God Emperor Chapter 2894


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“haha! Boy, where to escape, leave this God!”

Chi Kunlun carried Abyss Ancient Sword, kept Space Teleportation, and fled quickly. Behind him, the dark air surging, condensed into sharp claw, skeleton, magic city… etc., extremely frightening forms.

During the day, I perceive a large number of origin rules converging towards Yuhong mountain range, Chi Kunlun broke into the red yellow Gobi to investigate.

It can be said that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.

With profound spatial knowledge, Chi Kunlun actually avoided divine runes and spatial traps and broke into the depths of the red and yellow Gobi.

But just now, I encountered God of Hell World.

At this moment, he was seriously injured, and the blood slid down the sword edge to the ground. He didn’t escape very far, but he was wrapped in the black air.

A god of bone race over seven meters high came out of the black fog.

On the bones, burn Ghost Fire.

The Bone Race God laughed harshly: “You are the son of Zhang Ruochen and Empress Chi Yao, right? Haha, but they inherited their strong talents. The cultivation base is not weak. Unfortunately, in front of God, you can’t what be considered.”

Chi Kunlun was pressed by a wisp of yin air, and his whole body was unable to move even a little bit. He clenched his teeth and glared at the Bone God: “You also deserve the name of my parents?”

Seeing that under the suppression of his Divine Force, Chi Kunlun was still standing, suddenly unhappy, he stuck his bone hand out of the air, and took Abyss Ancient Sword.

At the same time, a palm formed by Divine Qi floats over the head of Kunlun.


Chi Kunlun made a long whistling sound in his mouth, his legs were constantly bent, and blood was oozing out on his scalp, and the anger in his eyes was like two burning furnaces.

Abyss Ancient Sword already name shakes the whole world with Zhang Ruochen.

The Bone Race God suppressed the Artifact Spirit of Abyss Ancient Sword, lay in front of him, carefully observed, said with a smile: “It is indeed a sword forged by the divine iron. Although it is still only a Heaven Level, it will be large in the future. It is possible to reach the Divine Level, or even become a Divine Artifact. It is a battle weapon of inestimable value!”

A sound of imposing manner exploded in the ears of the bone race God: “Unfortunately you are not qualified to have it.”


At the feet of God of the bones, black Divine Qi gushes out like a wave.

A round of scarlet scorching sun, tearing apart the boundless darkness of darkness, coming from far to near, toward the bone race God.

In the Scarlet Sun Center, there is a burly and domineering silhouette standing. He is wearing a thick armor with a pair of phoenix wings of Divine flame condense on his back, and Blood Qi is permeated under his feet.




Every step stepped out, and the earth quaked.

The wave of God’s energy impacted the bone race God, shook it back step by step, and the bones made a “crack” sound, as if they were about to break apart.

The Bone Race God recognizes the God who is coming, and quickly under one-knee kneels, put on Abyss Ancient Sword with both hands, saying: “Dark Divine Palace Tarot, meet the Divine War Sovereign.”

The blood slaughter walked in front of the bone clan God Tarot, the detective lifted the Abyss Ancient Sword, his eyes were squinting, coldly said: “If you know the current affairs, if you kneel down a bit more slowly, you have now become a Divine Source .”

Tarot believes that this ruthless character in front of him is really possible to do such a thing, so he dare not answer.

He is just a false god, how dare he challenge True God?

Xuetu glanced at Chi Kunlun and said: “Do you know who he is?”

“Zhang Ruochen and Empress Chi Yao’s son, Kunlun World cultivator.” Tarot said.

Xuetu said: “Then you know, what is the relationship between Zhang Ruochen and this Sovereign?”

Of course Tarot knows, but how can he say that at this time, saying: “I don’t know it.”

How could the blood slaughter be fooled by him, lifted the thick left leg of the pillar, kicked it out, kicked Tarot more than ten miles away, and plowed a deep gully on the ground.

“Damn it, do you dark Divine Palace feel that the strength of this Sovereign is not strong enough? My Senior Brother is not cold, and now I am starting to beat his heirs. Is it not to give this Sovereign any face?”

Tarot got up from the mud, already raging, but didn’t dare to attack, saying: “Dare not anymore!”

Xue Tushen was arrogant and said: “Remember, even though my Senior Brother has fallen, but we sympathize with brothers and feet, bullying his heirs, undoubtedly hit this Sovereign in the face. Look at the face of the dark Divine Palace and the Qingxuan Lingshen , Go away!”

Tarot didn’t want to stay here for a while, turned into a streak of divine light, rushed out, and disappeared into the night.

“Still dissatisfied. When I left, I didn’t thank this Sovereign for not killing. You Divine Source, sooner or later, it will be mine.” Blood Slaughter looked at Tarot’s direction with a strong killing intent in his eyes.

If it weren’t for another Hell World God watching, the blood slaughter wouldn’t let Tarot leave.

The value of a Divine Source is not low!

“I have seen Martial Uncle.”

Chi Kunlun cup one fist in the other hand, and give a salute to the blood.

Chi Kunlun didn’t know whether his father was really close to Xuetu, but the other party did rescue him. Moreover, he is now in Celestial Court’s camp, and the opponent is God of Hell World.

If you don’t recognize this Martial Uncle, Chi Kunlun is not sure whether he can leave alive today.

Others are called Martial Uncle. In order to maintain the image of the elders, there is no way to be greedy for Abyss Ancient Sword. The blood but the heart is like cutting meat, but he is still very free and handsome and threw Abyss Ancient Sword to Chi Kunlun.

