God Emperor Chapter 2927


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Two days have passed since the confrontation between Huangtian and Dutian War God.

However, the aftermath remained in the starry sky and never completely dissipated.

The Divine Force exuding from Heavenly Venerate ancient formation, envelopes the boundless star Huantian and earth, and resists the aftermath of the Divine Force from the stars. It is extremely difficult to break into Xinghuan Tian if God controls the Array and does not actively turn on the ancient formation.

Fortunately, Qianma Sang and Capricorn didn’t go to Xinghuantian at all immediately, but, accompanied by the White Queen, went to the core area of ​​the starry sky of Heavenly Divine Sovereign Self-destruction Divine Source.

Here, the space has not recovered, the crack is one after another.

Divine electricity is entangled, thunder-fire surges.

The Capricorn Spirit Power is strong. After coming here, his face is condensed, unable to help being sucked in a breath of cold air, and staring at Qian Mosang: “Self-destruction Divine Source is to take Heavenly Divine Sovereign .”

Although Qian Mosang has a profound cultivation base, ancient qualifications, and he was powerful in the Divine Palace, he was also held back by this result for a moment.

Here comes to Xinghuantian, he does have an idea to clean up Zhang Ruochen.

However, if Self-destruction Divine Source is to take Heavenly Divine Sovereign, he will have to re-evaluate the strength of War God and adjust his strategy against Zhang Ruochen.

Previously, he only needed to not shoot on the surface.

Now, he has to do it. While killing Zhang Ruochen, no one can doubt him. No doubt at all!

What is the character of War God?

Even if you have a little doubt, you can hit the door.

Thousands of years ago, Qinglu Divine Palace, White Queen, Huangtian, and Divine World all enjoyed such treatment.

The situation is a little different now and a thousand years ago.

Take Fulu Shenzun as an example, the abolition of Zhang Ruochen Martial Dao Cultivation Base really angered him. He, who has always disliked participating in battles, has already spoken out. From now on, the cultivator of Tiannan and the Dark Divine Palace will be forbidden to participate in the hunting banquet, and Star Sea World will also prohibit commercial cooperation with these two influences.

These two Oracles, seemingly insignificant, are actually very important.

Needless to say the importance of the hunting day feast.

Star Sea World is the largest business empire in Hell World, and the source of wealth for the Divine Palace, known as the 11th family of Hell World.

Star Sea World is decoupled from Tiannan and the Dark Divine Palace. Although it has lost a lot of itself, it has a greater impact on the two major influences.

Of course, the biggest drawback is that Hell World has become more divided.

In addition to the god Fulu, Tianma is a terrible threat.

Who can hold it if War God invites Tianma out?

“The Gate of Destiny!”

Qian Mo Sang within the body Destiny Rule divine runes escaped, and above the head, it condensed into a huge gate of destiny, shining everywhere, and the space was shaken up and down like ripples.

“Time and space are reversed, fate is peeping.”

Qianma Sang both hands forming seals, mobilize the power of fate, want Space-Time Reverse, present the image of the past, and restore the process of battle.

But, just cast the spell.

between Heaven and Earth An overwhelming force came from the outside and hit Qianma Sang.


The gate of destiny suspended in the starry sky burst open.

Qianma Sangru was hit by a god and fell into the shatter space.

The Capricorn and the White Queen who stood by were surprised.


Qianma Sang leapt out of the shatter space and stood in the void, his eyes were uncertain, and said: “There is a great powerhouse that has blocked the secret here, forcibly calculated, will be backlashed. Who is it?”

His gaze fell on the White Queen, with a sense of questioning.

The White Queen shook her head and said: “This matter, my concubine is not aware of it.”


The voice of Capricorn is quite eccentric.

The White Queen’s eyes were cold, and said: “It must be an infinite powerhouse to be called a powerhouse by the War God of Mosang. Can people at this level do things that we can guess?”

Qianma Sang has a sharp gaze, and said: “The powerhouse of boundless realm is indeed not something we can guess. But can the White City Lord tell why the Heavenly Divine Sovereign appeared on the Star of Moryan? Why did Caiyi God appear In Xinghuantian?”

“The legs are on them, they are coming, what can I do?” The White Queen said.

Capricorn said: “Still arguing, Goddess Twelve Square has always been neutral, so Hell World can tolerate you. Now, Goddess Twelve Square and the Celestial Court God are secretly colluding, which has hit the bottom line. City Lord is the best Tell me honestly, otherwise, be careful to end up with the destruction of the world. On the Divine Stage, it has been a long time since the divine blood has been contaminated!”

The White Queen’s face remained unchanged, and said: “The God of the Dark Divine Palace is full of imposing manner, but really when Goddess Twelve Squares are all women, they are weak? There are also the backers of Goddess Twelve Squares. “

Capricorn sneered contemptuously: “Five Qingzong, or Rayan? You bought it with your body, right? If Goddess Twelve Fang is closely related to the Shang clan, let’s see how Wuqingzong and Rayan protect you. .”

The White Queen’s eyes were cold and frosty, but in the next moment, she turned into a seductive smile, and said diligently: “Yes! The Five Qing Sects are already designated as gods, and the Great Emperor of Rayan belongs to Rakshasa Clan. Supreme True Emperor, can you afford to offend? There is no evidence, it is best not to slander, the consequences are very serious.”

Capricorn only feels that the White Queen is soft and sweet, and she can’t wait to crush her under her body immediately.

