God Emperor Chapter 2895


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“I will try, or break the array.”

The ancient crow’s body is filled with countless rules of divine runes, like a spider web, going all around.

Where the rule divine runes passes, the temperature drops rapidly and the space almost freezes.

With the blood to slaughter the Middle God’s cultivation base, I actually felt cold and bitter, and stepped back into the distance, secretly said in one’s heart: “As expected of the upper god, it’s terrifying, this Sovereign has to cultivate how many years to have Such a cultivation base? Unfortunately, Senior Brother is dead. Otherwise, with his sundial cultivation, he should be able to catch up with the crow soon.”

Only time Divine Formation can support God’s cultivation inside.

However, time Divine Formation is so scarce in the universe, it is a scarce resource.

Fortunately, there are two Divine Palaces of Destiny, and the new gods do not need to pay the Divine Stone, and they can cultivation to the middle God Realm world for free.

Xu Rulai lined up outside Divine Formation for decades, waiting for the blood to come out before he could enter the formation in the cultivation.

But no matter how powerful the time Divine Formation is, how can it compare to a sundial?

“The sundial should have fallen into the hands of Chi Yao. As the Junior Brother, this Sovereign should go and ask for it back. No! The name is not right, and the words don’t go well. If you can ask Master to write an Oracle, go in the name of Master Ask for…hehe!” Xue Tu’s mouth raised.

This Master is of course the Queen of Blood.

Xuetu knew that he was not Chi Yao’s opponent.

However, as long as the name is right, Chi Yao can be scolded with just one mouth.

When the time comes, I will instigate Luo Yi Princess, Yan Zhexian, Xia Yu who wanted to deal with Chi Yao’s ruthless characters, and form the Crusade Alliance to lay the inescapable net. If you don’t believe you can’t get the sundial.

Although it was placed in Kunlun just now, Xue Tu felt a little regretful.

But thinking that after the Senior Brother, after all, using him to threaten Chi Yao, doesn’t it seem that Divine War Sovereign is too unreasonable? Means are too mean? Too no bottom line?

No way, no way.

The disciple of the gods, this face is still necessary, no matter how you have to look at Yan Wushen and Yan Yu.

To deal with Chi Yao, without that many scruples. After all, Senior Brother is likely to be killed that bitch, and her crusade is revenge for the Senior Brother, there will be a lot of people support him.

Xue Tu was conceiving a strategy in his mind. Suddenly, the space next to him was violently shaking. Before he could figure out what was going on, a bulging wave of space penetrated the body guard and fell on him.

“Not good, how can you distract yourself in such a dangerous place? What did you think about?”

Nine pairs of blood wings spread out on the back of Xuetu, and a sea of ​​blood spread out under his feet, trying to freeze the space.

Gradually, the space calmed down.

However, Xue Tu found that he had fallen into the Divine Formation of the space, with pitch black beneath him and the stars shining above his head.

Fortunately, not in an empty space.

The blood slaughter is vigilant all around, not seeing the silhouette of the crow, coldly snorted: “This crow is not reliable, no wonder it is the worst one under the Master seat. I don’t know Dao of Space, but I want to try to break the array is really harmful to others and yourself.”

Although they are senior and junior brothers, this is the first time they go out together to execute Master’s orders.

No friendship.

To be able to look politely, and to call it Senior Brother honorably, is already giving face. Of course, it is also based on the cultivation base of his upper god, so he has to do it.

In front of the ancient crow, the blood butcher did not dare to kill Tarot to seize Divine Source, which already shows his distrust of this Senior Brother.

“Are you not afraid of being heard by Gu Ya?”


The blood slaughter turned around and stared back.

I saw a silhouette exactly like Zhang Ruochen, standing in the void, with Space Distortion around her body, with a lot of spatial ripples.

Moreover, the spatial ripples around Zhang Ruochen’s body are all bright and bright, naked eye is visible, reflecting him sacred and mysterious, as if standing in another time and space, talking to the blood slaughter.

Xuetu was startled at first, but soon realized that the breath of the other party was completely different from Zhang Ruochen, so he pretended to be overjoyed and flew over: “Senior Brother, Junior Brother, I knew that you must not die. haha!”

“Who is rumoring that I am dead?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Go to this Sovereign to die!”

Rushing nearby, the baleful qi on the blood slaughter rises to the sky, spitting out sacred fire from his mouth.

The fire of the gods turned into a phoenix, bursting out the heat that melted everything in the world, and hit Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen stretched out a palm and used Array to distort the space and dissolve the power of the God Fire Phoenix.

“Who on earth are you, haven’t you shown your real body?” Xuetu’s eyes were wide and burning, his body was like a red iron block.

Although his burst of power destroying heaven extinguishing earth, the ripples in the space are easily resolved.

Zhang Ruochen looked at him and said, “This is my true body!”

“Pretend? I thought this Sovereign was an ordinary cultivator so good to deceive? Your Transformation Technique is too low-level. It just changed your appearance and voice. The breath on your body is completely different from Zhang Ruochen.”

The voice of the blood slaughter was thunderous and deafening, and a Divine Ability Fist Art was condense and attacked.

“You actually think so, okay, prove it to you!”

Zhang Ruochen retracted his palm.

The Divine Force is tyrannical, punched through the distorted space and landed on Zhang Ruochen with the force of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The fist is bigger than Zhang Ruochen’s body.


