Glorious Summoner Chapter 289


The two little thieves didn’t even look at where the capital was, and they dared to make their own ideas. Now the capital is short of summoners as coolies, they send them to the door by themselves, and Xia Pingan will fulfill them.

Xia Pingan naturally laughed at the twenty or thirty Gold Coins on the two of them.

Zhougong Building is cold and autumnal, which is in sharp contrast with the lively of Wuyou Building.

Pedestrians will occasionally take a look, but the sign at the entrance of Zhougonglou, “One hundred gold to interpret dreams, no bargaining” is enough to scare people away.

Xia Pingan walked into the Zhougong Building. The woman guarding the shop inside was so bored that she was dozing off. When Xia Pingan came back, the woman stood up a little flustered, but accidentally put the one she was on her knees. The book fell to the ground.

Xia Pingan read that book, it seems to be a very popular ghost novel in Dashang Country, this is used by ordinary person to pass the time.

“I have seen Young Master!” The woman was both sorry and a little panicked.

According to the rules, she was dereliction of duty. When she was on duty, she read a book. If she was seen by a few female officials in the palace, it would be a felony.

“Uh, go and rest when you are tired. You can close the door early today!” Xia Pingan laughed, and pointed to a vacant place in the front hall, “I’m going to put a bookshelf here, and you can pick it tomorrow. A bookshelf, and then buy some books you like. When there are guests, you can let the guests read the books while they are waiting here. You can also read more often to facilitate communication with the guests. Um, just press fifty. Come on the Gold Coin budget…”, Xia Pingan said, took out a gold ticket of fifty Gold Coins and put it on the table,

The woman knows that Xia Pingan is giving her steps, so that she won’t be so bored here, and she will be just and honorable by staying in the store and reading novels in the future.

“Many thanks Young Master!” The woman covered her mouth and smiled. She was not so nervous anymore, and her eyes were refreshing. “Our family…The lady is actually very good to us, there is no that many rules, and Young Master. It’s the same, you two are kind of… stop like!”

Okay, just say that you and I are a natural match!

“By the way, what is your name?” Xia Pingan asked.

“My name is Xiaodie!”

“Xiaodie, it’s okay today, you can close the door early!”


After Xia Pingan gave an explanation, he went straight into the inner hall. Summon guarded an elite slave soldier outside, and then entered the underground secret room by himself, preparing to fuse the realm beads.

Today’s eight world beads make Xia Pingan’s index finger move.

Coming to the basement secret room, Xia Pingan sat in the lotus position on the soft collapse, rubbed her hands, and then took out all the eight world beads and placed them in a row in front of him.

“Lu Ban made a saw”, “Great justice to destroy relatives”, “Gan Luo Baixiang”, “Spelling a sword to make a song” “Xue Guoshi Yi” “a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on” “Tao Kan” “Song Fei Di” “The King of Pigs” took out the eight world beads.

The eight world beads, with different colors, flashed a deep glow in the dark secret room. In Xia Pingan’s eyes, they were very cute.

Xia Pingan first went from easy to difficult, picked up the “Luban Saw” boundary bead and began to drip blood and fuse.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Pingan was wrapped in a green cocoon, but the cocoon did not last long, but within five minutes, the cocoon shattered, and Xia Pingan opened her eyes. The world beads have been successfully integrated.

Luban in the world bead, fell trees in the mountains, didn’t expect his fingers were cut by the jagged leaves. Luban got inspiration from the jagged shapes of the leaves. After returning, he made a saw and let Cutting down trees and processing wood has become easier.

Xia Pingan made a saw and sawed off a section of the tree trunk. This bead was successfully integrated, and the world was shattered. By the way, Xia Pingan wanted to create something else to try to break through.

Luban made the saw. In addition to adding a summon saw to Xia Pingan, he only gave Xia Pingan 10 divine force. After the integration, the victory limit of Xia Pingan’s secret mandala reached 4065 points.

Later, Xia Pingan merged with the world pearl of “Great Righteousness and Extinction”.

The story of Dayi’s destruction of relatives is also very simple, and many people are familiar with it. This story tells the story of Lu Yin’s four-year patriarch Shi Jie, who killed Zhou Yu, who was self-reliant on Wei Wei Huan, and had to kill his own life following Zhou Yu. The story of his son Shi Hou.

In the world of the Jiezhu, Xia Pingan became the guardian’s stone chrysalis, and then proceeded step by step, perfect integration, wait until the cocoon on Xia Pingan’s body shattered, the time is less than twenty minutes, this divine force Jiezhu Give Xia Pingan 30 points of divine force.

