Global Escape: Disaster Always Slows Me Down Chapter 172


“Human, you are impudent!”

Just when Huang Su and Fang Qingxue killed the Demon army separately, a lot of white hair flying stiff all retreated, and then, a graceful Demoness appeared in the field.

She has white hair, flying around like a waterfall in Tianhe.

This gray-haired Demoness looked at Huang Su coldly:

“Humans, don’t you know that this is a forbidden place? Last time a True Disciple from Sun-Moon Sword Sect came to try to occupy the jade stone ore, and was seriously injured and fled. You think you can cut down Monsters , eliminate Demons? This time, you are going to die!”

This white-haired Demoness made a sharp sound.

A large number of troops gathered behind her!

This Demoness, obviously an important figure in Earth Demon, has been cultivated to divine ability Secret Realm Third Layer-the realm of astral qi.

Her current identity belongs to the Great Asura, and is placed in the human society equivalent to Immortal Path Sect Elder.

And the great cultivator Luo Shang is Demon Sovereign, equivalent to Supreme.

“This is a big Asura! It has changed into a human.”

Yan’s voice became excited: “We don’t want to kill her, we can subdue her, you are the future Demon Emperor, how can you lack a decent servant girl by your side? Although this big Asura is weaker now, there is still progress Potential!”

Yan’s voice is still far away. “As for the white hairs around them flying stiff, they are too weak, so kill them all, kill them all, and refine them into blood pills!”

Yan’s voice is very fast, but every word seems to reveal the breath of demonic path!

I want to induce Huang Su into the demonic path!

“It’s also fortunate that her current realm is only astral qi realm, not Celestial Realm, otherwise she will be able to unite her Divine Ability with the big array, making the magic knife transform and evolve into a Treasure Item!”

At this moment, Demoness over there has already made a move!

As soon as a treasured sword appeared in the void, the next moment had already arrived in front of Huang Su’s eyes!

Sound Kill Magic Knife!

An instant kill method that is almost the same as the speed of sound!

It’s so fierce that you will kill as soon as you shoot!

The material used in this magic knife is Tianhai Ming iron, Yin Yang steel essence, positive and negative element magnets, and it is made by unknown number of magic crystals. It was taken out by Asura, showing extremely fierceness. power!

The general Divine Ability Secret Realm expert, if one is not careful, his body will be instantly cut off by this magic knife, violent death!

But Huang Su is just faintly smiled, and there is even time for a spiritual exchange with Yan!

Seeing that the sound killing magic knife had reached his side, Huang Su silhouette flickered and disappeared!

Next moment, the golden light enveloped Asura!

The terrifying killing intent directly penetrates the whole body of Asura’s majestic mana, and the whole body of the Machete Demoness!

Immediately, all the protective vestments of Demoness were destroyed!


A sound of tearing silk and satin sounded, and the mana of Demoness was completely shattered by Huang Su’s body.

The terrifying killing intent violently enveloped her body, and it also reflected her beautiful and alluring face.

Demoness was so beautiful that she was suffocating, but she was stunned by the next moment, the Yellow Springs picture appeared, and Demoness was immediately installed in it.

And Yan also yelled, one after another Yellow Springs holy water, soaring out, turned into a Yellow Springs net, quickly wrapped up but many white hairs flew stiff, making a fortune!

A “white hair flying stiff”, how powerful is the blood pellet made by Demon Race Imperial Family younger generation?

At least one cultivator can maintain food for several months.

If someone from the physical Secret Realm gets one, you don’t have to eat half a month!

even more how, every “white hair flying stiff”, they have Magical Artifact in their hands-“Hydraulic Magic Knife”, although not comparable to the Sound Killing Magic Knife, it is also a great fortune.

The heads of the “white hair flying zombie” were directly beheaded, and the purple lightning surge not far away also killed many busy flying zombies.

Fang Qingxue was also exhausted, but she did not have the means to refining these white hairs into a pill.

The Purple Lightning Snake can absorb a little bit of the remaining vitality of the white hair flying stiff, and that’s all.

Unlike Yan, the Old Demon dragon, the white-haired stiff body of flesh and blood can use ten percent!

In the picture of Yellow Springs, there are suddenly a lot of medicine pill!

The “white hair flying stiff” heads were beheaded, and in a blink of an eye, nearly a hundred heads of Demon Race Imperial Family younger generation violent death!

Bones, weapons, and blood have all become Huang Su’s wealth.

Generally, the dísciple of Immortal Path Sect has encountered so many demon heads and is not an opponent at all. Even True Disciple such as the golden stone platform can’t stand it.

