Glorious Summoner Chapter 290


The silhouette is sharp, fierce, fast as lightning, and the movement is silent and silent. The most important thing is that there are a few people who can think of it. People will come out of the walls of the underground chamber.

Xia Pingan’s eyes opened violently, and the three whip that had just come out of summon in his hand, when that silhouette just flew out of the wall, was already like a snake that was alarmed, shivering fiercely, making an ear-piercing sound. The scream flew out from where he was, and the speed of the whip instantly broke through the sound barrier, piercing the silhouette’s head.

The whip penetrated the person’s head for a moment. Just when Xia Pingan thought that silhouette’s head would explode, the silhouette instantly divided into two and continued moving towards Xia Pingan and charged.

Xia Pingan was shocked for an instant. He thought the silhouette was a human just now, but when the whip passed through the silhouette’s head, he felt that the silhouette was not a human, but a summon.

The cold glow of the dagger in one silhouette’s hand, like a meteor, took directly from Xia Pingan’s throat, while the other silhouette waved his hand, two poisonous pythons with a body more than one foot long, transformed from twisted black smoke, Also pounced from two different directions moved towards Xia Pingan.

This means, this strain, weird and vicious, both the ferocity of the warrior and the weird change of the summoner, so that you can’t guard against it. If Xia Pingan is still fusing the world beads at this moment, she will definitely die. Undoubtedly, even if you are prepared, facing an attack like this close at hand, it will give people a sense of despair and even confusion.

Xia Pingan stomped, and the two tigers were summoned out by him. They roared in the secret room, and rushed to the two poisonous pythons. His own long whip shook, then pulled it back, the whole long whip Suddenly it burned like a flame, and it slammed the neck of the dark shadow holding the dagger…

The burning three whip was blessed with Fireball Technique. Once it hits the target, it will not only cause physical damage, but also magical damage.

The dragon wars, the tiger battles in the secret room…

As soon as Xia Pingan’s three whips burned, the temperature of the entire secret room was rapidly rising, and it brightened instantly, and the whole secret room was full of dazzling red light.

Two poisonous pythons instantly entangled two tigers, two fiercely fiercely demanding the necks of poisonous pythons, four beasts from summon suddenly rolled into a ball, rolled on the ground of the underground chamber, and rolled the granite The wall was hit with gravel and spilled, shooting everywhere.

Feeling the terrifying power brought by the Sancai whip behind him, the black figure holding the dagger was short, and passed directly under the long whip, rolling over against the ground, a little cold glow, from bottom to top. , Has been close to Xia Pingan’s body, ready to break Xia Pingan…

Another black figure pointed at Xia Pingan. Under Xia Pingan’s step, the light of Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground flashed, and Xia Pingan was about to be trapped.

At the moment when the magical light on the ground rang, Xia Pingan also jumped from the collapse, flying in the air, pointing at the two dark shadows at the same time.

On the ground in the secret room, two magic apertures of Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground appeared again, trying to trap the two silhouettes. In this narrow space, the fighting ideas of both sides are surprisingly consistent. , As long as the opponent can be trapped with spells, the winner will be determined.

The spell apertures of the three Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground fell to the sky at the same time, and the two dark shadows also jumped from the ground, moving towards Xia Pingan, flying towards Xia Pingan, completely desperately playing.

At the same time, Xia Pingan found the two poisonous snakes that entangled the tigers that came out of his summon. Their bodies suddenly expanded and expanded like balloons. The black poisonous snakes began to emit a dazzling green light. The body of the silhouette who leaped over also glowed green.

The divine force fluctuations of the entire underground chamber in this brief moment rose sharply, reaching Peak.

A single thought flashed through Xia Pingan’s head, and an inwardly shouted in his heart, no good.

The retracted whip flew out again, but this time the whip that flew out did not attack others, but suddenly curled up a lampstand on the rock wall of the secret chamber seven or eight meters away. Xia Pingan’s body was flying in front of Under the pull of the long whip, it moved strangely across, rushed out of the two silhouettes, appeared at the entrance of the secret room to the ground, and the whole person wanted to rush out of the secret room.

