God Emperor Chapter 2893


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“Saint Monk Xumi’s virtues spread far and wide, and Fangcun master received his teachings. It was also the Great Sage at that time. Although he believed that he would not lie, he fell in Yuchen Temple, but the corpse is not seen, how can you not enter the exploration?”

“After the White Queen became the new master of Goddess Twelve Squares, she entered this room several times before and after. It was found that during the day the red yellow Gobi space was shrinking, and it was relatively easy to reach outside the temple.”

“However, the gates of the temple are arranged with an array of profound spaces, one by one, it is difficult to break in.”

Zhang Ruochen walked under the stone pillar on the right side of the gate and said: “Nine Arrays of Shadows? At this time, I’m afraid I can’t stop the powerhouse of the White Queen, right?”

Although I don’t know what realm the White Queen is, but being able to become the master of Goddess Twelve Squares, able to command the entire Star Huantian, and the strong cultivation base must be extremely profound.

A strange voice came into Zhang Ruochen’s ears: “With me, she can’t break in.”

“Who?” Zhang Ruochen deeply shouted.

Bai Qing’er also had induction, but did not hear the sound just now.

In an instant, Zhang Ruochen’s body emits divine light, and within the body the sound of Great Dao is heard, and circles of light are emitted to all sides.

In Bai Qing’er’s gaze, Zhang Ruochen at this moment is already in fusion with Heaven and Earth, and the space around her body shrinks and expands with his breathing.

The entire Heaven and Earth is like his lungs.

It has reached a kind of mysterious realm!

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen spread out his five fingers and raised them above his head.

The ground in front of the two of them sank, and a five-finger pit with several hundred meters long appeared.

Five fingers are deep pits, sinking underground, spreading all around.

“Martial Uncle, Martial Uncle, close your hands!”

A three-foot-tall doll flew out from the ground with a swish.

He was covered with sharp thorns and braided on his head, but his braid was a green vine, much like a human-shaped durian.

As the doll rushed out, not far away, the thorns entwined on the tombstone seemed to come alive and dragged slowly.

In front of Zhang Ruochen, a Spirit Power light curtain appeared, blocking the spiked doll who was about to rush over, and said: “Why call me Martial Uncle?”

The spiked doll hurriedly stopped, folded her arms, and said: “Martial Uncle can control the Star Sect Fukun formation in a short time. Obviously it is the same sect. And Martial Uncle within the body is more like a master. Pure breath, then it must be the master’s discipline.”

“Aji, meet Martial Uncle!”

Zhang Ruochen’s Spirit Power is so powerful today. He has already seen the spiked doll thoroughly and said: “You are Fangcun master’s discipline, right?”

“half disciple, half disciple, it’s just a name in the Master’s place.” Aji laughed at hehe.

The living creature named Aji is a fierce plant of becoming God. It is the main vine of the thorny vines here, and it is also the spirit of the nine formations.

Aji said: “I am ordered by the Master to guard this place for 100,000 years. Once the merits are perfect, I can become an Official Disciple.”

“So, I can control the Nine Array of Yin Dun, is it your help?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Aji said with a smile: “Helping Martial Uncle to deal with the enemy is Aji’s own business.”

Zhang Ruochen was very strange at the time. Although he had studied the Nine Arrays of Yin Dun, but in such a short time, it was very reluctant to control a Star Sect Fu Kun Array. How could he control it at the same time than Star? Sect Fukun’s large array is a hundred times more complex nine arrays?

With the help of an array of spirits, it will be solved naturally.

Aji, with a look of expectation, asked: “Martial Uncle, Master His-Senior is okay, is there Aji who has forgotten Xinghuantian? Now that the 100,000 years expires, can he formally worship him? ?”

Bai Qinger said: “100,000 years ago, after Fangcun master left Xinghuantian, he encountered the Divine King of Asura Race, was chased and killed all the way, escaped into Haishixingwu, whereabouts unknown to this day.”

Zhang Ruochen also heard about this.

After the Island Lord escaped from the fate of Divine Palace, she asked the Queen of Thousand Bones to go to Haishixingwu to find Fangcun master. Now that thousands of years have passed, I don’t know if there is any gain.

Aji’s two eyeballs burst into flames, and he roared: “If the Master wasn’t badly injured by the old ghoul underground, how could he lose to the Divine King of Qinglu. Martial Uncle, we will fight the Divine Palace of Qinglu together to avenge Master. “

“Well, this is a long-term discussion.”

Zhang Ruochen has just experienced the ups and downs of his life, he has come back from death, and he does not want to die immediately.

Qinglu Divine King is the most stunning hero of Asura Race since the last ten meta meetings. In just four meta meetings, the Qinglu Divine Palace was developed into the Divine of Asura Race Ranked 2nd. Palace, compares those Divine Palaces that have inherited countless years.

Even with the existence of Divinity Venerable Level, you have to think twice if you want to enter the Qinglu Divine Palace.

Not everyone can behave like War God.

