God Emperor Chapter 2926


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With Spirit Power shrouded, although the Goddess Building in the world is as lively and noisy as before, and there are many cultivators, this palace is extremely quiet.

Zhang Ruochen narrowed his eyes and asked, “Who is from Divine Palace?”

“Number One Powerhouse under the Judgment Division, Qian Mosang, is the Peerless War God of Hell World. It is an ancient powerhouse that has survived the catastrophe of the Fifth Dimension Society.”

Chi Yao has a solemn expression, obviously he is quite jealous of the coming War God of Mosang.

Zhang Ruochen muttered to himself: “The Adjudication Division!”

“Qianma Sang is here personally. This is a very dangerous signal.”

Chi Yao continued: “Back then, the sky showed a natural phenomenon, the life creek flowed back, and the Divine Palace flooded. It has already moved the judge to kill you. This time, the gate of destiny collapsed and shocked the entire Hell World. , I just met you and Xuejue War God in Xinghuantian, where can the Judgment Division tolerate you?

Zhang Ruochen was still a little shocked by the news that the Gate of Fate had collapsed.

But, face doesn’t change, he said with a smile: “These news are all sent to you by Prajna?”

Chi Yao did not deny, saying: “You can still laugh? Qianma Sang may come at any time. If you don’t leave, there will be no chance!”

Zhang Ruochen thought calmly and said: “Give me the “Six Patriarchs Interpretation of Zen”.”

“Everything that belongs to you, I can return it to you. However, if you have a clear score, even if you don’t return to Kunlun World, you have to leave Xinghuantian first. “Sixth Patriarch of Zen” may not be hidden from Qian Mosang , Besides, who knows whether there is Divinity Venerable Level, is peeping…” Chi Yao said.

Zhang Ruochen made a mute gesture and looked out the window.

Chi Yao followed and looked out, only to see that Bai Qinger flew towards Gongwan like a ghost shadow on the long bridge of the water pavilion, extremely fast.

The next moment.

Bai Qing’er’s voice sounded outside Gongwan: “Put away Spirit Power Domain, I have important things to tell you.”

Zhang Ruochen put away the Spirit Power Domain, stepped out and saw Bai Qing’er wearing a black hood standing under the stone steps.

She used the invisibility technique, but she couldn’t hide Zhang Ruochen’s eyes.

Bai Qinger walked into Gongwan with Zhang Ruochen, put away the invisibility secret technique, uncovered the hood, revealing a beautiful fairy face. Her eyes were very sharp, she glanced all around and found that only Lu Yi was standing by.

“Where is Iman?” she asked.

Lu Yidao: “She left this afternoon, and I am the only one serving here.”

Chi Yao’s Transformation Technique is actually very brilliant.

Zhang Ruochen refining the heart of truth, coupled with her close relationship, can easily see through.

As long as you don’t get in close contact, a god like the White Queen will not be able to see through her real body.

Bai Qing’er was brilliant enough, but she didn’t think about Lu Yi, so she didn’t see through Chi Yao’s Transformation Technique.

She said: “You have to leave Xinghuantian immediately.”

Her tone is tougher and firmer than Chi Yao, and she feels irresistible.

Zhang Ruochen looked at Lu Yi, but laughed: “Because Qian Mosang?”

A strange color flashed in Bai Qing’er’s eyes, and said: “Not only Qianmosang, but also Capricorn.”

“Who is Capricorn?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Bai Qinger said: “One of the twelve spirit gods in the dark Divine Palace.”

“I’ve seen two of the twelve spirit gods, they are very common.” Zhang Ruochen said.

Bai Qing’er rolled her eyes and said, “You are wrong, and you are so wrong. The Qingxuan spirit god you have seen, but only after the death of Master Qu You, did he become one of the twelve spirit gods. And it’s only at the end.”

“However, Capricorn is Ranked 2nd among the twelve spirit gods. The strength is so strong that it is better than the Qingxuan spirit god by many times.”

“You openly killed the Tarot generals, leaving the dark Divine Palace faceless. Capricorn will let you go now?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes sank, and a chill came out of his body, and said: “I haven’t found them to avenge the dark Divine Palace, but they focused on me first. It seems that it is really irreconcilable.”

Bai Qinger said: “Even the Lord of the Dark Divine Palace Palace personally took action. It was originally an irreconcilable game. But whoever calls the Dark Divine Palace is a huge monster. If you want to avoid the edge, you must avoid it.”

Lu Yi said: “Young Master is right, Ruochen Sir should leave immediately, and cannot be brave for a while. However, Mosang War God and Capricorn Spirit God are afraid that they have already arrived outside Xinghuantian. ?”

Bai Qing’er glanced at Lu Yi, a little unhappy.

God’s conversation, how can she interrupt her?

Bai Qinger said: “Go to the site of the Heavenly Venerate Hall of Xinghuan, take the Space Teleportation array, and go to Xingtian Cliff for a while.”

Zhang Ruochen was naturally impossible because of Qian Mo Sang and Capricorn, and fled.

With his status as the goddess of the heavenly grandma, he gave Qian Mosang and Capricorn ten courage, and he did not dare to kill him on the surface. As for secretly starting, I have to worry about not being found out.

So even if Qianma Sang and Capricorn wanted to kill him, they had to choose a place and time.

A voice sounded in Zhang Ruochen’s mind: “Don’t hesitate, take Qinger away from Xinghuan Tian, ​​this constellation can only delay for a while.”

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the gate of Gongwan and peered around.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Qinger asked.

Zhang Ruochen gently shook his head, secretly said in one’s heart: “It must have been the voice of the White Queen just now.”

In an instant, he fully understood that the first task of such important figures as Qian Mo Sang and Capricorn on Xing Huan Tian should be to thoroughly investigate the relationship between Goddess Twelve Squares and the merchants.