“Playing a sword and making a song”, “Xue Guoshiyi”, “a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on”, these three world beads are all about the story of Feng Huan from Monarch Sect, Feng Huan can Counted as a representative of the gatekeepers of that era, these three world beads are easy to fuse. Xia Pingan in a spurt of energy, directly integrate these three divine force world beads, and the total time is more than forty. minute.

These three divine force beads gave Xia Pingan 90 points of divine force. After fusing these three beads, the upper limit of Xia Pingan’s divine force reached 4185 points.

Every time the divine force is increased, Xia Pingan’s body will also get a chance to divine force initiation. After the divine force initiation, Xia Pingan’s physique will unconsciously improve slightly, which is also a summoner’s Powerful.

The sixth boundary bead that Xia Pingan merged is the “Tao Kan” boundary bead.

Tao Kan was a famous official in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In the period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the elites of the gentry took the liberty and violent waves as their romantic, and the so-called times of the so-called celebrities were proud of their maverick behavior. The real clear stream.

Tao Kan has a lot of deeds, but the summoner introduced that this bead can be used divine force to “make clay into bricks”, Xia Pingan was a bit speechless, Tao Kan and the bricks became attached, it was Tao Kan to exercise Will, sympathetic to the people, and don’t want to waste money and food, so I got a bunch of cheapest bricks in the place where I lived, and moved a bunch of bricks around sooner or later.

A celebrity who moved bricks since ancient times, Tao Kan is the Number One Person.

In addition to moving bricks, Tao Kan actually has many deeds. Xia Pingan doesn’t understand why this world bead only provides one spell. The time in the world of this world bead is too short. Is the bead world shattered? Or do other people have no idea that Tao Kan can make other achievements?

If the reason is the latter, then the most likely reason is that the divine sense water crystal interior that integrates this world bead may not know much about the things recorded by itself, so the result is that people who integrate divine sense crystals will only move Brick without knowing other deeds. There was only one magic spell in the end.

It is absolutely possible that the so-called divine sense crystal, the things recorded in it are not perfect and without blemish in Xia Pingan’s view.

“Maybe this world bead can try to make a breakthrough by itself and see where the limit of this world bead is?” Xia Pingan took the “Tao Kan” world bead, her eyes flashed, and she muttered to herself. Then began to merge.

As Xia Pingan dripped blood and merged again, in the secret room, Xia Pingan was surrounded by a group of colorful light cocoons.


Xia Pingan opened his eyes and found himself sitting in the carriage. The carriage was walking on the road outside of the city. Behind his carriage, he was also followed by a team of sergeants on horseback. This is a guard of honor of the Provincial Governor, with attendants crowding. round, so majestic.

The scorching sun was high above my head, and the noise of cicadas was everywhere on the road.

Pedestrians on the road are endless, and those pedestrians will pay attention when they see the Provincial Governor’s convoy.

It was the end of summer, and the convoy was driving outside the city. Along the way, you could see the paddy fields along the roadside. The rice in the paddy fields was growing well and had already set ears.

If an ordinary person merges with this world bead and sees such a scene, he must not feel anything, or even know where he is, but Xia Pingan sees the unripe rice on the roadside, but his heart is moved and suddenly remembered One thing Tao Kan once did.

There won’t be a person holding rice ears on the road.

Xia Pingan said in her heart, she could not help but looked towards the roadside outside the car, the carriage was walking on the road, suddenly, a silhouette came into Xia Pingan’s eyes, it was a pedestrian on the road, that person It was a man in his thirties, walking along the road with a handful of unripe rice ears in his hand.

I rely on, it’s you!

When the convoy was driving in front of the man, Xia Pingan suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Tao Kan’s voice was majestic and low, and the carriage stopped as soon as he said the word parking.

Xia Pingan got out of the car directly.

People on the side of the road were shocked when they saw Xia Pingan getting off the car.

Xia Pingan got off the carriage and came directly to the man who was on the road with a handful of rice in his hand.

“Thorn, Provincial Governor… Your lord…” The man was so frightened that he didn’t understand why the Provincial Governor stopped the car and walked directly in front of him.

“Where did the rice ears come from?” Xia Pingan asked the man directly.

“I saw it on the road just now, so I grabbed it!” The guy honestly replied trembling in fear.

There was a rice field on the side of the road, and the man owed his hand. Walking along the road, he grabbed a handful of rice ears and tossed it around.

