God Emperor Chapter 2898


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The sky gradually whitened, and then the morning glow appeared like a rose-colored fire cloud.

On the red yellow Gobi, Heaven and Earth Law changes drastically, layers of space are folded up, and the airflow is rapidly flowing into a hurricane.


The whistling sound is endless.

The sun rises.

When the sun shone on Zhang Ruochen’s face, he changed his appearance.

In the circle surrounding him, the flow of Life Rule and Death Rule reversed, and Death Rule took the upper hand.

Zhang Ruochen within the body’s Qi of Life quickly dissipated, and the Fire of Life became only a trace again. The skin was dull yellow, wrinkles appeared, the black hair turned white, and the body shriveled.

Zhang Ruochen raised his hand tremblingly and touched his face full of pleats, said with a bitter smile: “I know it’s not that simple.”

In the circle, the Life Rule drawn by Zhang Ruochen is too few, and in terms of quantity, the Death Rule is much more than the Life Rule.

Under such circumstances, how can Qi of Life be stable within the body?

Don’t talk about Qi of Life, it is the circle representing Tai Chi. They are all faintly discernible and are not controlled by Zhang Ruochen at all, let alone income within the body.

Just like that, at the turn of day and night, Heaven and Earth Law changes, and the strength of life and death in the Tai Chi circle also changes.

Zhang Ruochen’s mentality is unaffected, not at all lost or discouraged.

Because, no matter how life or death changes, now he has a way to go.

As long as there is a way to go, there is also a direction for hard work and hope for the future.

“To control life and death, to maintain youth and vitality forever, we must draw more Life Rules in the circle of Tai Chi. To draw more Life Rules, we must not only learn from Heaven and Earth, but also comprehend The sage’s understanding of Dao of Life.”

Zhang Ruochen’s previous Life Rule sketches were based on Heaven and Earth’s Life Rule.

Able to draw Life Rule is because he has refining the heart of divine wood and has a certain degree of research and understanding of Dao of Life.

“Wait until controlling life and death, and then outline other rules. Think of the Tai Chi circle as Qi Sea, and think of the rules created by yourself, like Sacred Dao Law and divine runes, and walk out a path of your own cultivation .”

Zhang Ruochen suddenly felt bright and in a good mood, looking up at the sky. I just feel that I am detached from Heaven and Earth, jumping out of the muddy mud of the world, and not in the Yin and Yang Five Elements.

The way of the future is up to him.


Many cultivators were introduced into the Yuhong mountain range by the Heaven and Earth Source rules, and they were all trapped in the red yellow Gobi last night.

After dawn, the world changed drastically, and they rushed to the outside of Yuchen Temple one after another.

“Heaven and Earth Source rules must be inspired by Profound Truth. I didn’t know who used Divine Ability here yesterday.”

“This place is too weird, day and night, it’s like two worlds.”

“Xinghuantian is the old place of Heavenly Venerate. There are many taboo places. In short, it is better to be careful. You have not noticed that there is a hidden space Array Inscription in the space here. There is an ancient Divine Formation.”


A God shot and tried to break the array.

However, Zhang Ruochen controls Array, plus Aji’s assistance, let alone their Heaven-filling Realm God, it is too Truth Realm to come, and it is impossible to break through the Nine Arrays.

Six consecutive God shots.

Space Divine Formation returned their attack power as it was, making each and everyone covered in dirt. With God, it was even more hurt.

The High God of the world, Lan Jun walked out, holding a jade fan with evil eyes, said with a smile: “It’s just a Divine Formation. The gods gather here, can’t break it?”

Lan Jun knows that the Yuchen Temple was the dojo of the Xinghuan Heavenly Venerate second disciple Yuchenzi. The Heavenly Venerate Divine Source is likely to be left in the temple, naturally actively inciting the gods to break the array.

Yu Chenjing wore a white brocade and purple fish holy robe, with a gold ribbon around his waist, and long hair pulled up on his head. He walked out like a pretty young boy and said, “If you want to die, just do it, don’t pull it. Let us be buried together.”