One represents the Divine Palace of fate, and the other represents the Divine Palace of darkness.

The White Queen should be worried about the secret exposure of Divine Race, before let Zhang Ruochen take Bai Qinger to escape.

Zhang Ruochen grabbed Bai Qinger’s wrist and said, “You leave with me.”

Bai Qinger raised her head and stared at him, surprised.

Lu Yi, who is standing behind, has a displeased face, but he can’t speak very well, so he can only get sulking in the heart.

Bai Qing’er wanted to get rid of Zhang Ruochen’s hand, but couldn’t get rid of it. She sighed and looked down towards Manhu Boguang, and said: “You should understand that at this time, I will not leave Xinghuantian Of.”

“In that case, I will stay with you. When there is danger, it is better to face it together than to carry it alone.” Zhang Ruochen said.

When Bai Qinger saw Zhang Ruochen, her eyes were firm and her face was warm, not like rhetoric, her heart moved again. She said: “Zhang Ruochen, Zhang Ruochen, are you so easily enamored with a woman?”

Zhang Ruochen turned his head, glanced at Lu Yi apologetically, and said to Bai Qinger: “I just want to do my best to protect everyone I like.”

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen saw a dark shadow on a glazed tower in the distance behind Lu Yi.

The dark shadow is very well hidden. If he hadn’t watched Zhang Ruochen and made Zhang Ruochen feel, Zhang Ruochen would have never found him.

Even so, the shadows disappeared in a flash, and no trace was found.

Zhang Ruochen’s perception is very keen, even surpassing the great god, and vaguely guessed who it was.

“He didn’t actually leave Xinghuantian, what would his purpose be?” Zhang Ruochen immediately retracted his gaze, pretending that he hadn’t seen anything, but he was already thinking about countermeasures.

Bai Qing’er didn’t want to involve Zhang Ruochen and said: “Well, I will leave with you, come with me, and go to Space Teleportation.”

“Wait a minute.”

Zhang Ruochen stuck out his five fingers and used Spirit Power to condense words one by one in the air.

These words are turned into a letter.

When the letter, which was clearly imaginary, fell into the palm of Zhang Ruochen, it became real.

Zhang Ruochen handed the letter to Lu Yi, saying: “At the Great Saint Realm, the second uncle was so helpful to me. He regarded me as my own relative, and it was too rude to just leave. Girl Lu Yi troubled me. You, send this farewell letter to him.”

Lu Yi took the envelope and glared at Zhang Ruochen with questioning eyes. He was on the verge of turning his face.

What do you Zhang Ruochen mean?

Want to rest and fly together with Bai Qinger, and leave her at Goddess Twelve Square?

Zhang Ruochen was afraid that Chi Yao would directly swipe the sword and slashed over. He quickly grabbed her letter-holding hand with both hands and said, “Ms Lu Yi has many thanks. I hope I have a chance to see you again.”

“Don’t delay any more time, let’s go!”

Bai Qinger flew out first, and Zhang Ruochen followed closely.

Chi Yao suppressed the emotions in his heart, knowing that Zhang Ruochen impossible made such an abnormal arrangement for no reason, read the letter in his hand, and rushed to Gongwan where the Yan Luo cultivator lived.

The Goddess Building in the world occupies a vast area, with a total of 21 palaces, Illumination, and lively.

However, few cultivators know that there is also the 22nd Gongwan in the Goddess building.

This palace is very close to the Goddess Palace of the White Queen. You can reach the entrance through the divine cloud battle stage. The 22nd Palace Wan is the ruins of the Heavenly Venerate Hall of Xinghuan.

Passing through the divine cloud battle stage, you can no longer see the lights, and the music of musical instruments and happy laughter and cheerful voices are gradually gone.

Bai Qinger said: “Xinghuan Heavenly Venerate Hall can be described as the greatest secret of Xinghuan Tian. It is the masters of Goddess Twelfth Square. They can’t be approached. This time, it is an exception for you!” >

“Be careful, we have entered the overlapping area between the Goddess Building and the Heavenly Venerate Temple Ruins. The sky, the ground, and the ground are full of Heavenly Venerate divine runes. Once touched, we may not be able to retreat.”

She stopped, a boundless ruined wall in front of her, desolate and ancient.

The night is very dark, mysterious power is floating, blocking the line of sight, and unable to see the whole view of the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace ruins.

I can only see that there is a broken Divine Idol as tall as a mountain, an overturned copper furnace, and a horizontal black gold pillar…

The tentacle-like old vine, dragging through the ruins. In the dark, there are strange sounds that can sting Divine Soul. All this shows that the site of the Heavenly Venerate Temple is not a good place, and contains unknown dangers.

Although Zhang Ruochen is here for the first time, he can see a general idea of ​​the Heavenly Venerate divine runes distributed in space or the ancient formation mark.

This is a perception and observation ability that many great gods do not possess!

Only the Limitless Divine Way and the Heart of Truth can be combined.

Bai Qinger took Zhang Ruochen into a broken stone wall and came to a fairly flat place.

The stone walls have collapsed in many places, and huge rocks are all over the ground. According to Zhang Ruochen’s rough estimate, its original height should be more than a thousand feet, like a mountain, extremely magnificent.

After all, God’s body is very huge, with a thousand-foot stone wall, not too high.

Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace should have such a scale.

Bai Qinger said: “The Space Teleportation array is here, I will show it.”

Along the way, Zhang Ruochen didn’t listen carefully to what Bai Qing’er was saying, but instead focused all his attention on the dark shadow hiding in the dark, cautiously guarded.

Just as Bai Qinger was cleaning the boulders on the ground, a black magic mist poured into the broken stone wall and quietly spread to her and Zhang Ruochen.

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