Glorious Summoner Chapter 292


It really is the assassin from summon!

Although Xia Pingan had some speculations before, but the ability of assassin was too strong, and it also had the Summoning Technique method, which made Xia Pingan a little skeptical.

Xia Pingan has been fused with the assassin world bead, in fact, it can also summon assassin, but the assassin of Xia Pingan summon absolutely does not have those abilities, and the ability of assassin seems to have exceeded the scope of assassin.

Xia Pingan slightly frowned, asked, “What assassin of summon, so powerful?”

The white bamboo priest’s face has already appeared a little dignified, “The summoner who sent the assassin has integrated four assassin world beads, so his summon is not the ordinary assassin, but the dragon assassin!”

Just like Medicine Pill Master, after some of the same type of world beads are merged, the level of the characters that can be summoned can be continuously improved, and assassin is one of them.

The assassin world bead is more than Tian Guanglunyong’s one. In fact, the assassin world bead of Tian Guanglunyong is the most common assassin world bead. In addition to that one, there are other assassin world beads. Other assassin world beads can also summon assassin.

The summon of an assassin world bead is Level 1 assassin, then Level 2 assassin, and Level 3 assassin. After fusing four assassin world beads, summon is the dragon slaying assassin.

Assassin has an exclusive name, it would be terrifying. A summoner who can summon this level of assassin has a very high probability of eating assassin this bowl of rice. This is that everyone has their own field of specialisation.

Xia Pingan’s face also became serious, “You always mean that the summoner who wanted my life last night was a professional assassin and killer?”

White Bamboo Priest nodded, “Yes, and it’s not an ordinary assassin and assassin. That person’s use of summon assassin has already achieved Major Perfection and achieved a realm that integrates with other summon secret techniques. In addition to summon, he slaughtered the dragon assassin. In addition, the dragon slaying assassin is endowed with an earth walking technique, a flame explosion technique and its own summoner projection. With this 3rd-layer technique empowerment, he summon The dragon-slaying assassin that comes out can escape from the earth and enter the secret room. It can also Avatar, use the Summoning Technique, and finally be killed. With this assassination configuration, the summoner of the Five Suns and Six Suns may not be able to survive, you can survive, you This fate is not so big. I want to ask you. When the explosion happened in this secret room, there were Void God mines outside. One mile and one outside two big kills were waiting for you, flanking back and forth, in such a dangerous situation. How did you survive this situation?”

This is the second time that the White Bamboo priest has said that Xia Pingan is dead.

In the eyes of the White Bamboo Priest, it is indeed incredible that Xia Pingan can survive such a killing. After changing other people, he can avoid one and absolutely can’t hide from the second. It is definitely dead long ago, but Xia Pingan None of the hair has fallen.

Xia Pingan smiled bitterly and pointed to the small pit in the secret room. “When the explosion happened, I used ground digging to instantly make a deep hole here, and hid in the hole and used a water shield to protect it. I stayed in my body, and then used the Illusion Technique of the beacon to play the princes to bless the water shield and rush out of the underground secret room to detonate the ambush outside. Finally, after the person showed up, I counterattacked, but didn’t expect to let him escape!” [19459002 ]

When the priest Baizhu heard this, he shook his head and sighed, “It’s too dangerous. It’s a glimmer of survival because you were so clear at that time, so I caught this glimmer of survival…”

“Look at it all the time, this is something that was left by that person before he escaped. I don’t know what kind of magic it is?” Xia Pingan said, moving his hand, he took the face person out and handed it to White bamboo priest.

Priest Baizhu took the face to look at, “This is the face puppet of a substitute puppet. The substitute puppet is a rare Summoning Technique method. It needs the help of these magic props to perform. If there is no such thing, that person has It may have been hit hard or killed by you!”

The white bamboo priest holding the faceless man stared at the crystal ball in his hand. A faceless man appeared in the crystal ball. Pointing in one direction, the white bamboo priest walked out of the pit of the Zhougong building and took Xia. Pingan moved towards the direction pointed by the face man in the crystal ball, and finally came to an alley outside more than three hundred meters, the face man in the crystal ball slowly dissipated.

“That person disappeared here last night!”

“Can you always lock that person’s breath from this thing?”

“No!” The white bamboo priest shook the head and looked at the face man again. “With the use of this double puppet technique, all the auras on it are completely annihilated, only a trace of divine force is left behind. !”

