Glorious Summoner Chapter 291


At dawn, the place where Zhougonglou was located has been turned into a smoking ruin, and the whole Zhougonglou seemed to have experienced a catastrophe.

The horrible crater left in the underground chamber of Zhougong Building is like a cooling volcanic crater.

The entire courtyard, the entire Zhougong Building and the buildings inside, were all shattered, collapsed, and then burned to the extent that there was only ashes and no grass left.

Among the broken bricks and shingles, a few smoked woods are still telling the horror of last night. The streets are wet, and there are traces of fire fighting everywhere, and the police have pulled them up. At the cordon, there were several serious-faced police officers here to maintain order. The people who came and looked at it curiously. They didn’t understand what was happening here, but they didn’t dare to stay and watch the excitement.

The buildings next to Zhougong Building were more or less affected.

When the first rays of the morning sun hit the ruins of Zhougong Building, a black carriage with the logo of the Judging Army drove from a distance and stopped by the cordon.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door.

Changed to a black coat again, Xia Pingan, who had returned to her original form, took the ruling scepter and got out of the car first.

The Xia Pingan who got out of the car did not go far, but stood beside the carriage of the carriage, extending the hand, respectfully supporting the elderly white bamboo priest to get off the carriage.

Priest Baizhu still wears white robes. As the priest of the ruling army, the temperament of Priest Baizhu looks awe-inspiring.

This is the second time that Xia Pingan has dealt with the White Bamboo Priest. The last time Xia Pingan entered the Judging Army, it was also the test of the Bloody Questioning Heart that the White Bamboo Priest was responsible for. Finally, Xia Pingan was recommended to enter the Dark Shadow Guard, and it was also the White Bamboo Priest. .

Xia Pingan left here last night and did not go elsewhere, but went directly to the camp of the Judging Army, because only there is the safest place.

The assassination last night was weird, horrible, unpredictable, and dangerous. Xia Pingan didn’t even know who the assassin was, but one thing he can be sure of is that his identity as Yangcheng has definitely been exposed , The person who assassinated him came for Xia Pingan, not for Yangcheng. Yangcheng has nothing to do with the world. In Shangjing, he did not provoke any enemies or cause and effect. Only himself, in Shangjing. Many enemies.

The one who wants his life most now is the Blood Demon Religion, the Huang Family, and the people from the garrison Legion he offended, or the people like Yao and Li Chaoming, but Xia Pingan thinks Yao You Chang Li Chaoming and others are not so capable and lack courage.

So, who is it? The timing of the assassination was so accurate, and the shot was so terrifying.

If you don’t understand this question, Xia Pingan knows that the assassination of herself will probably be one after another, and he is also rare to live in peace.

Last night’s assassination, Xia Pingan life hanging by a thread, hovered three times on the edge of life and death. The first time was the timing of the assassination. At that time, if Xia Pingan was still fusing the world beads, it would definitely be dead. Wandering on the edge of life and death was when the explosion occurred in the secret room. At that time, Xia Pingan was slightly mishandled and died. The third time he wandered on the edge of life and death, it was when Xia Pingan rushed out of the secret room. If he hadn’t foreseen the outside Murderous intention, in turn, set the game to break the situation. At this moment, he is probably already broken to pieces and buried in nothingness.

When the assassination came last night, Fu Shen Tong was not by Xia Pingan’s side. When Fu Shen Tong arrived, the assassin had disappeared without leaving any breath, so Xia Pingan didn’t know that person. Where did it go?

As the inspector of the Judging Army, he blatantly encountered such an assassination in the upper capital. The Judging Army can’t ignore it in public or in private, and can’t just ask, so Xia Pingan went directly to the Judging Army to “sue.” “This is the advantage of being organized. You don’t have to carry everything yourself. When necessary, you can ask for help from an organization.

As a result, Lin Yi directly sent the White Bamboo priest to accompany Xia Pingan to investigate the scene.

As the chosen priest of the Judging Army and the Dark War God Cult, the abilities of the White Bamboo Priest are extremely mysterious to the outside world. Even Xia Pingan doesn’t know what kind of ability this old man has, which allows Lin Yi to Leave it to him to investigate the killer.

The white bamboo priest lightly put Xia Pingan’s hand, and under the carriage, once the carriage, the eyes of the white bamboo priest closed, took a deep breath of the breath here, and sighed softly, “really strong Void God Thunder The breath of…” After speaking, the White Bamboo Priest glanced at Xia Pingan and gently nodded, “You can still live. It’s a fate. The formidable power of the Void God thunder, below the Seven Suns realm, few can resist, even if It is a steel stone, which will instantly turn into dust. Some huge might of Void God thunder, and the powerhouse of the Nine Suns realm can all be annihilated…”

“What is the Void God Thunder that you always said, and why is it so powerful?” Xia Pingan asked modestly, what the Void God Thunder is, he really didn’t know, but he was stubborn to himself The principle of responsibility, Xia Pingan is absolutely not ashamed to ask.

