God Emperor Chapter 2928


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“Heavenly Demon Stone Carvings” represents the inheritance of one of the three great sources of magic, “Heavenly Demon”.

On the mysterious and upper limit of the cultivation technique, it is by no means weaker than Taiyi Divine Art’s Ranked 2nd “33 layer sky”. Of course, it is the “33 layer days” before perfection.

100,000 years ago, when Lord Black Heart Demon was in Kunlun World cultivation, he comprehend the “Heavenly Demon Stone Carving”. But later, Kunlun World was closed by Saint Monk Xumi’s Divine Force, and he could only comprehend the rubbing volume of “Heavenly Demon Stone Carving”.

Although after stepping into God Realm, the role of cultivation technique will become weaker and weaker.

But it’s just relative to before becoming God.

At the threshold of realm breakthrough, or when the self-cultivation is confused, the cultivation technique of the comprehend sages can save a lot of cultivation time and avoid detours.

Furthermore, there are 36 “Heavenly Demon Stone Carvings”, and 36 Heavenly Venerates of Heavenly Demon are hidden.

Even if you don’t comprehend the essence of Heavenly Venerate’s faculty, from the Heavenly Venerate’s cultivation, there are several extensions of Divine Ability, and the battle strength of the Black Heart Demon is not limited to the current level.

Because, only Divine Ability in “Heavenly Demon Stone Carvings” fits him best.

The aptitude of the Lord Black Heart Demon is actually very high, and the temperament is also very powerful. Even Bian Zhuang, the first War God of the Heavenly Palace, could not break his state of mind, otherwise he would not be one of the few of his contemporaries who could survive the Yuanhui God of disaster.

In short, “Heavenly Demon Rock Carvings” is more important to him than the Buddha Relic and Profound Truth.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen hasn’t been moved for a long time, Lord Black Heart Demon sneered: “Do you think that with your two thousands of years of cultivation base, you can fight against the Great God? It’s not difficult for me to kill you. Make a decision, don’t challenge this Majesty’s patience.”

Mo Ling smiled hehe.

If you are any God in the Heaven-sending Realm and confront a great God, you can only immediately burn life essence and use the forbidden technique to escape.

Including Bai Qing’er at this moment, the same is true.

However, she knew that this was the site of Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace, and there was no escape. Fleeing to the depths of the ruins, if it touches the means left by Heavenly Venerate, it will only die faster.

The Black Heart Demon has been waiting for them to come here before doing anything. He knew this and didn’t want to give them any chance to escape. At the same time, he didn’t want to disturb the other Gods in the Goddess building.

Bai Qinger said: “Demon Lord overestimates himself! Do you really think that the Master did not leave me a means of 1-2 moves to save my life?”

“Star Sea anglers are such a big name.”

The black Heart Demon master didn’t have a trace of fear on his face, instead he was smiling and said: “Unfortunately, his Senior is not in Xinghuan Heaven.”

“oh la la!”

The magic light flickered, and a six-sided Warhammer appeared in the master hand of Black Heart Demon.

The hammer body is bigger than the grinding disc, making the Black Heart Demon instantly soar.

Bai Qing’er and Zhang Ruochen are under increased pressure. There is no doubt that if they are hit by this Warhammer, they only need a hammer. I am afraid that True God life force will be the soul flew away and scattered, killing instantly.

Black Heart Demon said: “I don’t believe that Star Sea anglers will leave a life-saving method for the disciples of becoming God. If you have become God, you should stand on your own. What is the difference between children? Girl, play with me, you are too tender!”

Bai Qing’er’s face remained unchanged, and the full of smiles said: “Really? Demon Lord is so sure?”

A look of hesitation flashed in the eyes of the black Heart Demon master.

Zhang Ruochen said: “If you want “Heavenly Demon Stone Carving”, you can get it yourself. You are dignified, don’t you have long hands?”

The black Heart Demon hesitated disappeared in the main eyes, his expression sank, and he had the power of soul-satisfying, coming from his pupils.

This dark ruin becomes a scarlet.

“Buddha Law Is Boundless!”

Zhang Ruochen was not affected by the Dementor’s eyes, Buddha’s radiance burst out of his body, dissolving the sinister trick of Lord Black Heart Demon.

Bai Qinger recovered, the scarlet world in front of her receded, she became golden light, but her face became paler.

If there is no Buddha Relic, if Zhang Ruochen’s Spirit Will is not strong enough, once Divine Soul is deterred. Just need to be deterred for an instant, and both her and Zhang Ruochen will be defeated.

It’s not that Bai Qinger’s Spirit Will is not strong enough.

Without Buddha Relic, Zhang Ruochen’s situation would not be much better than her.

The biggest reason is the difference between the Middle God Initial Stage and the Great God, the difference between the earth and the sky.

Just now, it was extremely thrilling. Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er were both shocked. They raised their mental state to the extreme, not daring to relax.

In the eyes of both of them, everything disappeared, and now there are only Lord Black Heart Demon and the demon.

Zhang Ruochen said: “Give up! You can’t kill us.”

“Can’t kill?” Lord Black Heart Demon laughed.

Zhang Ruochen said: “If you can’t kill both of us in an instant, once the divine battle breaks out, it will inevitably trigger the divine runes and Array in the entire Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace site. When the time comes, everyone will die. Here.”

“Practicing here can indeed cover people’s eyes and eyes and prevent us from escaping. But for you, it will also be restrained.”

“Why did you let the magician take action before? It’s because you are afraid to touch the various methods left by Xinghuan Heavenly Venerate.”

“We are your prey, and there is no threat to you. Even if we want to hurt you a piece of clothing, it is impossible to do. However, the means of Heavenly Venerate can easily kill you.”

Black Heart Demon’s main eyes are gloomy and uncertain.

