Global Escape : Disaster Always Slows Me Down Chapter 130

The speed of the light is a three-year-eight square meters per second, and the space Gate is open, it may be an instant to a light year.

In addition to a light in an instant, it is clear from the formula to the formula.


When human beings come out from small Earth, resources in the universe are quickly used in human beings, so fast 1st Empire, 2nd Empire, 3rd Empire, 4th Empire is born.

and with the expansion of the universe, human growth has also begun to show an exponential growth, and because of the contradictions and rebellions in humans, there is a new empire in the universe.

5th Empire.

5th Empire is a part of the 4th Empire, but how many years ago, the new empire Like a Hot Knife Through Butter, the 4th Empire Festival defeated, finally in the universe, it became a real Galaxy 5th Empire.

As for Kuir Star, it is a long cosmic line on a Planet.

“Despicable 5th Empire splits our great 4th Empire, every 4th Empire’s people should be the glory of 4th Empire, with them!”

This is the word on the network, but Huang Su looked at it and found that there was something wrong with it.

I thought he was helping the protagonist 4th Empire, but now, 5th Empire is the protagonist of this universe.

His rises is unstoppable!

Whether 4th Empire, or 3rd Empire, or even 2nd Empire, you can’t stop 5th Empire.

Clown is my own.

From the perspective of outsiders, Huang Su quickly detected something that can’t be seen in the bureau.

4th Empire’s people are still struggling to restore their glory, but the rise of 5th Empire has not stopped.

This speaking of which does not seem to be important and it seems important.

It gives Huang Su a revelation!

that is to leave here.

Will it have a second attack.

“so much knowledge.”

When the Huang Su is carefully studied, Ye Yin next to Huang Su is also crazy.

She is watching the knowledge that the outside world is not seen, the use of light energy, the creation of the universe Spaceeship, and the principle of constructing of laser guns.

How to capture light energy and make them the most powerful offensive power on this world!

Too much knowledge, and Yin Yin has some dizziness.

“My spirit is somewhat tired”.

After watching it, Ye Yin is a bit of a bit.

“I will help you see it.”

The spirit of up to 120 is like a scanner, Huang Su looks at what is in the past, he can remember something.

Book A page is annoyed, articles from the web page hua la la.

This realm quickly shocked Ye Yin.

“Huang Su, you can not forget.”

Yin Yin goes to Huang SU.

Huang Su still doesn’t look at her, but then look at those articles.


huang sunded.

“You are really powerful! I know you is the happiest and proud of my life!”

a kiss.

a hug.

She also looks.

“If one day, I hope that the other party is proud of the other party. I also hope that one day you can always go through the road, it is very close to me, let me maintain the characteristics of human beings, don’t becomes it The stone you said. “

Huang Su is still talking about the literature carefully.

My dear Huang Su, I will follow your footsteps, go forward with you, I don’t want to watch on the road in Roaming Great Dao, you can move alone, gradually forget the emotion of humanity, Take yourself a stone, so, even if you live longer, I don’t think it means. “

Yin Yin thinks about the future, I feel that everything is full of unknown.

is still a fear.

“life and non-life, who can be clear, if the sun is also life, he is not a big bit of living hot stone.”

Huang Su is long.


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