“Is that person from the Blood Demon Religion? There are still a few people from the Blood Demon Religion in the capital that are not there. Could it be them?” Xia Pingan asked.

The white bamboo priest stared at his crystal ball. After a while, he shook the head, “I am not from the Blood Demon Religion. The divine force imprint on that person’s body and this puppet does not have the breath of Blood Demon Religion. , Blood Demon Religion can be ruled out, it should be someone else who wants your life!” At this point, the White Bamboo priest put away the crystal ball in his hand and took a deep look at Xia Pingan, “That person is already in the Six Suns Realm. At this moment, the killer who can have this method is definitely not an unnamed person, and it is not something ordinary people can ask for. Think about your offending who!”

“The person I offended, you still don’t know, if it weren’t for my duty as an inspector, I wouldn’t offend that many people!” Xia Pingan smiled bitterly and spread her hands.

“I will let the adjudicating army pay attention to the abnormal figures that appeared in the capital recently, but you must also be careful. This time that person did not succeed. There must be a second time. You have recently kept a low profile and showed less publicity. To Pingshan, it is the safest to stay away from the limelight for a period of time in Pingshan Base Camp!”

“Okay, I remember, many thanks to your old advice, I will pay attention to the past few days!”

“There is nothing beautiful here, I’m leaving!”

“I will send you old!”

Xia Pingan sent the White Bamboo Priest to the carriage again, helped the White Bamboo Priest onto the carriage, and finally watched the White Bamboo Priest sit in the carriage and leave.

The White Bamboo priest came here to investigate again, and still brought a lot of important information to Xia Pingan. At least, Xia Pingan can rule out the Blood Demon Religion.

Xia Pingan actually would rather that person be Blood Demon Religion. If that person is from Blood Demon Religion, this at least shows that Blood Demon Religion has already taken action against him, and that there are not that many enemies in the capital.

Finally, I took a look at Zhougonglou, which was turned into ruins, Xia Pingan shook the head. Fortunately, Xiaodie had left last night and Zhougonglou didn’t have who, otherwise, someone would be implicated.

How did that person discover that Yangcheng is himself?

Xia Pingan thought about it carefully while walking. There were only a few people who knew Yangcheng was him, Crown Prince, Cao Cao, Lin Yi and the others. These people knew how to measure and wouldn’t reveal their identity. impossible Find a killer to deal with yourself.

Apart from these people, the only reason Yangcheng’s identity was leaked was that he had been targeted for a long time.

It’s the easiest thing to be stared at when you commute to the inspection office. As long as someone stares at the inspection office, you can bite yourself. The person who has been staring at himself and staying silent can find out He will incarnate into Yangcheng, and the Fushen Boy has not been by his side these few days, so he has not found any signs of being followed.

The time that the man chose to shoot was after he bought a bunch of boundary beads from the Peng King auction house, he wanted to shoot when he merged the boundary beads, just because he couldn’t grasp the state of his fusion of the boundary beads. , And I don’t know that I have remote viewing capabilities. This is just a little bit worse.

Speaking of fusion world beads, among the world beads that I auctioned last night, the two world beads “Gan Luo Baixiang” and “Song Fei Emperor Feng Pig King” have not yet integrated themselves.

Who is that person anyway? Since it’s not Blood Demon Religion, the killer requested by Huang Family hasn’t arrived in the capital yet, who sent that person?

Xia Pingan thought hard while walking. He always felt that there seemed to be some key information that he had forgotten, but for a while, he couldn’t grasp it. He only felt that a little light was faintly discernible in his mind. …

By the way, today is the day when the Blood Demon Religion Poison Demon matched the Poisonous Poison, and it was also the day when the ruling army cleaned up the Poison Demon. The Poison Demon has cleaned it up, but there is a Dark Demon glare like a tiger anytime watching his prey ready to shoot.

Or just clean up the dark demon together, one less one, so save your heart…

Just when Xia Pingan was thinking about this question, he had unconsciously walked out of Tianyuanqiao.

A gorgeous black carriage drove up from behind and stopped by Xia Pingan. The curtains behind the carriage windows opened, revealing a face with picturesque brows.

“I don’t know where Xia Young Master is going, I will send Xia Young Master on the way!”

The woman in the car is holding the incense fan, smiling lightly, her eyes waved.

Mrs. Xuan!

What a long time no see…

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