Bai Qing’er said: “After the magical shot, you found that Zhang Ruochen actually had Buddha Relic’s body, knowing that he underestimated his opponent. That’s why he showed his face again and assumed the posture of a great god, wanting to use the power of the great god Conquer us. Unfortunately, once again, you misestimated your opponent.”

“They are all first-class characters, Yuanhui level geniuses are indeed extraordinary.”

Suddenly, the Black Heart Demon laughs facing the sky.

Bai Qing’er was puzzled, and said: “What are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing at myself. I am too selfish. I only think of myself but not of you.” Black Heart Demon said.

Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er are both incomprehensible.

Black Heart Demon said: “This seat only thought that once the battle of God broke out, touching the means left by Heavenly Venerate, it is very likely to cause annihilation. But forgot, not only is this seat afraid of death , You two Yuanhui-level geniuses with great future, in fact, don’t want to die. As long as you are afraid of death and fighting breaks out, you will naturally be at a loss.”

Before the words fell, Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger’s heads each had a palace-sized magic hand falling down.

“Black heavenly demon hand.” Bai Qinger creded out in surprise.

This is Divine Ability!

One of the fame and uniqueness of the Black Heart Demon Lord, he is extremely overbearing and cannot be compared to the Heaven Level Divine Ability.

The two didn’t even notice when the Black Heart Demon used Divine Ability, nor did they perceive the fluctuation of Divine Qi. The two magic hands seemed to be condensed out of thin air, extremely mysterious.

It’s the rolling on realm.

Zhang Ruochen only felt that the space was sinking downwards, and there seemed to be four invisible walls around his body, and he was overwhelmed toward the center, his body seemed to be squeezed into a grain of sand.

The illusion of space formed after these all are locked by Divine Ability.

Zhang Ruochen knows that with his current cultivation base, it is impossible to catch the black heavenly demon hand of the black Heart Demon, he immediately closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and hit the white wall. Qing’er body.

The two flew out several ten zhang far away and fell into the rocks.



Two magic hands fell on this land, forming two deep pits, and the earth shook violently.

Heavenly Venerate divine runes all around, one after another emerged, chaotic and tyrannical forces shuttled through the ruins.

In the two huge eyes of Lord Black Heart Demon, a look of surprise appeared.

It’s incredible!

Zhang Ruochen actually broke through his lock and escaped.

Is this kid who has less than 2000 years of cultivation, Spirit Will is better than his cultivated god for more than 100,000 years?

The astonishment only lasted for a moment. With a wave of the Lord Black Heart Demon, the demon turned into a phantom light and rushed towards the stones pile.


A golden light brilliant stick was swung out, knocking the magic ling out, and falling into a piece of Heavenly Venerate divine runes. Mo Ling’s body was pierced by a purple lightning, and his mouth made a mournful scream sound.

After a while, the battle strength is comparable to Middle God Peak, and the body strength is comparable to the magic of Paragon Sacred Artifact, turning to ashes.

The Lord Black Heart Demon felt terribly pained, his eyes turned into scarlet, and he roared: “This seat will not only kill you today, but also pull out your flesh and blood and Divine Soul to refine the becoming God pill. /p>

With a scream, Lord Black Heart Demon crossed the space and arrived in front of Yulongxian.

Black’s demon hand patted it and sank the Jade Dragon Immortal into the ground. Wujin and the Tianzhu were taken away by the Black Heart Demon.

Black Heart Demon’s master hand is full of magic flames, instantly refining the Wujin Battle Sky Pillar, holding it in his hand, and looking all around. But, where is the shadow of Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger?

“In front of the great god, do you also want to escape?”

“The lock of the soul!”

“The Destroyer!”

“The Seal of Chasing Soul!”

The Black Heart Demon master stood still, with strands of demonic energy escaping from his body, condensing into densely packed chains, like countless Dragon Snake, rushing into the dark ruins.

After a while, Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er, who fled into the ruins of Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace, were entangled in the ecstasy and detained.

Heart Demon’s chief candidate is extremely shrewd here, because it is here that Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger cannot escape. In other places, Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er have already rushed into the empty space, burned the life essence and escaped.

The Black Heart Demon Lord holds the six-sided Warhammer in one hand and the Wujin Zhan Tianzhu in the other. The divine runes crushes the Jade Dragon Immortal to the ground under his feet, his face is gloomy, looking at Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qinger who are entangled in chains .

He said: “This seat has already received a wisp of Divine Qi and Spirit Power from you. No matter how far you escaped, you can still be detained back. This seat previously underestimated you, but what about you? Underestimated this seat?”

Bai Qinger said: “It seems that there is no other way, Zhang Ruochen, let Yulongxian Self-destruction Divine Source.”

Master Black Heart Demon lowered his head and glanced at the suppressed Jade Dragon Fairy, his face changed drastically, and he retreated quickly.

Actually, Zhang Ruochen used the methods in “Mingbing Scroll” to control Jade Dragon Fairy, but he couldn’t order her to Self-destruction Divine Source.

“Self-destruction Divine Source is the last resort. It is not there yet.” Zhang Ruochen raised his voice.

Bai Qinger said: “Is there any other way?”

Zhang Ruochen looked towards Qianzhang High’s stone wall, and a smile appeared in his eyes.

“hua! ”

A spear of flames and bones, penetrating the darkness, hitting the magic lock.

The magic lock shattered and turned into aerosol. Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing’er escaped and fell back to the ground.

The long spear of flames and bones flew around and fell into the hands of Haishangming Palace standing on top of the stone wall.

The laughter of Mount Milian came from outside the Heavenly Venerate Divine Palace site, saying: “The last time Lord Black Heart Demon met, you were still High God. If you don’t do it twice, you can’t stand it. Everyone is fast. This time, don’t run away, I must have fun!”

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