Xia Pingan was furious, pointing to the man’s nose and cursing, “Asshole, the ear of rice in your hand is ungrown grain, and the field that others have worked so hard to grow. You take it and do it without telling you. What’s the difference between a thief, this rice ear needs to grow so big, it needs human cultivation, rain and dew, and fertile soil to grow. Every grain of rice is condensed with the good fortune of Heaven, Earth and Human, you will be destroyed at hand, you It was also wasting other people’s hard work and food. Do you know how many people starved to death because they couldn’t eat the food. Come on, tie me up!”

A few entourage who looked like tigers and wolves came over and tied up the guy whose face was pale.

The guy thought he was going to be chopped off his head and almost peeed.

“Take a whip…” Xia Pingan extended the hand, someone took a whip, Xia Pingan took the whip, bang bang bang bang whipped that person more than ten whips, but didn’t hit a cruel hand. , I just let that person suffer a lot of skin and flesh, so that the person’s tears and nose came down, crying father and mother, and confessing his mistakes loudly and saying no, then he stopped.

The people watching on the road saw Master Provincial Governor pumping people on the road for an ungrown ear of rice, and they all cried out.

After smoking the guy who owed him, Xia Pingan let his subordinates release the guy and got into the car again.


After experiencing such an event, Xia Pingan has already determined that the “potential” of this world pearl may not have been tapped by the people who merged before.

The convoy returned to the Provincial Governor Mansion and saw that the backyard in the Provincial Governor Mansion was “empty”. There were only flowers and grass and no exercise equipment. Xia Pingan directly ordered people to pull a cart of bricks and put them there. At the entrance of his study in the backyard of the Provincial Governor Mansion, every morning, he moved the cart of bricks from the study to the garden, and in the evening, he moved the bricks from the garden to the study.

Within a few days, the news that Lord Provincial Governor likes to move bricks spread through the city.


In the secret room, after more than an hour, the colorful light cocoons surrounding Xia Pingan disappeared. There was a crackle noise in Xia Pingan’s body. Xia Pingan opened her eyes, and the light flashed in her eyes. A smile appeared unconsciously.

At this moment, in the shrine of Xia Pingan’s secret mandala, there is a sculpture of Tao Kan. Among the iron sculptures, in addition to the allusions of Tao Kan moving bricks, there are several other allusions, the sculpture The bricks, whips, sawdust and bamboo heads among them are all rays of light flashed.

Sure enough, this world bead provides more than one magic technique, but a total of four. In addition to the “refining soil into brick” magic method, this world bead also provides three other secret techniques, What makes Xia Pingan most happy is that this world pearl can make him summon a long whip.

The long whip is Xia Pingan’s favorite weapon, because Tao Kanxigu, who owed the man who grabbed the rice on the roadside, didn’t expect to be able to summon the long whip.

The other two spells are very special. They are not the Summoning Technique in the ordinary sense, but the spells that the summoner can cast. When casting, you need to borrow wood chips or bamboo heads as the props of the spells, with the help of sawdust and Bamboo head can be used.

Interesting, this bead is so interesting.

This Tao Kan’s bead also directly increased Xia Pingan’s divine force by 80 points.

Make a big profit!


Thinking of the long whip that this world pearl could summon, Xia Pingan didn’t hesitate at all, and directly consumed 36 points of divine force. With a wave of his hand, a dark whip appeared in Xia Pingan’s hand.

This long whip is slightly longer than the “black cobra” used by Xia Pingan before. It is heavy in the hand and is also a metal whip, closely linked with one another. The whip is slightly like a rice ear, that whip Above the handle, there are three small characters “Three Talents”.

Holding the whip in your hand, the feeling, hard to describe, is like being integrated with Xia Pingan’s hand.

Xia Pingan’s hand turned slightly, the black whip whizzed out in the secret room, and a few snake-shaped whip flowers swayed in the air. The speed of that whip broke the speed of sound in an instant. There was a pop in the air, causing the entire underground chamber to roar.

Not bad, not bad!

After playing twice with the whip, the feeling of using the whip came back, and Xia Pingan was in a good mood.

There are two other world beads. Xia Pingan is about to fuse. Suddenly, Xia Pingan’s brows moved and stopped. With a wave of his hand, Xia Pingan received the remaining two world beads. Space In the Warehouse.

After finishing this, Xia Pingan continued to sit cross-legged, pretending to be in the cultivation.

One minute later, on one of the walls of the underground secret room, a silhouette that faded into a shadow, came out from behind the wall, suddenly moved towards Xia Pingan, and leaped towards Xia Pingan with a little cold glow in his hand, and took Xia directly. Pingan’s throat…


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