Even if it is like Fang Qingxue, who is cultivation profound, can kill many white hairs, but get very few things.

Huang Su owns the Yellow Springs picture, so he has gained a lot!

“There is no need to spend it here, let’s go to their lair.”

Huang Su looked far away, and there was a magnificent castle towering up.

In the mountains around the castle, many mines look like termite nests.

And many Fiends, like ants, enter through the mine.

Some pushed iron pulley carts to transport carts of ore outwards.

Some, seem to be burning something, as if refining ore.

“They have all become underground Fiends, and they are still enslaved. It is really pitiful to work.”

Huang Su saw that those Earth Demons were also working, and couldn’t help but feel a little sigh.

If I am a Buddha, there is no magic in the world!

If I am a demon, there is no Buddha in the world!

These are the arrogant words of some arrogant people, but in this World, you have become a demon, with bad luck, you have to go to work, and even have to work overtime!

If there is no Buddha in the world, freedom is the key.

The mines here contain jade stone, but not all ores are jade stone, so someone must find and refine it from it.

This is hard work and requires a lot of labor.

Fiend, the lower underground, is these laborers.

In this mountain, hundreds of thousands of Fiend are coolies!

Huang Su didn’t bother to cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons to these people, and went straight to the castle.

At the same time, the Purple Lightning Serpent rushed towards the castle.

“There are so many jade stones here.”

Hardly encountered resistance, Huang Su and Fang Qingxue entered the castle in front of them.

In the realm of two people, I soon saw some boxes in secret places.

A purple lightning struck past, and the box broke open!

Suddenly time brilliance flickered, mana fluctuating, one after another gleam of power that impacted the soul, appeared in front of everyone!

In the box, all are palm-size spars with an octagonal shape!

These spars are the crystals of law! An ore treasure containing mana.

This is also the divine ability Secret Realm cultivator recovery mana boundless spiritual medicine!

The mana of divine ability Secret Realm is like the physical power of the physical Secret Realm, and there is a limit.

The cultivator of divine ability Secret Realm competes with mana. Sometimes it is inevitable that the mana is not enough and it is easy to be killed.

But if there is a jade stone with magic crystal to replenish mana, it is possible to fight back.

Therefore, for the cultivator, the jade stone, the more the better, is their Supreme spiritual medicine to restore mana, and is also the key to victory in the battle.

At the same time, this jade stone is still the best material for creating Magical Artifact and refining Spiritual Artifact.

The expert of Fleshly Body Realm wanted to refine some Spiritual Qi, or Magical Artifact. It was originally a idiot dream, because their clever women can hardly cook without rice and they have no magic power!

But if you are lucky enough to get a piece of jade stone, you can refine Magical Artifact, magic talisman, such a person can enjoy the worship of the secular dynasty when placed in the world!

If you can refine an armor containing mana and give it to the Great General of the Imperial Court, as long as the Great General of the Imperial Court gives credit, the Imperial Court will think of this Refiner Master.

Then this Refiner Master is also the pillar of the country!

“Miss Qingxue, these are yours, these are mine.”

Fang Qingxue saw many boxes, feeling a little bit, but at this moment, Huang Su spoke.

It is directly divided into half and half.

“en. Good.”

Fang Qingxue nodded.

Also at this time, in the picture of Yellow Springs, the old Flood Dragon of Yan is threatening the Demoness.

“jié jié jié jié, you Little Demoness, I can give you a chance to be the concubine of the Underworld Sect Demon Emperor in the future, otherwise I will kill you!”

In the picture of Yellow Springs, Flood Dragon Yan jié jié sneered.

“Who are you!”

Big Asura Demoness woke up at this time, and saw that she was floating on a long turbid river, and the breath of that long river made her feel a little palpitating for no reason!

“I am Yan, the Artifact Spirit of Yellow Springs! A long time ago, I followed Emperor Yellow Springs and suppressed an era!

And you, now in the Supreme Treasure of the ages, in the picture of Yellow Springs, do you know?

You are a well-known figure in the Earth Demon clan. You don’t know how powerful this picture is. “

Yan saw a Demoness in Earth Demon and made a rumble voice.

“I don’t believe it, why is your Divine Ability so weak? The Dragon Vein of Yellow Springs River is no less than the Demon Sovereign Demon God of Changsheng Secret Realm, immortal dao Supreme.”

Demoness looked at the river rolling under his feet, the yellow holy water, and did not dare to act rashly.

“What do you know! Back then, I followed the Yellow Springs emperor in heavenly ascension and was injured by immortal. Although I have recovered a little bit of mana, I can still suppress you!”

