God Emperor Chapter 2897


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Galinnan was seriously injured, half of his body turned into a scarlet, and he was so angry that he roared: “If it hadn’t been a big loss in the Divine Formation of the space, the injury has not recovered, how could it be planted on you? In your hand? Yanshen, help this seat to regain the battle sword.”

The blood slaughter quickly incorporated the Paragon Sacred Artifact battle sword into the bottle gourd bestowed by the god of death, coldly snorted: “This is dissatisfaction! Come, singled out.”

while speaking, the blood slaughter calls out its own divine throne planet.

The divine throne planet is scarlet, with a diameter of hundreds of thousand li, suspended in the sky above the ancient crow God Realm world, and the eruption is extremely powerful.

Other Gods, the condensed divine throne planet often have a few, even more than a dozen or more than twenty. The size of each one is comparable to that of a star, with a diameter of more than million li.

There is only one divine throne planet in the blood slaughter, and its size is not as large as 0.1% of the other God divine throne planets.

However, it is such a divine throne planet that brings tremendous pressure to Galinan. When he looks up, it looks like a scarlet world, pressing down from above.

Instructions, divine throne planets all have Heaven and Earth Law, their own rules, and are condense with external substances.

The blood slaughter is becoming God in the desolate ancient city. The Heaven and Earth Law there are almost all divine runes left behind by the gods. As for the matter in the deserted ancient city, it is not an exaggeration to call it the matter of the gods.

The blood slaughter can condense a divine throne planet with a diameter of hundreds of thousands li, which is already quite remarkable.

The weight of this divine throne planet is heavier than a dozen or twenty stars combined. It is not afraid of being broken at all and can be used as a battle weapon.

Galinnan feels resentful, and his injuries are heavier than in the daytime, and he has lost the Paragon Sacred Artifact battle sword. There is no absolute certainty of winning against this junior.

In case of losing, it would be shameful.

The blood slaughter is confident, with nine pairs of blood wings on his back soaring in the wind, the fighting intent boiled, and said: “Come on! Although this Sovereign has become God for decades, I am not afraid of your cultivated tens of thousands. of years old God. Today, this Sovereign will step on your Garinan’s body, name shakes the whole world.”

“courting death.”

On Jia Linnan’s back, white feathers flew out.

Feathers are like divine blades, fast as light.

“such insignificant ability, and dare to display one’s slight skill before an expert. Great Massacre!”

Xuetu’s chest and abdomen become crimson, like within the body, equipped with a round of sun, spit out divine fire from the mouth, turning into a hot sea of ​​fire, burning all the flying white feathers to ashes.

A sneer appeared on Jia Linnan’s face.


A light of an arrow dragged the more than ten-mile-long tail, passing through the white feathers and the fire sea, and flew straight to the chest of Blood Tu.


A shield the size of a door, blocking the blood slaughter body, collided with the 30-foot-long crystal divine arrow.

The shield and the blood slaughter are all slipped out of several dozen li.

The shield was deeply sunken by the crystal divine arrow. The five divine symbols “Divine War Sovereign” on it melted in the high temperature, and it was almost impossible to see clearly.

When the blood slaughter was refining the token, there was the idea of ​​using it as a shield, and it had two purposes.

“Fortunately, this Sovereign was prepared for a long time, and the sneak attack was useless. Kellanfeldy, are you still not showing up?”

The imposing manner of the blood slaughter climbs to Peak, opens a pair of tiger eyes, and stares at Kailan Feili thousands of miles away, as domineering as a generation of War God.

Galinnan and Kailanfeili were both shocked, only feeling that the younger generations will surpass us in time.

Blood Slaughter is young and the actual combat experience is so terrifying that it can easily resolve an Elf Race God divine arrow sneak attack.

Don’t talk about them, the ancient crows who are fighting against Yanshen are also startled, feeling incredible.

They didn’t know that Blood Slaughter had long learned from Zhang Ruochen that Kailan Feili was there, so they were always on guard and blocked the sneak attack. Otherwise, he must have been shot by Kairanfeili at this moment.

However, since it is blocked, you have to show that everything is under your control to deter the enemy.

Xuetu looked horizontally, exhaled Dragon Transformation, and said: “It’s only two ants, and they dare to baring fangs and brandishing claws in front of this Sovereign. Let’s go together, this Sovereign will step on rays of light Divine Palace today, punch Divine Palace.”

Anyway, Zhang Ruochen said, he will help secretly.

In that case, what else is there to be afraid of?

Galinnan and Kailan Feili were really irritated, so mad!

A new god who has been coming God for decades, has he reached this point? Do you think you are Six Paths of Samsara Yan Wushen?

“The Light of Order.”

Galinnan exudes bright radiance, dispelling the cold and darkness in the ancient crow God Realm world. Around her body, condense lightsabers one after another.

Densely packed, I’m afraid there must be hundreds of thousands handles.

“Feihong divine arrow!”