Although the gods present stand in great numbers and all the divine might be mighty, she is calm and indifferent.

Although the gods felt that she was a Saint Realm cultivator and was not qualified to speak in front of God, when they saw Yu Chenjing standing behind Yu Chenjing, no one dared to speak out.

Mr Lan looked at Yu Taizheng, said with a smile: “If Taizhen Monarch takes a shot, a space Divine Formation must be easily broken.”

Yu Taizhen ignored him.

“It’s not a Divine Formation, but nine. This is the legendary nine formations of yin escape!” Yu Chenjing continued: “Yin escape and yang escape are inseparable. When the nine yin escapes are present, the nine yang escapes are inevitable. It’s here too. Eighteen games of Yin and Yang, can’t the great gods stop them?”

Hearing this, the gods moved their faces and urged their gods to observe carefully.

Lan Jun’s face suddenly changed.

If there is a Dao of Space master, there are 18 Yin and Yang rounds arranged here, here, it is simply a place to kill the gods.

God saw the clues and sounded transmission to familiar friends. Then they left immediately with a frightened expression on their faces.

“Sure enough, there is a problem, go back quickly, don’t fall into the trap set by Celestial Court in advance!”

God of Hell World, the tide receded, and the radiant clouds disappeared.

At this time, Jun Lan heard Shang Hong’s sound transmission: “Quickly return to the first city of Goddess, there is something to discuss.”

“A major event happened. Last night, the fate of Divine Palace God took the lead and suppressed the three True Gods of Yanshen, Galinan, and Kailanfeili.” A Monster Race God shouted so loudly.


The gods of the Celestial Court faction are emotionally boiling.

A young God who exudes silver light, coldly shouted: “This is true or false? Hell World, is this going to declare war on Xinghuan Tian?”

The Monster Race God said: “This is true and it has spread all over Xinghuantian. The Hell World God is extremely arrogant. He chopped off the wings of Jialinnan and wrote the battle on it, from Yuwai It fell outside the first goddess city.”

“It is written in the war book: Celestial Court, the gods are all ants, stepping on the light Divine Palace, punching the wizard Divine Palace, destroying the merits of the Divine Palace, the only god in the world, Divine War Sovereign.”

“It’s arrogant to the extreme.”

An Ancient Boundary High God who has been cultivating for nearly 100,000 years, his head burned with anger, and said: “What is the Divine War Sovereign? Why is it sacred? Why have I never heard of his name?”


“The God of the Celestial Court is called an ant, but he has a lot of courage. It should have a high cultivation base and want to become famous.”

“No matter how high his cultivation base is, he has captured the three gods of the Heavenly Realm faction, and Tiansun must fight him to the end.”


A thick fighting intent appeared in Yu Taizhen’s eyes. Although I don’t know what the Divine War Sovereign cultivation base is, but if you dare to claim such a domineering title, how can you be arrogant? Powerhouse.

Isn’t it a pity that such a powerhouse can’t fight?

Yu Chenjing was stunned, and then, in an uncertain tone, said to everyone: “The Divine War Sovereign should be the new god of the destiny Divine Palace and the death God Palace. As far as I know, he was only a few decades ago Stepping into God Realm…Forget it, it should not be him, maybe it’s just the same title, but someone else.”

In the eyes of Yu Chenjing, a new god, impossible has such courage.

The name of the Divine War Sovereign has only been called for hundreds of years, and the influence is mainly in the dunya. These old Gods, who have been tens of thousands of years old, have been in retreat for more than hundreds of years. It’s weird.

“It doesn’t matter, go out first. In any case, you have to save the Three Gods, join forces to siege the Divine War Sovereign, and save the face of Celestial Court God. It was their Hell World who declared war first!” Lan Jun proposed so. One sentence.

Then the gods of Celestial Court left one after another.

The old silhouette of Zhang Ruochen appeared from under the door, and said to himself: “This guy, is he crazy to become famous? Divine War Sovereign is the only one in the world, the gods dare not say In this case.”

Zhang Ruochen just let the blood slaughter leave Xinghuan Tian with the three gods, and then spread the news.