“Take it away! This sword is in your father’s hands. I don’t know how many heroes have been killed. Don’t be insulted by you. The Paragon Sacred Artifact that you owed your father back then is still on it today!”

Chi Kunlun was holding Abyss Ancient Sword, his eyes were painful, and he said: “Martial Uncle is high in blood, better than those hypocrites in Celestial Court a hundred times.”

Being so praised by him, the blood slaughter was a little fluttering.

I dare not say at all, even if I robbed Abyss Ancient Sword, I dare not use it. What if Yan Wushen hits the door?

As the discipline of the god of death, his blood slaughter can indeed be walked unhindered in Hell World, but he is still a little frustrated with Yan Wushen.

“This Sovereign and your father, and your Master, are brothers who live and die together. How can you be a junior Paragon Sacred Artifact? What a pity your father, hey, if he is still alive, a trifling tarot How dare you hurt you.”

Chi Kunlun said: “I want to see people in my life, died, then must see the corpse. Father may not be dead, maybe still alive in the world.”

Xue Tu shook the head with a smile.

The fate of Divine Palace has long been calculated. Between Heaven and Earth, there is no Life Aura of Zhang Ruochen.

Since Qi Sea and Divine Source were crushed by Qingzu, all treasures appeared on Empress Chi Yao. Is it impossible to be cultivated again?

“Take it, and when you encounter a cultivator from Hell World, report the name of this Sovereign. Get out of here, this is not where you a Saint Realm cultivator should come.”

Xuetu threw a token to Kunlun.

Chi Kunlun has never seen such a large token. It is as big as a door panel and resembles a shield. It is printed with five words “Divine War Sovereign” that contain powerful divine might.

No charge, no charge.

Chi Kunlun accepted the shield…No, it was a token. Thanks, it was concealed aura, and left here.

A silhouette of a rotten corpse came out, in the shape of a crow, and said: “Tarot is the divine general of the dark Divine Palace. Palace?”

“Gu Ya Senior Brother didn’t know that Chi Kunlun is not only Zhang Ruochen’s heir, but also Yan Wushen’s discipline. Who can tell Yan Wushen’s future achievements?”

Xuetu always felt that in front of the God of the dead God Palace, he should show a kind of coldness and ruthlessness.

By pushing everything to Yan Wushen, I was telling Gu Ya that my love for Divine War Sovereign was driven by profit.

“Junior Brother thinks far, Yan Wushen is still worthy of friendship.”

Gu Ya looked in the direction of the temple, and said: “We are very close to the Yuchen Temple. Let’s go and have a look. Must be careful.”

On the red yellow Gobi, there are space Array and divine runes guarding. In the daytime, although it caused a huge movement, but no breath escaped.

The reason why the ancient crow and the blood slaughter came here was because they were aware of the abnormal fluctuations in the original rules, and guessed that there might be a lot of original Profound Truth in the Yuchen Temple.

The Profound Truth of the Everlasting Way, any God must compete.

Not long after, Xue Tu and Gu Crow came under the gate of Yuchen Temple, looking at the desolate tombstones and the dilapidated buildings inside the gate, feeling gloomy and terrifying.

Guya is the upper God Realm world, and said: “Be careful, there is an Array of space here.”

“What’s so great about Space Array. In front of God, the space is like paper and can be easily shredded.”

The blood slaughter releases a divine fire, which is shot from the palm.

“It’s Divine Formation.” Gu Ya said.

Xuetu was shocked, seeing the divine fire hit the door, quickly opened his mouth and sucked, sucking all the flames back and swallowing them in his belly.

“It’s very risky. Divine Formation is not a joke, but fortunately it didn’t touch.” Xue Tu said.

Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger stood in the space Array below the gate, looking at the two Hell World Gods who came here.

“Guya, the discipline of the death god, and the upper God Realm world, is not a powerhouse. However, it is not a weak person to be able to cultivation to the upper god level.” Bai Qinger said.

Bai Qinger’s vision is extremely high, and such an evaluation of Gu Ya is really demeaning.

In Zhang Ruochen’s view, the aura on this ancient crow is much stronger than the four wicked four who are also high-ranking gods, and it is not at all that they can contend now.

But, that is elsewhere.

Here, Zhang Ruochen has the final say.

“You avoid it!” Zhang Ruochen said.

Bai Qing’er guessed what he wanted to do, and said: “Do you want to see the blood butcher?”

“He came just right. I am now inconvenient to do many things personally. Someone has to do my knife.” Although Zhang Ruochen found a way to restore the cultivation base and life essence, he still hasn’t fully recovered.

Furthermore, after experiencing the Qingzu incident, Zhang Ruochen deeply realized how threatening he was in the eyes of Peak powerhouses.

Who can guarantee that Qingzu will not make a second shot?

Still hiding some safety.

“Make a knife? What do you want to do? Still want to kill God?”

Bai Qing’er was worried and didn’t want Zhang Ruochen to make too much noise. After all, this is Xing Huan Tian. Before Divine City was refined, Goddess Twelve Square could not stand the rainstorm.

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Zhang Ruochen’s mind echoed what Shang Hong said to the White Queen in the Goddess Building under Heaven.

I’m afraid Bai Qing’er doesn’t even know that her mother has been under the control of others, and she doesn’t even know that her within the body is flowing with the blood of Divine Race. He didn’t hope that what happened to the White Queen would happen to Bai Qing’er again.

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