Karan Feili opened the crystal-like beautiful divine bow, and a circle of colorful rainbow lights appeared behind him. The rule divine runes of within the body, and the Divine Qi of between Heaven and Earth, all converge towards a colorful divine arrow on the bowstring.

“Divine Ability in the world, this Sovereign can be broken by a single star.”

The blood slaughter gave a long roar, and controlled the divine throne planet hanging in the sky, and went straight to suppress Galinan and Kailanfeili.

Even Gu Ya shook his head when he heard what he said just now, thinking that this Junior Brother is too crazy! Obviously it was just a Middle God of the Initial Stage, but he robbed him of all the limelight of the upper god.

Feihong divine arrow is famous for its speed. When your divine throne planet is suppressed, you will have been penetrated by divine arrow.

“Also, let you suffer a little bit, and I will help you again, so that you will remember the kindness of my Senior Brother.” Gu Ya thought in his heart.


“hong long!”

The scarlet planet was crushed, and all the hundreds of thousands of lightsabers released by Galinan were shattered.

And Kellanfeldy didn’t shoot at all.

The God Realm world of the ancient crow was shook violently by the divine throne planet of the blood slaughter, the mountains collapsed and the sky was gray. This blow almost caused Gu Ya to suffer internal injuries!

God Realm world is damaged, and God is also injured.

Galinan and Kailanfeili were so severely hit by divine throne planet that they didn’t escape at all, and I don’t know if they are still alive.

Yan Shen, who was suppressed to death by the ancient crows, was so shocked that his eyes could protrude. No matter where he guessed, the blood slaughter was so strong that he suppressed the two old Middle Gods in heaven with just one blow.

After all, in the God Realm world of the ancient crow, the ancient crow sensed the weak power fluctuations. When the blood slaughter hit the divine throne planet, Galinan was attacked by the cursing force.

As for why Kailanfeili failed to shoot the flying rainbow divine arrow, the crow didn’t know what happened.

However, one thing is certain, there must be a God of the Underworld nearby to help.

The edge of the oasis of ten thousand li beyond.

Under a Holy Tree.

Zhang Ruochen put away the Ten Thousand Curse Dzi Bead, and said: “The victory has been divided, leaving a god of Yan, wanting to escape from the ancient crow God Realm world is already impossible.”

In order to save Jialinnan, Yan Shen rushed into the God Realm world of the ancient crow, and was destined to be unable to escape.

“What you just used was the method in “The Thirteenth of Cloud Dreams”, right? Will it be seen through by Kailan Feili and think of you?” Zhang Ruochen asked with a look of concern.

Kalan Feili failed to shoot the divine arrow, naturally because Bai Qinger used the dream technique to interfere.

Bai Qinger’s eyelashes are long and she slowly opened her eyes, and said: “It just forcibly interfered with his Spirit Will and conscious thinking, and he hasn’t dreamed yet!”

Zhang Ruochen nodded, said: “What do you plan to do with the crisis in Yuchen Temple?”

Bai Qinger pondered for a long time, then hesitated and said: “Tell the City Lord and let her handle it.”

“Since you don’t want to see her so much, why don’t you let me handle it?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Bai Qing’er showed a surprised look and said: “Can you suppress those divine corpse and the old ghouls underground?”

“By strengthening Array, it can only be suppressed for a while.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Bai Qinger said: “What on earth did you plan?”

“This matter is hard to tell, you tell the owner of Minghua Fang and ask her to come over tomorrow.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Bai Qing’er looked at Zhang Ruochen with a strange look.

Zhang Ruochen knew that she must have wanted to go elsewhere, and hurriedly said: “I have an extremely important thing that needs her to do. Is she trustworthy?”

“Others have worshipped you as a teacher, why should you ask me.”

Bai Qing’er was about to leave with the Turtle King, suddenly thinking of something, and then asked: “Is the Tianzun Baosha on your body?”

Zhang Ruochen shook the head.

“Then you’d better find it, don’t just think about dealing with Shang Hong, my Bai Qing’er is still worthy of your attention. If you don’t come to the Linglong Conference, I will really marry someone else. You can choose not to come! “

The sound is pleasant to the ears.

But the beautiful silhouette has disappeared into the night.

“Would you like to be so direct, don’t give me a second choice at all!”

Zhang Ruochen sighed. In terms of men and women, I have never seen such overbearing.

Should not feelings be flowers in the mirror, moon reflected in the water, fog in the mountains, faintly discernable, hazy, and even if you want to refuse?

What’s the point of being so clear?

It’s not a steel spear to an iron rod.

But Zhang Ruochen also understands that it is too embarrassing to talk to Bai Qinger, a stone girl. Whether it is the love in the original Divine Palace or the forced marriage of the Linglong Conference, it is just the right time.

However, Zhang Ruochen still remembered in his heart that Bai Qinger picked up his old body and said the phrase “I will send you the fallen leaves back to your roots, and bury you to Kunlun”.

A warm current flows in the heart.

Zhang Ruochen’s thoughts drifted towards Mishan Tianzun Lake, muttering to himself: “Huangtian, Huangtian, what kind of person are you?”

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