Where did you think that the blood slaughter actually added to the scene?

I really thought that no matter how big he was, Zhang Ruochen could hold him up?

Perhaps, he really thought that Zhang Ruochen had already invited Blood Jue War God over, so he dared to be so confident.

“I hope you can hide something brilliant, don’t be beaten to death!” Zhang Ruochen secretly thought.

Aji said: “The sun has risen, divine corpse and the old ghoul must come out to make trouble again, how long do we start Martial Uncle?”

“You can start now.”

Zhang Ruochen took out the sundial and placed it under the gate.

“This is the sacred relic of our Sumi Temple! Seeing it is like seeing Ancestor Master again.” Aji hurriedly put his hands together, and respectfully saluted the sundial.

100,000 years ago, during the battle, the sundial was severely damaged, unable to support God cultivation.

However, when Xiuchen Heavenly God was besieged, the sundial showed signs of recovery. Later, self-repair can cover a wider range.

In the deserted ancient city, after Zhang Ruochen Spirit Power becomes God, after using the sundial for cultivation, it can support God in the cultivation. However, the consumption of Divine Stone was more than ten times that of before.

Previously, Zhang Ruochen didn’t dare to turn on the sundial because his life essence was exhausted.

Now he is not afraid at all. Although there is only a trace of Fire of Life within the body, but he has full confidence to fight against death and hold Fire of Life.

“What does it mean to be a thousand stars with beads?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

After arriving here, Zhang Ruochen heard the voice of an old ghoul from the ground many times. Four of the words were extremely clear, which was “A Thousand Stars Linking Pearl”.

Aji said: “Thousand Stars Lianzhu is a kind of peerless Divine Ability, and it is the strongest tactics of Heavenly Venerate. When Xinghuan Heavenly Venerate was alive, he used this trick Divine Ability, which attracted thousands The stars revolved around itself. When the thousand stars were connected, a single blow almost cut the entire Yellow Springs Star River into two.”

Zhang Ruochen knows the significance of Divine Ability to God. Some of the Divine Ability, the burst of divine might, can even be no weaker than the use of Profound Truth.

For example, the “Eight Desolate Skills” created by Shang Tian and the “Myriad Dragon Imperial Sect” created by Long Zhong…, these are all the unique knowledge of the heavens in “Divine Ability Secret Art of Taixu”.

Divine Ability is divided into: Butian Divine Ability, Taizhen Divine Ability, Wuliang Divine Ability, Divine Ability, Heavenly Venerate Divine Ability.

At least you have to have unlimited Divine Ability to be eligible to be included in the “Tai Xu Divine Ability”. Infinite Divine Ability is almost all Strongest Absolute Art created by gods, all kinds of mysterious, extraordinary God can cultivation success.

The lost Divine Ability will automatically disappear from “Tai Xu Divine Ability Technique”.

On the list, only the current Divine Ability is recorded.

Divine Ability that can be included in the “Tai Xu Divine Ability Secret Art”, each is extremely powerful, and needs to be combined with Profound Truth to burst out the strongest formidable power. Profound Truth also needs to be combined with this Divine Ability, before it can be fully utilized by God and transformed into a powerful means of killing.

Aji said: “There are only 22 kinds of Heavenly Venerate Divine Ability in “Tai Xu Divine Ability Secret Art”, and all the others have been lost. If the cultivation method of Thousand Stars Link is born, it will be the 23rd kind. Take a shot.”

“Kunlun World’s “Wordless Sword Manual” is one of the 22 Heavenly Venerate Divine Ability, which is listed at number 18. In fact, the “Wordless Sword Manual” can be ranked higher. Unfortunately, Sword Dao has withered. No one can cultivation the “Wordless Sword Manual” to the highest level.”

The cultivation method of Sword Dao has been lost, and the Sword Dao cultivator is naturally unable to cultivation the “Wordless Sword Manual” to the highest level. Zhang Ruochen sighed so secretly, and then asked: “Did the Eldest Senior Brother tell you, what exactly is an old ghoul?”

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