As the bell rang.

Zhang Ruochen burst into ten thousand zhang golden light, densely packed Sanskrit characters emerged, and the fist strength that beat out the blood massacre was returned in its original form.

“hong long!”

The blood slaughter fluttered back, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

At this time, the flow of time seems to have slowed down. While throwing away, Xuetu stared at Zhang Ruochen, the expression on his face changed richly, completing the transition of shock-surprise-calm-excitement, four levels.

As for why it is excitement after calm, rather than calm after excitement, I don’t know!

Flying out several hundred li, the blood slaughter is the anchor of the figure.

He burst into tears with excitement, and ignoring his injuries, he flew to Zhang Ruochen and said: “Senior Brother, I was wrong! I didn’t recognize you, but I called your name directly.”


Where can Zhang Ruochen not understand the blood slaughter?

This guy shouted “Senior Brother” vigorously, but he actually had a lot of thoughts in his mind. If battle strength can’t hold him down, it is strange that he will call him Senior Brother.

Besides, he is still an unprofitable master.

However, he was able to save Chi Kunlun before and also returned Abyss Ancient Sword, which was far beyond Zhang Ruochen’s expectations.

No matter what consideration the blood slaughter is for, I still remember the kindness and friendship of the past in deep in one’s heart, not the kind of self-seeking and no bottom line.

At this moment, the blood slaughter secretly rejoiced in the heart, he had suppressed greed.

He grimaced and said: “Senior Brother, I saw Kunlun earlier, without you by his side, even a false god would dare to bully him. Tarot is dead, and Qingxuan Lingshen can’t save him. . I was afraid that Gu Ya would threaten me with this in the future, so he swallowed the sickness in his heart and did not kill that bastard.”

Zhang Ruochen put away the Buddha’s radiance and said: “You did a good job.”

The blood slaughter rubbed Zhang Ruochen’s body for a while, focusing on Zhang Ruochen’s head, and said: “Senior Brother, what’s going on these years? Where have you been? Your Profound Truth, your battle weapon, you Why did you go to Chi Yao’s cultivation base? What did she do to you?”

Seeing that Buddha’s radiance appeared on Zhang Ruochen’s body again, the blood slaughter was so scared that he quickly stopped.

Zhang Ruochen said: “It has nothing to do with her! Profound Truth, battle weapon, and cultivation base are all things outside of the body and I gave her.”

Something outside of the body?

Xuetu took a breath and said: “Is Senior Brother still lacking women?”

“Why, do you want to become a woman?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Blood butcher said: “Junior Brother, I’m serious. There are many children of my father and goddess. Among them are two twin younger sisters. They are very talented and beautiful. They dare not say that they are Senior Brother’s concubine. How about being a maidservant? ”

“I don’t crack a joke. I saw you this time to discuss business matters.”

Zhang Ruochen hands behind ones back, walking in the dark void, the space under his feet automatically condenses, and said: “Do you know the purpose of my coming to Xinghuan Tian?”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t use Divine Qi, but he could control the space, but suppressed the blood slaughter.

Xue Tu said: “Could the Senior Brother also want to marry Bai Qing’er? However, there is a deep grudge between Senior Brother and her. Unless you get the Tianzun veil, you have no hope for Senior Brother.”

“Whether to marry or not, let’s not say for now.”

Zhang Ruochen said: “I am looking for you to help me deal with someone.”

“Let’s talk, who to kill? If it’s Junior Brother, I frown, I don’t deserve to be called Divine War Sovereign.” The blood slaughtered his chest and he was confident.

Zhang Ruochen had sharp eyes and said: “Shang Hong!”

“pu! ”

He spit a mouthful of blood and quickly said: “Senior Brother don’t worry about me, but I was injured too badly by the power of the Buddha Relic. I am afraid I can’t do it with Divine Level powerhouse in a short time. Shang Hong? Good? , When I recover from my injury, I will be the first to take his life.”

Zhang Ruochen controlled the power of Buddha Relic, so he knew the wounds of the blood slaughter. In fact, he was scared by Shang Hong’s name.

“Don’t be so scared, I know you are not his opponent.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Xue Tu cried his face and said, “It’s not Junior Brother. I’m afraid of him. It’s 100,000 years of cultivation base! If it’s Senior Brother, you turn on the sundial and let me cultivation for 100,000 years. After I come out, I must be successful. Hong cried and begged for mercy. But now, Shang Hong can kill me with one hand, and it’s still the kind of death that is very complete.”

“What if it was the fate of Divine Palace who shot?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Xuetu narrowed his eyes and said: “If Haishangming Palace is willing to make a move and combine with several old goddess, Shang Hong will have to hate no matter how strong it is. However, this is impossible!”

“Why?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Xuetu said: “The ancient gods like Haishangming Palace, any of them have infinite battle strength, they are the key surveillance objects of Celestial Court. Several ancient goddess, ancient Goddess, came to Xinghuantian together, what happened to Celestial Court? Maybe you don’t know that a major event will happen here?”

“Furthermore, Shang Honghe and the others, the messenger of truth, repaired the “Three Corpses Refining Dao”, and was cultivated by the heavens as a future god, and he is also the grandson of Shang Tian. How can it be so easy to kill? The sky can be sensed soon. This is a major event that moves the whole body!”

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