“Void God Thunder is a cannibal thought…” The priest Baizhu said, having stepped past the police blockade, crossing the broken bricks and broken wood on the ground, moving towards the inside of Zhougong Building, and Xia Pingan With his arm, he looked like a younger dísciple. For fear that the priest Baizhu would fall, the priest Baizhu smiled and waved his hand, “Don’t help, I’m not that old yet…”

“Hahaha, I trouble you to keep running again for my business. You are always a treasure in the adjudication army. If you keep bumping, I can’t afford it…” Xia Pingan also smiled , “What kind of lingering thoughts you always said about Void God Thunder is too terrifying…”

“That is the remnant thoughts of the gods. There will also be battles between the gods. There are also anger and murderous intention. According to legend, when the gods are fighting and angry, there will be a trace of remnant thoughts condensed in the void to form matter The manifestation of the state was then absorbed by the Chaos Water crystal. After the Chaos Water crystal absorbed the wrath of the gods, it became the Void God Thunder!”

Xia Pingan held breath cold air, the gods of this World. He has only heard of the gods, but he hasn’t felt or seen it yet. He didn’t expect that he almost got intimacy with the gods’ “cannibalism” last night Contact, almost scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“The anger of the gods and the remnant thoughts of murderous intention condensed into a Void God thunder?”

“Otherwise, you can easily destroy the powerhouse in the Seven Suns Realm. This thing, in the Void Secret Realm, if you have good luck, you can find some, the one that was used to kill you last night Void God Thunder, the formidable power should be very small, and the scope is not large. The strongest Void God Thunder can cover a hundred miles. If you encounter that kind of Divine Lightning, you can’t run away…” White Bamboo The priest lightly gave Xia Pingan a glance, raised his foot across a pile of broken bricks and puddles, and walked to the plaque at the entrance of Zhougong Building that had been crushed and charred in half.

The plaque was shattered. The original two plaques of “There are dreams in the night, Divine Soul’s good and bad”, now there are only a few fragments. On the fragments, you can barely see the word “Fun dream” , There are also the words “fortune and evil”, the priest Baizhu lowered his head and looked at the two fragments of eyes on the ground with interest, “hehe, you are quite capable, so you can account for dreams?”

“Ah, my dream is to eat food, where is the ability!” Xia Pingan was modest, and the priest continued to search inside, and then seized the opportunity to ask questions, “You always said that Void God thunderously can cover a hundred miles, so if someone taught by Blood Demon God takes Void God thunder to go to the capital to make trouble, a Void God thunder will destroy the entire capital?” [ 19459002]

“Hehe, when have you ever seen the ground under our feet destroyed by thunder?” The White Bamboo priest asked, “The so-called Void God thunder can only exert formidable power in the void. Once it touches the ground, the Void God thunder’s formidable power will be absorbed and dissipated by the earth. The formidable power will be greatly reduced, and there will be no one. Therefore, the people who die in the Void God thunder are those who fly to the sky and have the ability to escape. You have to do it again next time. When encountering the Void God Thunder, as long as it can fall to the ground in time, it will be fine!”

Xia Pingan let out a long breath and said heartily, “Oh, I see, many thanks, you are always puzzled, next time I meet, I must stay far away!”

The two people were talking, and they walked through the ruins of Zhougong Building, step by step to the underground pit that remained in the secret room.

The big pit is more than ten meters deep underground, everything in the underground secret room has been scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the stones in the big pit have melted and become like the black rock reef after the lava has cooled down, and the soil The block is completely hardened in the high temperature, and becomes a large piece of red hard lumps.

In this big pit, there is also a small pit that reaches more than ten meters underground. The small pit is like a well with a lot of water in it.

“Did the assassin first emerge from here?” The priest Baizhu came to the bottom of the pit, looked around for a week, and asked directly.

“Yes, when I was preparing for cultivation, the assassin suddenly came out from behind the rock wall of the secret room and attacked me, but the assassin was not a person, but a summon thing. Under my attack, that Assassin also divided into two, one turned into a martial artist, and the other turned into a summoner. Later, it exploded directly in the underground chamber. This is the first time I encountered such a summon thing. I don’t know what the world bead can summon out of that kind of thing… “

“It will explode when you get out from behind the wall, it’s interesting…”

The priest Baizhu said, and when he moved his hand, a crystal ball of soul appeared in his hand. The priest Baizhu took the crystal ball and walked around the big pit like a survey site. With the weird words and sentences that only he could understand, there was black mist rolling in the crystal ball. Slowly, a vague silhouette appeared in the black mist. The silhouette that Silhouette and Xia Pingan met in the basement chamber last night was very It’s similar, it’s also holding a dagger in hand, but around the silhouette of the body, there are some strange multi-colored lines that are tumbling and changing…

“Is the assassin from the assassin world pearl summon that attacked you in the secret room?” The white bamboo priest stared at the crystal ball in his hand and said to Xia Pingan.

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