Aji was discouraged in vain, and said: “Yes, Qinglu Divine King cultivation base is tyrannical, not our opponent. If the master is still alive, it would be great that he can be killed by raising his hand.”

For 100,000 years, Aji has been staying in Yuchen Temple, but there are so many cultivators who come to explore and hunt for treasures. How could he not know the news of Saint Monk Xumi’s death.

Zhang Ruochen asked: “Why did the Eldest Senior Brother let you stay here for 100,000 years?”

“Because the Yin Dun Jiu Formation and Yang Dun Jiu Formation can only last for one Yuanhui’s time. Didn’t Martial Uncle perceive that the power of Yin Dun Jiu Formation has been greatly weakened?”

Aji was quite proud and continued: “During the most powerful period of the formidable power of the Nine Arrays of Yin, under my control, even the White Queen would never want to break the array and enter the Yuchen Temple.”

“I mean, why stay here?” Zhang Ruochen emphasized again.

Aji suddenly realized, and whispered: “It’s all because of the old ghouls underground!”

Bai Qing’er moved slightly in her heart, but did not speak.

“What old ghoul? It’s the previous rotten hand?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Aji energetically nodded, saying: “100,000 years ago, the Jade Dragon Immortal in his old age, whose life essence is about to die, invites the Master to come to Xinghuan Tian, ​​and wants to break into the Yuchen Temple, looking for a treasure that can be renewed. . However, after coming here, the Master discovered that there is great danger here.”

“There are a large number of divine corpses buried here. Due to the trend of mysterious power underground, they will come alive at a certain time.”

“Until then, Yulongxian confided the truth to the Master and invited him to Xinghuantian, not only to find the treasure of life, but also to save the divine corpse here.”

“Because Yulongxian discovered that the divine corpse in the Yuchen Temple became more and more active, and it was about to be overwhelmed. Once they were allowed to escape, the entire Xinghuan Heaven would inevitably become charcoal and become a corpse. Ghost World.”

“So, even if she can’t find the life renewal treasure, she must clean up the Yuchen Temple before she dies to get rid of this hidden danger for Xinghuantian. Unfortunately, there is a tyrannical and mysterious underground here. The power of the divine corpse makes it impossible for the divine corpse to overtake it.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Bai Qinger.

Bai Qinger gently shook her head and said: “I don’t know these secrets. If you know the Yuchen Temple, it is so dangerous that it won’t lead you here.”

“There are only two things I know.”

“There is indeed a legendary life-renewing treasure in Yuchen Temple. Once found, it will be infinitely beneficial to you whose life essence is about to be exhausted and your cultivation base is exhausted.”

“The second point is that the Array placed here is the Fangcun master.”

“You are all descendants of Saint Monk Xumi. In my opinion, with your understanding of space, you may be able to break the Array here and enter the Yuchen Temple. As for the danger, with your Spirit Power of Rank 14, With me, combined with the strength of both of us, it should be able to cope.”

Zhang Ruochen certainly didn’t suspect that Bai Qinger was using him.

If you are using him, Bai Qing’er doesn’t have to come by herself, so there is no need to take risks. It can only be said that the danger here really exceeded her estimation.

Aji said: “The old ghoul in the ground was later discovered by the Master and Yulongxian. It is a dangerous one.”

“Fortunately, at that time, it had just woken up. Master and Yulongxian used Yang Dun Jiuzhen and Jiugensuo Divine Chain, and paid a huge price to suppress it and lock it underground.”

“Yang Dun Jiu formation suppresses old ghouls deep underground, and Yin Dun Jiu formation suppresses alienated divine corpse on the ground.”

“Unfortunately, in the past 100,000 years, the power of the Nine Arrays of Yang Dun and the Nine Arrays of Yin Dun has been reduced drastically, and it is almost impossible to suppress the old ghoul. But my task has been completed, and I can leave to find the Master, even here. The divine corpse riots, the old ghouls broke the ban and escaped, it is just the catastrophe of Xing Huantian, it has nothing to do with me.”

“No, you have to continue suppressing here for some time. After I think of a proper way, you can leave.” Bai Qinger said.

Aji spread out both hands and said: “Why? You are not my Master, why should I listen to you?”

“Master is not here, but Martial Uncle is there!” Bai Qinger said.

Aji stared at Zhang Ruochen and said: “Martial Uncle, who is she? I, Aji, is the disciple of Saint Monk Xumi, Fangcun’s master’s discipline. What a distinguished identity.”

Zhang Ruochen pondered for a moment, and said: “Buddha cultivators take compassion and care for sentient beings. Aji, if your Master is here, you definitely hope that you can continue to hold on for a while.”

Zhang Ruochen walked to Aji’s side, squatted down, about to pat his shoulder.

However, seeing all the thorns, he slowly retracted his hand and said: “Martial Uncle, do you want to listen?”

“But Martial Uncle, Yin Dun Jiu Zhen and Yang Dun Jiu Ji’s Array Inscription, have become a lot weaker, and they are about to be overwhelmed. If Aji does not run away, he will be swallowed by those divine corpses. “Aji said bitterly.

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