Yan seemed to be stepped on his tail, “If you don’t listen to me, immediately make you an idiot and bring it over to refining into a pill!”


Demoness was short of breath, but didn’t dare to speak with this dragon again.

She has confirmed the identity of the dragon, and used it for pill concocting, which is indeed like Demon Sect senior.

“The person outside is the descendant of the Demon Emperor that I like. Your luck is good.”

Yan saw Demoness no longer arrogant, nodded with satisfaction.

“You are lucky enough to be the concubine of the future Lord Demon Emperor. The future is limitless. Of course, in your capacity, you can only be the concubine. The position in the main room must be the one outside!” [19459002 ]

Yan took a peek outside and found that the flashing woman hadn’t noticed himself before continuing to speak.

“Hurry up and worship Thank You Master, and you will call yourself a concubine from now on. Your future will be limitless. Now, first help me refine these medicine pill!”

Demoness’s face looked gloomy and uncertain, but in the end, she still bent down.

“The concubine Momengyun pays homage to the emperor, wishing the emperor will unify Demon Sect in the future, throughout the ages, and live forever.”

Demoness’s eyes flickered with magic light.

Huang Su can naturally hear the voice of this Demoness, thinking that this dragon can indeed do things, but recovering the Demoness of a divine ability Secret Realm is also useful for the time being.

Then it’s up to Yan Lai.

And Huang Su himself, and Fang Qingxue still have important matters.

“Where is the Geng gold vein?”

Huang Su talked with Fang Qingxue, while talking with God and Demon female.

Demoness’s name is Mo Mengyun, which is a nice name.

“Five hundred miles ahead, there is Geng gold vein.”

Demoness has a respectful look on her face, but no one can know what she is thinking.

“I hope what you are telling is true, otherwise I will turn you into an idiot. You must remember to assist the Demon Emperor. The future will be limitless. If you deceive the Demon Emperor, you will definitely die.”

Yan took a closer look at Demoness and said Yoyo.

“It’s all true!”


It’s really true, but Demoness didn’t tell Huang Su that the Golden Core expert in Earth Demon is guarding the place where there is a gold vein of Geng gold five hundred miles away!

There are ten divine ability Secret Realm.

The 5th Layer human environment is a daoist, admired by the cultivator, protected by Sect, and treated on the same level as Elder.

And once the Sixth Layer is condensed into one state, all kinds of divine abilities are grouped together, Myriad Laws Return To One, and finally a seed of divine ability, the big Golden Core, reaches the realm of 7th-layer!

Not only will the life essence increase again, but also the strength will greatly increase. It will become the core existence in Sect, and it is also a candidate who may step into the longevity Secret Realm!

Secret Realm has a life span of thousands of years. It can be said that it is absolutely years old. It is an eternal giant.

Vertically and horizontally Myriad Realms, capturing the void, possessing various divine abilities

The realm of the divine ability Secret Realm 7th-layer Golden Core is equivalent to the Crown Prince in the secular world.

The Golden Core expert of Earth Demon and the Crown Prince of the equivalent to Earth Demon lineage are not only high-ranking, but also many subordinates!

So, there is indeed the Geng gold vein not far away, and again, there are many dangers there.

“Miss Qingxue, I just caught an Earth Demon. She told me that there is a gold vein of Geng gold five hundred miles away. I think this is true, but the defensive power should not be weak.”

Outside within the realm, Huang Su said to Fang Qingxue.

“That’s fine, even if he is an expert in the Golden Core realm, it is not impossible for you and me to join forces! I once sealed the Demon King in the Golden Core realm.”

Fang Qingxue’s face showed an indifferent expression, and at the same time he was a little fighting intent.

She is not afraid of the so-called Golden Core expert at all.

Of course, further up, although she is not afraid, she can escape.

“Okay, let’s go and see. Your purple electric snake is a little swagger, let’s go straight away.”

Huang Su’s expression moved slightly, after thinking about it, he said.

“en. “

The purple lightning snake next moment is turned into black.

It doesn’t have to be a purple lightning snake.

As for Huang Su, he walked directly against the wind.

The speed of the two people is very fast, walking through this underground world, like entering an uninhabited land.

Along the way, the underground scenery is in front of you.

When passing a place, Huang Su also saw some bats.

Each of these bats is the size of a fan, with teeth like blades and blood light eyes. They are actually a rare vampire bat.

If this kind of bat flies out, it can kill everyone in a village.

But Huang Su did not spare their hands to kill these things.

Moving on, I soon saw another castle.

In front of the castle, there are many guards, more than the guards in front of the Demoness castle.

“This is it!”

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