s psychic was out of control and the novice monk appeared.”


This is the first time everyone has heard of this word, so it is a little unclear.

Hong clan, they know.

In the Shangjing Ten Great Family, the family Ranked 2nd.

The Hong clan is not like other families. For example, the Yang Clan clan is mainly engaged in weapon manufacturing, and the Zhan clan is mainly engaged in medicine pill industry. Although the Hong clan is involved in major industries, it mainly focuses on the development of different-dimensional space gates.

In the Ten Great Family of Shangjing, all have developed different-dimensional space gates, but the number is not large, far inferior to the Hong family.

This kind of privately-developed different-dimensional space gate is different from the state-developed one. Tickets are required.

For space gates with seven or more stars, one entrance ticket may cost one hundred thousand new currency.

The Hong family’s ticket income for a single day may be hundreds of millions, excluding other profits.

And the novice monk in Bu Zheng’s mouth, they also know, like thunder piercing the ear.

That is Heaven Ranking demonic beast!

A demonic beast with the ability to manipulate sand!

It’s just weird, how could Heaven Ranking demonic beast appear out of thin air in base city?

This level of demonic beast has the ability to destroy a city, how can it exist in a base city?

Didn’t this put a timed nuclear bomb in the base city?

“Are the novices sealed in the spiritual media?”

Although Lin Feng doesn’t know the meaning of psychics, he can guess some.

“en. “

Bu Zheng complied, but didn’t explain much, he looked towards Northwest with a serious expression.

At this time, there are already many powerhouses flying towards there in the sky, all Guardian, people below the king level are not even qualified to participate.

“Do you know that?” Yu Qiao asked Zhan Tianyu.

Compared with their surprises and doubts, Zhan Tianyu and Yang Ningbing were much calmer. They are both Shangjing Ten Great Family. They may know some secrets.

Zhan Tianyu mood grave said:

“Actually, as Lin Feng guessed, the body of the psychic can seal the demonic beast, equivalent to the host. If the psychic loses control, the demonic beast in the body may get out of the trap.

The patriarch of the Hong clan once defeated a novice monk and sealed it into someone’s body.

The psychic equivalent to the war machine has some special functions in the different dimension space gate. This is also the main reason why the Hong clan can develop a large number of different-dimensional space gates, but I don’t know what exactly it does. “

Yu Qiao was surprised: “Can the Heaven Ranking demonic beast be sealed into a person’s body without exploding to death?”

Speaking of this, Yu Qiao thought for a while and asked:

“Even the Sovereign level demonic beast can be sealed. It is not easier to seal the king-level demonic beast. It can completely form a powerful…”

Before Yu Qiao could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Zhan Tianyu. He shook the head:

“This is the secret technique of the Hong clan. I don’t know if I learned it from Divine-Martial Continent or researched it myself. Although I don’t know what the principle is, it’s definitely not as simple as you said, otherwise the Hong clan There will not be only one psychic!

Also, not everyone has the innate talent to become a psychic. “

As everyone marveled at this special secret technique, Yang Ningbing also said:

“Don’t worry too much, the novice monk has been sealed for several decades, and his power must have weakened a lot, plus the Hong clan has a way to deal with it, It shouldn’t be an accident.”

Even though I said that, everyone is still very worried. That is the Heaven Ranking demonic beast!

General Martial Sovereign and transcendent are not rivals of Heaven Ranking demonic beast.

Is there a Sovereign level powerhouse in the capital city of Shangjing now?

If not, the consequences would be a little serious.

Compared with other people’s shock to the Heaven Ranking demonic beast, Lin Feng is more emotional about the sad life of psychics.

Although I don’t know if it will be painful to seal a Heaven Ranking demonic beast in Dao Body, it is conceivable that from the moment I become a psychic, the psychic has completely lost his freedom.

No school, no shopping, no friends, or even family.

This kind of life without freedom is like sitting in prison, which may be more tormented than physical pain.

Even, there may be discrimination by other people.

Yun Kai’s eyes flashed strangely.

I don’t know why, his mood is a little depressed, maybe the same experience makes him feel pity for the same illness.

He seems to be much luckier than psychics.

Although he has suffered discrimination and abuse since he was a child, at least he still has freedom.

Now, he has become a nationally recognized super genius, with brothers and teammates who share weal and woe, and many people like him and even admire him. What about this psychic?

What does she have?

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