However, as soon as this thought emerged, he was awakened immediately. He realized that he had been penetrated by the White Queen’s charm just now, which was very dangerous.

If it were in a life-and-death duel, at this moment, the White Queen had already seriously injured him.

Qian Mo San said: “The evidence is not hard to find. God has already checked the fate of Divine Palace. If Goddess Twelve Square and Celestial Court are in close contact, then the Space Array and Space Wormhole connecting Star Domain will definitely be found. Some clues. We can definitely find a weak spot inside Xinghuantian.”

“Of course, the biggest weak spot is still on City Lord you. As long as you bring City Lord back to Divine Mountain, and let the Lord personally search for the soul, everything will be revealed.”

Although the White Queen still has a smile on her face, her smile is already a little stiff, and her heart sinks into a cold valley.

This day, finally came!

“Let’s go! Go to Moryan Star, if you can break such a big star, it will leave a trace.” Qian Mo Sang flew out, turned into a starlight, and cut through the darkness.

Capricorn was quite playful. He stared at the White Queen and said: “The White City Lord had better pass the message to Wuqingzong and Rayan now. However, this God remembers that there was an Old Senior who spoke, prohibiting The powerhouse of Divinity Venerable Level enters this Star Domain. Haha!”

The White Queen is beautiful and beautiful, like a Goddess picture scroll hanging in the starry sky, but with a sad face, she looks in the direction of Xinghuantian, and only hopes that Zhang Ruochen has taken Bai Qinger away.


The ruins of the Heavenly Venerate Hall of Xinghuan are extremely dark, and it is difficult to see the five fingers.

As the boulders were cleared out, one after another Array Inscription emerged on the ground, forming a circle with a diameter of hundred zhang, with a strange pattern.

Bai Qing’er has a strong sense of crisis, and the original divine light emerges from her body.

The white brilliance, turned into rain of light, escaped from her jade-like skin, illuminating the darkness.

In the dark magic fog, the harsh laughter of “jié jié” sounded, and a boy wearing a patterned mask flew out at an astonishing speed. In an instant, he rushed to Zhang Ruochen.

It should be noted that this is the site of Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace. The road locks are strong and the divine runes are densely packed, which suppresses the cultivator battle strength tremendously.

Judging from the speed, the attacker’s extraordinary cultivation base.

“Be careful!”

When Bai Qinger yelled this sound, she pointed out.

Fingertips, a light wave flew out.

Zhang Ruochen has long been on guard. When the masked boy approached, his hands clasped together, like an old monk entering concentration.

“hua! ”

On him, ten thousand zhang Buddha’s radiance erupted, and a lot of Sanskrit was circulating on him.

The masked boy hit him with a claw, making a loud “bang”.

The Buddha’s radiance appeared ripples, and the Sanskrit script flew upside down. The tsunami generally shook the masked boy flying, hitting the stone wall heavily. The stone wall containing the Heavenly Venerate divine runes was pierced and a large amount of thunder and lightning broke out at that location, forming a devastating scene.

Bai Qing’er and Zhang Ruochen retreated immediately.

Bai Qing’er used Spirit Power sound transmission and said: “Have you noticed it a long time ago?”

“It is for me.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at the area where thunder and lightning were intertwined, and said: “This magician is powerful and a very powerful puppet. Its body is as hard as Paragon Sacred Artifact.”


The old laughter came from the darkness: “Boy, didn’t expect it’s only a short thousand years. You have achieved such an achievement. You should get rid of you sooner.”

Zhang Ruochen flicked his sleeves and the white light flickered.

Yulongxian appeared in front of him and Bai Qinger.

Bai Qing’er is extremely intelligent, already guessing who is coming, divine light emerges under her feet, densely packed rules of divine runes emerge, condensing into a God Realm world.

The bronze chime floats in the God Realm world, spinning and flying.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Lord Black Heart Demon, you are too small to look down on the world’s talents, thinking that only a demon can take care of me?”

In the darkness, there was a moment of silence.

The Lord Black Heart Demon appeared on the broken stone wall, with a pair of huge horns on his head, full of magic power. Obviously only two meters tall, but it gives the illusion of two ten thousand zhang high.

This is the illusion formed by the demon’s deterrence of Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger’s Divine Soul.

“Can you guess that it is this seat?” Black Heart Demon said.

Only one meter tall magician stands under the stone wall.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Is it hard to guess? Your cultivation is “Heavenly Demon Stone Inscriptions”. Even if the cultivation base is more profound, the breath that comes out will not change. Today, the cultivation “Heavenly Demon Stone Inscriptions” Cultivator, who else has reached the level of the great god? Besides you, who else can there be?”

“Chi Xingtian.” Black Heart Demon said.

Zhang Ruochen’s face was stagnant, he really didn’t know that Chi Xingtian was out of trouble.


Are you a lever master?

Your black Heart Demon is Lord of a Realm at any rate. With the existence of a large Divine Level, can’t you be more confident? Can’t you be crazy?

Zhang Ruochen said: “The Caiyi God is dead. You dare to stay in Xinghuantian. It’s so bold.”

“If this constellation is not hidden in Xinghuantian, how can you wait for such an excellent opportunity? Zhang Ruochen, hand over all the “heavenly demon stone carvings” on you, and this constellation can let you and Bai Qinger A way to survive. You should know that the great god speaks, one word worth nine sacred tripods.” Black Heart Demon said.

Bai Qing’er sounded transmission to Zhang Ruochen, saying: “Don’t believe him!”

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