Global Escape : Disaster Always Slows Me Down Chapter 129

After this Time Huang Su saved many people, Huang Su has been well treated here.

Everyone regards Huang Su as a resisted benefactor, even Yin Yin has also got a good courtesy.

“If you can stay here for a long time, it is also good.”

Ye Yin and Huang Su were sent to a house, this house was large, about two hundred square meters.

into the house, all facilities should be.

“I didn’t think that HUANG Su you have a SECRET Realm together, there is a happiness of the honeymoon.”

Ye Yin is a happy thing, some of the birth of a blend, there are some Begin to Stir.

“Yeah, this SECRET Realm, it’s really good, but I have reached SSS-RANK evaluation, you can leave at any time, and you have to experience some danger now.”

Huang Su thinks about this.

Although he only considers himself in the day, after the milling of these days, he has also begun to consider her now.

“In fact, that rule said, we can stay for 30 days, as long as we want to stay here.”

Ye Yin is a little 不.

She even wants to stay here.

Why is it going back?

stop here!

Huang Su Shook The Head: “If in Transcending Tribulation, this scene, I will think that this is the heart, the heart of the spirit, trying to make you comfortable, stay.”

Huang Su gently scraped a woman’s face, some feelings. “Let me, I still have a Secret Realm without dexing.”

“The entire World Because you have added two Secret Realm, no, now the third, you also want to pass Secret Realm, Huang Su You are so good, good, people don’t know what to say, “

Ye Yin looked at Huang Su personally got an SSS reward, it was able to guess the two Secret Realm already appearing on Earth from Huang Su.

she thought about that they have been guessing. Instead, these Secret Realms have brought by Mr. Huang, but they did not expect that one day she was able to use the Secret Realm with Huang, even in depth, understand each other.

The distance between people and people at first in different places, will not intersect at all.

maybe one day, they appear on the same plane.

They have a variety of relationships.

Some is still parallel, never know.

Some intersect once, then move from this way.

Some intersect once, followed by a line.

and between them?

From two planes to a plane, then go to the negative distance.

This feeling seems to be a dream.

“Yes, I am afraid Earth to have an APPEARS A Secret Realm, I don’t know where this time will,”

Huang Su also remembers something on Earth.

“No matter what to say, if they know the second Secret Realm and the third Secret Realm, then you will be known to them, three points can determine a heart, you must be in that round. “

Yin Yin is a little worried, she is afraid that Huang Su has conflict with others in reality.

“This one does not have to take care of it, but I can have CultiVation with you, add your skill, and we will have a slight restoration in the future, we will take a big guy.”

“good drop. Huang Su!”

Yin’s look is a bit shy, and she is wrong to understand Huang Su’s meaning.

However, Huang Su will be wrong, pass it to Ye Yin some CultiVation, and then together with CultiVation.

Cultivation of a person is Cultivation, two people’s CultiVation is also CultiVation!

and Cultivation is a process of engulfing World’s Spiritual Energy, opening a body, a hole, step by step, an incarnation body, can absorb more energy, maybe in the end, it is a variety of rules, avenue.

This is the basis of Huang Su and Ye Yinyi Cultivation.

Two people open the body of the body, absorb the power of Between Heaven and Earth, and the Cultivation Base Involuntarily has improved a lot!

Huang Su has now discovered the Xueqi of Asura Armor!

is a wonderful match with Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball is a human heart, and the collection Strength of Faith mobilizes the various natural power existing in the air.

and Asura armor, you can let Dragon Ball mobilize more, enter his WITHIN THE BODY, directly strengthen his body!

In this case, CultiVation is upgraded, and it has become a very easy thing!

CultiVation! CultiVation!

Huang Su is here CultiVation for three days and three nights!

Huang Su understands something in these three days, opened some points, and the bonus of Dragon Ball and Asura Armor, he absorbed the bright power of many universe, directly stored in his own body!

He will store some!

Let those strengths become part of themselves!

This feeling is very cool, he is more powerful!

and in the outside world, the people from the Quender Star from the curiosity of the Very Beginning became shocked!

Everyone is shocked!

is amazed in the endurance of their benefactors.

“They haven’t come yet?”

“has not come yet.”

“How much days.”

“may be just simply watch TV.”

Some people have jokes in their hearts, carefully communicate, and it is really curious to do what.

finally, in the fourth day, Huang Su and Yin Yin came out of the house.

Many people look also very strange, but they see huang su seeming to do, but also shocked.

What is this?

Do you really think more!

“Dear Mr., you look more powerful.”

Named the immorincinal Tong Cheng of Iron Fist came over, and his eyes carefully watched Huang Su and Yin Yin.

is very surprised!

He found that Huang Su seems to be strong!

Yin Yin has also become stronger!

clearly knowing the little woman, even in these three days, the Cultivation Base has increased several times.

“We can try again.”

Huang Su opens.

“Although I also like to talk to you, but I will pamper me into a pig, I am not your opponent, but …”

Tong Cheng talks. “What TERRIFYING is being made to be pured!”

He stepped by step, moved toards huang su!

Huang Su has a slightly extended a fist, the heart is moving, and One after another starlight sways, he has a Divine Immortal!

just a trick!

He once again took Dong Cheng to go out!

“Host: Huang Su.

strength: 89

speed: 77

endurance: 98

spirit: 120

Life: 90 “

Today’s Huang Su looks at your panel, the evolution of these days, especially after the addition, his CultiVation Base has come to a more Profound Realm.

“I really don’t know what you have experienced in these days. The strength seems to be much stronger than before!”

Tong Cheng is full of unbelievable, and he is not credible now, more than near numbness.

The people in front of the face will bring him a variety of unbelievable, challenging his nerves!

What can he do in addition to praise?

“I seem to be a support!”

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