“Bang… “

A terrible explosion occurred in the underground chamber.

At the same time, the two silhouettes in the secret room, as well as the two poisonous pythons, exploded. The dazzling Fireball and firelight quickly expanded in the secret room, swallowing everything, the explosive body of the poisonous python, It also sprinkled black venom all over the sky, followed by the fire spattering in the entire secret room without dead ends.

Under the double impact of the explosion of fire and venom, the stone slabs, stone ladders, stone tables, stone walls, and those furnishings in the secret room were corroded, blackened, and then fired again. Into fragments.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The silhouette was drilled from behind the wall of the underground chamber until the violent explosion occurred. This period of time, speaking of which was long, but it was only two or three seconds.

In the courtyard of Zhougonglou, at the moment when the underground fire broke out, the ground where the entire Zhougonglou was located was like a volcanic crater. It was arched and cracked. Zhougonglou collapsed suddenly and the corridor next to it. The pavilion, and the attic, are all split up and in pieces by the violent energy impact, turning into various fragments and building materials, throwing everywhere, the houses within 50 meters of the Zhougong Building, the windows of the house , In this brief moment, none of them are intact, all of them were shattered in a loud explosion sound…

The entire Tianyuan Bridge was shocked by this huge movement.

It is late at night, and the people in the night market of Tianyuanqiao are sparse. The movement under Zhougonglou is no different from dropping a heavy aerial bomb here. People within ten miles of this place have discovered it. Variety.

This movement is too loud.

At the exit of the underground chamber, with the explosion of fire light on, the door of the chamber was shattered by a huge Icicle, and then the figure of Xia Pingan rushed out of the ground in the explosion of Fireball and fire. , Under the package of a water shield, suddenly soared into the sky in the flames.

Just when Xia Pingan’s figure rushed to the highest point and wanted to fall to the ground, a weird man wrapped in black robe appeared at Xia Pingan’s feet, and moved towards Xia Pingan dropped one Something dark.

Suddenly, in the sky of several hundred meters, blood-colored fire and lightning filled the sky, like a large blood-colored umbrella, and immediately enveloped Xia Pingan, who had just flew into the air.

The terrifying Void God thunder erupted in the air.

The figure of Xia Pingan that rushed to the highest point and the self-protection water shield, in the lightning of the Void God thunder, instantly turned into ashes and vaporized and disappeared.


The weird man wrapped in black robe also suddenly noticed the abnormality. The Xia Pingan in the water shield was too brittle, like a piece of paper.

The water shield is real, and there is a slight resistance under the Void God thunder, but the Xia Pingan inside the water shield is just an illusory shadow constructed by the Illusion Technique.

In the count!

Before the weird man wrapped in black robe evacuated, a ray of light splendid Vermilion Bird One flew out and spread its wings in the air in the gushing fire and smoke at the foot of Zhougong Tower , Fast as lightning, like a brilliant sun, pounce on the black robed man.

People are in the air, and they can’t fly the Vermilion Bird with wings, so Vermilion Bird hugged the black robed man in the blink of an eye.

The black robed man’s figure melted instantly under the high temperature of Vermilion Bird, and turned into a cloud of smoke with a bang, and then the smoke was also melted and turned into a palm-size dough made with heads and eyes The little face man fell from the air.

At the same time, in an alley more than three hundred meters away from Zhougong Tower, a black robed man suddenly appeared, then sank into the ground and disappeared instantly.

Xia Pingan’s figure finally jumped out at this time in the gushing fire of the underground secret room of Zhougong Building.

Xia Pingan stretched out his hand and took the palm-size dough that fell from the sky, browsing slightly wrinkle.

The sound of the fire alarm, the noise, has already rang into a ball outside, and several powerful auras are moving towards here quickly approaching.

This movement is too loud…

Xia Pingan looked at the Zhougong Building that had been turned into ruins, cursed in her mouth, and then her figure slowly faded, disappearing here in the blink of an eye.

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